Call Him Doctor: Chuck D Set to Receive an Honorary Doctorate


Chuck D is a great man, most fans of hip-hop are familiar with his contributions.  An award that may have confirmed his greatness is an honorary doctorate set to be bestowed upon the former head of Public Enemy.

Chuck D (aka Carlton Douglas Ridenhour) will be a featured speaker at Adelphi University for commencement ceremonies.  He will also receive an honorary doctorate at that time.   He is speaking during the 117th commencement for the school, which is set to occur on May 19th.  Chuck is an alumnus of the school, attending from 1978 till 1984.  He graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree and used that education to change the world.

“I always used to do a lot of hosting and I was on college radio in the early 80s. So I was always a part of something that wanted to break deejays and parties out,” he said. “And that was with Hank Shocklee and Spectrum [City] back on Long Island. What made me want to become a recording artist; I was the first artist that was repeatedly asked by a label to record with them. That label was Def Jam Records.”

“So I was the first recruited artist ever by them. I originally told them no, but a year later, I eventually said yes. It wasn’t like I sent someone a demo. I was feverishly requested to make records.”

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  1. Thouroughly deserved!

    He’s a stalwart in the Hip-Hop industry, and its essential that honours are bestowed upon living legends such as Chuck D.

    “I got a letter from the government the other day/ I opened & read it, it said they were SUCKERS/ they wanted me for the Army or whatever/picture me giving a damn I said NEVER…”

    Sorry, just had a PE moment there!! :-)