10 Reasons that TJ Holmes was Cut Loose by BET


If you’ve been reading the news lately, you know that TJ Holmes no longer has a show on BET.  We don’t know the primary reasons for this departure, but outsiders could easily see that this was the honeymoon that was never meant to be.  BET has an audience that isn’t a very good fit for men like TJ, so both BET and TJ were probably  hoping to create a relationship that could never really happen.

So, in the spirit of good clean fun, the Your Black World team came up with a list of reasons that BET and TJ Holmes didn’t have a chance to work out in the first place.  Here it goes, the top 10 reasons that BET parted ways with TJ Holmes:

1)      Because most of the show’s in-house audience learned how to twerk and booty pop before they could count to 10

2)      BET CEO Debra Lee still believes that it should be illegal for black people to learn how to read

3)      TJ clearly doesn’t have enough tattoos or baby’s mamas

4)      He wasn’t as good as their first choices to host the show, Shawty Lo and Wiz Khalifa

5)      TJ didn’t know how to properly pronounce the new BET slogan “ We got you” (He kept saying “We’ve got you.”  Proper grammar is clearly unacceptable).  No, we’re not joking.  “We got you” really is the new BET slogan, so please stop laughing.

6)      It’s hard to create a good show on a budget of $25 dollars a week

7)      TJ wouldn’t let the network brand him with their catchy new nicknames:  “Edu-macated Gangsta,” “The Corporate Thug,” and “Three Chains.”

8)      TJ objected to their suggestion that he create a “Liquor, Weed and Hoes” segment on the show

9)      He consistently violated BET’s policy of having no guests who went to college or use three syllable words.  He also refused to decorate the set of his show with all gold everything.

10)   BET’s market research concluded that the trend of more black people getting educated was just a passing fad, but “sizzurp” would always be in style.

Our advice to BET is that you can’t try to become something you’re not.  You spent 30 years tearing down the black community, now smart black people have turned you off their TV sets.  As the sophisticated man said to the stripper in VIP, “Stay in ya lane shawty, stay in ya lane.”   BET no longer has a monopoly on black television, and there are other things that we can watch.


The Your Black World Team

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  1. Quel est votre souvenir le plus embarrassant?

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  8. Michael Griggs you are a snob! I don’t see Steve Harvey as a country bumpkin. His show offers different topics that appeal to a wide audience of people! I also loved TJ’s show and hope he can bring his show back on a different network. Just because someone speaks with a Southern accent does not make them shiftless and lazy or a bumpkin! I’m sure Steve Harvey is laughing all the way to the bank!

  9. I loved TJ’s show. I would DVR it and my granddaughter and I would watch it and discuss the show’s topic. I was wondering what happen to the show. Maybe he can revive it on another channel.

  10. It honestly hurts me to say it, but the majority of the commenting readers are absolutely correct. For far too long, BET either decided or allowed themselves to become the house niggers of broadcasting. I’m sincerely ashamed of Debra Lee. She looks the part, but unfortunately she is simply an almost Black face on a White project. If she had any respect for our race, there’s no way she would have allowed the travesties she has. Any American with the least interest in Black America and it’s future would never had stood for the B.S. she has. I’m truly ashamed of her. My fellow ethnic African family, it appears we can never, nor should we ever forget “the man”. Understanding eternally that he is satan and his spawn. They never give us, and neither shall we. Never forget that from our origins in this country, for that matter into the world has always been slanted, unfair, prejudiced, unnecessarily hated and always relegated to the hog pens of humanity,in an ongoing attempt to have us actually hate our selves along with who and what we are. Even while non black women & men are going to the trouble of having their lips enlarged, their butts also enlarged and their skins darkened because of their secret longing to be us, with it being manifested in their seething hatred of us. Every opportunity they think they can sneak a shot in, they do, and always shall. As Christians, we can live and let live, but my family, as always, we’re going to simply have to keep fighting for our rights. We as of this moment still can’t simply relax and lull ourselves into a false sense of security. Black President or not, and I’m crazy about him and extremely proud of him. But my family; the war is still on. And we can not afford to lay down our guns just yet. Examine everything, and fall for nothing. Always look a bit deeper than the surfaces that always shine in our faces, for there is an odious evil presently, simply covered, this time, with a crooked smile. God be praised. arthurj877@cableone.net FREEPRESS. Write us and we’ll hook you up for free.

  11. BET is the most under rated network to this date, and that’s because ignorance has been allowed to take over. TJ brought about a refreshing change, believe it or not, not all African American are as dumb as this network has portrayed us to be. BET has been dumbed down since Bob Johnson sold it out Debra Lee is just the House Negro the new owners put out front just to appease the viewers. How many times can they play Soul Plane or watch Good Times? Those times weren’t good when they first aired them because my family didn’t live that life nor did I know anyone who did. There are so many historical African American movies in the vault, and I don’t mean Roots, that could be shown to the younger generation. African American Studies aren’t being taught in schools and this network has the platform to educate the young supporters. BET has been a disgrace to their own people by allowing their white bosses to dumb down their own people.

  12. Whoever wrote this should be ashamed. Disappointed in the ignorance you have placed on our people. You probably love all the ignorance on the other networks but slam BET. If this wasn’t a black website it would clearly be racist – Do better.

  13. Honestly, I never watched his show simply because it was on BET. He belongs on CNN or MSNBC or ANY other network. Hope him luck in all future endeavors.

  14. Harold Sullivan, Sr.

    T.J. Holmes will land on his feet in short order. It’s no wonder BET bows to low expectations considering it’s ownership is comprised of folk who look nothing like the demographic they aim their ratchet programming to.

  15. That was a little toxic. I would have preferred an intellectual analysis rather than a whining mitchfest.

  16. Although I am disappointed in where BET is now, I can not agree with the statement that they spent 30 years tearing down the black community. Your statement is incorrect based on the company history. The real reason why BET is like it is today is that the company that bought it VIACOM doesn’t care about enlightenment, they care about ratings. They own VH1 and MTV which are both known for foolishness.

    • Oh my friend, you are oh so wrong. The damage was done long before Viacom. Bob Johnson, who started BET as “Black Education TV” eventually learned that we would only watch in significant numbers if it became “Black Entertainment TV” and downhill it went from there.

      Although I descry the majority-population ownership, I still had hopes for its post-Johnson recovery. Lee successfully removed the most egregious of “After Dark” smutty content — thank Goodness. And I personally had seen evidences of several different stages of evolutionary changes or attempts to change. However, with the introduction of the TJ Holmes Show, I looked forward to a new era of upgrade in programming to begin. So sorry that chance has now been squashed. There are few hopes for anything decent on BET until the profit-only factor is removed.

      I for one, though an infrequent viewer, always attempted to keep up with the changes so I would know sufficiently what was going on. However, I now struggle to maintain hope.

      Last, people, Black people I’m talking about: Perhaps it is also our OWN fault for the degrading stage of BET. When we rise up as community to demand some changes and confront the establishment (now Time Warner Cable, I beliefe), then we may have the hope of a network of Black programming we all can be proud of — overlooking its mainstay 106 and Park for the young people. Yes, even I’d keep that if they’d balance it out with other decent programming for the general public. The only problem is that with retaining 106 and Park, you still have to have those annual ugly honors shows for that crowd. The question is, what ever can be done to elevate that set (crowd) or is it a lost cause at this point in time. Bu then I digress! That’s another story, and this one is sad enough. I still prefer to Keep Hope Alive.

  17. When all is said and done, TJ was just to good for this so called Bet network. Move on up and don’t look back. Best to U.

  18. Say word, BET is still a thing? Literally haven’t watched it since Rap City had The Mayor on it.

  19. Herman Hawkins Jr.

    How many times do I have to tell anybody, I DON’T WATCH BLACK EMASCULATORY TRASH! T.J. Holmes was never a fit for that garbage station anyway. I hope he finds a good gig someplace where he can be useful, because it was never going to be with that crummy trashy network.

  20. I heard the wardrobe department at BET became angry that TJ would wear his pants in a saggin manner that would show off his BET labeled drawers!

  21. Helen Sparks Cole

    I was wondering what happened to TJ!!! There’s always TV1 and OWN!!! Please don’t give up my brother!!! I even dislike some of those “ignorant” plays they show on Sundays!!!

  22. BET was designed to destroy Black people!!! Wake up Black people BOYCOTT BET Enough said!!!

  23. BET I will not support you and have not supported you cause your programing sucks. Black folks aren’t dumb and you cannot insult our intellegence
    and expect us to like it. Hell no we do not like and will not watch what you are producing.

  24. This is a blessing in disguise for TJ.. He is talented and ambitious….
    I have reservations about Oprah..SHe will accept him when Hell gets Cold….

  25. This is a blessing in disguise for TJ…He can now concentrate on bigger and things to come. He has the talent and the ambition to reach for the stars..
    I have my reservations about oprah. She might have TJ under her umbrella when He’ll gets Cold….

  26. This was the only reason BET was watched by anyone in my House that’s it it’s over!

  27. Maybe this is a great time for him to start his own show….another YouTube sensation! Go for it!

  28. You all can listen to me and see if you think I would make it on Tv One or PBS.


  29. It’s laughable that people keep talking about the OWN network offering him a job. You forget who has ownership in that network. Oprah has no interest in black men unless she can sell the worst stereotypes of them to her white middle class viewers. In many ways she is no better than BET when it comes to black men.

  30. # 11 – He wouldn’t put on women’s clothes.

  31. TJ Holmes is milk toast compaired to the offerings on the web.
    I personally have no interest in watching civil rights “leaders” ministers,
    and so called intellectuals from the 60’s, 70’s or even the 80’s speak on police brutality, voting, discrimination and how we need coalitions with other ethnic groups. African Americans have no allies. Give a host who goes HARD BLACK
    and features guests who believe in 100% black self employment, black ethnic solidarity. Until then , we’ll go to the web for real black talk.

  32. The format was deminishing with each show, they wanted the venue to be a 106 and Park/ Arsenio Hall. They were degrading that brother, reducing him to his lowest common denominator. There are to be harsh consequences for the damage that they are doing to our community.

  33. The article is pretty much spot on, I said 20 years ago that Bob Johnson single handed destroyed a WHOLE generation of African-Americans with the programming that was continuously dumbing down their viewers.

  34. I stop watching BET a longgg time ago because of the programming it aired. Nothing on there 2 stimulate the mind if your older than 16. I believe since Viacom bought the station there hasn’t been anything educational or meaningful worth watching besides a few of the comedy television shows. I remember when they had that disgusting late night video program with these rappers making the most demeaning deplorable videos imaginable. The problem is these white people who claim 2 invest in Black culture and history believe that we only want 2 see shucking and jiving and we’re not interesting in anything educational constructive or productive. We don’t READ we just FEED off of their bullshit.

  35. T.J. OWN is calling. Talk to Oprah.

    • Hey, you may be right! Perhaps he could do an elevated talk show in the morning like Gail King did for OWN but take it to the next level. She was very good and interesting in that spot before she got picked off for CBS. Maye he can bring a new audience along with him and give OWN the variety of good programming that it needs instead of re-showing old programmings of Dr. Phil, etc. It’s sure worth a try! Great advice!

  36. Now I hope Black America will understand why White America treats the President with constant disrespect.They believe that being black means that you are suppose to be uneducated and illiterate.

    One Love!!!

  37. Do you think it would have been too much for Your Black Voice Team to find out directly from TJ Holmes the real reason for his not being at BET anymore or would that have been too professional a move?

  38. These top 10 reasons are just silly. The reason for TJ’s departure has nothing to do with the perceived intellect of the BET audience. It has everything to do with them not allowing the show to grow a larger audience. People don’t just get cable and leave it on one channel. They switch to the shows they want to view. BET simply didn’t make the investment to draw in an audience for ‘Don’t Sleep’. In order for a show like his to work, the network has to be ready to commit to at least 6 months. They only gave his show 6 weeks. They needed a huge marketing campaign to remind people to watch the show. Their efforts were dismal at best. Personally, It was hard for me to remember the time slot because I was used to watching local news. Plus, they didn’t run the show twice like some of the other networks. That alone cound have helped build the audience.

    BET set this show up to fail because of it’s lack of commitment to it’s development. It’s just sad that TJ had to be drawn in to such an amateur outfit that threw him to the wolves and turned there backs on him when he needed help.

    • Unk, I love your analysis of this situation. It was thoughtful, constructive, and well presented. The top ten list does provide some good pointers as it relates to where BET has gone with their programming, but I personally would not be quick to connect these trends with the dismissal of TJ.

      I would like to add this: I realize that there are systems in place that limit the opportunity for some minorities (not just blacks), but at some point we as Black people need to do a self-assessment and re-group. For profit businesses are going to market what is in demand….so where is the demand for degrading, booty popping, watered/dumbed down, demand coming from? If not the 25+ audience then who? Our children? If so, then we parents need to step it up , including me! Turn the set off when foolishness is aired….Ha! BET will get that message loud and clear! So, have we assisted the media with molding this so called reflection of ourselves. If we have, then we need to fix it. Not BET. WE DO!

  39. Or maybe TJ was an asshole, with no real opinion of his own…who carried on like a DIVA..and had temper tantrums on the job….



    • The main thing to take away from this you cant just market to your own family and expect to make a profit!!!!! ever heard of out sourcing, if not money just go around in circles. export export bring new money in from all types of viewer. and later at night put on R rated shows if necesary,show repect for your self you wii get repect in return.!!!!!!

  40. You’re all correct, have TJ people contact my people, not really my people, however,contact OWN Network. I think I hear “Sofia” calling your name

  41. Hey, TJ! Have your agent connect you with Oprah Winfrey and launch a show on OWN! There’s lots of room there for a smart, well-informed, witty broadcaster like you!

  42. You have made my day! I could not have said it better. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! There is a God!

  43. Funny as it may seem, your article was “right on” on all points! BET is not for educated Blacks!

  44. BET must go. I use to watch it on sunday’s but i stopped. Now you see these preachers begging their audience for money. From? You guest right. Poor blacks. BET, give us our voice back. Thanks.

  45. It was a mixed match from the start and a downgrade for TJ. I’m sure he will be moving on to bigger and better thing.

  46. Rev. George Brooks

    The problem with BET is Debra Lee. She, despite her complexion, is still just an Aunt Jemima under those Jews and other whites who really own and control BET. And they, nor she, want to elevate BET from out of the gutter, and make it more meaningful for the upliftment of black America. I don’t know why TJ went there for in the first place without having it written in stone that BET was going to elevate its entire programming for the betterment of black people. He should have known that ONE show (his) could not work there among all of those garbage shows and format, which has an audience of the same kind of black folks, for the most part. And black folks need to speak out in complete opposition to the mess on BET, and demand that that degraded bunch of Jews and whites who are in control either sell it to blacks, or we blacks stop watching it completely. But not only stop watching it, but voice protest against what they are doing to our black race, and if need be protest out in front of their headquarters. The return of protest marches and hell raising by blacks has to come back, in order to make it absolutely clear to these whites and Jews that are working to promote the degradation of black people,along with the black Samboes and Jeminas that they have with them,will not be tolerated. —Rev. George Brooks

    • What are you talking about Rev Brooks?

      #1 – homeboy had the show but according to everyone that responded, they didn’t watch.

      Is it BETs fault that when they do get a show that you people claim you want, you don’t watch.

      #2 – I live out of the country and watch BET all the time. They have good programing (if you like comedies, which I do, or music, which I do). I’m smart, educated and own my own business(es) so you can’t say I’m a teenage booty poppin’ skeezer.

      #3 – you people are never satisfied.

  47. When I heard TJ was getting this show with BET, almost a year, maybe 9-11 months before it debuted, I was surprised BET didn’t roll it out earlier. Especially because of election season. And yes, I agree, the time slot could’ve been better.

    • Good points Rev. Brooks! African Americans as a whole have boycotted before and made everlasting changes. We seem to have gotten away from the methods that really got us where we are today. Parents should really sensor the programs that are watched in their household or at least watch them as a family so that “real parents” can generate lead meaningful conversations with their teens and get feedback on their feelings about what theya re absorbing.

  48. TJ … I say take this as a learning experience please,,, I’m so glad that he is a REAL TRUE BROTHER,, BIG UPS MY FRIEND… STAY TRUE AND YOU WILL HAVE MANY BLESSINGS.. Thank god for solid black men as your self,, he’s bigger than bet :)

  49. BET is just like VH1,it has shows with no substance and people have out grown the crap they offer I always said that T.J. was making a mistake leaving CNN where he had a large female audience,a nice looking well spoken educated man with the smoothe voice the beautiful neckties, he could have been talking about something that may not have necessarily interest me but the fact that this man represented the African American community in the finest way was what stuck out the most too me.So T.J.give Jeff Zucker a call at CNN you maybe able to get your old job back and BET will reamin ghetto as it always have been.

  50. I feel for TJ because he was trying to do the thing we say we want in the Black Community…support. TJ left a very good situation at CNN and came to BET. BET did not support or promote his show at all. I agree with the earlier posts. You have to know your audience and sadly BET’s core audience does not care about intelligence. Hope TJ can get on with MSNBC or CNN. Shoot he should create his own thing.

  51. This crazy…..I really liked TJ. He should not have to conform to ignorance period (even if it’s trendy). What does the “B” in BET really stand for (Belittled, etc…?) Hmmmm….

  52. Homer Gee Greene Jr

    TJ should apply for a host jod at MSNBC. They have room to expand. They have a number of intelligent African-American hosts, co-hosts and a number of them have their own shows!Good luck TJ and I look forward to seeing you on a cable network news show in the near future.

  53. I just pray TJ Holmes has an opportunity to go to another network and do what he did very well and that is educate the up and coming young African Americans
    there is more to life than what is shoved down our throats on Urban TV and Urban radio…

    Thank God WBLS is sticking to their guns and staying Classic Soul and R&B.

  54. who is really behind bet. those things sound like something old fashion white people do, not our own Black people. bet with fought for a place where that type of stuff was dead in the past, don’t continue to live in the negative.

  55. It used to be decent several years ago, BET Is a perfect example, why our people are in the situation we’re in The last thing I watched on BET was the STEVIE WONDER UN CONCERT,BET IS A JOKE

  56. TJ should know that we go to school for an education not for a culture. BET required his education but he struggled to separate that from his adopted culture.

    I’m a Caribbean man who graduated from the university of London in the UK. I was a Caribbean man when I enrolled and remained a Caribbean after graduation. I did not become British! Education is not synonymous with whiteness.

  57. Psychotherapist

    BET is what it is because we, black people, have not demanded quality. From a business sense, however, BET found its audience: Young black people. As long as BET is profitable, nothing will change.

    I fear we missed our chance to have a network focused in educating blacks about culture, politics and business and economic issues. I do not see anyone, with the revenue, influence and capability to green light a media network.

  58. BET started going down hill in 2001-2003. Soon there after it’s soul was bought out by Viacom for several billions of dollars. When Debra Lee took over, it was truly a signed, sealed and delivered deal that BET was headed to hell in a hand basket. She has truly customized the network according to her persona; immature, unprofessional, unsophisticated, tacky, tasteless, inappropriate for intellect development and boring. I thought the network had a glimmer of hope with TJ. I was sadly mistaken. I wish him the best, as for BET, I’ll continue to do what I’ve been doing for the last decade and a half; not watch.

  59. We live in a world where a functioning illiterate, such as Al Sharpton, who clearly reads at a 2nd grade level can have a show however an intelligent man such as TJ can not. SMH.

  60. I have a satellite tv package that does not include BET…and I am damn glad of that! I stopped watching BET about 5 years ago, because I was so embarrassed by what the station has become over the years. I know that it is now owned by Viacom, but BET had gone down the tubes years before that sale went through. Over the years BET has gotten progressively worse, which is hard to do and stay afloat. I wonder what their secret is lol?! Based on the comments listed here, I’m not missing anything.

  61. His show came on too late. I work and do not stay up late watching tv. I looked for re-runs of the show on the weekends, but I could never catch it. I think the time slot was not good.

  62. Crystal Whitfield

    GOSH I don’t watch BET. I haven’t watched it in years. I used to love it when I was a teenager. Probably because I wasn’t where I am now. But, BET must be REALLY bad FOR “OUR” own folks to be blasting it like this. WOW

  63. Hey TJ, if a marble mouth, country-bumpkin moron like Steve Harvey can get a TV show, then a well spoken, good looking dude like you, ought to be able to secure one also! I say approach Oprah Winfrey, and see if her channel, OWN, would have a place for an intelligent, sophisticated talk-show for men?!

    Best of luck going forward….

  64. The key to success is finding your audience. BET is definity not T.J.’s audience. He would have been better off doing his own thing than joining that excuse for a channel. Can’t blame a brother for trying though.

    • I totally agree with the commenter, Barry. BET’s audience was not the right fit for TJ Holmes. He could potentially work well with a PBS, Centric or TV One. Maybe there’s room for him at Bounce TV. Also, this article reads like an episode of the Boondocks. BET should be commended for their efforts – ultimately it comes down to viewership/ad dollars. The “general” BET audience was not interested in TJ Holmes’ show. Therefore, it was cut. This would have happened on CNN, TV One, PBS, or NBC…

  65. I totally agreee with the top ten reasons TJ was cut from the BET. He’s very well spoken, intelligent and professional and BET just don’t agree with that. Here’s a good choice BET how about signing that guy that resuced those girls in Ohio, he would be a perfect fit for your programming. Personally I only watched when TJ’s show was on, I do not care for BET nor would I waste my time watching such a foolish channel.I wish you the best TJ Holmes you are a great example of young black and intelligent. Peace.

  66. T.J. should follow Tavis to PBS and create his own production company.

  67. Any good informative, intelligent show that BET airs is doomed to fail. I remember years ago they had a public affairs/current events show called “Lead Story” which was hands down the best thing BET ever had. It didn’t last long because nobody watched it because most black folks only like to see booty shaking videos.

  68. It Is Hopeless to take out a Valley of Ignorance within the Black structure of Black Business, Entertainment, Health, & Economics; etc.. What a Waste to Shut Down, Brilliance, High Intellect, Quality, Highly Educated and Trained to be an outstanding Journalist… All the above mentioned 10-Reasons is Revealing & On Point and definitely exposes the cold persona of TBN; which is a Bad Joke, and a Rebel Trick to it own Race; this takes you where the Black Rich houses their Mind. You just know that you have to battle with the White/Nation to excel on the Job, to be recognized, to be able to show your expertise in TV…But Its totally unacceptable and unreasonable for the Rich Blacks in High Enterprize to let Talent of his Caliber – Just Go!!!!!. You never Had His Back – {You Do Not Have Him}… This is a Sad Story, because BET Went To Sleep Would Not Help a Brother Out… After TJ Dohn’t Sleep.
    To TJ; We Wanted you so Bad to Succeed; But BET at Best is not able to be Honest, Have Black Integrity, Character, and Respect… This is not *Cool…. BET-Can Not Deal with *A Class Act- like TJ*

  69. I agree with most of the ten reason given by “Your Black World” BET, IS SO ACCUSTOM, to having nothing but BUTT shaking,that it has no artistic ability. I am not sure if it is still own by VIACOM, which consider BET, one its useless Mares in a stable full of show horses. I am sorry to see T.J Holmes, go I really liked watching him. Good luck where ever he lands.

  70. BET is not an independent entity. It is a property of entertainment conglomerate Viacom.

    • Frederick you are correct. Debra Lee is but window dressing, a modern day house negro with a CEO title to distract the black community from investigating why a ‘black’ cable channel showcases such garbage. I hoped TJ Holmes would bring some intelligence & dignity to the Coon Channel but it didn’t fit in with Viacom’s corporate culture of making us look like minstrels and the sad thing is we gave them a lot of help. We are an incredible culture who built the world’s first university 12,000 years yrs ago in Mali. Will we ever take control of our own destinies and restore our magnificence? We seem too preoccupied with treating one another badly & violently. A dam shame but we have to keep trying.

  71. I enjoyed watching the show.But I can honestly say I saw this coming….!!!!The show was very positive in opinion.I can now understand why the movie Soul Plane is shown so often.BET is a joke!!!

  72. Just another reason for me “NOT” to watch that network. I had high hopes for the Brother and I did watch after his switch from CNN. BET just will not get it chasing advertising and not programming. Don’t the suits know the right programming will attract better sponsors.

  73. Haywood Fennell

    The problem with BET is that it does not have a model to replicate when it comes to good and solid programming. TJ should have been allowed Artistic control and developed for the broader market with a brand that BET does not yet have. BET will continue to make this strategic errors and then it will be sold and written of a a financial lost. Of course we can change that once we realize that we are a Great Ppeople worthy to be blessed. TJ will get another show maybe with major media where he will have some liberties that he did not have at BET in terms of program development. Best to both BET and TJ.