Two Men Arrested in the Murder of Malcolm Shabazz


An arrest has been made in the murder of the grandson of Malcolm X.  Two waiters have been arrested for the killing and will face charges of homicide and robbery in relation to the incident.  Police say that they believe two others were involved in the incident in which Malcolm was beaten after being asked to pay a $1,200 bar bill.

Prosecutor Rodolfo Fernando Rios says that David Hernandez Cruz and Manuel Alejandro Perez de Jesus are going to be charged in the incident.   This announcement is invoked in the midst of speculation about how Malcolm died, including those who believe that the CIA might have been involved.

Shabazz and a friend were having drinks with a woman at the Palace bar on Garibaldi Plaza, in an area that is a hotbed for tourists. Miguel Suarez, a friend of Shabazz, told The Associated Press that a fight started when Shabazz was asked to pay 15,000 pesos for his bar tab.  The bar is known for overcharging tourists, especially foreigners, charging them for talking to female employees.

Investigators say that Shabazz and his friend were lured by two women.   He died from blows to the head, the face and the torso.


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  8. Dr. Randy Short began to spread the word via social media that Malcolm Shabazz, grandson of transcendent human rights activist El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz (Malcolm X), had been arrested by the FBI while en route to Iran to attend a Hollywoodism conference.

    RELATED: Malcolm X’s Grandson Reported Arrested En Route To Iran

    After the alleged arrest was picked up by PressTV, the story spread like wildfire and concerned and angry supporters demanded answers. Where was Malcolm? Had he been harmed? As previously reported by NewsOne, the FBI refused to answer any questions and furious protests began to mount.

    See Press TV news report below:

    Now Shabazz has released a statement, posted to the Facebook page of former U.S. representative and activist Cynthia McKinney, detailing the events that led to his arrest and the inhumane way that he was treated by so-called officers of the law.

    Malcolm X’s Grandson Alive And Well, Releases Statement: ‘They Drew Guns On My Mother And Me’ [VIDEO]
    Mar 18, 2013
    By Kirsten West Savali
    (EXCLUSIVE) Malcolm Shabazz Breaks Silence

    Read the full statement below:

    “I sincerely appreciate the care & concern of the People over my well-being after Press TV’s report of the most recent events which have transpired regarding the F.B.I.’s harassment of me.
    Given the storm of lies, and half-truths that come with being associated with being the descendant of El Hajj Malik el Shabazz, also known as Minister Malcolm X, any and everything that I do; great or small, good or not so good, real or imagined is subject to controversy. However, in this missive I will take this opportunity to properly & fully disclose what transpired.

    In the beginning of 2012 I had been informed that I was under investigation by the F.B.I.’s Counter Terrorism Task Force Unit located in Goshen, N.Y.
    The agents of this division-and in collaboration with others-have visited several residences of which I was known by them to frequent. However, they would never come when they knew me to actually be there. They would leave their cards with the residents asking them to tell me to call them, and then would tell surrounding residents to observe the house and to notify them if they saw me.

    These are the homes of long-time friends, and very close supporters. Yet, when federal agents begin knocking on someone’s door on multiple occasions to snoop, and ask questions, whether one is guilty of an offense or not, it’s enough to coerce people into distancing themselves from you. This cheap tactic employed by the F.B.I. is a means of agitation & harassment. They seek to neutralize my networking abilities.

    They have visited locations in California, Chicago, Miami and most aggressively in New York.
    People were advising me that if I had nothing to hide, then I should just contact them as requested and cooperate. Though I must say that in these kind of matters I am of a particular ethic. For one, I have been engaged in no criminal activity of their concern, and they could have located me if they so chose. Secondly, I don’t recognize the authority in them beckoning me.

    It wasn’t even until my mother informed me that they had been contacting her that I truly became agitated. She advised me to see what they had to say, and so I obliged the next time they came around looking for me. My encounter was with 2 federal agents of Goshen, N.Y.’s Counter Terrorism Task Foci Unit. The primary agent identified himself as Special Agent Tom Brozicky.
    They expressed concern over-as they put it-my “international travels”; I have lived & studied in Damascus, Syria for over a year, and now the U.S. is instigating conflict within the very same region; I went on ex-congresswoman/former presidential candidate Cynthia Mckinney’s delegation along with Dr. Randy Short to Libya, and met with Leader Muammar Gadhafi one week prior to N.A.T.O. intervention and I was most recently getting ready to travel to Tehran, Iran to be a participant of the International Fajr Film Festival and give a lecture addressing the issues of Hollywood and violence:

    – Modern Violence & Terrorism,
    – Provoking clashes between religions & populations

    I was picked up by authorities after I filed for a visa to Iran, and 2 days prior to my departure. A detective squad from the City of Middletown Police Department surrounded me in the street about 2 blocks from where I was residing. They asked me my name, and I gave them an alias, but they were already well aware of who I actually was. I didn’t tell them my real name because I didn’t know what was going on. When I was brought before a Judge of City of Middletown court I was surprised to be informed that I was being charged with Grand Larceny, and False Impersonation charge. Then I was sent to jail, and told to appear again 7 days later. Then following court date the bogus charge of Grand Larceny, which they only put to justify stopping me in first place, was dropped. And they left me to face the False Impersonation. I was offered 90 days for the offense of giving the authorities the wrong name which I declined before bailing out after 2 weeks.

    When I was being held within the belly of the beast on trumped up charges, to my rescue came the journalist at Press TV based in Iran. My relationship with powerful & progressive news outfit began in April of 2012, and prior to that I had discussions with their journalist regarding current events internationally. I developed a positive rapport with some of them, and as a result was invited to travel to Iran to discuss the impact of Hollywood in stereotyping Muslims, Iranians and African people. From January 15th through 18th, 2013, I was a featured interviewee for the Press TV documentary “The Façade of the American Dream”. And prior to my date of departure to Iran, Lifetime television released a television bio-picture called “Betty & Coretta” which was a sensationalistic misrepresentation of my grandparents, my mother and me. This film aside from being poorly acted, and shallow in depth also threatened to inflame old controversies, and open unhealed wounds and to remind the public of sad outcomes without ever identifying B.O.S.S.I., the C.I.A., F.B.I. and other forces that set the climate for my grandfather’s assassination, and made my family a long-suffering casualty of COINTELPRO, and other anti-Black repression programs. Naturally, anything done to stir up old hatred of The Shabazz Family will impact me as the name-sake, and first male heir of Malcolm X, and whether I am high or low in fortunes does not exempt me from this reality.

    The formula for a public assassination is: the character assassination before the physical assassination; so one has to be made killable before the eyes of the public in order for their eventual murder to then be deemed justifiable. And when the time arrives for these hits to be carried out you’re not going to see a C.I.A. agent with a suit & tie, and a badge that says “C.I.A.” walk up to someone, and pull the trigger. What they will do is to out-source to local police departments in the region of their target, and to employ those that look like the target of interest to infiltrate the workings in order to set up the environment for the eventual assassination (character, physical/incarceration, exile) to take place.

    For several months prior to my arrest in late January, 2013 I faced a pattern of harassment from law enforcement which is usually reserved for important figures. On Thursday, November 1, 2012 @ 11:53pm in the park circle area of Middletown, N.Y. I was stopped by officers of the Middletown Police Department, and given a ticket for “J-Walking” (crossing in the middle of the street), which then escalated into a “Disorderly Conduct” supposedly because of the exchange of words that I had with the officers. I told them that they couldn’t possibly be serious for writing me a “J-Walking ticket”, that I didn’t appreciate how they were treating me and that they
    shouldn’t be looking at me as less of a man because they were in police uniform. For this I was arrested, the officers stole the little amount of money that I had on me, they then stripped me and threw me in a freezing precinct cell for the remainder of that early morning. I was finally taken before the “Judge Steven Brockett” around 1:30pm. He gave me an unreasonable bail, and then ordered that I be remanded to the Orange county Jail.
    This penalty may seem a bit extreme or harsh to most of you, but here is where it gets worse: On Tuesday, October 30th, exactly 2 nights prior to this incident, the same officer “J Berman” who wrote me the ticket for “J-Walking” & “Disorderly Conduct” stopped me coming from out of a store in the same area, and questioned me as to what I was doing.
    I told him that I was coming out of the store. He asked to see what I bought which was a pack of sun flower seeds. I had actually just so happened to be eating a few while he was talking to me, and I spit one of the shells on the ground. At this point officer “J Berman” threatened to write me a ticket for littering. Needless to say, I was dumbfounded, but I went home that night. Yet, it still doesn’t even begin there. I had an encounter with other officers of the Midletown Police Department one week prior to officer “J Berman’s” threats to write me a ticket for spitting a sun flower seed on the ground: I was coming out of a restaurant with my mother, and her friend. As the 3 of us entered the car to leave 2 police cars converged on our vehicle, and boxed us in. My mother was petrified. With guns drawn I was then ordered to step out of the back seat. I asked them why to which they replied that I had several warrants for my arrest. I told them that they were mistaken, but I still complied with their request. Humiliated in front of all on-lookers I was then thrown on the car while the officers ripped through my pockets.
    After they were done they said that it was my lucky day because I actually didn’t have any warrants at all, and so I was free to go! One of these officer’s name was “R. Ribeiro”…
    You may wonder if it could possibly get any worse than this. Well, it does! Approximately 3 weeks prior to the public humiliation of my mother, and me by “R Ribeiro” and another officer of the Middletown Police Department I found myself subject to the discrimination & prejudice of Mayor Joseph M. Destefano of Middletown, N.Y. himself. A friend, and I went out to eat at a restaurant in Middletown, N.Y. which is owned by the Mayor, and to our surprise he appeared from nowhere and asked us to leave. When we inquired as to why he stated that officials of the Middletown Police Department told him not to let us patronize his establishment. Mind you that this goes without incident.
    As I stand for the people, God-Willing, I would pray that the same people wouldn’t hesitate to stand for me. If these unjust & heinous actions are tolerated & allowed to be done to me without recourse, then no one is safe. Just as Huewy P Newton of the Black Panther Party stated that police are in the white community to protect & serve, yet occupy ours like a foreign troop… I tell you that we shouldn’t fall victim to the conditioning of feeling inferior or fearful at the presence of law enforcement for no apparent reason.
    With that being said, I was not arrested by federal agents. I was taken in by a squad from the City of Middletown, N.Y.’s Police Department. I was not being held in an “undisclosed location” so to speak. I was actually being held in the Orange County Jail in Goshen, N.Y. However, from the time that I was booked at the precinct, to standing before a Judge the next day who told me to come back in 7 more, to being processed at the Orange County Jail and up until 7 days later I was not permitted to make any calls to notify anyone of my status; as though I had just been kidnapped from of the street.
    Unfortunately, until this day my family hasn’t been fully abreast of my situation as I haven’t had the opportunity to properly consult with any of them. Dr. Randy Short who notified Press TV of my situation is a close comrade of mine who was on our delegation in Libya. Media reports from Press TV about my situation were not intended to create controversy. In reality, I have a few associates that are affiliated with this reputable International media outlet, and they had expected to meet with me in Iran. So when I disappeared, and rumors spread, the inability to get concise information from a credible source prompted them to rouse public attention on my behalf, for which I am grateful. In April of 2012 I had the opportunity to be a guest analyst/contributor on Press TV. This network has a large following all over the world, and millions find it’s news, documentaries and programming to be both an educational, and insightful alternative to the conglomerated, and highly biased mainstream American & British news media. Regarding the Source magazine, nothing that they published was vetted by me, and was made by persons, at best, vaguely familiar with my situation. Further, I have never had an affiliation or relationship with The Source, nor have they ever directly consulted with me about anything.”

    Facebook: Hajj Malcolm el Shabazz Twitter: Malcolm71084

  9. Good that they were caught but he had no business even being down there in the first place being the grand son of brother malcolm he shouldnt even been in a place like that !

  10. janette buckley

    Ithink the whole incident is tragic.what a terrible way to die.Some one needs to be held accountable,this was a human being irespecative of the fact of his past.With much respect,sympathy to those who loved him,the same GOD will indeed judge us all and until then I say let the dead rest in peace.

  11. Rev. George Brooks

    I lost any amount, or thought, of respect for this troublesome fellow when he killed his grandmother. And I will not make any excuses for any black folks with all of this disrespect and lack of love for our parents, grandparents, brothers and sisters, and any other members of our own personal families, not to speak of the entire black family. And any black person who does not love and respect ALL, I repeat A-L-L black persons on this entire earth, I have nothing good to say about them, and do not want to spend another minute talking about are thinking about them. I HAD love in my heart for him, but he did not love all of us, including his own grandmother. END OF THE STORY ! — Rev. George Brooks

    • makheru bradley

      “For if you forgive men when they sin against you, your heavenly Father will also forgive you. But if you do not forgive men their sins, your Father will not forgive your sins.”

      Matthew 6:14-15 NIV

      Well Rev. George, surely you have sinned, like all of us. Looks like you’re going to bust the gates of Hell wide open.

    • Rev. Brooks / all others that the white supremacist USA government FBI/CIA/NY Police quite deliberately misinformed about Malcolm Shabazz who was a highly intelligent young man and had in fact during many media interviews as a grown man discussed the incident of his having caused the fire at his grandmother Betty Shabazz’ home, which by the way as Malcolm stated he was between age 10 or 12 years old at the time, loved his grandmother / did not deliberately attempt to physically harm or kill her at all but was terribly missing his mother who due to numerous personal / financial problems of her own had left him to live with his grandmother and, that he was a young, very unhappy kid who just wanted to be / live with his mother / had no idea at the time that his reckless playing with matches would cause the death of his grandmother. Malcolm Shabazz was very certainly not the first child black, white, or of any other race to play with matches or to unintentionally or intentionally cause the setting of a fire. All sin / fall short of the Glory of Almighty God. Also, for many years both he and his mother were regularly deliberately harassed, intimidated, and framed by the USA FBI/CIA/NY local police. Read on this thread herein via my next post what recently happened to Malcolm Shabazz just some months before he was murdered in Mexico / also check out videos of his media interviews available online / also via YouTube. This young man was highly intelligent all on his own, committed to / also working against injustices against black people in general as well as Muslim people of color worldwide, and the USA government most definitely considered him a potential threat both based on his high intelligence, his emerging work, his important friends / contacts in USA / worldwide, and certainly not least but also of great importance the fact he was the grandson of the great Malcolm X well-beloved by black people in America / worldwide. Black people worldwide wake up! Stop believing all / exactly what America’ / Europe’ rich white supremacist ruling class’ owned / controlled media organizations report. Much true information is deliberately omitted, distorted, or not reported at all. Outspoken, strong, / fearless black men / women activists / revolutionary change agents in America, Caribbean, / Africa have always been / are still daily today well monitored, targeted, / their wrongful imprisonments / deaths arranged with great regularity. It is SOP for the USA government to halt the literal cerebral, physical, / financial strength, effective use of high intelligence / influence of black leaders via covert / overt illegal harassment / intimidation, invasions of privacy, character assassination, all other forms of intimidation including employment blacklistings, arranged imprisonments, / murders. For goodness sakes, the desire of Almighty God, / the knowledge / engaged activism against evil racist education, economic, health, moral / social injustices daily against black people, you / all other blacks in America, Caribbean, Africa, / elsewhere worldwide had better hurry up / WTFU, immediately cease the dangerous / totally counter-productive crab-barrel fighting against / killing of one another just to receive fleeting favor, big money via employment or crime, / fame via white men / white women, and unite together in America, Caribbean, Africa / worldwide by the Power of Obedience to Almighty God / His Word / His Guidance / His Protection / His Elimination of Evil / Injustice across-the-board regardless of levels of education or income. Time on earth is short / time for the world’ end is close. The only winning A-Team / AG power period is not mankind, money, nor evil, but is The Supreme Almighty God! Through / By Him All Righteousness / Anything Can Be Accomplished by any one or any number of His People! Mankind’ greed, false propaganda, brainwashing, money, drugs, sexual perversions / all other immoralities diseases, police, jails, military, guns, drones, / physical murders / deaths hath no power whatsoever against The Alpha / Omega Almighty God / His People. He Is Our Wake Up Call / Our Provider / Our Protector / Our Freedom. Always seek / receive great knowledge, awareness / fearlessness of evil mankind’ machinations fully from / through The Creator. If you want to know truth from fiction regarding matters of any men / women on earth and haven’t immediate access to such via any trustworthy human contacts, meditate / Ask Him! Almighty God Is The Supreme Informer!


  12. It was a set up to me dey been Waitn n Wantn to Kill Mr. X SON an Now they have…

  13. Doesn’t sound realistic. Seems like overkill. No pun intended. If there’s a pattern of this scam, where are the other bodies?

  14. Yea im wit ya people need to wake up the white people are tryin to wipe us out and take control of this country again..things are happening around us daily that were unaware of…

  15. Live by the sword, die by the sword!!! His grandmother died the worst way ever, by his maliciousness. I truly believe this was karma! I’m glad the murderers were caught!

    • If this is karma, I wonder what is going to happen to people who drop bombs on babies?

      [Mexico City’s top prosecutor says Shabazz was punched, kicked and beaten with bat or stick

      MEXICO CITY – The men who beat Malcolm Shabazz to death not only punched and kick him but also used a bat or stick during the attack, Mexico City’s top prosecutor said Tuesday.

      Prosecutor Rodolfo Rios said the two waiters arrested in the case had served the grandson of civil rights activist Malcolm X and a friend at the Palace bar near Plaza Garibaldi.

      Shabazz’s friend, Miguel Suarez, told investigators that the two had consumed about a dozen beers and then the waiters demanded they pay a tab of 15,000 pesos, or about $1,200, Rios said.

      Rios said the attackers realized the severity of the beating when an ambulance arrived. He said the employees ripped out all security cameras inside the bar and immediately closed it.

      An autopsy found that Shabazz died of blows to the head, face and torso.

      The bar’s owner has yet to talk to authorities and Rios said he is considering issuing an arrest warrant. The owner could be charged with covering up a crime, he added.

      Suarez said that he and Shabazz were lured to the bar Wednesday night by a young woman who made conversation with Shabazz in English. The Palace bar is on one of Mexico City’s busiest avenues.]–Windsor Star


  17. Why in hell would he be wanted by the CIA? Really, some of you need to check your paranoia. Nor every Black person is a target of the white establishment.

  18. Blacks should boycott messico and never take our azzes there in the first place.

    I’m glad they got those pos but doubt it that they will give those pos any hard time blacks and any American should send letters of out rage

    that tourist are allowed to be extorted and than killed because they refuse to pay for so out rages charges

    I would never visit that shatty place anyway we already have a messico(mexico) in the USA any way look around you IJS they do not care about blacks

  19. he was murder by CIA … he just whet to Iran dealing with Iran and we know how much these white European hate Iran … until they can get the oil well …. you can go to north Korea … the white European will kill any negro or Niger that work with Iran

  20. Question for all of the Karma advocates? How many innocent women and children has Barack Obama killed via drones?

  21. From Dave Zirin in The Nation: “The Tragically Brief Life and Cruel Death of Malcolm Shabazz”

    [I’m more writing out of anger: anger that this young man, whom I was able to get to know after meeting at a panel on fatherhood, is having his character assassinated in death. For reasons it should have to answer for, USA Today chose to display a picture of him in handcuffs alongside a brief notice about his killing. The Huffington Post—and no, I won’t link to this garbage—provided no sense of who he was except to write that he “pleaded guilty to attempted robbery in 2002 and was sentenced to three and a half years in prison. Just months after his release in 2006, he was arrested again, this time for punching a hole in a store window.”

    The grandson of Malcolm X can only be seen in one dimension. That dimension, as the Associated Press wrote, was just that he “led a troubled life.”
    There is no question Malcolm Shabazz had troubles. As he himself said,[3] “Considering what I’ve been through, it’s a miracle that I’ve been able to hold it together. I’m just trying to find my way,… Some of the things I’ve been through, the average person would have cracked.”

    But “troubled” is not the sum total of who this young man was. Here’s a different take on Malcolm Shabazz by someone who actually knew him. Former NBA player Etan Thomas organized the fatherhood panel I mentioned earlier and worked with Malcolm on numerous events. I asked Etan for his thoughts.

    He said, “There is a lot of mischaracterization going on from people who know nothing. They never met Malcolm. They stayed far away from him but now they want to inaccurately characterize him. I knew Malcolm. Talked with him, worked with him, he was my friend. Malcolm had a heart of gold. He wanted to help people and change the world. He had been through so much in his young life. He went with me to Riker’s Island to talk to young incarcerated men under 18 and they were focused on his every word. He shared with them the mistakes he made in the past, the absence of a father’s presence, gave them words of encouragement and upliftment. And they were hanging on his every word because they saw the sincerity in him. He genuinely cared. It was an honor to work with him, and to have had him as a friend. He will be missed.”

    We should mourn for the family of Malcolm Shabazz. We should also mourn for ourselves. In a selfish world where the offspring of the famous are more likely to use their cultural capital to become media parasites, we lost someone truly special. He wanted to wield Malcolm’s memory to fight for a better world. Now we should do the same with the memory of both of these Malcolms. They were both brilliant. They were both maligned. They were both taken far too young with far too much unfinished work in front of them.]

  22. With G-d’s Name, The Merciful Benefactor, The Merciful Redeemer

    As-Salaam-Alaikum: Peace be upon us all!

    Good people,

    We all know whether we say it or not that ultimately “G-d knows Best”.
    Sure its tragic what happened to our beloved brother, at such a young and tender age; it seems as thou these misfortunes are endemic to his family line. However, once again G-d knows Best!
    Let’s cut him & his tortured family some slack, his book is close,let’s try and remember the good that he at least tried to do before his death angel went forth to its job.
    May the creator of us all, give him peace in the grave.

    Peace up! I’m out.
    Earl B. Siddiq-Masjid Ash’Shifaa, Newark, NJ

  23. Whenever you travel outside of the US, the rules are different. Most people know that if you take up a women’s time in places like Brazil and Mexico, there will be an additional cost. An unwritten rule of course. They have ways of making you pay. Just the cost of doing business in tourist trap.

  24. I still believe tht the CIA has something to do w this. This doesn’t make since


    Arson and juvenile detention

    On June 1, 1997, Malcolm Shabazz, then twelve years of age, started a fire in Betty Shabazz’s apartment. She suffered burns over 80 percent of her body.[13] The police found Malcolm wandering the streets, barefoot and reeking of gasoline.[15] Betty Shabazz died of her injuries on June 23, 1997.[16] At a hearing, experts described Malcolm as psychotic and schizophrenic.[17] He was also described as “brilliant but disturbed.”[8] He pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 18 months in juvenile detention for manslaughter and arson, with possible annual extensions until his 18th birthday.[18][19] Shabazz was released after four years.

    In a 2003 interview with The New York Times, Shabazz, then aged 18, gave his version of the fire and the events leading up to it. He explained that he had been unhappy living in New York with his grandmother and had started: “being bad, doing anything to get them to send me back to my mother. Then I got the idea to set the fire.”[8] Expressing remorse for the event, Shabazz continued:

    I set a fire in the hallway, and I didn’t think the whole thing through thoroughly, but she didn’t have to run through that fire … There was another way out of the house from her room. I guess what she thought was I was stuck, and she had to run and get me because it was in front of my room as well. She ran through the fire. I did not picture that happening, that she would do that.[8]

    Expressing regret for his actions, stating that he would sit on his jail cot and ask for a sign of forgiveness from his dead grandmother. Shabazz said:

    I just wanted her to know I was sorry and I wanted to know she accepted my apology, that I didn’t mean it. But I would get no response, and I really wanted that response.[8]

    In the same interview, Shabazz also dismissed the child psychiatrist’s diagnosis of him at his trial that he was a paranoid schizophrenic, saying that he had only “made up” a story about hearing voices in his childhood “to get attention.”[8]

  26. This should open the eyes of Black people to the people of Color delusion. It is foolish to believe that skin color means kinship. Black is an ethnicity and a color.

    DNA and bloodline determine ethnicity not skin color. We should view the African Diaspora just as we view ourselves… with caution and suspicion.

  27. I wonder who paid them to murder him.

  28. joya Lady of Soul

    “UNITY” is what we NEED.
    R.I.E.P. (Rest In Eternal Peace) Malcolm Shbazz. Peace, Comfort and Blessings to his Family, Loved ones and friends. In Lord JESUS, Mighty Name, Amen.

  29. Shared Questions:

    1. Did any of the commentors posting here personally know and have frequent contact with Mr. Shabazz before his demise?

    2. Were his world travels funded by any Black organization? Are any of you members of said organization?

    3. What marketable skills did Malcolm S. rely upon to generate personal income?

    These honest inquiries are made because until the news of his death broke I was not aware of him as the towering leader type person described by so many on this blog. His grandfather was his grandfather and he was himself.

    As to being “lured” by females to be jacked for “drinks” and whacked after “drinks” he didn’t have to leave the USA for that to happen to him. Actually it is far more likely for a young Black male to be the victim of violence at the hands of another young Black male in America than it is for such to happen to anyone anywhere else on planet earth. Very unlikely for American Black tourists traveling abroad. Undisciplined in the company of alcohol and/or other mood and mind altering substances and sexsationalism are not the power points of a for real revolutionary. I fail to see the influence of Malcolm X the mature righteous revolutionary. As to causation of death. I refuse to connect the two Malcolms.

    That said, for those who are bound and determined to romantacize the remarkable Malcolm X and the grandchild of the same first name you will do so until you desire strongly enough to grow and change.

    All life is sacred and the traggic destruction of this young man should give us all pause.

    • @ Bob. Mr. Bob that is your opinion. Just because you are not aware of Mr. Shabazz’s activities means absolutey nothing. You are not privy to information about his personal life and you have no more knowledge than anyone else, so the question you pose is directed to you as well: Did you know Mr. Shabazz personally?? I believe the answer is no.

      However, the people that did know him personally are very knowledgeable of the man that he was and that is what holds credibility -not some misinformed random stranger such as yourself. So, you are entitled to your opinion, but your opinion has nothing to do with the truth.

      Have a nice day.

  30. To the first person
    Your very ignorant and ignorance is contagious
    So don’t preach that dumb shot to the kids it’s
    Non productive

  31. Divine Retribution. He killed his Grandmother. He got what he deserved.

  32. Lets just go with the facts. Don’t put nothing else in the conversation . He was in Mexico he was being robbed by the establishment . He wasn’t letting it happen . He fought for his rights. In the process he died from his battle wounds. This sound like a soldier to me. Let honor our fallen Brother who stood up like his Grand Dad.


    • Mr. Cook, as a trained and tested professional Spec. Ops. Airborne Infantry Soldier, please allow me to respectfully point out that there is a huge difference between dying in battle and committing suicide.

      Who trained your soldier?

  33. I didn’t see anyone bringing up his past. His past is not criminal, so why would anyone bring it up anyway. I just hope these murderers get the maximum sentence possible. They killed him for what, because he wasn’t willing to be duped? So if you feel he stole from you, why not call the authorities. And someone said they are surprised they got caught so quickly since it was in A-MESS-ICO, they killed him in the bar, with am sure many witnesses, of course they got caught. Otherwise, you would be hearing about this unsolved murder for months and maybe even years. I think the BPP should come back into action now. It is definitely a war on anything that favors Barack Obama.

    • YOWZA!!! TOTALLY AGREE WITH MS PEPPA! Especially for the resurrection of the BPP!

    • If the Obama Administration had not deported Miquel Suarez–the leader of RUMEC(RUMEC aspired to represent an organized labor force and grow into a revolutionary movement through a construction economic base. RUMEC is an acronym for Revolutionary United Mexicans in Combat, fighting corporate oppression, ignorance and poverty through construction.), Bro. Shabazz would not have been in Mexico.

      RUMEC was building a mosque in Oakland with the Malcom Shabazz.

      We need to hear the full story from Miquel Suarez. Although he says he was being held at gunpoint in a separate room when Bro. Shabazz was being beaten, Suarez has a lot of explaining to do.

    • As aan affiliate pf the Black Panther Party I respectfully take issue with the notion that Barack Obama with his ‘white’ mind is in any way associated with the principles of the Black Panther Party.

  34. carolyn b. baker

    Why are people trying to make Malcolm Shabazz a martyr ….CIA conspiracy assassination Why …????? I don’t think so

    • Uh Carolyn, noone is eating what you are BAKING ok. It is a conspiracy and he was set up. If you don’t want to believe it FINE, but don’t tell the smart people how to think Mkay. Now put that in your oven and Bake it.

  35. Why else is his friend saying? There has to be more said. I agree with the other writer. Lets educate our youth. Never give up the fight. It’s our duty. They are our future. One love


  37. Dear People reading the letter that he wrote prior to his expiration to murder it will make you wonder about the FBI/CIA actions. How did he get from New York, Iran to Mexico? And why him out of many Americans in the so-called bar having a so-called drink or drinks..come on now. Muslim too? I do know some that do this but..lets refer back to the letter where he states of the harrasement from the New York Police Dept and the FBI and the several arrest that were made to make him miss his flight to Iran also what led up to this trip to Mexico. Why Mexico?..mmmmm? The FBI/CIA have many CI’s in every country, state, city and county we reside in plus workers whom they can pin the rap on then get them out of town and murder someone else and place those people in the shoes of the real murders and then give them new identities and soon we forget. These operatives have been taking place right before our eyes and we still haven’t waken up yet. Examples: JFK, MLK, Medgar Evers, Patrice Lamumba, El-Hajji Malik Shabazz (Malcolm Shabazz)Ron Brown, Tupoc Shakir, Biggie Small, Johnnie Cochran,and many others that would fill this page up. And lets not forget the dry runs that were rehearsed with the man and woman entering without a pass to the President of the USA dinner ball, not once but twice and also Secret Serviceman being terminated for saying he wouldn’t take a bullet for protecting Mrs. Obama, the President of the USA wife. Come on use your comm- on- sense. Wake up America, the powers at hand are re-creating a new re-construction era. This will be in the new history books 15-20 yrs from now. Whose re-cording US history now? Are you?

  38. What you want to bet these two guys do three years in an upscale private prison and when they are released they move into their new Hacienda.


  40. RIP to another Malcolm Shabazz. SMDH…… Tragically freakish bad timing or a calculated assassination, we may never know…. I’ve followed this brotha off and on over the years just wishing and waiting for him to blossom into what I knew he could. To me, the thing is, the Mexican hommie he was down there with should have smelled “stink” and not allowed his “friend” to even enter that dmn bar! Forgive me ppl. I’m 32 and I’m quite emotional about the bullish death rates of our young blk men in this country… This iish should be alarming enough to jolt errrrrybody into action but instead it seems to just sink in as a “norm” for the majority. Really, you know tha whole mama cryin’/mornin’ on Tell-lie-vision is such a common occurrence that it barely moves most of us outside of shaking our heads and maybe sayin’, “dmn thats messed up” until it happens to us or where the ones mornin’….. If we don’t do nothing else work on your family circle and those to whom you influence. I promise it may not fix the problem but it will certainly help! RAISE YOUR CHILDREN PROPERLY, educate them how to survive in the wilderness of North America without being a paranoid crazed militant but a wise, vigilant warrior for peace and justice, by any means necessary. Do this and you would have planted a seed that will continue to grow into an oak in the legacy forest of great ppl in this entire world. Peace Ya’ll. Or shall I say peace when we all get a piece….

    May your soul be one with your creator Brotha Malcolm Shabazz……

  41. RIP to another Malcolm Shabazz. SMDH…… Tragically freakish bad timing or a calculated assassination, we may never know…. I’ve followed this brotha off and on over the years just wishing and waiting for him to blossom into what I knew he could. To me, the thing is, the Mexican hommie he was down there with should have smelled “stink” and not allowed his “friend” to even enter that dmn bar! Forgive me ppl. I’m 32 and I’m quite emotional about the bullish death rates of our young blk men in this country… This iish should be alarming enough to jolt errrrrybody into action but instead it seems to just sink in as a “norm” for the majority. Really, you know tha whole mama cryin’/mornin’ on Tell-lie-vision is such a common occurrence that it barely moves most of us outside of shaking our heads and maybe sayin’, “dmn thats messed up” until it happens to us or where the ones mornin’….. If we don’t do nothing else work on your family circle and those to whom you influence. I promise it may not fix the problem but it will certainly help! RAISE YOUR CHILDREN PROPERLY, educate them how to survive in the wilderness of North America without being a paranoid crazed militant but a wise, vigilant warrior for peace and justice, by any means necessary. Do this and you would have planted a seed that will continue to grow into an oak in the legacy forest of great ppl in this entire world. Peace Ya’ll. Or shall I say peace when we all get a piece….

    May your soul be one with your creator Brotha Malcolm Shabazz……

  42. Malcolm lateef got kidnapped from California to Mexico by FBI/CIA and killed.they also want to put shabazz family mud. soonest Mexico ready for war.FBI/CIA kidnapped the price and killed him. see people don’t trust media.they were all full of shit peace fam

  43. Glad they got these two so quickly. I wasn’t expecting anything to be done seeing it was Mexico where this happened.

  44. There is absolutely NOTHING in this young brother’s past to justify this brutal beating and murder.

    • This had nothing to do with his past,he was in the wrong place at the wrong time.When you travel to these foreign countries,they all have these vices that will lure you too certain places,tourists need too use common sense and realize their being played from the start.

    • there was nothing in betty’s pass for her to die by the hands of her grandson

  45. Murder is totally unacceptable and people quit throwing up his past because we all got skeletons in our closets from our past, If we are humans.