Black Unemployment Numbers Don’t Improve, Black Teen Unemployment Hits Crisis Levels

ddsdssdThe unemployment picture for the black community remains bleak, as it has been for the last five years since the start of the 2008 recession.   Data on the seasonally-adjusted unemployment rate  continue to show few signs of improvements of the economic conditions of African Americans.   Black unemployment made a slight drop for the month of April, from 13.3 percent to 13.2 percent. This number is nearly twice as high as white unemployment, which stands at a relatively comfortable 6.7 percent.

Black males have the highest unemployment rate in the country, at 12.6 percent.  This is a slight drop from last month, which was 12.7 percent.  Black women saw a steep drop in unemployment, from 12.2 percent to 11.6 percent.  But things have gotten worse for black women over the past year;  Seasonally-adjusted unemployment for April 2012 was 10.7 for black women and has risen since that time.

The overall black unemployment rate appears to be getting dragged down by black teens, who are unable to find jobs.  The unemployment rate for black teenagers was an astonishing 40.5 percent in April, rising from 33.5 percent the month before.  White teens, on the other hand, have 21.8 percent unemployment.

Some have attributed the spike in black teen unemployment  as a cause of the violence in urban communities.  The National Urban League and other organizations have called on Washington politicians to issue a New Deal for urban America to revitalize struggling communities who’ve been hit the hardest from the economic downturn.

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  1. I hate to say it but it’s all Obama and the Democrats fault that blacks are having a hard time opening businesses. Check out all the new and tough Regulations they are putting in the books. It’s insane, some of the Regulations are impossible to get done and the cost is unsustainable, you end up giving up because it’s not worth the headache and the upfront money. Not to mention the hidden taxes and fees that go along with the Regulations. All those hidden fees,taxes and Regulations alone is troubling, add to that your employees pay and possible fines for the ACA(Obamacare) and opening your own business doesn’t seem worth the risk. If Obama would cut these Regulations, fees and taxes it would help ease the hardship in deciding to actually open that business they were afraid of risking everything on. Now they can hire more people from the community.

  2. well they need to be in school instead of working anyway.16 yrs old nothing but fast food is available. But like Charles Subira said in his book they see the fine young women in their age groups jumping in cars with older men. then they lose track of what is important learning or chasing women.

  3. As long as everybody else owns everything around us and we support it, our welfare including unemployment is in some else’s hand. We have to seriously look at how we spend money and make a plan that is practical. And donate a portion of our money every packcheck to our collective well being. Folks keep telling me that is impossible we have no other choice.
    Corporate slavery is the choice given to American workers in general. I don’t think that we are even taking into consideration as part of the overall plan except for the prison system.
    Remember that capitalism is designed to manufacture a system where anothers poverty is another groups wealth.
    I smell revolution in the air.

    Love Supreme

    • I agree with what you’re saying about discontinuing our monies toward sources that do not support us. However, I’ve spoken to friends about unemployment among our teenagers. They agree it is a problem. But those who’re willing to change things do not really know where to begin. We have questions about Franchises in our communities such as 7-Eleven;etc how to own one & hire our teenagers. But my friends & I need more ideas, suggestions, guidance, etc. to get started employing our own. Assistance please?


    Hassan Hartley · Top Commenter



  5. Black Americans, let US take some responsibility for the high unemployment among our own people, particularly our youth. WE help to perpetuate unemployment in our communities by hiring the services of those who are not from our communities. Our dollars help everybody but us!

    Let us seek out Black businesses that hire Black people. “Buy Black, but sell goods and services to everybody.” Every other ethnic group in America does this but Black folk. We have committed economic suicide! And we need to stop being so damn dumb and support our own folk!

  6. We have to blame the 7th Circuit judges most of whom are republican apointees. These encourage and enable employers to discriminate against Blacks.

  7. Something better be done fast because All
    Americans need to work and support our social security system not a select few!

  8. Well, it still hasn’t gone down (Black unemployment) and got our on people blaming each other for this government created bullshit that is the fault of Obama, the Democrats, and the Republicans.I know most people are going to gripe over me blaming their Savior, Obama for our unemployment but what can you expect when an elected official ignore an entire race just to focus on everyone that doing far better then us.The Democrats and the Republicans are to blame because they stood by and didn’t create a single jobs bill instead placing their focus on gun control which is not important at this time. So if those who want to blame us for not having a job put the blame on the so called leaders who suppose to fix this mess that THEY got us into the first place back in 2009.

  9. Maybe Mountain Dew will hire them—YA THINK?

  10. Maybe Mountain Dew will hire some of them—-Ya think? otherwise we better get busy starting some workable businesses that generate MONEY and jobs to help pay for their I phones and cellphon!

  11. Teens usually rely on connections or the kindness of an employer when seeking work due to their lack of experience. Parents can and should assist in making these connections early on because most teens lack experience in this area as well. Mentors are ideal for teens. Perhaps a teen contains the potential to start their own business or champion an admiral cause. Mentors help teens to recognize their potential and bring brilliance to the fore. Combat teen unemployment by increasing mentors and parent involvement.

    • Very true!! Teens often times rely on connections. When I was 15-years-old, I didn’t really know how to job hunt. However, my older brother convinced his Senior Manager at McDonalds to take a chance on me and higher me. I learned great Customer Service skills that Summer that I still utilize today all of these years later. Now I help promote the importance of great Customer Service to the teenagers that I talk to daily.

      So you are right, parents & others should assist in making these connections and also with Mentoring. The other ethnic groups do the same thing. We can too!

  12. I work with teenagers and young adults and I have a small business in the community. I encourage them to finish their education at least a college degree because the competition is going to get even worse in the job market when you have other people coming to the US to take jobs that could and would be available to our children. I get comments like “I don’t want to work for no MF. I am going to start my own business” but yet he has no skills and can’t even add up the hours for his paycheck. It is very disheartening when you give someone a job (more than minimum wage) and you still find them outside talking or texting on their cellphone when they are supposed to be working. You give them a set of rules, a dress code and they come to work smelling like alcohol or marijuana. Sometimes they won’t even show up or call in and then has an attitude when you try to explain that this wouldn’t be acceptable at any job. There are no more middle class father to son jobs because the majority of these kids don’t even know who their father’s are. So get angry but get angry at the people in our own communities who contribute to our children not being educated and also being fatherless.

  13. These teens nowadays don’t want to work…but i bet you they have a cellphone

    • Some teens don’t want to work, but I won’t overgeneralize. I know eight right now who are putting in applications all over, but not receiving any call backs. It’s almost like a conspiracy against them. When I was a teen, it was so easy. Put in an application, and receive a call back really fast. Let’s generate some ideas for businesses to help get our teens hired within our own communities folks. Brainstorming time!

  14. Ok, let’s get our education right, stop walking around with your pants around your ankles, change your attitude, and stop acting like you are to good to work at Mickey D’s or a job doing whatever needs to be done wheter you like it or not, and if you actually get a job how about actually working.

    I was in WALMART the other day, a young man who was to damn kool (more worried about his hair and such) and with his pants hanging off his ass was talking crap about his supervisor and how they were going to fire him because he and couple of others who were supposed to be working were caught hanging (hiding) out in an area for awhile that they thought nobody would know they were there (cameras ..duh!!).

    • I have to agree with you.Take the south of the border crew they will work any job to get paid and bring family onto the scene too.You get hungry yo stand on the corner with signs saying i’ll work for food.Well doggoneit work for food then and quit lollygagging.