Dillard President Asks Dr. Dre Why He Gave $35 Million to USC and Not a Black College


by Dr. Boyce Watkins

Dr. Dre is one of the most successful entertainers in history, earning hundreds of millions of dollars by making great music.  Much of this music moves because he has been able to successfully package urban/black culture, selling it to audiences around the world. During a recent public debate I had at Brown University with Michael Eric Dyson over the impact of violent hip-hop, I can say that I gave Dr. Dre an admittedly questionable pass.  While he and NWA are certainly the founders of “gangsta” rap that glorifies violence in urban communities, their music possessed a kind of social conscience that is rarely seen in the bastardized, toxic, corporate-sponsored, genocidal brainwashing that we hear being promoted by white-owned companies like BET today.

But despite the fact that Dre’s messages are not as harmful as what we’re seeing a generation later, it cannot be denied that he is the grandfather of much of the music that we’re hearing on the radio right now.  The black community has paid a huge price for supporting Dr. Dre in his quest to become the first hip-hop billionaire, there’s no question about that.  So, what we might ask those who readily use their blackness for profit is the following:  What are you giving back to those who gave you so much?

It’s hard to know exactly what Dr. Dre is doing for the black community, but we all know where he made his greatest gift.  Dr. Dre and music producer Jimmy Iovine recently announced a whopping $70 million dollar donation to USC to create a new degree.   The program is one that pulls together liberal arts, graphic arts, business, music and technology.  Dr. Dre’s donation is the largest ever given by any African American in history, and oddly enough, the money is going into the hands of rich white people.

As I prepared to give the commencement address at Simmons College, a growing HBCU in Kentucky with a very rich history, I heard a story about a group of ex-slaves who pooled their money to buy four acres of land so they could educate future generations.  Without sacrifices like these, the school would not be giving so much to the community today.  The school’s extraordinary president, Dr. Kevin Cosby, has not taken a paycheck for his work for the last eight years and readily speaks of how the school is located in one of the poorest districts in America.  He sees his contribution as a chance to lift up the community around him, rather than simply milk the community’s resources.

If I could transplant Dr. Cosby’s brain into Dr. Dre’s body, black America would be changed forever.  Also, had those ex-slaves been naive enough to give all of their money to the big white university down the street, the impact of their contribution would be minimal at best.  One of the reasons that black Americans struggle financially is because we’ve been locked out of economic opportunities, while massive institutions like USC hoard the wealth to protect their own (take a look at the very low percentage of African Americans they hire or admit as non-athletic students).  Simultaneously, when we do have access to the resources necessary to begin our building process, we don’t feel inclined to support those who look like us.  That’s one key difference between the black and the Jewish communities (as Min. Louis Farrakhan pointed out at our New Paradigm forum last year):  They teach their children to generously target their resources to protect them against oppression.

Some may argue that Dr. Dre can do whatever he wants with his money, and this point is valid:  No one has the right to tell any of us what to do – a child has no obligation to care about his mother, a husband has no real obligation to provide for his wife, a father has no obligation to protect his children, the list goes on and on.  But the truth is that if you choose not to care about your community, then don’t expect your community to care about you.   Black people have always been incredibly loyal and supportive of Dr. Dre, particularly those who made him the defacto King of Compton and Long Beach.  It would seem that his greatest economic gift should go to them instead.

Another person who had something to say about the gift is Dillard University president, Walter M. Kimbrough.  Dr. Kimbrough was once the youngest president of any HBCU in the country and proudly considers himself to be a part of the hip-hop generation.   In an op-ed in the LA Times, Kimbrough openly asks Dre why he chose to give so much money to USC, as opposed to one of the struggling HBCUs that really could have used those resources:

I understood their need to build a pool of skilled talent. But why at USC? Iovine’s daughter is an alum, sure. And he just gave its commencement address. Andre Young — before he was Dr. Dre — grew up in nearby Compton, where he rose to fame as part of the rap group N.W.A. The Beats headquarters are on L.A.’s Westside.

Still, what if Dre had given $35 million — his half of the USC gift and about 10% of his wealth, according to a Forbes estimate — to an institution that enrolls the very people who supported his career from the beginning? An institution where the majority of students are low-income? A place where $35 million would represent a truly transformational gift?


Dr. Kimbrough is absolutely correct.  USC’s endowment is over $3.5 billion, which gives this school more money than every single HBCU in America combined (please re-read that last sentence very carefully).  Even more stunning is that the school’s endowment isn’t even in the top 20 in the nation.  The point here, and I hope Dr. Dre understands this, is that white people have plenty of money and they aren’t going to use that money to help people who look like you.   They don’t exactly need black people making donations, since they’ve already earned over a billion dollars from their African American athletes, many of whom have mothers who can’t even pay the rent.

Even worse is that much of this wealth was accumulated on the backs of slaves and black people who were locked out of the economic system.   Schools like USC make it diffcult for black students to gain admission and even more difficult for black faculty to get jobs.    The university sits down the street from South Central Los Angeles, a virtual war zone where prisons and funeral homes get rich from all the young black men being fed into the prison industrial complex.  USC doesn’t use many of its resources to help these individuals, it simply uses Dr. Dre’s money to build higher walls so they can protect the rich white kids from the scary black ones.

Black students at USC protest police harassment during a recent party on campus

I wonder if Dr. Dre knows that not only does USC admit very few black students, but the ones who are there are subject to serious racism and racial profiling.  During a recent campus party, the LAPD sent over 70 police officers in riot gear with a helicopter to break up the party after noise complaints.  All the while, the white kids were partying up in their fraternity houses without so much as a peep from the police.

Additionally, for Dr. Dre, his $35 million dollar donation (half of the $70 million he is sharing with Iovin) is merely a drop in the bucket for a school like USC that is sitting on an amount of money that no HBCU will have for at least another 100 years.  USC shed no tears when Dr. Dre’s baby brother was a victim of the violence that has poisoned the black community.  They did nothing when his son died from an overdose on the drugs that were dropped into black communities in the 1980s.   HBCUs have scholars working to solve these problems, and thousands of students who will graduate to fight for black America.  USC does NOT.  Other than a token scholar here or there, USC’s faculty are working to solve problems for white people, not black ones.  That’s just a fact.

Dr. Kimbrough goes even further to explain why USC was a questionable donation target for someone who grew up as a struggling black kid in South Central Los Angeles.

USC is a great institution, no question. But it has a $3.5-billion endowment, the 21st largest in the nation and much more than every black college — combined. Less than 20% of USC’s student body qualifies for federal Pell Grants, given to students from low-income families, compared with two-thirds of those enrolled at black colleges. USC has also seen a steady decrease in black student enrollment, which is now below 5%.

A new report on black male athletes and racial inequities shows that only 2.2% of USC undergrads are black men, compared with 56% of its football and basketball teams, one of the largest disparities in the nation. And given USC’s $45,602 tuition next year, I’m confident Dre could have sponsored multiple full-ride scholarships to private black colleges for the cost of one at USC.

Dr. Kimbrough made a courageous decision to write this article.  There are some who might criticize him as a “hater” or argue with his right to question what Dr. Dre does with his money.  But I’m not talking to those people right now.  I’m actually speaking to those who understand that the circle of economic life in any community is a recursive process, in which all who benefit are expected to contribute.   When a corporation moves into a city and extracts income from that city, it is expected to give back to the city in tax revenues, jobs and charitable contributions.  So, when rappers soak up resources by promoting harmful, violent and even buffoonish stereotypes of black men and women to the world (the kind that may make police see black men as threats), they too should be expected to give something to the community from which they’ve taken so much.

We have to look at the facts:  Dr. Dre, a man who has made hundreds of millions of dollars selling back urban culture to the world has made his largest donation to a predominately white university that doesn’t need the money and rarely admits black students unless they play a sport.  I love Dr. Dre’s music, but I am dying to ask my good brother, “What were you thinking?”

By the way, as schools like USC have gotten rich from black athletes, HBCUs can barely pay the bills.    All the while, almost none of this money is returned to the black community, and multi-million dollar USC athletes like Reggie Bush have their integrity questioned for receiving a few hundred dollars under the table.  The fact is that these schools rob black people blind, don’t give hardly anything to the black community, and laugh at the fact that we are ridiculous enough to turn around and give money back.  If I were the president of USC, I’d be giggling under my breath and wondering how a group of people can have such little respect for themselves.

This incident reminds me of a famous quote by the late Malcolm X.  He’s speaking about the Democratic Party, but the quote is applicable to any group or organization that we support without demanding reciprocity from that institution.  Here’s what he said:

“You put them first and they put you last. ‘Cause you’re a chump. A political chump!…Any time you throw your weight behind a political party that controls two-thirds of the government, and that party can’t keep the promise that it made to you during election time, and you are dumb enough to walk around continuing to identify yourself with that party, you’re not only a chump but you’re a traitor to your race.”

So, with that being said, we can ask:  We know what the black community has done for Dr. Dre.  We know what Dr. Dre has done for USC.  But what has USC done for the community that built Dr. Dre’s entire career?  I would argue that the answer to this question is self-explanatory.   Giving your all to any institution or organization without demanding reciprocity is symptomatic of low self-esteem.  So, when African Americans support entertainers without expecting these entertainers to reciprocate, it is a reminder that, deep down, we don’t believe that we deserve to be respected.

Dr. Dre is a brilliant producer, but this move just doesn’t make any sense.  I hope he has something to say, and I applaud Dr. Kimbrough for being one of the few campus presidents with the courage to engage in such an honest and necessary dialogue.  Otherwise, to black people who have enough sense to understand what I’m saying in this article, let’s please maintain at least enough self-respect to support our own community before we start transferring our wealth into the hands of those who are living off of the money stolen from our ancestors.  Our children need love too.

Dr. Boyce Watkins is a Finance PhD and co-star in the Janks Morton Film “Hoodwinked,” starring Dr. Steve Perry, Dr. Marc Lamont Hill, Dr. Jawanza Kunjufu and Dr. Ivory Toldson.  To have Dr. Boyce commentary delivered to your email, please click here.

Click to hear an interview between Dr. Walter Kimbrough and Dr. Boyce Watkins as he explains why he wrote this article.



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  2. He now just became a billionnaire after all shit y’all said, now he can donate to HBS

  3. If Dr. Dre had given $$$ to Walter Kimbrough, this article would not have been written.

  4. To say “why would Dr Dre give money to a ‘white university’ down the road?….IS RACIST AS FUCK. And if you’re a “proud” black american, you would know that thinking like that IS what sets people back and disallows them from progressing in society. That’s so racist. So Dr Dre made ALLLLLL his money “profiting off of blacks” as this article states. ALSO RACIST AS FUCK. There were 50million white, Asian, Latino, etc kids buying albums from NWA, all the way to Chronic 2001. Racist bullshit. You think that Dr Cosby or whatever his name is is a genius or whatever bc he hasn’t taken a paycheck in 8 years?! Sounds like an idiot to me. Not taking a paycheck for years and then criticizing someone for NOT donating to them is insane. You want to empower black youth with thoughts and ideas? Why not praise a guy like Dr Dre who set up a $70million degree program. Why not? Why should he be bashed bc he DIDNT GIVE IT TO THE GUY WHO DOESNT ACCEPT PAYCHECKS??? So all the sudden Dr Dre is a “bad black man” bc of that? Do you know how racist that sounds? God that’s terrible. Be ashamed you wrote that, me writer.

  5. Dr. Dre is sending a strong message to the black community…he simply don’t care about the people that supported him. Just like OJ Simpson…his day will come. All blacks should simply stop buying his products! That will send a LOUD message to Dr. Dre and then he will see just what USC will do for him…NOTHING! So, instead of being disgusted with Dr. Dre stupidity…simply STOP BUYING ALL of his PRODUCTS including his music and spend your money elsewhere like supporting a HBUC.

  6. Superb blog you have here but I was curious if you knew of
    any discussion boards that cover the same topics discussed here?
    I’d really love to be a part of group where I
    can get advice from other experienced people that share the same interest.
    If you have any suggestions, please let me know.

    Many thanks!

  7. I am sorry. But this article just completely disgusts me. Now you make a couple good points, but I cannot truly agree with any of them.
    So why not give back to all of his supporters? For one, his music live on forever. This was a blessing in its own right. It will never fade as long as people can still relate to it. This has given plenty for me and I relate to not only his solo work, but also music he has helped other artist produce more than often. But I don’t think he owes me anything. I would buy every CD again.
    So why not give more back? Well, it like my gym. No wifi for cell phones or ipods for the first year that I was there. Then finally after so many requests, one day the gym decided to do it for the people. The price of the membership for NOBODY changed a penny. But now, because so many people use it, it is slow and sluggish. Everyone complains because during the busiest time of the day, it does not work properly and complain that they want some sort of refund on their membership.
    A college such as USC is a very reputable institution. Black, White, Hispanic, Jewish, Australian; whatever it may be. This institution will guarantee the funds are used properly, expanding their education to well qualified students. In a nutshell… They don’t **** around. You earn what you have. Nothing is given away in that school. Dr. Dre (Mr. Young)(whichever you prefer) was right to donate this to a well recognized schools in the country. This will ensure that this huge donation does not go to waste at some second class school nobody has heard of.
    A second point I want to make is that you are a ****ing ******* for expecting anything in this situation. You have no right to judge what shots he makes. Did you talk to him about it? Do you know what was going through is mind when he made this decision? By the details of this paper, you did not mention one quotation from Dr. Dre himself. From being a very education person yourself, I am very ashamed that you did not use your mind before you jumped into writing this article. Instead, you decide to attack him because it hurt your pride. Accusing him of racial acts upon his own race because “they don’t look like him.” Yes, USC may very well by the numbers be a white by majority, but who is to say that they were not a good choice. He created a new major. This will benefit communities forever. Next time, do some more research before making accusations and get both sides of the story, instead of coming here to ***** and moan before nothing was directly handed to you. You were the only one making this racist.

    Craig Siekierka
    Scranton, PA

  8. The same reason why Jessie jackson was heard whispering I hate that blank referring to Obama…..cause we can’t all get along. It’s a fact that we hate on each other cause we have been beating mentally by our past.. move forward . we have a black Pres. Duh. I love the sacrifices made and the people who made them but it’s not them type people anymore. Deez kids of today …God bless them all.

  9. Wow! what a good & informative article. There probably are mitigating circumstances that moved Dr. Dre to give this money to USC & not a HBCU. In the future I do hope that these substantial amounts of monies can be shared with an HBCU that can properly use them, and that this article and situation will help remind african americans to give to schools that will benefits our youngsters, as well as our culture. Let’s all be remindful of our ancestors struggles, as well as the struggles of present day. Further, let’s realize that these traditional powerful schools did not always want us in attendance. So it should not be such a surprise that a high majority of the high revenue earning sports programs are mostly the elite African American male & female athlete.

  10. African-Americans as a collection are stupid people at their own merit. I do not see Facebook or Google putting money into HBCUs but we use their products faithfully and they give handsomely to their PWIs (Stanford, Harvard & Michigan). Why not protest those services? It is easy to boycott something one doesn’t use. 40-50 million blacks aren’t buying Dr. Dre’s music or headphones. Blacks need to lose this entitlement BS. As a black man, we should rile up about paying for postsecondary education and taxes. The HBCUs I know of do not have the infrastructure or human capital to sustain what they want to built. As human in a capitalist society, we spend on quality. Spelman wasn’t or isn’t the neediest of HBCUs but the Cosbys liked their quality and mission and donated to them. In the same breath, one could say that Edward Waters College needed that money more and picket them. First thing is HBCUs that are still standing need to seriously promote entrepreneurship outside of entertainment, food and sports instead of teaching their students how to work for someone. That’s how institutions with huge endowments succeed. It is hard to get black people to put money together for something serious like an investment fund. We, black people, need to take ourselves seriously and create things and treat what is ours as such.

    FYI: HBCUs are now educating around 5 percent of black college students.

  11. He is manifesting a disease we all have. Businesses are shutting down because we do not frequent them. Neighborhoods are devastated by our departure from them. The wealthy and successful amongst us abandon our neighborhood for other communities. Few if any of the successful live in our neighborhoods. Can you imagine what would happen if the successful amongst us made a choice to live in our neighborhoods, set up businesses in our communities, supported local schools etc. You have heard of course of some of our most successful denied entry into neighborhoods they desperately wanted to move in because of what race they were….and guess what they tried harder. You heard of families engaging in “operation sneak out” to get their children to schools outside of their communities rather than spend the requisite time and resources to improve their local school….. Yes we can be mad at Dr Dre. Dr Dre however is us! Whether it is $35 million or it is just $5, money is not circulating in our communities long enough to make a difference. I heard a famous boxer once say that he was not one of us anymore…. he was rich. Why would he do anything that would have him identify with us…. We got work to do and worrying about what Dr Dre has done will not undo what he did, nor will it help us solve the problem we collectively have.

  12. Knowledge is power. If this is true about Dr Dre’s contribution to USC then to me it says again that we (black folk) are not that far removed from slavery…aint use to nuttin and make unwise decisions when we achieve stuff!!!Peace!!!

  13. Dr. Dre has the right to spend his money in whatever way he sees fit. At least he contributed to a college. I’d be willing to bet you couldn’t get $100.00 total in contributions from the patrons on this site. Yet folk feel so darn superior, they think they have the right to say what someone else should do with their funds. Some of you wouldn’t buy a biscuit and cup a coffee for a hungry hobo, but you have the gall to show contempt for this guy. If you don’t like him, don’t support his cause, but his checkbook is none of your business.

  14. 1. He earned his money with many of the HBCUs saying he was hurting the culture and our women. If this is so, why do you want his money now? Would not the money be tainted with black blood?

    2. The majority of his wealth did not come from the financial support of blacks, but of middle class white commuinities. They are the one who buy over 70% of all rap music. He gave to the community that supported him (please review point #1).

    3. He has the right to spend his money how he see fit. You did not earn it. You do not have the right to spend it. You do not have the right to tell him where to spend it. Worry about what is in your pocket.

    4. If HBCUs did not ask for his support, why do you feel he should think of you first? I help those who ask for help. Where is your request for financial support? Where is your proposal to create a degree program that supports Dr. Dre’s interest? Where is your offer to name a building after him? That is how non HBCUs get folks to give. They offer something to the giver in return. What do you have to offer?

    It is sad to see institutions who propurt to give black people finaicial freedom and opportunity behaving like welfare queens. Give me money because I exist. Really? Not!

  15. All the dre stuff is weird, but at the same time there is nothing impressive about a millionaire that doesn’t take a pay check in eight years…duuuhhhh!! He doesn’t need it.

  16. I think more pressure should be put on Alumni who graduate from HBCUs, to give money back. All the big time white schools’ alumni give back all the time. Social networking and crowd source funding have even the playing field, only if HBCUs take advantage of it. Think about it, let say you wanted a new freshmen dorm to be built to increase student population, As the college president you could post it on the internet and alumni can be informed of the fundraiser and pay accordingly.

  17. I see all kinds of positions on this, my best advice “be what you wanna see” and don’t worry about anyone else. You do what you think he should have done.
    Don’t have the means? well do something other than complain. You don’t know why this deal went down, all you know is surface. To give this money was a plan that you have know idea about. So you don’t even know what was suppose to be the advantage or result. So ease your mind and YOU “be what you wanna see”

  18. I understand but I’m also so sick of people belittling each other in the black community about this kind of topic. I suppose everybody who is against Dre on this bought their car from a black owned car dealership in their community? Do you buy your food from black owned markets or if there aren’t any in your town go out of your way to do so? Did you make sure that your insurance agent is black to keep some for of that profit in the black community? Forget money…when was the last time you so much as gave your TIME to the black community or used your skills or knowledge to teach the black community a skill? People always talk about what people spend their money on in the entertainment industry….Jay-Z is a b-ball fan…who the hell are you to tell this dude who spent the last 15 years busting his ass in a recording studio and doing shows and dealing with everybody’s criticism of how he lives that he doesn’t have the right to put an investment into a sports franchise. We always talk about being disenfranchised by other people but are first to do it to ourselves. Let’s stop leaving our problems for others to fix. Those who are complaining that graduated from a college that WAS NOT an HBCU, how can you even open your mouth when you didn’t even CHOOSE an HBCU in the first place? Some of these comments are crazy. When ANY of you donate 5% of your earnings over just a 5 year period, then I’ll take your accusations a bit more seriously. Now do I honestly believe this was motivated by Jimmy Iovine? 100%.

  19. Dr.Dre unfortunately like must of our people need a doctor..

  20. I’d like to ask Mr. Dillard if he really asked Dre for a donation and an explaination. I doubt any black schools were even thinking about Dre. People don’t give money for “open letters”. Most probably didn’t know he had money like that.

  21. Minister Allen Johnson

    This does not shock me by any means. First; let me say this. It seems as though almost every black person that can read has something to say about this article to include myself, as I am about to make my statement. Second; All points of view on this topic article have their various points of reference to the issue, but the real truth of the matter is this: History in America shows that Black economics is a self centered issue. We as a race of people in this country find it extremely difficult to unite our resources, and even when we do there is always a form of independence in the fore front that keeps us separated.
    Let me share some spiritual life context, and doctrinal principals that surely apply to our human viewpoint mental attitude thinking as a black race, culture, and society as a whole. This includes all races as well, simply because it is about our thought process. When we learn to stop thinking like the world thinks we can then learn how to live according to the spirit that lives in us. When we see the Object over the Subject we may finally see the truth of our ways, and articles like this wouldn’t need to be written.

    MENTAL ATTITUDE. A SUMMARY OF DOCTRINE; For Living In The Spiritual Life in His Grace.

    I. What you think is what you really are. Therefore, your mental attitude determines both your life and your character. Prov. 23:7. For he is the kind of man who is always thinking about the cost. Eat and drink he says to you, but his heart is not with you.
    II. During the angelic conflict and human history, there are two conflicting attitudes striving for control of the mentality of the soul: divine viewpoint and human viewpoint. Isa. 55: 7-9. 7 Let the wicked forsake his way and the evil man his thoughts. Let him turn to the Lord and He will have mercy on him, and to our God for He will freely pardon 8 For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are my ways your ways, declares the Lord. 9 For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts.
    A. Divine viewpoint is the “mind of Christ” and the believers orientation to life based on the thinking, value system, and problem solving ability based gleaned from Bible doctrine.
    1. God’s plan, Operation Grace, demands a transformation of thinking of the believer-priest to divine viewpoint. Rom. 12:2. Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. 2 Tim. 1:7. For God did not give us a spirit of timidity, but a spirit of power, of love and of self-discipline.
    2. The intake of doctrine under the daily function of GAP* changes the believer’s mental attitude to divine viewpoint. 1 Cor. 2:16. For who has known the mind of the Lord that we may instruct Him? But we have the mind of Christ. 2 Cor. 10:4-5. 4 The weapons we fight with are not weapons of the world. On the contrary, they have divine power to demolish strongholds. 5 We demolish arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God, and we take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ. Phil. 2:5. Your attitude should be the same as that of Christ Jesus.
    3. Divine viewpoint results in:
    a. Confidence under all circumstances in life. 2 Cor. 5:1,6,8. 1 Now we know that if the earthly tent we live in is destroyed, we have a building from God, an eternal house in heaven, not built by human hands. 6 Therefore we are always confident and know that as long as we are at home in the body we are away from the Lord. 8.We are confident, I say, and would prefer to be away from the body and at home with the Lord.
    b. Stability in adversity or prosperity. Phil. 4:7. And the peace of God which transcends all understanding will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus. 2 Thes. 2:2. we ask you brothers, not to become easily unsettled or alarmed by some prophecy, report or letter supposed to have come from us, saying that the day of the Lord has already come.
    c. Inner happiness that produces capacity for life, love and blessing. Phil. 2:2. Then make my joy complete by being like-minded, having the same love, being one in spirit and purpose.
    d. Giving with the proper motivation with grace orientation. 2 Cor. 9:7. Each man should give what he has decided in his heart to give, not reluctantly or under compulsion.
    e. Capacity to love God, and a relaxed mental attitude towards people. 1 Cor. 13:4-8. Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. 5 It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no records of wrongs. 6 Love does not delight in evil, but rejoices in truth. 7 It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. 8a Love never fails. 1 John 4:19. We love because he first loved us.
    B. Human viewpoint is any human or satanic system of thinking, values or problem solving which is contrary and opposed to divine viewpoint, values, and problem solving as revealed in the Bible.
    1. Mental attitude sins produce self-induced misery. Prov. 15:13. A happy heart makes the face cheerful, but heartache crushes the spirit.
    2. Worldliness is human viewpoint mental attitude rather than overt activity. Rom. 12:2. Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is- His good, pleasing and perfect will. Col. 3:2. Set your mind on things above, not on earthly things.
    3. Evil is something you think rather than something you do. Matt. 9:4. Knowing their thoughts Jesus said, “Why do you entertain evil thoughts in your hearts? Gal. 6:3. If anyone thinks he is something when he is nothing, he deceives himself.
    Doing results from thinking. In Christ Jesus and His Loving Grace. Amen

    *GAP. Is a technical acronym for Grace Apparatus for Perception. It basically means God spiritually enabling a human to understand spiritual thoughts and concepts for living and receiving His highest and best for the Human Race.


    • Why are you disappointed in Dr. Dre. It was obvious that he was approached by Jimmy Iovine and he donated the money. Where in this article that it states that Black Colleges approached him and he turned them down. If that was the case then you would have a real reason to be upset. If the colleges set up a donor department and are aggressive then they wouldn’t be in this situation . It just said that we As a people are judgmental but we don’t know the total story. I just haven’t heard any of these presidents complain that Dr. Dre ignored their request. If you need money for your school ask for it.

    • This issue bigger than Dr Dre. This issue is fundamental to the survival and growth of black race in America. Unless we address it fundamentally, we are doomed as a race.

      So many other races are moving here and are surpassing us in accomplishments. Something is fundamentally wrong and I think I know what it is.

      Any race which has the highest concentration of its wealth in the hands of the least educated and the most ignorant of its race is bound to be doomed.

      I will start with Oprah Winfrey pass by Dr Dre and to the next young black artist or athlete looking to get his own pay day.

      We hear stories of how, when Spanish people first started coming here in the 80’s they will live 10 in a room pull their monies together to buy a business get together to fund each others dream. Yes those stories are starting to show result, look around us.

      They own the house cleaning services, lawn care services, home repair businesses and they are building quality community for themselves and soon will be building their own colleges or sending their children to college to benefit form Dr Dre’s donation.

      Our wealth is in the hands of NFL and NBA players and a bunch of comedians and entertainers, who primary goal is to keep up with Joneses. For the benefit of those who don’t know it, we do have a few Bill Gates and Steve Jobs amongst us or Mark Zukerburg for that matter.

      They lack the resources to survive because we don’t own the banks or the equity firms where the white entertainers and athletes put their money and where those resources are directed back in tot her communities. Do you see the type of money raised by these white kids for creating bubble gum companies that fail after 4 years and $50ml?

      In the instances where those firms exist, our wealth are already directed by their white agents who manage these *****s back into white communities.

      I call then *****s because 3/4 of them are actually really dumb as in really really dumb and stupid.

      If you have ever had the chance to have an intelligent conversation with any of these guys like I have you will go to the bathroom and puke.

      Trust me they mean well, they are just plain dumb and stupid. Unfortunately most of the time they are surrounded by you know what.

      That is our fundamental problem.

  23. Simple…2PAC said it best…ILLUMINATI. There are more in the music/movie business than you care to know and you might be quite surprised if you found out who. Follow the money.

    • Stop with the Illuminati references. Go do your research and find out what Illuminati actually means. Not everything in the world had a sinister motive or meaning. Most of the people hollerin’ out Illuminati aren’t even Christians. I am upset he couldn’t give a little money elsewhere but kill that noise.

  24. People should not be surprised by Dr. Dre’s behavior. He is dumb. I read his biography and when I learned that he had 27 luxurious cars I understood right away that he is a stupid man who has no clue what to do with his money. What can we expect from a man who has been involved in drugs that infiltrated our community? This is how he made his money while hurting the Black community with his hurtful misogynist lyrics and so on.

    • Not so sure Dre is dumb, @Steph. Many big name celebrities have multiple expensive cars. That is not at issue.

      What also may not be at issue is that he makes most of his money from black people. In terms of buying rap music, going to rap concerts, etc. most audiences are made up to a large degree of white music lovers. Concerts are not cheap and most people without means don’t download music–they get it for free.

      So, while you and at times myself, might download a digital version of The Chronic, a lot of people might not take that on.

      The issue of HBCUs and Dre’s money is one that comes down to how are HBCUs positioning themselves for the future. We have done a good job at some schools, but others have been perpetually mismanaged and we cannot blame the lack on any one cause. It is a community responsibility to hold people accountable. As alumni of HBCUs, we have not done that as well as we should. In fact, those of us with less than Dre but more than most, don’t give to our schools in ways that could significantly raise the tide. Many times we simply don’t understand what an impact our giving more deliberately can create.

      Dre is perhaps representative of a segment of the issues. He is not THE issue. That is much bigger than a comment section of blog.

  25. The Bible says the one who gives (donates) secretely with an open heart, God sees him and will sho bless him. Next time do it secretly.

  26. Dr.Dre Have to give too USC ask Mr. Davis?????

  27. Dr.Chester Anderson

    Dr. Kimbrough’s question should really be addressed to the Dillard Alumni and what contributions are they making to the U. Ask the Morehouse Alum the same question. Ask the Howard Alum the same question. And what about the Morris Brown alumni? Or do they feel their contributions are mismanaged. Is Dillard’s alumni contributions also being mismanaged?
    Perhaps the HBUC are not relevant to Dr. Dre’s life as it is for the majority of Black college graduates. What is Dillard’s Vision for its graduates?

  28. We speak about HBCU and why the schools are struggling. Well if the people that sit in high places that are trusted would stop stealing from our own people, for their own personal needs then maby our HBCU’s can survive the storm. When one of our schools are in need of a building or better learning material funds would be available. I am a proud 2013 graduate of CSU! Bill Cosby has been a great help financial to CSU and we are very greatful

    I feel like giving LOVE to my Alma Mater California State University Dominguez Hills. In the past I have been dismissive about graduating there, neither happy or unhappy. I should say, I am very proud about graduating from CSUDH. It took longer than most to do so. Though I can be unbiased when I say, I truly did it on my own (financially).

    FYI, These next few paragraphs to the body of this post will get a little deep and detailed. So I take no offense if you stop reading now. I will post a pretty under rated cool fact about CSUDH on a separate post, for the people who do not care for the details.

    Recently LIFE, true to its character, has thrown me some pretty spectacular and nasty curve and screw balls. After striking out badly to LIFE during this at bat, I have been reviewing the film in my head.The video gets replayed and analyzed, similarly to the way Ray Lewis or Michael Jordan would review past games they lost but finding ideas and innovations to correct the failure. I have come to the realization that I need to add a better and more detailed context to myself. I have come to realization that this re-model is to only myself in a selfish manner.
    “Light Breaks Upon Marvel Head,” Cocktail, 1988. I Need to stop making success just about me.I need to make success about all people, places, co-workers,employers,friends and family and who also helped me. Without them, there are a lot of worse places I would/could have ended up.

    Back to CSUDH, The college is the interpretative meaning of diversity. CSUDH was built in Carson, CA. Q:Carson,CA?…Who cares, why is that important?

    1) Carson, CA borders the following cities, Compton, Torrance, Artesia, Wilmington, Los Angeles, Gardena, Harbor City and Long Beach

    Id you have any up to date demographic consultant who’s study is or of LA County, I am 99.9% sure , they would agree CSUDH could not be better placed in the LA County, the City location itself is reason it is highly ranked in diversity, Student Body/Staff.
    Did you know? The campus was specifically built in Carson, CA as action response due to the 1965 Watts Riots. CSUDH coorectly define and exemplifies the beliefs of a peaceful and forward path to integration, diversity and more affordable education, (recent rate increases by Cal State Univ.s need to be re-evaluated & lowered). On a side note of my opinion and disappointment. I recently have read many articles and posts, that Dr. Dre. (Andre Romelle Young) and his business partner Jimmy Iovine donated ALL $70,000,000… million…US dollars…($35 Mil… per… person) to the University of Southern California (USC) , in order to build a new wing dedicated to the development of Music and Arts. WHAT…WHAT…WHAT…??? HEY ITS THERE MONEY …WHO CARES… SOME MAY SAY…












    … OR







  30. I hate to be the one to burst the bubble for a lot of you about who made Dre rich. Sadly it was not the black community. These artists were making decent livings without the black community but it wasn’t until the white kids in suburbia started buying hip hop did these guys start to make the big bucks. So if you all want him to give back to the ones that made him then that’s wat he did. Should Dre have donated to a black institution? Maybe. But until someone asks him why he chose USC, then there should be no criticism. Everyone has reasons why they make the choices that they do. Race doesn’t always have to be an issue.

    • So you’re basically ok with a Black artist pimping his own community for all it’s worth, then turning his back and handing a big, fat check to the very institution that would rather not see us on their campus??? How come Jews don’t think this way???

    • You are the true definition of ASSHOLE!!!

  31. Love everyone but take care if your own …dr Dre was ALLOWED to be wealthy by a white establishment so his loyalty is to them … The same goes for all the other wealthy blacks .. They are owned ..they can’t depend on protection from there people once they reach upper echelon and have to mingle with them demons ,so they do what they gotta do to survive and stay rich ..period

    • I would not ever buy anything that Dr Dre produces nor would I buy anything that is produced by the music labels. This link is very enlightening and informative. We have to learn to speak with our collective money. No one will respect you until they are deprived of your money.


  32. I understand completely where Dillard is coming from, but can wee this as support for education in the United States as a whole? Who cares where the money goes, it’s giving EVERYONE’S child an oppurtunity. I thought MLK was fighting for equality not favoritism.

  33. Sad we as Blacks still look to be accepted by Whites.
    It’s never going to happen. Just like most Blacks never coming to the realization you are black….
    Black people for Black People.
    Boycott Dr. Dre’s Music.

  34. Make sure YOUR kids get their education that you are paying for, and then you won’t have to worry about other peoples finances and where it’s going. Peace.

  35. Sorry I ment the 13th amendment.

  36. As black people we should boycott Dr.Dre’s music and never buy another CD of his again. their once was a time when we as black people would boycott on issue’s that affected us as a people.
    But now we do nothing but say it ain’t my problem and keep on going. and the powers that be love that crap. what happen to our leaders like Mr.Jackson and the rest of them. it’s like they all got their money and said the hell with the blacks.
    The powers that be started dumping all the drugs in our hoods and no one said a thing. drugs only became an issue when little becky started using them THEN it was an issue. As black’s in this country we spent 7.5 billions last year and you telling me we as black people can’t get some major RESPECT here ?
    One thing EVERYBODY understand is money. and if we started holding ALL of our money back from people who mean us no good then a lot of this bullshit would stop. tell me why every other race of people can come to this country and make it like it’s no tomorrow. but we as black people who have been here for over 500 years still can’t get to the top and we spend damn near half of the national budget in this country !! something ain’t right and we as black people need to fix it fast I mean real fast before we all end up living the 14th amendment dream of the powers that be.

  37. It’s very plain and simple Dr.Dre has sold his soul to the devil. and by doing so the white man has the right to tell him what he can and can not do on all levels simple. If this is not the case then he truly hates his own race. why else would a once poor black man do such a stupid and heartless thing to his own people… the very people who made him rich ?

  38. I am not quite sure why people are using the word investment instead of the word donated. To invest in something means that you will receive a return (ie. a higher stock price, dividend, money etc. With an investment, one makes a profit of some sort. Dr. Dre does not expect to make money on his donation so it is not an investment in the true sense. However, it could be considered an investment in young people. In other words by donating money to the education of young people, they will be better equipped to garner and retain employment in lucrative fields and hopefully be able and willing to “give back” to African-American communities.

    I agree fully with the author of this article. To donate $35 or $70 million dollars is no small feat and the decision of the school speaks volumes of his own perceptions, beliefs, and ideologies. Are we saying as African-Americans that after decades of our brothers and sisters attending universities and earning their Masters and Doctorates, that we can’t find one to properly manage their university’s coffers? If Dr. Dre had the least bit of apprehension about the mishandling of the donation, he could have set up a trust and had it managed by a third party.

    Let’s face it! Things have changed and not all for the better. I grew up in the civil rights era when African-American rights and struggles were in the forefront. Now we are one of several minority groups all of whom are fighting for a stake in the American dream. If we don’t watch out, we’re going to lose Black History Month.

    Civil Rights Baby!

  39. How are funds processed and which institution would be more apt to dispense money or control funds without the possibility of being mishandled. No one wants to invest in a program that is not well managed. Not even our private portfolio’s are open to error and mismanagement. It’s not only giving the money that He considered as well as how it will be managed. We also have to consider that Dre’s investments are not directly controlled with every decision being his. Typically, people hire investors to use their expertise. Maybe USA was he best investment for the return. Color is not usually the first qualifier for investing on education. So, don’t always damn someone for being pushed into a color restricted or financial need restriction. Find me another Black Star that gives o while “Higher Education and a White investor who gives to Black and I will show you someone who’s strong enough to stand by their principles. we are free to decide and if someone is wealthy, they can invest where they please.

    • Sabe-

      If you don’t think that Dre knew exactly where 35mil of his money was going you’re fooling yourself. Your comment has the “the white man’s ice is colder” air about it. White institutions can handle 35 mil better than black colleges can. They can’t be trusted to do the right thing with that much money. It is quite baffling that someone like Dre whose rap group was so radical and critical of institutionalized racism and discrimination could make such an irresponsible and uninformed decision.

    • Sabe, for some reason you have me thinking you really don’t give a damn about the community of people of color, mainly Black..

  40. They are a few things that speak to the negativity of Dr. Dre’s support for a white institution, and which I am quite sure that he and many other Blacks are quite unaware. These are: BLACK WALL STREET(Google it), NINA SIMONE’S song, ‘FOUR WOMEN'(Google it)) The TRAIL OF TEARS, IN WHICH HALF OF THE PEOPLE WERE ‘BLACK’, among the unspeakable horrors perpetrated upon BLACKS FROM THE FIRST DAY OF THEIR FORCED ENTRY INTO THIS LAND. BLACK WALL STREET should be the overriding instance after which no BLACK person should be donating anything to any white institution in this country.
    I hope that any of the respondents to the above story of Dr. Dre’s donation will take the time to Google the above stories and educate themselves.

    • Instead of asking “WHY He Gave His $$$$$ To A White Institution…….. “ASK HIM …PUBLICLY… TO DONATE TO

  41. I read the article with tenacity, in the beginning i was mad at the author but giving it a second thought i realize he was making a good point. In this country the black community is and always been treated with hard hands and iron chain preventing us to grow. Dr. Dre’s donation was good but bad target, you always give to those who support your career and not those who want it dead. His fame to wealth was accepted by black people all over the world, at least if you want to give back to your community why not those who supported you instead of your career haters. I will repeat myself again, the donation was in the right direction but wrong targets

  42. Dr. Watkins should perhaps take a page out of Stanford or USC’s endowment program. Do you think Dr. Dre just POOF! came up with this program? I am sure that it was presented to him. Watkins spent time writing a heartfelt piece about what bothered him about Dr. Dre’s donation. What he could have used that time for was developing an innovative program for his school and working to garner a a larger donation. Work on finding ways to engage your current students and making them proud alumni who will readily give back to the school. Lure investors with things your school can provide them that no one else can. If you don’t have that lure, create it. Give your alumni something to be proud of besides the diploma that they’ve earned. Give your school the reputation that it deserves instead of giving the people your opinions about an issue and not doing anything about it.

    Dr. Watkins, you are either part of the problem or a part of the solution. Right now, you are part of the problem. This piece, when read thoroughly comes through as you, literally, whining like a petulant child. perceived as part of the problem because you are whining because your cause didn’t get its fair share. As long as HBCU’s have been in existence, have they ever gotten their fair share.

    Be innovative, be creative. You can highlight an HBCU’s struggles with words, but you build it up with actions.

  43. There are 64 HBCU in america. Pick one and make a donation to the school of your choice. We are turning our backs on the real problem. The issue is not about what dr.dre did,but what can you do. Any one of these schools will accept a credit card,money order or check from you. Give what you can.I do.

  44. I’m tired of all this hate. Congratulate the man for donating money to education. That is all. If not, kill yourself.

    • I hope all of you that made comments against this article will take time to go back and read it, digest the information and then reconsider your position. This article is not about hating on Dr. Dre for giving back to education. What’s being said is that his donation would have made a lot more sense going to a school that is concerned about education young black students. The case has been made that less than 5% of this university is black and those students are being harassed by campus police on the regular. Why would you be a part of perpetuating that environment. A good analogy would be that you have young people in your home or your family that need money for college. Instead of paying for their college education, you decide to pay for the white kid down the street to go to college…even though his family harassed your family based solely on your race.

    • It is a shame that black people don’t know black history .If by chance blacks knew what happened to them in the USA ,they would never give a dime to any white collage.We are the only race that freely gives our hard erned money back to the people who want us dead .Tiger Woods $120,000,000 to a white baby sitter .Colby Bryant $170,000,000 3 million dollar homes and counting .Now we have Dr. Dre $30,000,000 .Blacks schools are closing and he gives $30,000,000 to a racist school that do all that they can to keep black students out .Black fools .

      • For the black people that don’t know black history .Google Racism a history BBC .This shows you who has done all they could to lock you out .

  45. For those who cannot congratulate Dr. Dre for supporting education…
    two words for you.. KILL YOURSELF.

  46. Well hopefully this is a wakeup call for the black masses ,stop supporting those who don’t support you that includes the Michael Jordans , Lebron James ,D Wades who sell sweatshop shoes at prices that are just plain crazy….these guys are only black when they get in trouble as long as they’re on top its all good….

  47. I believe the discussion is a healthy, with many facets. However, the people who support DR. Dre will not go to HSBC OR USC. They are locked in a vicious environment of crime, drugs, prison and murder! I would suggest creating an Institution that provides training programs, to teach literacy, both reading and financial. Training on running a small business, with revolving loan funds, with successful mentors, with an incubator to assist small businesses to be nurture and flourish!
    A program that reaches into the Prisons providing training in running a business, to allow those returning to street to have meaningful options.

  48. I really doubt the money being invested here is Dr Dre’s own money. That being said he is a business man, if he invested it into a less nationally known HBCU, it would not get national news now would it? Dre is a very successful businessman, every dollar he spends is bringing back another 4. USC will do that for him, unfortunately Simmons College, a great institution im sure, will not do that for him. Also , lets not forget the largest # consumers of Dr Dre’s music as well as most hip hop music is white.

  49. the prez from dillard comes off as petty and trifilin. As a Prez its his job to raise funds which he has done little of. It also is to elevate the academics of the university which he has also failed at. Dillard U has an acceptance rate of over 49%. If you have a pulse you can get in. Kimbrough himself admitted he wrote an entire article “based on a blurb on my twitter feed” without actually doing any research. My cousin got accepted to Dillard visited the campus and summed it up in one word “sucked”. If Kimbrough would have done any research like actually listening to Dre’s speech he would understand Dre’s reasons which were clearly spelled out.

    Dre said he chose USC because he grew up ten minutes from campus. He wanted to provide the type of program he would have wanted to be in and wanted to give scholarship $ to those in the surrounding area which normally couldn’t afford USC. And for this we criticize him?

    Dre earned that money if he wants to light it on fire its his choice. Nobody handed him that money , he worked his ass off for it. He chose to create scholarships and a program for creativity that goes outside the norm. For a university which is the #1 minority employer in Socal and the #1 university in the state offering after school and summer programs for neighboring public schools

    I am not sure how much Dre made last year but for the sake of argument let’s say the 35 million reps around 20% of his lifetime earnings. If Kimbrough is so petty and trifilin’ he should put his $ where his mouth is and donate 20% of his paycheck to his own University or else stfu.

    • Let me also throw in there my brother plays backup DE for USC. So I am biased, But let me point out that the U does make money off of our athletes but for every star there are 50 players like my lil bro bless his soul who has 5 tackles in 4 years but received over 250,000 in tuition, another 50 g’s in stipend money for his apt over that time and has eaten 3 free meals a day for the last 4 years and tons of free gear, laptops, watches and tickets. Job already set up for when he graduates thanks to USC career services. It goes both ways

      • Sounds like a great case for the NCAA to investigate! I’m sure that those “gifts” came from well heeled boosters . . . and that’s illegal!

    • It is time for african american men and women to wake up. Fact of the matter is most black athletes and entertainers don’t give a crap about black people in general. They just care about $$$$$$$.

  50. How about giving equal coverage to the blacks who have made fortunes by exploiting their black constituents. look at cities like E. St. Louis, Ill or how about the drama at HSBC Texas Southern University. We have become our greatest enemy but who is reporting that. Leave Dr. Dre alone. I am sure our misuse and exploitation of one another was factored into his decision making.

  51. I’m sick of this whole discussion. I am a USC alum; so I admit I have a bias, but nonetheless here it goes.

    Dr. Dre didn’t give the money to USC’s general endowment. He endowed a specific degree program. That money will be put into a trust with a number of rules and regulations tied to how it can be used and it will be managed alongside the school’s endowment, but will not go to fund general expenses. Furthermore, the programs that this degree brings together are all ranked Top 10, or Top 30 nationally among all schools.

    HBCU alums don’t donate at the same level USC alums do in terms of % of alums that give, not talking about total dollars. Why don’t the HBCU presidents write op eds about their alumni? There are almost no HBCUs that are well-capitalized; if I want to establish a specific degree program to go on “forever”, sad as it is to say, an HBCU is the last place I would donate to because of the financial risk.

    HBCU’s play a critical role, but how can you criticize Dr. Dre when alums don’t donate and your financial house isn’t in order?

  52. How many Jewish students are admitted and are currently at USC?

  53. I suppose Dr Dre does not know he is a slave, but he surely is.

    • Peter D. Slaughter

      Pss… ? Hey Carol you might need to be quiet with that we’s still slave stuff.
      A vast % of black’s,whites and other races will argue like crazy and say’s see’s we’s free.
      We’s can vote for a black president’s.
      We’s go shop and buy all types of cheap slave labor made junk from china.
      We’s buy all type of computers,phones and games that has all type of minerals from afrika.
      Yessuh we’s free’s for sure( I got pig foot in my mouth).
      We’s so free’s we got all type of shoeshing type singers,dancers,joke tellers and sport players on the tv’s.
      They got’s money too’s only they can’t really help to many other poor black people or afrikan people.
      ole massa might beat us on weds and starve us thurdays and make us work even harder on a monday’s.
      That is how free we really are….

  54. Personally, as a black man who graduated from an HBCU, I feel as if this entire post is ignorant. I think as a community we are to focus too much energy on what other people are doing outside of our community. We are so quick to shun someone of color because they are shaking hands with an opposite race. I personally feel post like this is reason’s racism will never die.
    Saying thing like “By the way, as schools like USC have gotten rich from black athletes” really makes me cringe. USC has brought in revenue from white athletes, Hispanic athletes, non-athletes, and in return if you play well and do what you are told guess what, Because of USC national recognition you may be granted a MULTI-MILLION dollar contract.
    We as a community complain entirely too much about what should have been done or could have been done. I honestly believe this creates an imaginary wall between people. For one moment did anyone think about how MAJOR this could be for the black community? Think about it, a black man from a commonly misunderstood Hip-Hop community implements a new major at a PWI (predominately white institute). Think about how much national recognition this could receive. Now vice-versa, black man from a commonly misunderstood Hip-Hop Community implements a new Hip-Hop major at a HBCU.
    With it all said and done we should give back to our community, but that shouldn’t be the only community we have our hands in. A wise man once said “It takes money to make money”. I’m going to invest my new ideas with people I think will have a quicker turn around and then with that I can expand my wealth into communities I know need my help.
    I’m forever in debt to those few people that moves my institution out of the basement into its own building, but I also know there is more than one way to skin a cow.

    • Dashaun… You my brother don’t get the point. If you can’t see how PWI’s are raping our community when it comes to athletics, I can’t take the rest of your argument serioiusly. These MULTI MILLION dollar contracts you speak of come with no training of how to effectively manage this wealth. And most of those athletes never see a multi million dollar contract…Never mind, LOL its not even worth it.

      • ^^^ I am/was a black college athlete, I also had late offers from major PWI’s… I played high school football at a White high school where all the white kids drove BMW or Rang Rovers and all the black kids played football basketball and ran track.

        At the end of the day ask yourself this, why are these black kids going to PWI’s to play sports… P.Diddys son went to UCLA why did he go there instead of Howard. If you can get a scholarship to USC you can get a scholarship to play at Hampton…

        Who’s freaking job is it to teach a 21 year old how to manage 500k a year.. The schools… HECK NO ..

        My professor told me that they are here for (in this order)
        1) Grant Money
        2) Research
        3) Scholarships
        4) Students

        Why do white athletes tend to keep money longer.Maybe its because you don’t see them living above their means…We have a very flashy community..Learning how to manage your money starts from the day your born in your home…Teaching our youth that materialistic things isn’t a sign of wealth…That’s the colleges job.

      • B.T., that is total bs…athletes get plenty of financial training and advice when they go to the pros, they choose not to follow it or learn from the failures of players before them. They choose to buy the cars, the houses, knock up groupies and have to shell out child support, and pay for all of the expenses for their friends and family. While it may be true the majority of the athletes won’t receive multi-million dollar contracts, they have access to a free education which most do not take advantage. That is not the white man’s fault.

        • Well said. These kids have way more doors open to them. Think about all the die hard USC fans that love USC football willing to give a former player a job just because he graduated from USC.

          Think about how much money a semester it cost to play at USC.

          Lets do some math

          USC 2013-2014 Undergraduate Estimate of Costs adds up to be $62,245 a semester…that’s $124,490 dollars a year.

          Not including a meal plan or the 50 to 100 dollars each football player get on away games to eat(that they dont have to spend because the team pays for meals on the road)

          $124,490 x 60 scholarships NCAA give a D1 football program is $7,4669,400…

          poor poor athletes that dont get paid… smh

          • lol. Dash – Where did you get those numbers from? I read an article recently about the cost of attending college in the USA, and the $62k you mention for one semester would pay for two semesters at the most expensive universities in America.

  55. With my limited knowledge about Andre Young aka Dr Dre’s contributions to charities and universities, I would suggest Young’s political mistake was a lack of diversity in the institutions he chose to support. A few million dollars donated to HBCU’s would have mitigated the beef many posters have with Young’s huge gift to USC. In fairness to Young, the USC gift is in support of a defined program with specific intent with measurable goals over time.

    I think a lack of accountability and defined goals might be big factors in the decision not to contribute to HBCU’s by some wealthy donors.

  56. Sad commentary from a race of people…If this is the mindset of the new blacks that are going to these colleges. god have mercy. the level of overt stupidity is so overwhelming, i went out and bought me a hit to calm me down. You turned out,selfish white sounding illerate, falsely educated haters of their own kind and self, merit nothing more than psychological review. The proffesor wrote a fantastic article with more than insight. there was foresight, AND YESS!!! you haters self and kind, you do have an obligation to give back to self. You are not that rich, or educated or socially assimilated yet to merit that optional luxury. But of course you are sick and i have to remember that,before passing judgement. I also have to remember that those colleges have flipped you into an elitist fantasy, and for all those SMART-ALEXS who want to talk about dr dre being a good businessman., the non profit entry was more than a bad investiment…the 501-C3 ENTRY for donating to a traditionally black college allows for matching dollars and compounded returns…go back and do the homework you fake accounting majors……walton

  57. I am not an American but I am Black woman of Caribbean heritage and the thing I cannot understand is why we Africans cannot stick together and uplift each other. What Dr. Boyce is saying makes a lot of sense to me because if you look around we are the only race of people that does not see it fit to uplift each other and pass on good things to our community and generations to come. We pretend that racism is a thing of the past but the truth is that it is alive and well and maybe even stronger than before but it is well organized and sophisticated so some of us who are blinded by the distractions cannot not see it. We need to remember where we came from and teach our youths the same so we would have a clear vision on where we are going and those of us who are blessed to become wealthy and I not mean financially alone it could be with education, talents, skills or whatever we have a wealth of to share with our people. We have to be good to each other because we are teaching others how to treat us and if we cannot show love for each other who is going to love us. One love my people.

  58. Dr. Dre is a business man. It’s unfortunate, but when some black men want to step up their money making potential and go to a higher level financially, they’ll overstep their community and jump on the boat with the white man..for his connections and power. I don’t know this is the case for Dr. Dre, but it’s a possibility.

  59. Young African American/Black American athlete I Dare you to be mentioned in the same breath as a Muhammad Ali – ‘Shake Up the World!’ On Some Other Level Revolutionary Type Sh*t

    Alcorn State, Hampton, Texas Southern, and Howard University all punched tickets to N’awlins Super Dome for the 2020 NCAA college basketball men’s Final Four.

    Alcorn State defeated Duke 1865 to 1619
    Hampton ‘beat’ Kansas 1964 to 1877
    TSU over Arizona 1954 to 1787
    Howard over Georgia 2008 to 1789

    Young basketball players have become GIANTs in history by creating a REVOLUTION.

    In what has to be considered an historic final four because it features all four teams from HBCU. For those unaware, HBCU = Historically Black Colleges and Universities. It seems top All American high school athletes began opting for Black colleges and Universities because of NCAA rules that have for about a half century been exploiting athlete’s talents to make everyone involved in the sport especially coaches and universities millions. Ironically every part of a University benefits financially from the tournament except the athlete, who is the main source of the universities’ basketball success.

    Now that the BIG money is going to HBCU watch how quickly ‘the rules’ begin to drastically change.

    The NBA requiring men to be at least 19 years of age before entering the NBA draft is a direct counter attack to prevent high school stars from going straight to the NBA which would essentially prevent the continuation of slavery and exploitation of athletes at the college level. – Rob Lenard

    “So I’m watching the Kansas North Carolina game on tv .And I notice there are 9 black players and 1 white player btw the white player is amazing . Anyway I look in the stands and everybody is white .Since its known that college sports is big money . One could come to the conclusion that the nine black and one white player are playing to put 100 thousand white kids though college. I know no one is getting whipped or beaten but economically college sports are no different than slavery.

    I know a lot of black intellectuals will say we can do so much more than play ball and we can .But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t reap the benefits from sports .white kids that go to Syracuse and Georgetown do . These kids should be paid and allowed to get an education for themselves and there family’s for the rest of there lives. Black people not making money from college sports is like Arabs not making money from oil insane. We have our reparations lottery ticket right in our pocket and were not smart enough to cash it in.” – Chris Rock

  60. just another sad money story breaking our hearts.morehouse college in atlanta .he could have given them one little million.

    • Why would dre give money to a atlanta univ. that has great support from past grads… Let the man handle his money his way. That is his home school

  61. Dr.Dre can give or donate to whatever college he see’s fit, now shut up, have a pew!

  62. Smh….Not even disappointed in Dre. He’s sold self hatred and degredation of blacks to the world for two decades. What did y’all really expect from this house negro/white people’s pet?! Absolutely f-ing disgusting! If he and Snoop were white rappers rapping death and destruction to black youths and the rest of the world….black people would have been up in arms screaming racism. Sad but true! Notice not one of their lyrics encouraged positivity, self love, motivation or was inspiring. Not one lyric voiced true black empowerment. Most of their lyric spoke of death not to the oppressors but of the oppressed. Sad but true: we as a community deserve what we get feom this ‘hater’ and that’s absolutely nothing.

    Funny…you can always tell what kind of ‘slave’ some black people REMAIN by the their comments. No one questions other ethnic groups when they giv back and support their own communities because its EXPECTED of them to remember where they came from. But not n*ggas! Look out for self…thats what the enemy wants you to believe!!!! After all, it ISN’T in the white mans best interest to have EDUCATED, EMPOWERED, SELF LOVING African descendants…smh at some of you educated fools dismissing Dr. Boyce’s valid point. It’s no wonder that AA are in the sinking ship we’re in: the oppressor has done a phenomenal job of divide and conquer and dumb down…smh.

    • Peter D. Slaughter

      Hey ? if some these brainwashed type make a copy of your post and put on the fridge at home and read it every day like a mantra.
      It might wake them from mental slavery.
      Today there is this so-called hip street statment that some black’s say ” Don’t hate the player ”
      just hate the game ”
      When I first heard it. I said hold on ?
      Not another ghetto excuse type cliche that will justify all types of black people,black men doing all types of BS in the community to other poor black people.
      I wonder who might take my advice and tape your comments on their fridge while eating a bucket of chitlins ?

  63. So since you’re saying it’s okay to donate based solely on race…don’t complain because non blacks do the same thing. Don’t accept donations from non black donors. Everything with this man is race based. What is he a “Dr.” of? Seems to me someone with that title has a little more intelligence than most. I have read 2 articles written by this man in two days and they are both race baiting. Seriously…”Dr.”? This is like the black version of he klan. Making excuses for your racist views.

    • Exactly which other race or ethnic group is giving money for the education of african american people, please let us know.

    • I am not American but people like you are proof that most black Americans are mental slaves, if you still can’t see that everything revolves around race. Which race has given this amount of money to uplift black communities?

  64. Well I would like to say, that’s not a new thing. We often forget where we come from.

  65. lol you black folks made him rich I rather give some poor bro making good clean house music my money

  66. How many people on this thred have actually given 1 $ to an HBCU..he can do what ever he wants with his money..

  67. Why does it always have to be about race?After all it’s his money he has the right to choose which University he donates his money to.

  68. If I were Dr. Dre I’d ask Dr. Boyce Watkins instead of worrying about where I put my money, why don’t you have 35 million dollars of your own to do with as you please? Aren’t you a Dr. like me? Hmmmmmmm.

    • Are you serious, did you think about this post before you wrote it? Where were you educated?

  69. Also forgot to add that USC resisted the call to move out of that area after the Watts riots. People wanted them to move to where Pepperdine University is at now. USC said no and that they would rather stay and improve the community.This inspite of all the Black crime that goes on in that area and even on campus itself. The killing of 2 Chinese students recently, muggings, rapes etc. Pete Carroll used to march all over South Central to end gang violence when he was the coach at USC. Where where your(I bet) heroes Tyler Perry and Obama at? USC has also produced so many Black giants its not even funny! Paul Williams an architect who designed LAX airport, Shonda Rhimes the creator of Gray’s Anatomy and one of the most powerful people in television, Dr. Charles Bolden the current head of NASA, Linda Johnson Rice the head of Ebony Magazine, John Singleton the youngest director ever nominated for an Oscar, and the NON-athletic list goes on and on. USC owes Black people nothing and neither does Dr. Dre.

  70. YOUR response was the best

  71. Well … isn’t this just like a misguided and mislead black – looking for a handout from satan – or satan’s workers. How pathetic.

    No wonder blacks stay so divided, killing each other and never making movies about the GREAT BLACKS in America and BEYOND – whilst they sit around waiting on whites to make the movies ….

  72. Clap clap clap….Awesome article, thank you for writing and posting. Asians support Asians, Indians support Indians, Jews/White support Jews/White and so on, but Blacks don’t support Blacks. It’s extremely disheartening and sad to see how sick we are. It’s like our consciousness is shut down or that part of the brain that does critical thinking is faulty, it’s insane how we don’t “get it.” Our Ancestors literally died for us to be in this place, they laid down their lives for Future Generations, they understood the concept of self preseversation. And now that we’ve arrived or have the money and resources they shed their blood for, we’re giving it back to Massa’ and then there are those of us coming up with excuses why their own community don’t deserve it…just Wow! Every Black University and College around this country should be thriving, they should have world class libraries with reference materials about us, for us, by us so we get the education we should have gotten, so we learn about people who look like us that contributed to the world, in every facet, how we were the originators, how people who look like us reside within every Culture of people and nook and cranny of this planet.

  73. Why should a person of color have to always support people of color. When you are at a certain level financially, and white, you are not expected to just support white people, so why do black people or brown people expect that black people should be forced to put money in black named colleges. Dr. Dre is from California so it is great that he put something in that university. Maybe more blacks, hispanics and whites will be able to attend that college and will not have to worry about lack of resources. We really do not know how any person with hundreds of millions of dollars donate their money unless we research that information. That is public information. If you want to know who the donors are of any organization because of the Freedom of Information act that is accessible. The most important thing we should be focused on is recruiting more kids to attend college to learn how to take care of themselves. A lot of individuals are not getting jobs even with degrees because the job market and types of available positions have been altered. I think more money should be put in manufacturing, producing items that people need and in the technical world. Our kids need to be ready for the challenges they face after they graduate. Too many kids are focusing on getting degrees that do not prepare them for the present day job market. That is why it is important to change with the times. Dr. Dre has a caucasian wife who has great business skills and he is also a smart business man and his partners are extremely motivated to position him in areas that will take his brand to a better level. He and Fifty Cent, Sean Carter and Sean Combs have done a great job with creating businesses that will excel long after their entertainment and recording career ends. I hope, in the scheme of it all, that these men do not sell their ownership in the businesses that they create. Too many Black people have sold their souls and have no legacy to leave to their children’s children.

  74. Typical. Black people the ONLY people in the world who thinks everybody owes them something. Dr. Dre made that kind of money from white suburban kids while Blacks were dubbing his tapes. Also, you said he was a great producer? WTF? This is from a man that belonged to a group called Niggas With Attitudes for Christs sake! All his music is talking about bitches, hoes, drugs, and shooting other Blacks. The Klan is probably this mans biggest fans! The same people now that are complaining about what he does with HIS money are probably the ones that were complaining about his music’s content. I’m Black and don’t need Dr. Dre’s, Oprah’s, Bill Cosby’s or any other of these satanic, illuminati whores money. USC’s low Black student population was brought up. Well get the grades like the Asians do and that number will increase. Also, HBCU gradutation rates aren’t all that high either. Also, when Bill Gates gives millions of dollars to HBCU’s I don’t see any whites saying hes a self hater. And if Blacks supported him early so what! Did he force them to? And if thats the criteria for oweing then why all the support for O.J. Simpson when he was on trial? I plan on attending USC one day and could care less how many Blacks are there. Graduating is YOUR responsibility. When Dr. Dre grew up poor in Compton did the Black community feed and cloth him? Pay his bills? I bet not. Also USC has done PLENTY in the community of South Central. Do your homework. They’ve admitted plenty of Blacks/Hispanics from the area for FREE if they did their homework at USC and qualified like everybody eles under former President Sample. Can’t wait until I’m rich cause the first person of ANY race that tries to tell me what to do with my money will get told where to go. ask that coon tyler Perry to donate some of his coon money to HBCU. Fight On!

  75. mike jackson805@yahoo.com

    are you kidding me? when Dre dropped the groundbreaking NWA album,”Niggas with attitude”, every educated black person you could get on record thought the music was the scourge of the black community,and wanted nothing to do with it or Dr Dre.Now that He’s financially supporting the sources that supported him when he needed it (white educators widely considered the brilliant work of modern genius)black schools and scholars have a problem-the failure to support each other cuts both ways.Dre should have acquired some social debt but did not.He owes these backstabbers NOTHING.

  76. So seeing as though Dre “made” this money because of the black community and its should be the right thing to do by giving it back to the black universities and community, then i dont want to see anyone complain when the white man makes all this money off white people and the money goes back to white universities and communities, but for some reason i think many blacks would complain and call the white man who does this racist right? This whole article is just baiting blacks to hate. And honestly, i think Dre probably made more money off white people buying his music then blacks.

  77. To everyone saying that HBCUs don’t spend their money wisely do a little investigation and you will find that most of the the trustees there don’t look like us. I attended an HBCU and in my freshman year Camille Cosby wanted to reopen a dorm that had been closed for years. In exchange for her money all she wanted was for the dorm to be named after her. The trustees said no. This same university was given an exhibit of Georgia O’Keefe paintings as a gift. A gift with strings attached. The university, no matter their financial need, can never sell the paintings.

    Once again it comes down to a history lesson. Not side walk high or a PhD from the streets. Our ancestors are scholars who wrote history, not filthy music. HBCUs were founded by ex-slave masters to educate their mixed raced children. They are the lesser of 2 evils. Yes, they are indeed elitist 45% of the time. However, I wouldn’t trade my HBCU education for all the Ivy League in the world. If you attended an HBCU, actually went to class and studied you understand what I’m talking about.

    Until Black people take a lesson from other cultures and turn our backs on what doesn’t serve us to create something by us for us we will continue to come up short. But of course there will be Black folks who keep singing My Country Tis of Thee while their country keeps kicking them in the head. We can only truly claim all that this country has when we are in a position to write our own history and manifest our own destiny. Other people who just got off the boat (or crawled under a fence) do it everyday. They build up their communities and only come out when it’s time to collect money and do business. and guess what? No one accuses them of being pro (insert any ethnicity here), racist or anti (insert any ethnicity here).

  78. Dr. Watkins,

    First, I’ll note that my opinion is biased because I am 1) a USC alum, 2) a black female, 3) from Inglewood, California 4) from a single parent household, and 5)a former HBCU employee(Howard University. Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine can do whatever they want with their money. I’m just delighted that they donated to ANY institution of higher learning.

    I take particular issue the statement “HBCUs have scholars working to solve these problems, and thousands of students who will graduate to fight for black America. USC does NOT.”

    PLEASE! I know plenty of HBCU graduates who are NOT out fighting for Black America, and plenty of black students from schools like USC who ARE. It’s insensitive and incorrect to imply that since someone didn’t attend an HBCU, they are not fighting hard for our community. Need an example? Newark Mayor Cory Booker attended Stanford undergrad, Yale Law School and was a Rhodes Scholar at Oxford. Booker is making real, sustainable change in Newark when he could easily be doing otherwise. Now on the other hand, we got your boy Kwame Kilpatrick who attended HBCU Florida A&M. Well you know how that turned out. At the end of the day, I was black before I went to anybody’s college and not attending an HBCU has no determination on how I feel about or fight for my community. Please don’t make generalizations. You’re too smart for that.


  79. Weather you agree with Dr. Boyce Watkins, or not. To be fair let’s hear form Dr.Dre before we lynch him. He may just satisfy some these baseless attacks. In the meantime leave Dr. Dre alone.

  80. Unfortunately, black people are the only people on the planet earth that do not learn lessons well. The Jewish do a masterful job of empowering each other to excell through using their wealth and knowledge. As far as I know, they are not killing each other in the streets in record numbers. Asians take care of their elderly and work hard to eduacate their masses to be productive and family orientated. No one should have to confront him about what he does with his money. He does what he feels. If he does not feel that for his people, he has every right to feel that way. If rappers have no respect for Emitt Till, that is their right. Some love their family, some are ashamed of their family and some have no idea of what family is. The black community will be on the bottom as long as they continue to make every other community rich while their own community is robbed any viable recources. Where would we be if there were no Bill Cosbies, Ophra Winfreys or Magic Johnsons. At leaste they give the outside world the appearance that some care about their own.

  81. Andre is controlled by Jimmy his boss. Dre has no choice since he sold his soul for riches… Dre is going to do whatever his daddy tells him to do…Let Dre keep his satanic money right where it belongs. Dre music promotes drug abuse,violence,suicidal behavior,and the overall destruction of our community.

    • This is an argument only when it comes to American Africans. It is expected by all other people that they support their own. It just makes sense. It is the essence of self-preservation. Supporting the oppressor is an act of self-hatred. The Stockholm Syndrome personified. “Envy not the oppressor and choose none of his ways.” Proverbs 3:31.

  82. Why must the burden lay on Dr. Dre?? He is not the only Black millionaire able to give to HBCUs. I really don’t think that berateing this young man is going to cause him to rethink this matter. He has made his decision. Leave it alone.

  83. Andre Young can give his money to any one he wants to have it. If every Black or Afro American give $1.00 to the HBCU. Instantly there would be $40 million for HBCU. Each one give $1 and it will change the community.

  84. Tom Joyner works his butt off on a daily basis raising monies for Historically black colleges and universities…it’s good to have a Tom Joyner in the world!

  85. It’s the same old story. For the most part, once a black is able to become so-called “successful” he or she totally forget(s) about how many before them sacrificed so that they could achieve. They are totally unaware of the history of black America. Dre is just following suit by playing toady to the white world.





  87. Graduating African Americans only uplifts our communities and communities at-large. It is fact that an overwhelming majority of African American graduates are from HBCU’s. Many African Americans who attend predominantly White institutions fail to graduate for various reasons but mainly because those institutions do not cater to their specific needs where success can be achieved. Those graduates of HBCU’s go on to do great things and are able to compete in the business world. Imagine how much more impact HBCU’s could have if they had the resources to expand their reach to impact even more in the black communities. Perhaps we can get more black men into college than into prison. Dr. Dre has a right to give his money to whomever he chooses. We also have the right to question his decision to do so given the facts about what is most helpful to a people that look like him. As the Bible says, “Everything is permissible but not everything is beneficial”. That is what is being questioned here, are you doing what’s beneficial and not just what is permissible?”

  88. Great debate and dialogue. I can see both sides of this argument. Certainly we should have a burden for those that support us as well as look like us. This is not a racist view. Racism seeks to oppress and hold down a group of people based on race. Giving back to your own is not oppression of any other people. It’s simply lifting as we climb. All races with the exception of blacks do this very well. I’m not ready to drop the hammer on Dre’. For all we know he has more to give and maybe some of that will benefit an HBCU or other black institution. I’ll watch the development of this with great interest.

  89. Have we seen the conditions of the gift. Perhaps he gave it under the condition that USC recruits black kids from those surrounding neighborhoods and offer scholarships for the program that they are developing. When I first read the story, I felt like most – disappointed. But he is from that area and it stands to reason he would give to a university that is in the midst of the people he knows and loves. Let’s not slander another brother for doing whatever he thought was a good idea for education. Let’s see the stipulations for the money – then speak. Maybe a great percentage of it is for local kids, which will increase their registration of black and latino youths. And yes, we do have a right to speak up on this. It’s black money that made him famous. He’s a public figure.

  90. I’m just wondering why people are questioning what other people do with their own money. It’s nobodies business.

    • Yolanda, Dr. Dre’s donation is questioned because as the article states, he made millions off the backs of African Americans, and it is only fair that he acknowledge those who support him, and just for the record the correct spelling is “nobody’s” there is no such word as “nobodies”.

      • “it is only fair that he acknowledge those who support him”. Are you serious?!?!?! This whole “because I’m black and you’re black you owe me” is a bunch of Garbage. Black, white, and every other race attend USC. These are the same races that have bought his music. Your assumption that only black people have put money is his pocket is an unwise one. By your own theory and admission he owes everyone.

        Lastly Dr. Dre doesn’t owe anybody ANYTHING. The kids that are in school at USC now are not the same people that were buying his records. Yeah they may have bought some, but they have not contributed to his fortune as you make it sound. He owes black colleges as much as Walmart owes me. Sure I go there and buy all kinds of stuff, but to say that they owe me some free goods is crazy.

    • Peter D. Slaughter

      Excuse me but why do so many black people make this
      statement ” duh it’s their money they can spend it anyway they want “.
      These same black’s really do not know or even understand the real deal with the federal reserve.
      Overall the paper money is fake and blacks’ who are in some type of serious denial really live under a Eurocentric dominated capitalistic,slave like money currency system.
      So all this debating and giving this phony dr dre a pass on him donating some to usc is just more wasted time and effort.
      Between this slave and the rest of black media phonies shoeshining around in hollyweird.
      Plus a vast % of these broke and current so-called sport stars.
      Not one of them will say one word,not a even a peep to bring up the idea of creating a ne money currentcency system based on the value of black people and afrikan people.
      Is that much for a black person’s brain to think about?
      Are to many black people just to scared and programmed to even think that the idea could be become a reality.
      It would save the time and worrying about this dr dre character.
      If we think his thinking and behavior is bad now.
      Just imagine this shoe shining dude on a plantation long time ago ?
      He would be either whipping slaves for massa long time ago or the other slaves would deal with him for real,no tolerance at all slaves who went along with massaa.

  91. Rev. George Brooks

    First, let me ask Brother Boyce how much did he willingly allow that small black Simmons College to put into his pocket for his speech? (smile) For it is really a small college, and needs plenty of M-O-N-E-Y, Doc. Now, the fact that Dr. Dre is married to a white master’s daughter tell you why this slave gave the money to USC. Along with the Jews and other whites in the entertainment world, of which he is also a slave to, the poor ignorant oversize, over-age boy just obeyed his masters, just like most all of these other Negroes with big money in the entertainment and sports world are doing. And especially if they are married to one of these money-hustling white women of the slave master of these black slaves. And the best way for us to get the message to this traitor of black colleges is to do a BOYCOTT of his music for let’s say the month of June, at least, if not longer. And any of us who are in a city where he can be publicly seen, (even if he’s just walking down the street, somehwhere) form a picket line htere,are at some store in which his music is still selling. NOW, LET’S STOP TALKING, AND START WALKING, AGAIN!!! And let the walking do the talking. — Rev. George Brooks

    • Amen!!!

      Rev Brooks,

      My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.”

      When I was in Kmt (Egypt) the following saying was on the walls in the temples: “Man Know thyself.”

      Fast forward five thousand years later and we as a people are totally lost, confused, bamboozled, and hoodwinked.

      No member from any other ethnic group in the world would be this stupid.

  92. There is sooo much talk, with so little knowledge. Buy the mans music or not but do it because you like or hate it. Don’t mix apples & oranges. Dr. Dre has given much money to many of the Black colleges and universities but without all the fanfare and criticism. Either he didn’t give enough or should have given it to someone else, etc. It will Never be the right thing with some of you. Thanks Dr. Dre for giving..no matter where.

  93. Dre’s gift to USC is representative of who he is: A hater of his own people. Remember, he wrote and produced Snoop Dogg’s “Never Hesitate To Put A Nigga On His Back.” On his “Up In Smoke Tour,” I single-handedly stoppped that tour from playing a video at Detroit’s Joe Louis Arena that graphically showed Black men killing each other in an extreme and brutal gun fight as Dre and Snoop turned to the audience of thousands and asked, “Should we smoke these niggas or what?” I’m not shocked at all. But, yes, I continued to be dismayed at his anti-Black activism.

  94. The Better question is Why the President of Dillard didn’t try to cultivate Dr. Dre as a donor to his University! Instead of criticizing what USC has done. As a President of a University its his job to recruit donors for the advancement of his University to me I sounds like he doesn’t want to do the work to get these type of donors it pisses me off that it is even being discussed. FIGHT ON!!!

  95. I will say this is Dr. Dre’s $35 million and he has the right and privilege to use it how he sees fit, but Dr. Kimbrough makes a VERY VALID point. Kudos to him for the open letter. I’m interested in Dr. Dre’s response.

  96. GlobalFusionist

    It is one thing if an HBCU had engaged him for donation and he said no, it’s another thing all together when we do not engage nor educate these millionaire Black entertainers in the importance of giving back. Dr. Dre is from Cali -do we know that these funds will not be given to young Black men and women just like him from Compton and other places who need the funds just as much as any young Black man or woman looking to attend an HBCU. Maybe HBCU’s should rethink their strategy in getting donations particularly from young Black millionaires who do not have any particular knowledge nor attachment to HBCUs.

  97. Peter D. Slaughter

    Year agos when this shoe shine so-called tough fake gangsta rapper was famous for beaing up Dee Barnes. I stopped buying his tapes and plus the wack tapes by nwa.
    I wonder why do so many black’s still think this person is still some major figure in rap and hip hop.
    With all the self destruction,self hate, black on black violence and other ignorant slave like distorted social behavior that him, easy e,nwa,suge knight and death row records promoted to many of today’s lost and criminal minded thugged out black males of today.
    I wonder why do people even ? why he did it.
    It shows the usual sambo type behavior from back then and to right up to now.

  98. This is a historical pattern and the culture of the Black community: “If it’s White, it’s right!”

    We can look all around us and see the same kinds of things, especially in business, in the professions, in the trades, and in just about everything except Black churches. Black folk race to give their dollars to Whites and to everybody else but Black folk. And it’s the dumbest thing that we do and continue to do, making everybody else rich but us!

    I applaud these presidents of HBCU’s for speaking out on this issue. But we all need to get ahead of the cart and talk to these entertainers and athletes BEFORE the White institutions convince and bamboozle them into dumping more money into the pockets of Whites who already have plenty.

    There are hundreds of Dr. Dre’s out there! Black institutions should not stand on the sidelines waiting for them to become benevolent. Be proactive and let rich Blacks know that (1)you exist, (2) that you need the money, and (3) that the money will be used to help people just like them.

    Whites don’t wait in their modesty! They go after the money, no matter whose hand is holding it!

  99. Twitter: @KnewbornG Facebook: Benny Randall 3rd

    Because Dr. Dre believes in Martin Luther Kings dream of blending ALL RACES! Dillard needs to step his GAME up and get $35 million and give it to a black college!! Why another man questioning what that other man doing??

  100. Is I agree that it is his money and you say it but you obviously dont get that. my only question is if the President of the college asked for money andDr Dre said no or is he assuming that just because he is black, Dr Dre should know. We Miss the boat often because we do not ask or apply and get mad because everyone should have known. That is going to be our downfall until the end of time.sure wish it had been gven to a HBCU but is that his fault because he should have known or our because we did not ask. by the way do you give or are you giving excuses??????????
    . The need is still there

  101. Most everyone is missing the major point here: Lovine used profits from ”beats by dre” to donate to his daughter’s school. End of story. Dre is just a front (pawn) for publicity. I think everyone is giving Dre too much credit on this one. If he’s like most artists/athletes, the people on your PR team propose ideas to you and you say “yay” or “nay.” When you’re as famous as Dre is, your team takes the thought most major business decisions for you. Stop giving this story more power by making it out to be some super complex racial history lesson and making Dre out to sound like some conniving villain. I find it highly unlikely that Dre would do much of this legwork on his own. The likely story is that his team spun this as a real opportunity for him to donate to higher education and he bought it without even considering alternatives (like donating to an HBCU). Still, it’s better the money goes to USC than something lavish like another Bentley or crazy weekend of partying as is the tendency of celebs. With any donation, there are always going to be organizations or people that should have considered or who are deemed much more worthy.

  102. The key word is HIS money. He can donate it to whoever he wants.

  103. boycott dre’s music, simple. We backed him and that got him noticed by them, but if we (blacks) don’t buy his music they will turn their backs again. Remember you past, while living in the present so you’ll have a future.

  104. Maybe he just didn’t want to see the money squandered and stolen. Noted poverty pimp Tyrone Brooks of Georgia is in deep right now for stealing a million bucks he squeezed from big companies that was intended to help the underprivileged.

  105. As a fellow Alum from an HBCU, I understand the concern; however there are numerous of African Americans/Black people that have no concept of a HBCU and the experience/benefit of attending one, nor do they care. In addition, it was a joint venture for USC. If someone of “color” would have proposed the same concept to him for a HBCU he may have agreed to do so. Dre is a smart business man so I am sure he had his reasons and/or benefits for the venture. Corporations and Foundations (Tom Joyner, Steve Harvey just to name a few) make donations to HBCUs all the time, as well as Alums, so it is what it is!

  106. Boyce's play cousin on his friends side!

    I came for the comments and as usual I’m not disappointed!

  107. great article. The author states, “HBCUs have scholars working to solve these problems, and thousands of students who will graduate to fight for black America. USC does NOT.” which is unfair to the Black students at USC who are, in fact fighting for their rights, and the rights of the Black community. There are black and brown students at USC who are getting racially profiled and discriminated against but are resisting and educating others by building a powerful movement: https://twitter.com/USChangeMovemen I just wanted to highlight the fact that things aren’t beautiful and perfect for everyone at USC…there is a desert of struggle and injustice amidst the oasis of wealth.

  108. Dont NobodayWanna BBlack

    I officially Hate being Black in America. Niggers are SO fucking Stupid. We are the Dumbest Race today, a walking talking Example of what Not to Become. I Mean I just heard a song on hot97 & the background to the song Was not a Beat or instrument creating sound, but the squeaking of a mattress with explicit lay by lay sex. Only DUMB Ass Niggers ALLOW these Disgusting Vile STD inducing destructive activities & images to be broadcast to smother the minds of Young Girls & Boys without fathers Thirsty for Anythingggg Anythingggg

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    • Whew!

      You can train yourself to love yourself! If others can do it, you can too!

      Sounds like you may also want to do a makeover of your friends. “Association brings about assimilation.”

      Doesn’t seem as though you are getting enough positive feedback in your life. I am sure that there is a whole lot (inwardly in particular) that you as well as others can LOVE about you!

    • That response is pure sarcasm and I feel you sis!

  109. It’s his money, leave him alone. And there are plenty of Black that go to the school he gave money to. HBCUs are in trouble, because they do not spend their money wisely.If I gave money, I would have to oversee how it is spent.

  110. We criticize each other and largely because of our past history as an enslaved people we don’t realize that we are mostly all wrong. What I mean is this HBUCs are elitist. They are set up so that economics are a factor. Those of you who have interests in HBUCs are displeased because he did not give to you. You fail to understand that where he came from your precious HBUC would not have admitted him. Dr. Dre has a Ph.D in “Street”. You have less in common with him than the University of California.

    I have a proposal for an alternative school named the Tri-Continental Community School.I envision partnering with the Juvenile Justice Department to offer our youth a better way to achieve community related success. Our school will focus on travel, languages and fast track tech courses. Because I lack resources someone will see this and offer it but it won’t be the same. You see the truth is this. HBUCs are no different from white colleges and Universities. Both overlook the poorest to maintain a certain way of life and both exclude the poor. I am asking for 250 thousand to donate $1 each for start up and seed money. To date not a dime. But that’s ok I don’t get discouraged, because I am a Warrior; we don’t die we multiply…His In Service

    • Mr. Wesley, I suggest that you place an ad in some business newspapers or magazines, if you haven’t already. Explain more about your idea. Set up accounts in reputable banks. Let potential investors know how funds will be distributed. Have strong oversight of the funds. (That’s the area where Black organizations get into trouble: not enough transparency and little if any oversight.) College is not for everyone, and there are people with no college experience who have contributed and still are contributing many good things to our society. More power to you.

  111. If you agree with this you are myopic. I understand the frustration with limited funding for HBCUs but throwing money at problems rarely fixes them. Think about that before you respond.

  112. Dr. Dre is giving money to USC to start a program and not just because. As noted in the article, HBCUs can barely pay their bills, so why would he give them money to start a new program that may go belly-up if the school goes under or cannot afford to continue it? I agree that it would be nice for all wealthy blacks to reinvest into their communities and I’m sure it wouldn’t hurt him to give a million to them.

  113. “The point here, and I hope Dr. Dre understands this, is that white people have plenty of money and they aren’t going to use that money to help people who look like you.” I wonder how many African Americans are employed at the college?

  114. H. Laverne Hardin

    Dre is lost, backwards, wrong and out right a house N for giving to a system that refuses to allow well education black students in, the school is located in the black area of Los Angeles, Does not cater to the black community in any way. Dre needs Muslim great minister to speak with him and provide him with information on regulating the poor and keep blacks poor. So many wealthy blacks should be focusing on developing the black community putting money where it will really bring self respect, dignity and independence to our brothers and sisters, never would I have thought to give that much money to USC. No matter the kick-back.
    Dr. H. LaVerne Hardin, Upland, California

  115. bob johnon gave his daughter and billions to a white boy, that whiteness is expensive shit

  116. He did it because he’s a slave. Period. He and any other Black person that justifies his actions are slaves. They proudly display their slave mentalities & pat one another on the back while people of other cultures laugh at us. Black people will never make progress when we continue to apologize for our ridiculous behavior. We haven’t learned anything from history & continue to make the same mistakes. For many Black people just being able to be in the room with a Caucasian is the gold standard, they made it. So congrats to Dr Dre another dumb Black man proving just how stupid Black people continue to be. To everyone who bought his headphones congrats you have once again contributed to people who don’t need your money.

  117. The same people criticising him now supported him on the way up as a brother who was “making” it in AMerica. Well, this is how you “make” it in America. You do business yo do not “Feel” for how you can help you see who has the finaces to keep you name out there the longest and give you a financial profit in some way down the line. Now other white institutions will accept hi, He will now shake hands with richer white men who can take him places that he never dreamed when he was in South Central. Its America, its about money and greed and he s just doing what you do when you get this this point in your life with this kind of money. If he stands for anything Black now he can forget shaking hands with the really rich. Like Chris Rock said if Bill Gates had Oprah’s money he would jump out the window and kill himself! Money is not wealth. Most people that are cash rich do not have wealth or assets. I argue that seeking earthly riches still last only a short while.

  118. He should have not given the money to USC or HBCU. That money should have gone to his roots! To Africa! Lord knows they need the money for their schools! The question is not whever a ‘white school’ or a ‘black school’ but why did Dre not even consider his real people living in Africa?

  119. “Black” people in general have both PTSD and Stockholm Syndrome to state the least! We are assimilated into a very racist society and our short attention spans and short memories allow us to view ourselves as white people in America,but with black skin, and with ‘white-people’ mindsets while not realizing that the only thing keeping whites from trying to reinslave us, is that many of our people are already making them richer in ways we are unable to comprehend due to our numerous mental and emotional problems!

    We were also broken up as a ‘unified community’ physically and mentally centuries ago, by our constantly scheming, very ruthless and sociopathic ‘white-dominant’ elite!
    We are helping white people to not only slowly annihilate us here, but rapidly annihilate our African families all across the African Diaspora! While we pay little attention to the who, how, and why! There is no end to our abundance of psychosocial, socioeconomical crisis, and quite frankly, we are helping it along without realizing it!

    I’ve had friends from other nationalities ask me “what’s wrong with your people”. I couldn’t answer them properly in the time that we had to converse and I couldn’t begin to cover all of the issues we “blacks” are overwhelmed with.

    Dr. Dre is certainly following the overall modus operandi of blacks who have made it in this “white dominant society” for a myriad of these reasons, most he doesn’t even understand!

    • Another point to ponder is that “whites” in power have a tendency to issue ultimatums to the wealthy. These ‘Anglo-elite’ have the power to destroy whole countries and assassinate democractic leaders of other nations! When they make a demand on certain wealthy people, be they “black”, white, or other, they will not take no for an answer, and their ability to hurt someone should be understood by anyone who is aware of the type of influence even Mafia bosses command!

      One could take the presumed power of any number of mafia bosses and multiply that exponentially to arrive at the kind manipulative power of the upper-echelon Anglo-elite!

      We generally see one thing happening but we can rarely equate it with another thing! That is how it is meant to be, for those who hide in the shadows and dictate their wishes to their “surrogate” political and government elite! When they order anyone to cough up some of their wealth it had better be done or else! Believe it or not!

  120. As an HBCU educated African-American man, I am embarrassed by this article.

  121. Having worked in philanthropy for 10 years, it seems to me that what is missing are good fund development directors at the HBCU.

    The first thing those persons would do, is find out who knows Dr Dre (and anyone else they’ve identified who has the capacity for giving large gifts). Then they would develop a relationship with the potential donor.

    To just assume that someone should donate their funds based on race or history doesn’t take into account human nature.

    Most of us shop (donate) where we feel most comfortable. I think it is time we start being smarter about what we want and think of better ways of achieving those aims other than using shame.

  122. This is so sad. I think one of the worst travesties of slavery for our people is the ability to cope. We cope so well through our struggles silently and manage to keep our heads above water. So those who have achieved financial success,forget about the needs of our people. There needs to be more efforts to capture the attention of wealthy blacks to give back to those who have helped them get to where they are currently. All HBCUs need to campaign quite frequently targeting these wealthy blacks to give often. The wheel that squeaks is the one that gets the greasing. It is not enough to only hear about the need of HBCU’s during the Lou Rawls Telethon once a year. If we want to get a different result we have to do something different. I’m just saying!!!!!

  123. Yes, we have supported and given much money to help build Dr. Dre’s career but let’s be realistic, the majority of his money has come from middle America, white youth buying up his music….now, I agree, his money could have gone elsewhere, like a HBCU (Morris Brown could certainly use it) but he made his choice. While we are sitting here arguing over where he spends his money, what are we doing to uplift our youth and students? How many of us give back to our HBCUs (especially if we attended one)? Instead of worrying about where Dre spends his money, let’s make an impact where it helps instead of fueling negativity.

    • Stop being a DUMBASS!!! SMH The balance of your article makes sense. But giving Dr.Dre a pass for being stupid, shortsighted, and self-loathing is not only unacceptable, its nauseating.

      Jimmy Iovine is a jew, where is his sensitivity towards African-Americans from whom his community became filthy rich on the backs of the musical artists from the 1930’s till the present.

      Whether Dr. Dre’s audience is partly middle America or not, everyone is supposed to respect and suppot their own. And everyone else does just that, ACCEPT US.

  124. dchu1993/2013 the real HU

    This is MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING! Next, we’ll have poeple telling us what charities to donate to and / or what causes to support / or get behind. What happened to being able to spend one’s money as one wishes? This is just foolish!!!

    This is just foolish and I think a ploy on the part of the Dillard president to bring attention to his school. To that end, I hope that he’s running a clean ship over there. Because, once you expose the light on yourself, you open yourself up to major scrutiny!

    • Why must you question Dillard? The question is whether or not USC is running a clean ship. Can any random rapper or entertainer drop a few million on the school and get a degree program in their honor? How ethical is that? How will the program be accredited? Will the USC HR department filter out all the qualified black instructors for the coursework the same way the filter out the black students? How much $$$ did their footbal program make last year off exploiting students? How much of their $4 billion endowment come from illegal or questionable sources?

      I don’t see any reason for this gentleman or for Dillard University in general to be scrutinized for stating the obvious. $35 million could have gone a lot farther at an HBCU and done more good for a whole lot more people. He was within his right to say so. I question your motive and your mindset for suggesting that just because DU is an HBCU that somehow their books aren’t clean and that USC is above scrutiny because it is prodominately white.

  125. This is the problem with people. Instead of saying how great it is that Dr. Dre donated to EDUCATION all you can talk about is him not giving it to a HBCU. Some people are so pathetic. Who cares.

    • So you think primary and secondary education are colorblind? Do you realize that 85% of living wage jobs right now require a degree? Do you realize that in a public school system like Chicago only 6% of high school students who start as freshmen will obtain a degree by age 25? These are only some of the reasons why patting him on the back for giving to “education” while not pointing that money to the area of most need, areas like the one he grew up in that are ravaged by the lack of money due to lack of education, shouldn’t happen.

    • Stace:

      You are either white or you have cotton for brains. I don’t give a damn whose money it is, had it not been for black people Dr Dre would not have the opportunity to give so much money to ANYONE. Why give money to a college that does not need it, or to a college that barely accepts people of your own race. There is such a thing of giving back to what bore you. White people did not give Dr Dre the talent and the encouragement nor nurturing he needed in order to become successful. He did this to gain points as opposed to help people who are in need. So he does not deserve any kudos Stace. Rappers are for the most part people who forget where they came from and most of them have no sense of giving back. If anything, most of them seek to further damage the community, with their negative lyrics and constant degrading of Black women.

      • you’re absolutely right , those rappers are so happy to be accepted into white clubs and posh restaurants, that wouldn’t allow the average BLACK patron,entrance or service, stating its a private club or reservations only,or they’ve reached their seating quota,, one thing these fools forget,, when the money is gone they’re still , just niggers.. Just wait till Dr. Dre is stopped by a new state trooper who hates rap , and is unfamiliar with his face and reputation,, i guarrantee he’ll be reminded of what he is, in America. maybe then he’ll realize the degree of stupidity of his actions in this matter,, I’ll never buy anything connected to this HOUSE NIGGER again

  126. I agree with most of the comments, and it is a sad commentary on Dr Dre who has made millions on the ears of young Black folk.
    Yes, he can spend his money the way he wants to, but you cannot tell me that he didn’t know that HBCU’s are struggling–have ALWAYS been struggling.
    It is just sad…..

  127. Please do research fellow Black professional men/women(Dr. Dre) who God has given to you everything you have reaped. Go back to your roots and heritage and know that yes White individuals did help us financially but not spiritually. We must remember that Booker T. Washington, W.D. DuBoise, Maggie Walker,Mary McCloud Bethune, Dr. M.L. King Jr., Thurgood Marshall, Colon Powell and President Obama(ran for all people) are trail blazers for Negro, Afro-American, now Black Americans. Our Historical Black Colleges/Universities are in need for a financial windfall that was given USC. I understand that it is your money but read up on the struggling Historical Colleges/Universities (Wilberforce University in Wilberforce, Ohio, St. Paul College doors closed in Brunswick County ,Va.,help to reopen Morris Brown. So God has given you the gifts/skills to invest and live a financially sound life but please share your wealth with colleges/universities that only places that colored, Negro, Afro-American and now Blacks could attend and get a college degree.

      I feel like giving LOVE to my Alma Mater California State University Dominguez Hills. In the past I have been dismissive about graduating there, neither happy or unhappy. I should say, I am very proud about graduating from CSUDH. It took longer than most to do so. Though I can be unbiased when I say, I truly did it on my own (financially).

      FYI, These next few paragraphs to the body of this post will get a little deep and detailed. So I take no offense if you stop reading now. I will post a pretty under rated cool fact about CSUDH on a separate post, for the people who do not care for the details.

      Recently LIFE, true to its character, has thrown me some pretty spectacular and nasty curve and screw balls. After striking out badly to LIFE during this at bat, I have been reviewing the film in my head.The video gets replayed and analyzed, similarly to the way Ray Lewis or Michael Jordan would review past games they lost but finding ideas and innovations to correct the failure. I have come to the realization that I need to add a better and more detailed context to myself. I have come to realization that this re-model is to only myself in a selfish manner.
      “Light Breaks Upon Marvel Head,” Cocktail, 1988. I Need to stop making success just about me.I need to make success about all people, places, co-workers,employers,friends and family and who also helped me. Without them, there are a lot of worse places I would/could have ended up.

      Back to CSUDH, The college is the interpretative meaning of diversity. CSUDH was built in Carson, CA. Q:Carson,CA?…Who cares, why is that important?

      1) Carson, CA borders the following cities, Compton, Torrance, Artesia, Wilmington, Los Angeles, Gardena, Harbor City and Long Beach

      Id you have any up to date demographic consultant who’s study is or of LA County, I am 99.9% sure , they would agree CSUDH could not be better placed in the LA County, the City location itself is reason it is highly ranked in diversity, Student Body/Staff.
      Did you know? The campus was specifically built in Carson, CA as action response due to the 1965 Watts Riots. CSUDH coorectly define and exemplifies the beliefs of a peaceful and forward path to integration, diversity and more affordable education, (recent rate increases by Cal State Univ.s need to be re-evaluated & lowered). On a side note of my opinion and disappointment. I recently have read many articles and posts, that Dr. Dre. (Andre Romelle Young) and his business partner Jimmy Iovine donated ALL $70,000,000… million…US dollars…($35 Mil… per… person) to the University of Southern California (USC) , in order to build a new wing dedicated to the development of Music and Arts. WHAT…WHAT…WHAT…??? HEY ITS THERE MONEY …WHO CARES… SOME MAY SAY…












      … OR







  128. Him being capable to make money off his own kind and others be pimping Lol. He did just like any other business does. Which is find the product that’s in demand, find a way to distribute, then sell it. Blacks aren’t the only ones whose bought his music by far. He just doesn’t produce for blacks. He produces for a music genre and several others. There are other very wealthy blacks who choose to send their money else where. Nobody shits on Oprah Winfrey for opening schools in Africa when that money could go toward HBCU’s here and she’s a billionaire. She makes substantially more than Dr.Dress by a long shot. I went to a HBCU, so yes I am black. Nobody tells you all how to spend your funds, so don’t tell him what to do with his. So what he’s rich. Y’all really don’t give a shit about him anyway. HBCU are for blacks only and what if he feels everyone should be entitled to this degree. Nobody ever thought to think that did you. I thought not.

    • Brotha Gary! The reason why Dre should have thought better about that move is the fact that our (so-called) black community is in a shambles and instead he steps and fetches his ass right to his captors to that he can be more “Accepted”! It’s a tax right off for him. He should be ashamed of himself like many other negroid bouge’ that have abandoned their communities! It doesn’t matter whether anyone like me or not, I will still continue to “uplift” our ppl, no thanks necessary! There is a bigger picture and either you for or against (can’t straddle the fence)

    • I absolutely agree with you 100%. He has the right to put his donation wherever he chooses. We don’t know what he may have in store for this “donation!” Maybe he wants to start a course of studies at a predominantly white university that will attract the very people that have made him rich. In doing so, the numbers in the demographics will show that we are attending USC on music scholarships. Maybe such a donation can pave the way to having a person like Dre on a board of directors, or as a voice of the university. That will assist in the recruitment of more of our children. People are always too quick to judge other people’s moves, without knowing.

      • WOW Scotty,

        What an imaginative mind you have. And now BACK TO REALITY. I guess you think it’s ok for the HBC schools to continue to struggle while your fantasy of Dr Dre being on the board in order to allow more Black students entry. WOW, where do you people get your NERVE

    • Gary,

      Go have three seats. You sound like a ten year old. You have no inkling of what most of us are talking about. it goes much further than if he can do with his money what he wants to or not. WE ALL KNOW THAT HE CAN SILLY, DUH. That is not the point. And I don’t care who buys his music, if you are going to dos something and expect people to think you did it for good, why do it for an entity that does need it. That’s just insane. Its like having a gallon of water and giving a tall glass to a person who has been sitting in an air conditioned room drinking lemonade, when a thirsty person just walked ten miles, in the hot sun with no liquid is in more need. GTFOOH with that BS. You and people like you kill me.

    • My dear Gary,

      If you went to a HBCU and came out with your mindset than you should commit suicidebecause you haven’t learned a damn thing! Where is your common sense. Miss Winfrey gives millions to HBCU in America that we are not even aware of.

      Giving to Africa is giving to the Diaspora or did you learn what that word means when you went to your HBCU. We all know if you came out of a Black school with so little sense of self pride and consciousness you are lying and didn’t go to school anywhere.

    • Fool what HBCU did you go to that was all black? I don’t know of any. In fact, most HBCUs are probably more diverse that the USC campus. I REALLY went to an HBCU and there are plenty of whites and Latinos in attendance. And don’t even begin to suggest to me that black people don’t adequately support Dre’s career. I remember going to shows in his early NWA day and I didn’t see anybody but black folks around. But I suppose white money is always greener.

      But if you want to continue to give props to Dre (I dropped the Doctor) for forking over a bunch of dough to the bigoted, backwards USC school system you go right ahead. All I know is that he can keep my copy of Detox (whenever it comes out).

  129. Your article tells about unspoken truths that take place in America. I’ve been a professional in the music industry before Dr.Dre was born. I,ve worked with everyone from The Duke Ellington Orchestra to Stevie Wonder to rappers. African Americans need a greater sense on self love and it needs to be shown financially. We have been at a financial disadvantage from the day the first slave set foot on this continent. Black people must realize that we can’t have to much of an advantage considering how much we have given to this country and how little we have gotten back

  130. If this is true, I am done with Dre–and you should be too. Yes; it was his money and he can spent it as he wishes. So can I. I will not spend my money to support him. Join me?

  131. I don’t disagree with Dr. Dre’s move. Two reason, it’s his money and second how many of us waste money daily on frivolous things. For example, it baffles me how can someone black afford an IPhone for $400.00, when the average person in the black community working only makes after taxes $10-$25 per hour irrespective of their profession, and I bill clients $250.00 an hour, and I am offended by the cost for cellular coverage.

    If you are going to throw a stone, can the net far and wide. HBCUs are notable in the fact that they are HBCUs but off your head recite or dictate to me 10 or even 5 major contributions to technology, medicine, biology in the past 20 years. And yea I am black. What’s my point, when you command the market or industry you yield the ROI for groups or people wanting to support you.

    Lastly, take it or let it along, affirmative action and the accommodations bill has done so much harm to us. We always cry HBCUs need money, then why haven’t we pulled our resources together to fund them? And yes, there is silence.

    • What in the hell are you talking about? Where have you been? Dont you know the stats about graduates of HBCUs as it relates to Fortune 500 companies, the medical and law fields. Clearly you have not taken the time to find out the success that are coming out of HBCUs. So, since you are SO SMALL MINDED, let me give you a few points of reference about HBCUs before you go popping off your stupid mouth next time: Hampton University Proton Center, the world’s largest free-standing cancer treatment center; HBCUs produce 23% of blacks in the Sciences, boosting Americas STEM presence; HBCUs are the number-one producers of Black architects, veterinarians, and African Americans who pursue medical degrees

      On to your other foolish comment. So what if they use their money to buy a $400.00 phone. I may not do it, but its their right to do it. You are judging about something that has nothing to do with him supporting an HBCU and furthermore you only proved the point that their money, spent frivolously, has made him the multi-millionaire that he is today.

    • MDS,

      I feel sorry for you. Not because you’re brainwashed, but because YOU DON’T KNOW YOU ARE. I know your type. People like you Are in such a dire need to SEEM OPEN MINDED. “I don’t want to seem like I am closed minded”. I am going to go against the grain that most BLACK PEPLE STAND ON. I am not going to be on that band wagon. You have cornered the market on UNCLE TOMdom and don’t even have anything to show for it. Why don’t you find a conservative website filled with white people who trash black people. You’d probably feel more at home. We do not need you here. We know the issues of black people already. And YOU ARE ONE OF THEM.

    • MR. MDS,

      You Are another dumbass. If you can clearly see the merits in the latter part of your article, then why in the world can’t you see the absolute hypocracy and senselessness of the former? What Dr. Dre has done does not support the collective utilization of our community’s resources.


      WAKE TFU.


  133. Some commentators posit “Dre can do what ever he wants with his money, he earned it”. True indeed, he earned it by pimping people that share the same skin color as he does. Being a “foreigner” to this country, I have seen how the separate groups do for themselves first and then others. I have watched and studied how the Koreans, Jews, Indians, etc. build and fund their own institutions. I would love to see a person of African American decent open a Korean BBQ restaurant in a Korean neighborhood, or any business in a Hasidic community. They would not last a month, if they even got the opportunity to open the doors in the first place.

    But in all fairness to Dre, it isn’t only him. It is all of US. How many of the people commenting on this article have made a donation of $25-$100 to an HBCU? How many in the general public do? But it’s no thing for us gladly make it rain in the club, or pop bottles on over priced poison. Every other culture sells us their products, what do we market to them? bubblegum Hip-Hop, Basketball, Clown Comedy. Could Dre have pushed to build the same program at an HBCU, sure he could have, but what is the benefit to him. That is how many of us operate, what’s in it for ME. That is our downfall, collectively we still think short-term. While every other culture is playing a long-term game. Peace

    • I agree with you Gary!
      I have an idea. Lets get “Donate to a HBCU” day started. I say we pick a date like the 1st day of Kwanzaa and make that the day for folks across America to donate $5, $10, $25, $100 or $whatever to any HBCU that you choose. No, Kwanzaa is not the right day because people are broke. Lets make it Sept 1, 2013, by then the semester has begun and the money is really needed. what do you think?
      How do we get this started. I think if every grad from a HBCU did this each year there would be no money problems.

      • Ben,

        I am am alumnus of an HBCU, and I totally agree with you. If every graduate would give whatever they could afford, we could be doing better than we are.

      • Ben, you can start right now. June 3rd is the day to donate to Xavier University of Louisiana. They’re the only Catholic hbcu in the nation and produce excellent graduates. Wouldn’t it be nice if they were able to fund more scholarships?

      • Ben,

        That is a wonderfuol idea. And ‘ll bet it would go viral. I wish there was a way that I could spear head this with you. Maybe I could create a temporary e-mail address and you can contact me there. Let me know if this is soemthing you’d like me to initiate. Once again great idea brother.

      • I’m a young HBCU alum. Let’s do this! I think we should put a very modest amount to it and include that in the name…for example “Donated $5 to a HBCU Day!” Just think, if ALL HBCU alum participated in this effort, it would be pretty awesome.

        We can discuss this Dr. Dre issue all day long; however, presenting solutions and taking action on them is the only way to move forward!

        • I agree Cherisse,

          Forget Dr. Dre. Let’s do this!! Alright Dr. Boyce Watkins, let’s add your voice and prestige to this as well. Cherisse Ms.Peppa suggested she would start a temporary email address to get this thing started.

          Please let’s contact her together and get this BALL ROLLIN’!!!! Are you with me? Come on Cherisse and Ms. Peppa, LET’S GO.!!!!!!

  134. I’ll tell you difference it makes: If people before him had not been whipped, beaten, hung, water-hosed, pulled from their homes at night and molested, fighting for folks like him/us to gain an inch of freedom he wouldn’t be making the money he makes. yes it’s his money but soon as these high profile blacks get discriminated against they want the entire African-American race to rally behind them.

    • Yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss Charles. Oh wow, you make me feel like I am in church and I want to shout.

    • Dear Charles Mcghee:

      Your comment is so on the mark it startles one very soul. Our heritage and history is like no other heritage and history in America.

      Thank You

      For making each of us look back in the mirror of our Elders.

  135. Can we give some credit to Dr. Kimbrough, for shedding light on this unfortunate reality and behavior, which is exhibited by so many, of the Africana race. All ethnicities other than, Africanas take care of their own, first and foremost. 400 years of deprivation of culture, educations, family, literacy and dignity, along with 150 years of systematic post slavery oppression has done a number on Africanas, that only another hundred years of recegenation with make right. We shall over come some day! Ya Dig?!!!

  136. Dr. Dre is a sick ass MF. Do not expect him to do good by African Americans. He sold us out a long time ago. Remember he is the one who beat a young black woman, an early Hip Hop VJ Dee, senseless, cause she asked the wrong questions. He has made is money selling degradation and misogyny; in cooperation with a music industry hell bent on helping to support the Penal Industrial Complex.


    • Dre isnt married to a white woman, his wife is black…But that shouldn’t matter anyway….Dre donated to USC and he’ll be getting an honorary Doctorate Im sure thus solidifying The Dr. in his name.

  138. Dre got his start from black folks who recognize his talent and supported him in his earlier years. Once he has risen to the top He shit on them with that move. white colleges have plenty of rich white people donate to them. He need to take page from black wall street, where in that community the money never left out of the community for a whole year. shame on you Dre shame on you.

  139. When I heard that Dre no dr to me gave his money to USC the first thing I could think of was wtf he could have given it to a black college.

    I don’t care non blacks do it all the time only they don’t have to worry about the race issue there are plenty of them who can afford to send

    their children to college because they have most of the high paying jobs while doing nothing but sitting on their a z z e s and earing money

  140. So many of you overlook the fact that he invested his money in education. I bet that if he spent $35 million on a new plane or something stupid, you would be fussing about that. The money is going to create a new degree for the Arts. That alone should be enough for us. Just because he didn’t give his money to an HBCU doesn’t mean that students of color won’t benefit from it. We don’t know the background information behind how this came about. Leave the man be.

    • Actually Shannina, thats exactly what that means. The tuition for USC is 41,000 a year. Most black students cannot afford that. Furthermore, the number of blacks enrolling and graduating from USC has been going down steadily over the years. They have a 3.5 million dollar endowment, they did not need Dr. Dre’s money…PERIOD! We are all in agreement that he has a right to do whatever he chooses with his money but we want it to be known that yet again, ANOTHER BLACK MAN has shunned the communities that have supported them to get them to where they are today. My 10 year old asked for a pair of “Beatz” headphones because she saw it on Disney. I would NEVER buy them, but there are many who are purchasing his music and products boosting his net worth to nearly $400m. We have to be able to challenge EACH OTHER when we do not do things that help our community. He has to be CHALLENGED AS WELL.

    • Shainna,

      Why are you so stupid and uninformed? Read a book!

  141. I doubt he just threw his money at them. I believe there was some closed door discussion as to how the money would be used. You can’t just look on the service and see how deep the river is. Just like we can’t judge or trash Dre’s decision based on what we see on the surface. Would it had not been better for The Brother to make a call in an effort to converse with Dre on the matter of his decision first before calling him out? That would have been a more respectable route to go and he would have perhaps learned something about Dre’s charities and other programs he’s involved with to support his community. How do you call someone out when all you had to do was use your cell and ask a quesion? There is more under the surface with this Brother as well.

    • Its certain things u just shouldn’t have to tell a Black person and Dr. Dre is one of them. One shouldn’t have to tell another Black person that the only way we are ever going to grow economically is thru the educational system and business. The word Kosher is a word for Jewish people to buy Jew 1st, that’s why they stay so powerful.

      I don’t have a problem with whom, he gives his money too, but whenever he gives it he should always make sure that some black entity also benefits. Nobody had to tell Dr. Cosby, Harry Belafonte, or even Oprah where to invest their money in the future of Black people. Again, some things u shouldn’t have to tell people. For all of these folks who “made it” it was the Black audience first, before they even encountered their 1st white person. I don’t get it.
      What Dr. Dre has done (And I don’t care what the terms were with USC) is kinship to, ur mother and father working like slaves and making great sacrifices for u to become a doctor and now that u are a doctor, they become sick and have no health insurance, Then u won’t even give them an exam nor write them a prescription. Sad. These Black colleges get many of these young people and they work with them. I know many of them who graduated from high school with 1.5 (passed along) And the Black colleges brought them in and began to teach them how to read and write for real. Thus now we have a productive citizen that has learn to do a few things in life. White colleges are not taking the chance with our children. This society makes billions off of Black males specific and Black people as a whole. They are not going to go out of their way. SO tell me if we are to continue in this society, we have got to start doing Kosher and start providing opportunities in the Black places where our folks can benefit. Smh still some things u shouldn’t have to be tell, black people.

  142. USC is a Private University but from the jump all of the Land was owned by the Catholic Church if your from LA The Catholic Church’s Property Ran from Exposition to Adams & Figueroa that’s alot of Land! Only Filthy Rich Woods Donate to Private Universities all over the Country! These Universities are usually were the most racist & Hard to change because of institutional Racism Sorry! But true

    • He is a grown man, and no matter how he got his money, it belongs to him. So the last time that I checked you can do with your money what you want. Blacks go to USC, and this man lives in California. He made a positive donation from his heart. Leave it alone, it is better to give than receive. Shut up with the negative quotes.

  143. Derrick is right Again!!! I went to USC & seen Racist crackers who play on these Negroes ignorance in & out the Classroom but USC has crackers who went there like Steven Spielberg & George Lucas and Harrison Ford let these crackers put money into USC! They got more than Dr Dre so Dre take Your Money & put it into HBSC & if you need help turn to Elders like Brother Dick Gregory & Minister Farrakhan who went to HBSC Jessie Jackson is another we must as a People Get on the same page & practice Group Economics or We are Heading straight to the Welfare office to you ignorant Negroes who love everybody but Hate Yourself because the Whiteman told you to! Self Hating Negroes either you learn to love your Own or just go to Woods & see if they will accept you? Goodluck Snowflake LMAO Practice Group Economics Black Nation & stop giving your Money to Devils & Demons & Bloodsuckers of all Colors even these fake Ass Arabs who look at a Black Brother with Distrust but when they find out I’m a Muslim they try to hide that Dope & Swine they been selling to my People that is not Islam! We should never sell anything harmful to Anyone no matter how much extra profit we could make! Damn Hypocrites!

      LET GO.

  144. If all the people who are commenting gave…..

  145. Why do we hate us? We all are aware that Dre could do anything he wants with his money. No brained but what wrong with him doing what would have been great making a contribution to any African American college? You people make me sick yes they receive some financial from the government but you believe it the as other institutions? Get real people. We need to stop bickering and start taking action.

  146. The answer is simple. He continues to lack consciousness. Never had a clue or a thought that his music and now his money are counterproductive to the black community. I’m surprised yall are surprised.

  147. black people still dont get it and the young ones dont at all. yes he can do what he want with his money, but if blacks use their brains in this country we would be in better shape. if blacks helped blacks we would have our own economies. yes blacks with money should at least consider donating to black organizations. i cant believe how black americans are so sad at doing for each other, its like we have no sense of direction or anything that binds us together other than our skin color or choice of fashions. of all the rich blacks, and black owned corporations, we control only 1/2 of 1 percent of this economy. this figure hasnt changed in 100 years. we have become slaves mentally. you dont have to like a black establishment to like it or donate. trust me the Mexicans, Indians, Koreans, Chinese don’t like each other no more than we do but they support their peoples business. we should be the main people in america who understand capitalism or at least do unto them what they did to us in the pocket. and one last thing, black women stop buying that d***M hair from people who dont give a F***k about you.

  148. Have you ever tried to work with a black college? Have you ever given money to a black college? It is a disappointing nightmare. The inept handling of finances, the skimming off the top for “administrative costs” that line the pockets of their top administrators, the red tape and on, and on and on. It is true USC does not “need” the money, so they will probably do the right things with Dr. Dre’s money. And don’t you realize there are black students at USC?

    • James H. RoseauDanbury, CT

      Yes, I agree!

    • You sound STUPID. I graduated from DePaul University but ALL OF MY DONATIONS go to Central State University. Never had a problem. And yes, there are blacks at USC….less than 2 % and they have an low graduation rate. Whats your point? And, if you think that the same problems that you claim exist with HBCUs dont exist with white colleges, then you are more foolish than your comments.

    • BJ,

      You are obviously white and a racist POS trying to paint HBCU and AfricanAmericans as corrupt, inept thieves and crooks.

      These are your attributes and the idosyncrasies of your fellow caucasians. GTFOOH with that BS.

  149. I don’t agree w having one color schools I think it’s hypocritical . If white folks made a school for just white folks you people would be still bitching . We are in America the land of many cultures and colors. I think Dr Dre did the right thing. Having schools for only one race makes the world feel like there is still segregation going on in America . We come from one god and we all live on the same planet stop trying to use the passed to make your self a victim. Go USC and respect to dr Dre for being a giver and giving back to his community with out ignorant intension to keep people apart and promote more segregation in America . To the dude that had so much time that he had to go look in someone else’s pocket. Stop hating you ignorant ass hole.

  150. Didn’t nobody give a damn about Dr.Dre when he was broke, but soon as he’s doing what he wants with his money, that he made himself, not because he was black, but because he’s talented, then he’s not real. You to can make this type of money, if you work hard &the stop worrying about what this man does with his money! The day we stop attacking every black for their decisions, then we can start sticking together &the building ourselves up.

  151. The white man told him where to spend his money….”Steve” (Dre) dishwater he was told. Every black person should not buy another product from his sellout a$$…let the Asians and whites who USC gladly accepts buy his s&$t!

  152. I agree with Derrick I’m so done with all of the fake azz hard negro’s who want to make money talking about killing his own Brother and disrepecting his Sisters at the same time giving his money to the same folks that don’t give a damn about our community. Also Shawn made a good point instead of buying the products that the slave mined minstrel are pushing let’s give some of that money to a positve cause in our community or a HBCU. It’s time we stand for our people and hold other accountable as well. Much Luv to all my HBCU Grads!

  153. On this morning TJMS Jeff Johnson in his commentary talked about Dr.Dre giving USC 70 million dollars and he stated he didn’t have a problem with it.He said the conversation should be how do we get black kids in the program and graduated.I don’ have a problem with Dr. Dre giving his money to USC. However if he is going to give to USC part of the conversation would be how I can we get more minorties enrolled and graduating from the college and what resources can be used to accomplish that.In addtion how about have an agreement where so many blacks from the local highschools be accepted an enrolled and given scholarships for this major.

  154. It’s HIS money, he can do what he wants with it.

    • Peter D. Slaughter

      I just shake my head in wonderment as I read all the usual,typical comments that say ” oh it’s his money ” ” he can do what he want’s with it “.
      ?? How many black people really believe that the money he has and we all spend is really our money ?
      How many black people know the real deal about who really owns and controls the federal reserve.
      The organization that prints the paper money with the dead white men slave owners on it.
      What I am saying is not even big secret either.
      I wonder why do many black’s on large scale spend so much time discussing and worrying about what some other slave type black person might be doing and how they might spend some of this paper money with dead white men slave owners on it.With all the great intelliegence and educatation that so many blacks do have access to.
      I am wondering why don’t all these big time black’s like dr. dre organize to create some paper or coin currency and put his face and some other black super stars on it.
      All these black’s who say the statement it’s his money,seem to forget that all of us are living under a white dominated economic,slave type capitalistic money/value system.
      The idea of black’s dying,killing and selling each other out over this fake paper stuff is a form of insanity for sure.

      I wonder while the d r e is busy donating to some usc. Did he forget all his boys in the hood and around the country who are either dead,locked up or insane and homeless on the streets whereas back in the day they were soo down with death row records 4life.
      Did he think about donating to them or the families of all the black mothers who lost their sons or daughters to senseless drivebys to the beat of these fake gangsta hits put out by the d r e and suge knight.
      This guy is 21st century shoe shiner and anybody that cant see that is blind.

  155. For anyone who live in L.A.in particulaly South Los Angeles/ Compton formerly known as South Central than you would more or less understand why Dre did this and if you don’t than you would not understand. USC is located in South Central a beautiful School just located in the Ghetto.Now people like Dre,Snoop Lion,Ice Cube they are all USC football fans they identify that School as a part of their Hood the place where they were born and raised and although he may not have donated this money for that reason along as opposed to a Black College I beleive that is part of his reason among many so there you have it

    • keepbothbarrelesload

      So this predominantly white college which has a plethora of complaints about racism towards African Americans is going to use the money to uplift the black community in South Central and encourage more impoverished black young adults who want to go college, but do not have the money to pay for it by rewarding them with scholarships. USC is going to invite young blk adults to attend their already wealthy school.(sarcasm). With all do respect you make no sense…smgdh!

  156. keepbothbarrelesload

    The HELL with that black devil or any of my own ppl and others who do not support us. He will not get any support from me or my family. It’s just that simple. .

  157. keepbothbarrelesload

    The HELL with that black devil or any of my own ppl who do not support us. He will not get any support from me or my family. It’s just that simple. .

  158. Typical with Black people and you wonder why we are suffering like we are. Shame on DR.Dre!!!! I am glad the brother called him out.

  159. These HBCU would not need money if every person who went to the school sent them $100 a year. That is less than $10 a month. You don’t need to have millions to help your college. Just give something every year.

  160. My sentiments exactly Dr. Kimbrough!!!! Why USC? Believe me, I don’t pose that question just because they’re only the “other” school in L.A. (8-Claps Bruins!;-)). I’m curious as to why (other than “its his money”) would he give such a large amount to an institution with such a large “giving pool” already in place when HBCU institutions are dying and struggling to stay afloat? The reported amount of this gift could put a lot of people through college, who would otherwise, only dream of being able to foot the bill to attain their educational goals. It would also establish a legacy in Dre’s name that would defy the test of time. That amount, as generous as it is, will be lost in the coffers at that institution where so many give and give back. In contrast, that amount could actually serve to create coffers at some HBCU institutions while making Dre’s name even more of a household word synonymous with helping other future Dre’s (in their chosen fields). I’m not just looking at this from the race perspective, but from the shear numbers perspective. Dr. Kimbrough alluded to numbers relative to the cost of an eduction at USC versus that at an HBCU. I know someone with Dre’s porfolio probably knows nothing about “bargain shooping”, but I’m sure he knows about the struggles of any young person as it relates to getting a leg up on getting a good job and achieving a dream. If you can save three, why grab hold of just one? Dre, take a look at that dollar (or $35M in this case). Why be “E pluribus unum”, when you could be “Celui qui a aidé de nombreux”.

  161. Well I applied to a HBCU in high school during the winter, in the mid eighties, and didn’t hear back from them until I was already enrolled in college for the fall…LOL

  162. Interesting subject, but highlights only one of many points that should be discussed between wealthy blacks and HBCU Presidents. A closed door, lay everything on the table, discussion. Will have to have a skilled facilitator to keep the discussion on center point. I have some experience with this question. At the end of my university career I agreed to accept an administrative position with a HBCU. I know Dr Kimbrough personally. He knows his stuff. Serving an HBCU isn’t easy, partially due to financial resources. No doubt the vast majority of blacks are marginalized out of the higher Ed system. Two questions i raised and start the discussion for a mtg of the minds. How many blacks are wealthy enough to make a significant difference in the long term success of HBCUs? Answer: not very many. Question Two: how many banks are owned by blacks in America? Answer: you don’t want to know. It will take a 25 to 50 years of public partnerships to allow HBCUs to succeed. Being a white person, I think I can say these things. And, no, I’m not a Democrat. White supremacy is still alive and well at all levels in the U.S. Whites prefer to see black makes go to jail than walk across a stage and get a college diploma. Until we face this issue with mutual trust, don’t waste your time. Too many forces working to prevent its success.

    • @ Larry Bone, you bring up a couple of great points, that unfortunately the majority of those responding are losing sight of. At the heart of it, Dr. Dre is a businessman, first and foremost, and (wealthy) people who donate money like this are aware of the tax benefits from doing this. As a businessman, he made a smart investment; 1-He will see a program that he, himself had a stake in creating & implementing at a university that he has ties to. 2- It’s because of the 3.5 Billion dollar endowment at USC that Dr. Dre knows his money will be put towards the program and his name will ultimately be tied to the program ( long after he leaves this earth, leaving his lasting mark on “his” community). 3- Any businessman or woman wants to invest in an area where they have a higher chance of getting the return on their investment. What do I mean? He is aware of his influence in the music industry, as well as the Black community. If this deal goes the right way, and the fruits of his labor can be seen in the near future, you can be sure he will make other similar investments, and potentially use his influence to encourage other successful Black men to follow suite. In some respects he is considered a pioneer in the music industry. Do you not think he would like to be garnered a pioneer and starting a chain reaction here?

      What most of you have neglected to see is that Dr. Dre is a Centeniall High School (Compton) drop out. He never attended any college, whether it be a Historicaly Black College or University (HBCU) or Predominantly White Institution (PWI). The mere fact that this Black man, who by statistics, chances etc. was NOT supposed to make it, has decided to invest in any institution of Higher Education, he deserves some credit. He, himself stated that he has always felt a connection to USC because of its proximity to where he grew up, so if that alone was his personal reasoning (remember the business side of things) for giving to this place, it was his decision. If you understand USC’s positioning within that community and the work they do with their partnerships with local middle & high schools, then yes, you will realize this will have an impact on the surrounding community, likely small, but positive nonetheless. If you understand anything about education, it should be the amount of RED TAPE that inhibits successful programs being established and persisting at low-performing schools and districts. Dr. Dre came from that neighborhood, and personally feels his program will ultimately affect kids like himself.

      Dr. Dre is not immune to nor should we neglect to scrutinize and qestion his decision, but we should also be aware of what factored into it. How many Black high school dropouts can you name donating money to any institution of higher education? Although many of you, and myself, would prefer he donated his money to an institution that we could see affecting more minorities, i respect his decision. I respect it because, if you take the fact that he is a Black man donating and simply look at his personal connection and business intentions with his investment, it’s a smart investment. But since we are focused on his Blackness, let me ask which HBCU we would suggest he gave 35 million to? Hampton, Morehouse, Spellman, Clarke, NC A & T? None of which he has any connection to. On a personal level, my issue with USC is the low level of admission, enrollment, and graduation rates of Black and Latino students (Look at the data). Realistically will his donation improve those horrible rates? NO. Will it likely affect more students of historically underrepresented populations than the majority? NO. But we must keep in mind, “taking care of his community” was not his primary reason for this donation. Yes, I too would like to see him donate his money that will have a direct, positive impact on low-income, minority students, but I understand he wanted to start his investment somewhere “safe”.

      To those of you who are simply putting emotionally charged comments with negative and stereotypical racial comments, stop, because you are not contributing to the dialogue. There is something that has to be said about the institutional racism that plagues our society, and definitely plagues our educational system, K-12 and Higher Ed. To the guy who talked about his brother playing for USC, you are wrong. I played college football (google me), and the meals, gear, stipend for rent ( which isn’t actually a stipend, its apart of the scholarship they get awarded) etc. are not free at all.

      I’m Lavar Lobdell. A Black male pursuing his Master’s from a PWI, originally and still from a low-income, urban-inner-city background and hopefully Dr. Dre’s contribution can spur the conversation where it should be focused…

      Why are Jay-Z, Lil Wayne, Drake, Snoop, Wiz Kalifa, Cam Newton, Lebron James, Kevin Durant, Dj Khalid, Baby, Nikki Minaj, Kobe, Reggie Bush, Neyo, 50 Cent, Baron Davis,Dwight Howard, Rajon Rondo, Brandon Marshall and the countless other Black men in the music, sport etc. industries not giving back in ways that will affect their communities like Dr. Dre has?

      (focus on the question, not the names listed)

  163. Benjamin Winston

    This is just another sign of the time, everything today is just the opposite of what it should be, The same will happen to the 1st Black President, his own people will cross him because they can be bought, Republicans, Tea Party will buy important key blacks to turn on their own people and speak out against them, as soon as a black get his head about water, he never think to reach back to help those who lifted him up.

  164. HBCU do not have an automatic right to anybody’s money. They need to get creative with their finances like the white institutions do and use their combined leverage to get what they need and get out of their comfort zone. What are they teaching our black students if their answer is to constantly question the motives of people who dare to think differently from them. I am sure given an opportunity, most black students would prefer to attend USC over an HBCU, why is that?
    Dr. DRE survived the hard streets of LA and can now work within the system to open more doors at a prestigious institution to more black students. He deserves our congratulations and not a stab on the back.

  165. The last I checked, USC is in the middle of the ghetto. The school has direct link to many of the local elementary and high schools. They tutor black and hispanic kids in the neighborhood.
    Since a number of these black students gravitates towards ARTs, this endowment will work to open more doors to black students at USC. Your lashing out to Dr. DRE is short sighted and serves no purpose.
    There is a bigger question, why are the HBCU broke all the time with the government support they get annually? Is it from mismanagement or poor financial accountability? When will the HBCU alumni start giving back to their alma mater like the whites do? Bill Cosby did, where are the others?

    • He’s free to do whatever he wants with HIS money but lets not pretend like USC is such a boon to the surrounding community or the enrollment of “minority” students based on its location.
      Student Demographics (Fall 2012)

      Rounded to the nearest percentile
      Asians 23%
      Black/African-American 5%
      Hispanic 14%
      White/Caucasian 39%
      International 12%
      Other 7%

      • And?? Compare the admission requirements between USC vs. HBCUs and ask yourself why black admission is low. The real issue is many black students are not academically prepared to be admitted to elite school like USC. The real issue lies with high school education and the lack of college prep courses.

  166. Just thinking about what started it all for him, NWA! That’s what put him on the map. The influence gangsta rap had on a generation of people and it’s lasting affect.

    Considering the culture of violence, ignorance, filth that came along with NWA’s music, I can’t help but question if he really understand he assisted in the destruction of his own people. The damage that it has done. But, then again, I understand he is part of the American Capitialist Cartel. It’s all about the money. He’s already sold his soul to the devil. Let it go!

  167. People forget that unless you have a relative/parent that has gone to an HBCU there is NO awareness of HBCU’s on the west coast the closest one is 1500 miles from LA…Let’s congratulate Dre on doing something positive with his money…

  168. This is The same isht That makes me Sick, he made all this money yet he wants to share it With Them ,i could bet you That Mr.levin wouldnt have gave his ass The time Of day Of he was.trying.to go to That School And didnt have The money,he would be like im sorry but cant Help you why dont you try One Of those HBCU.

  169. The truly sad thing is that the idea of donating money to a HBCU probably never crossed his mind.

  170. Absolutely, why stop at Dr. Dre he’s one of the black people who has made it the back of black people and forget they are black until they need the black support (Micheal Jackson, O.J. Simpson) any of those names ring a bell? My Niece wanted to go to Howard University and was excepted but she can’t go because she doesn’t have the money to go.You thin Dr. Dre and sponsor her? She’s one of the black little girls who follow Dr. Dre…

  171. I support Dr. Kimbrough’s comments and the courage to raise the issue. While Dr. Dre has a right to give his money to whomever he wishes, you must first ask the question did he care or even thought of a Black College. We must understand and remember that there are no Black colleges in California other than Drew Medical School and most folks don’t even know it exists. While there are many Black college graduates in California, most of them don’t even promote their schools out there. By the way, the closest Black College to California is Prairie View A&M University. So let this be a lesson to all the Black entertainers out there, USC is not the only school equipped to produce the next generation of entertainers.

  172. Dre is a sellout just like the rest of those negroids in the entertainment business.

    Don’t think he’s not getting something from those khazars he dances for because he didn’t give up that doe for nothing.

    These slave-azz negroids ALWAYS forget where they come from when they make it! I don’t give a husky fuk if caucasoids do by his music, he still has an obligation to his OWN people.

    He talked all that Black Talk when he was making records; not look at his actions!!!

    How many caucasoids do you see giving to Black HBCU’s?

    I’m out!

  173. What difference does it make? Thats his money. And its not like black people cant go to USC. His fans are not JUST black, if they were, he wouldnt be half as sucessful. His music is for everyone to listen to

  174. What difference does it make? Thats his money. And its not like black people cant go to USC. His fans are not JUST black, if they were, he wouldnt be half as sucessful. His music is for everyone to listen to.

  175. Why stop at Dr. Dre. I am sure there are other entertainers that could give millions to Black Colleges. What if every African American gave $5 to a HBCU? It would have been a wonderful gift if every entertainer would give back. People can vote with their dollars and refuse to be any product that Dre endorses. That is the only way to get many entertainers attention. I am glad he brought this to our attention.