Pepsi/Mountain Dew Explain Why They Dropped Lil Wayne

pepsi-lilwayneIn case you haven’t heard, Mountain Dew and Pepsico have severed ties with the artist Lil Wayne.  The decision occurred after an article on Your Black World called out a video that was deemed racist and stereotypical toward African Americans.  After the ad was cut from the airwaves, there were additional calls to support the family of Emmett Till, who was upset about a verse in which Lil Wayne compared Emmett Till’s face to a woman’s s-x organs.

PepsiCo released a statement saying that “offensive reference to a revered civil rights icon does not reflect the values of our brand.”

The company refused to comment on other promotions that it has involving Lil Wayne.  The incident is considered by some to be a watershed moment in the touchy relationship between the black community and corporate-funded hip-hop music heard on stations throughout the country.

“Good, conscientious artists can’t get on the radio, but you can hear the same Lil Wayne song three times,” said Yvette Carnell, a writer for Your Black World.

Carnell says that this incident is powerful for the black community because it didn’t involve help from a white organization.

“People are accustomed to black people not doing anything for themselves on this issue,” said Carnell.  “Also, major civil rights groups are afraid to really stand up to corporations like Mountain Dew because they’re taking money from them.”

Lil Wayne’s publicist, Sarah Cunningham, said that the split with Mountain Dew was amicable and due to “creative differences.”

“That’s about all I can tell you at this time,” she said.

To hear the story of Emmett Till in a rap song made by the rapper Vigalantee, you can visit this link. 


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  2. The guy’s an idiot! Anybody (except lil Wayne) could see that what he did was wrong. Not much of an explanation was needed.

  3. Lil wayne this lil Wayne that. It is sad if you really think this man has this much power. I say as I always say “were are the parents”. These comments keep saying he is destroying the youths minds. I beg to differ. You can say and listen to what u want. This does not determine the decision and the choices you will make in your life. If you are taught at home you will make the correct decisions with your life. I used to work in the school system, and every year you would have the same student repeating with $250 Jordan’s on their feet. You say we need to come together as a community get more invoved with your children’s education and teaching them that they do have choices. Guide them with those choices. Let he without sin cast the first stone. We in the “black community” come together on the wrong issues. Question, for all how many of you have educated the youth on Till since this story came out. What about all the other unknowns who were murdered who’s family couldn’t make them into icons. See we fight about the wrong things and not for the really important issues. The Till family was so busy trying to get an apology that they did not seize the opportunity to reeducate society about Emmitt and racism. The youth do need to know what their ancestors had to go through for them to have these cellphones, PlayStation, cable, lights, inside toilets, you know the basic needs in life. So I say this if you think this man has that much power than that is very sad.

  4. Two cell phones ringing at the same time, that’s yo hoe calling from two different phones.. Lighten up ppl

  5. The late congress women Mrs. Delores Tucker, was fighting hard to get explictive language records from being sold to our children’s for years. She passed away whithout seeing her goal accomplished. Now we attacked Lol Wayne,and Rick Ross for what they said and don’t attack the corporation as well as our government who protect these corparations who are Mis-Educating us to dis-respect ourselves which would lead us into the priso complex or cemetery.Our Blk president Obama can make a big different if we just tell him to tell these companies to stop exploiting our kids and adults. And belive me we stop spending our money with these companies that dis-respect us. Obama is going to come to us looking for answers. Because the companies are going to go to him.

  6. makheru bradley

    Activism works, as Frederick Douglass said: “Power concedes nothing without a demand.”

    “The limits of tyrants are proscribed by the endurance of those whom they oppress.” — Douglass

    At what point will our endurance of this tyranny, this corporate-sponsorship of the “psychodynamics of Black self-annihilation” expire?

    “Small acts, when multiplied by millions of people,
    can transform the world.” — Howard Zinn

  7. Look. Lets get real here. Little Wayne has compromised his dignity, his soul, and quite frankly his very own booty hole. And we are getting mad becuase he dosent respect black people?????? THE BOY DONT RESPECT HIS DAMN SELF! Y’all act like the only stiff thing he puts to his mouth is a microphone, instead of the next mans genitals! Running around with a heap of weird ass tattoos that has him looking like a burnt gremlin from hell! Y’all need to stop giving so much power to those with the reprobate mind!

  8. I told you easy, stop buying Mountain Dew and all pedlers of death sodas.Adam Clayton Powell told Africans on 125th Street in Harlem Where Woolworth and other European Racist stores made Africans buy things that they tried on even if it did not fit.”Even if you get your money from welfare donot spend it with them”Boil your water and drink that.When ever you can stop eating Fast Foods.Japanese things used to be very cheap,but now try to buy a Japanese electonic cheap or other Japanese things. Stand up for things African walk tall and cast a long shaddow.Lets turn this nonsense around Africans were the first upon the earth.Japanese realise that they cannot beat American in a war but they have found another way.They have not forgotten the Atomic bomb that was dropped on them but not on Germany.

  9. It’ll take a whole lot more than shaming a corporate sponsor into backing away from an ad campaign to make a substantial difference. All they usually do is wait for the hysteria to die down and then come back. Besides, they don’t really support too many black artist anyway. Their absense will barely be noticed.

    A real fight will be getting large radio conglomerates like Radio One and Clear Channel to diversify their playlists to include more wholesome artists. Simply cutting off one stream of income from an artist won’t even be a drop in the bucket. Especially since most artists aren’t getting endorsement deals anyway.

  10. From the comments presented here, I must say I’m breathing a sigh of relief and gratitude realizing that there are still young African American people in this country with strong good sense, intelligence and a sound moral core! Hallelujah!

  11. Hopefully this will serve as a wake up call to Lil Wayne and other rappers in general, that you can’t put on tape all the dirty filthy thoughts that come to your heads and not step on any shoes.

  12. When are we going to stand up as a people together and realize we have to work this out ourselves. We have buying power, wealth, real estate, education, roots in this country as well as in our community. We train up a child in the way he/she should go not the government. We are letting others dictate what we listen to, what we watch, how we should think, act, behave. It will never change for us as a people until we train up a child the right way and not let the streets or media (television, radio, music, entertainment)mold us.

  13. This is a very positive group of Africans…I’m with taking this a step farther…Malcolm X said ” we must expose and oppose ALL uncle toms”. Let’s organize behind this….remember what happend after the boycotts of Selma…a entire movement could give birth using this medium..let’s roll!!!!

  14. Good Job Pepsi….Good Job !!!

  15. B. Akiba Collins

    I take my gaylay (head wrap) off to Dr. Watkins & all of the other persons that made their dspleasure known to corporate America on this matter.

    It was an intelligent and politically astute effort spearheaded by Dr.Watkins…It reminds me of the position that Dr. Leon Sullivan, of Zion Baptist Church, in Philadelphia, PA, spearheaded in the early 1960’s against the Tastycake Company to get them to change their racist employment practices against Blacks. Then it was the first time that Blacks had used the position of our group’s buying pattern might as a weapon in the fight for civil rights. And it worked!

    Considering the presently known financial clout – in annual dollar amount – that the collective American African community has, I am surprise that this position is not used in more areas where we seek to correct the injustices levelled against the race. In capitalist America the quickest way to be heard is to ” hit them in their pockets- Don’t Buy!

  16. The only reason why Pepsi distanced themselves from Wayne is because of the outcry from the Black community and the article by Dr, Watkins. They do not care about Blacks, but they saw that Blacks were going to probably stop buying their products if they kept sponsoring Lil’ Wayne. I bet if there was no uproar from us they would have kept on paying him, with the idea that if we (the Black Community) does not care then why should they. Pepsi is in for the money, it’s not as if their representatives listen to Wayne just like Reebok execs. do not listen to or care about Rick Ross, just the money they generate.

  17. Britney Houston

    Sad thing is; Lil Wayne is so bent on continue his style to destruction that they call it “Creative Differences”. Will he learn before it’s too late? The poison of his influence help destroy the minds of millions. How infamous.

  18. If we choose, and I hope we do, we can put pressure on any organization whose practices advocate things which are destructive to our communities. See what other holdings PEPSICO or any other organization is involved in and boycott them all until we see adequate change. Have you looked at the amount of dollars we spend? We spend a lot and no company or corperation wants to do without our dollars because they depend on them. We have to be willing to not purchase these products, athletes and entertainers have to agree to not take their dollars and not wear their products either. We can change their economies and demand they invest cooperate dollars into programs that build up our communities. We can’t allow any corperation to come in our communities make a lot of money and then not reinvest some of those funds back into our communities.

  19. There is ignorance and there is IGNORANCE and the current crop of African-Americans (AA) belong to the latter group. All of these racist Pepsico ads would have gone forward if Lil Wayne HADN’T put his garbarge mouth on the memory of Emment Till. This act took the whole controversy out of the black community and put it into the conversation of the American public, which would have been TOXIC PR for Pepsi. First I wish to salute all of the AA blogsites that picked up and published the original story concerning the racist nature of the Moutain Dew “Goat” ad and the Lil wayne rap lyrics disparaging the memory of Emment Till. I hope that AA folks recognize this as a very important moment which has shown just how powerful is the social media that virtually all of our AA youth hold in their hands and use throughout each day.

    This is why I keep calling on us to come together and create a unique network using the social media platform configuration to connect all members of the AA communities across the nation. Really there is so much sh*t being planned by billionaire white men for our destruction from the American landscape. The Koch brothers are holding a huge convention at this very moment discussing ways to create and fund more non-profit organizations whose only reason for existing is to suppress the black vote, suppress black employment, and suppress any aid or welfare to black people in America. You can count on representatives from all of the major American corporations being present at this “conservative” conclave. Walmart will have someone there, Home Depot will have someone there, and Pepsico is also likely to have someone there.

    People in the AA community must recognize that these billionairs are using the profits from the things that you AA people spend in their stores to setup and fund foundations that in turn fund the political campaigns of hard-ass Republican politicians, who in turn once elected write legislation that make life even harder for the very AA people who bought the stuff from the billionair’s store in the first place.

  20. Good, we must continue to speak out against
    corporate racism and their rapping minstrels.
    First Rick Ross, and now little Wayne.

    The idea that they hire people to degrade us
    then and want us to buy their products, is

  21. I’m sure the execs at Pepsi thought they were oh so “kool” using this kind of rap to promote their brand. Racist imagery is neither neither cool or a good business decision. You FAIL as a company – as far as I’m concerned.

  22. ”Also, major civil rights groups are afraid to really stand up to corporations like Mountain Dew because they’re taking money from them.”

    This is not only the problem of corporate sponsored rap it’s the problem of black america. So call self appointed black leaders are in bed with the enemy. Selling out black people for a few charitable crumbs for themselves. Or advocating black people be content with affirmative action handouts rather than own and support our own businesses.

    It’s not just white corporations it’s also political ties to political parties that don’t give a darn about black people. These black organizations no one black voted for to represent us lie to themselves and black people. When we look at the racist propaganda not only in rap but in the hollywood film and tv industry it’s time for black people to ask why our so call leaders are in bed with these type of businesses. Black leaders rationalize their close relationship with racist white entities because as the writer stated they throw a few jobs or money their way.

  23. So happy. This is the first step in sending a message to these coon ass rappers under white corporate control that you cannot and WILL NOT continue to disrespect the black community and we are suppose to take it. If Lil Wayne wants to coon for the whities, then do so at their expense.