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Two Men Arrested in the Murder of Malcolm Shabazz


An arrest has been made in the murder of the grandson of Malcolm X.  Two waiters have been arrested for the killing and will face charges of homicide and robbery in relation to the incident.  Police say that they believe two others were involved in the incident in which Malcolm was beaten after being asked to pay a $1,200 bar bill.

Prosecutor Rodolfo Fernando Rios says that David Hernandez Cruz and Manuel Alejandro Perez de Jesus are going to be charged in the incident.   This announcement is invoked in the midst of speculation about how Malcolm died, including those who believe that the CIA might have been involved.

Shabazz and a friend were having drinks with a woman at the Palace bar on Garibaldi Plaza, in an area that is a hotbed for tourists. Miguel Suarez, a friend of Shabazz, told The Associated Press that a fight started when Shabazz was asked to pay 15,000 pesos for his bar tab.  The bar is known for overcharging tourists, especially foreigners, charging them for talking to female employees.

Investigators say that Shabazz and his friend were lured by two women.   He died from blows to the head, the face and the torso.


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