Blue Ivy’s Hair Sparks Controversy About Blacks and Hair

Jay-Z and Blue Ivy Carter

by Maria Lloyd

It appears as if some African-American women are still struggling with self-esteem and self-identity issues regarding the unique genetic make-up of African-American hair. Although she’d made African-American history, 16-year-old Olympic Gold Medalist Gabby Douglas was largely criticized by African-American women in 2012 about the unkempt appearance of her hair. This year Jay-Z and Beyoncé’s one-year-old toddler Blue Ivy Carter is the source of criticism about her unkempt hair. I can’t help but wonder if Harriet Tubman’s unkempt hair was a distraction for many female slaves who would’ve otherwise followed her to freedom in the North centuries ago.

Despite a nationwide debate over whether or not Koreans intentionally block African-American business owners out of the hair weave industry, African-American women continue to flock to their stores and purchase their products without any regard of understanding the discrimination they’re supporting against their own people. Black women’s obsession with hair is widely driven by mainstream media and most of them haven’t allowed the depth of their thinking to expand beyond the images being flashed upon them, failing to realize they are subconsciously being brainwashed, alongside Black men, to believe that their natural skin color and hair patterns are unflattering, unkempt, and untamed. Even Beyoncé has become completely “whitewashed” over the years, with her hair color becoming more blonde and her face becoming lighter with each magazine cover she graces.

The battle with hair seems to be affecting our most affluent Black women, as earlier this year an event titled “Black Women, Their Hair & The Work Place – A Dialogue,” was organized at Georgia State University to provide strategic advice from business professionals on how African-American women can transform their hair for the workplace. It will not be until African-American women as whole take a collective stand to grow confidence in their natural and diverse appearances that others will begin to respect and accept all of us for who we are.

Why do you believe Black women are obsessed with hair?

Maria Lloyd (@WritingsByMaria) is the Business Manager for the Your Black World Network. She is a graduate of Clark Atlanta University and an advocate of dismantling the prison industrial complex, increasing entrepreneurship, reforming education, and eradicating poverty.

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  1. ButterBallWilkins

    I think the media is fabricating all of the hair-talk stories. No one even knows how the Gabby hair issue got started – it was like a bad rumor. Now who instigated the hair issue around Blue Ivy? Don’t know do we? Let’s stop feeding this garbage and focus on more important stuff (like how ‘the man’ is slowly but surely eroding our freedoms and rights). Here in Chicago, they’re indoctrinating and desensitizing our children with/to captivity by closing schools and cramming them into schools that have lower academic achievement. Why? So they can make room for privatized charter schools! Or how about the federal government no longer protecting our right to vote? Did you know that each state can create their own rules around voting as of this year, and they do not have to seek approval from the federal government? All of this petty crap about Beyonce’s baby hair is a distraction to keep your minds off kilter and thinking like children.

  2. Now this baby is the sooooo cute all they need to do is put some Cantu Grow strong strengthing Treatment and some Eco styling Gel and comb it out put some ponytails and a ribon she be good to go!!! ^_^

  3. How can a mother hair be done and her child hair not is not She’s a girl.She can get corn rolls.

  4. the surgeon general, a black female, is part of this sickness. Locks and braids are not tolerated in the military or VA (:read—hospital job market)she keeps a perm and her figure is shot to h@ll

    send her some wake up call , email write please, while Barrack still is on the throne. maybe his bosses will overlook this one

  5. Why such divisive opinions about the state of Blue Ivy’s hair? Because for some Black people it goes so much deeper than just hair. It is about internalized oppression. The low to no self-esteem, self-hatred and extreme, socio-pathic violence towards others are vestiges of the enslavement of a people who are now free, but for some, still enslaved mentally. In the United States, we are born into a society that has systematically tried to dismantle every single aspect of Black culture. After your destroy the culture, destroy the individual. Our hair and features are never celebrated unless they are on another race of people. Love and acceptance is a human need, but as black people that love and acceptance has often been based on someone else’s definition of what is beautiful and what is acceptable. Are people mad because Beyonce’ and Jay-Z have the audacity to show what most Black babies’ hair looks like in it’s natural state? or just maybe we feel bad within ourselves because we know our own fasination with long, silky blond hair helped catapult Blue’s mommy to superstardom! I’m just saying. With all Beyonce’s undisputable talent, would we worship her as much if she wore her natural color and natural shorter, coarser hair? I think that Blue Ivey’s hair is absolutely adorable. I’d rather see her hair in it’s beautiful, natural glory than to see a million little squares on her head, tight little braids with two million bobbles, beads and barettes like a 4th of July celebration! What we need to finally get in our heads is that within the black race there is a mosaic of eye color, skin tone, body shape, facial features and hair textures. Let’s own all of it. See the beauty in God’s infinite wisdom when he made us all different unique and beautiful. Please lay off of people’s kids, especially for those of you that have not been blessed with children…yet! The only thing that I would do for Blue Ivy if she was my little girl and I had her parent’s money, Blue would have the biggest, perfect diamond studs that her little ears could hold and a diamond tennis bracelet to boot. One Love.

  6. I wish our black sister’s learn to love their natural selves. Stop making the Koreans rich buying wigs, weaves, lashes. Especially when applied sometimes they look jacked up. So sad!!

  7. let it be…let it be…let it be… let it be

    the world will be so much better

    if you just let others be!

  8. I am literally devastated about the manner in which black women–and men–have allowed racism to tarnish our self-esteems. Some of us are really vehement about the “good hair” concept, and no amount of common sense reasoning will change our minds. I recently lost a very dear friend and cousin because I told her that the white image of Jesus that she posted on Facebook was another element of the systemic brainwashing that all of us have undergone. She practically stopped speaking to me! How dare I attack her image of Jesus Christ! Indeed, we have so much UN-LEARNING to do!

  9. Black women just keep the waistline smaller than the hip line. That’s the main thing physically.

    As for the hair I’ll take a short natural over a long weave any day. You don’t need to wear anybody else’s hair to look good. And no blonde Black women please.

  10. I missed it in the article, who exactly made comments about Blue Ivy’s hair? What were the comments?

  11. WoW Really WE are our worst enemies it really sadden me to so so many negative post. Against our own kind All of what oue ancestors went thruogh and than to read this…We as a people will stand for who we are or continue to die not seeing the forest for trees. Really it has came down to this God Help my peoples!!!!

  12. First of all ,Maria. We don’t know if black folks were criticizing Gabby Doulas’s hair. Honks posts a lot of racist comments about us and perpetrate pretending to be black! Second of all the trolls on this site and self hatin’ negroes need to get the hell on and shut up!

  13. > JZ I think you need to do a DNA test on that child

  14. Our issues stem from the almost completely absent FEMININE EGO. Most women around the world have a sense that they are beautiful, as a rule, attractive to men and held as valuable. But among African American women this is not the case. Our FEMININE EGO was undermined during slavery, where among other degradations we DID NOT HAVE A COMB, nor time, to practice hygienic hair culture. Today we have all the insecurities and fears that go along with being victims of crime and humiliation. WE NEED PROUD and NATURAL role models to help us gain a sense of self that can turn the world around to acknowledge us as we are/ as God made us. MICHELLE OBAMA please get a natural do — it would do so much good for little Black girls!!

  15. The answer to the title question is simple: we are still deeply into self-hatred. Let the child be. Hope that she grows up healthy and happy and that she will be taught to give back, since she was born with a silver spoon. I have no doubts about that, since her parents give millions to charities every year WITHOUT TRUMPETING THAT FACT.

  16. Enough of the “she got dat good hair” mentality.
    Water your own grass!

  17. Nonthing is wrong with that baby she is the daughter of billionaire parents !!!people wake up this is not that serious!!

  18. JL

    What part of the word childhood don’t you understand, why are you judging an innocent infant? Also, straight hair isn’t as “pure” as you say it is.

  19. My GOD! Why don’t we HATE and just HATE some more! Really people? I’m sending a whole lot of LOVE Out there for all of you with the malice in your hearts and Brains…I saw a loving father holding his child and I can’t believe “some” folks focused in on the “Childs'” hair! GOD Help us all!

  20. Please…this baby looks adorable. We as a community have more important things to be concerned about than Blue Ivy’s hair. The article’s author Ms. Maria Lloyd, needs to get rid of the BET mentality and use her talents to write about topics that are actually important to the community. Better yet, she should take her own advise and “take a collective stand to grow confidence in their natural and diverse appearances that others will begin to respect and accept all of us for who we are”. It must really have been a slow news day for Ms. Lloyd to even write this article in the first place…what a pity.

  21. Colored, Negroes, Black, African- American Women “take some inventory of you(r) woman and your glory”. Twerk your beauty , just flaunt it all out there! Come as you choose and let others do it too…Just saying.

  22. ALL of you you need to mind yo f%#king business and keep your opinions (like ass holes we all got ’em) to ur damn selves! It’s not ur child period!

  23. This article probably was meant for input about black hair but SO WHAT!!!…..Hair is suppose to BREATHE—We are so caught up in being perfect without allowing it to come forth—-she will communicate how she like it at a proper age-until then her Parents will control it –not you or anyone else—–What a beautiful baby with beautiful hair that’s BREATHING…PEACE!!!

  24. your point

  25. I think this article contributes to blowing the matter out of proportion. I was on a site 2 days ago that showed the pics of them in Paris. Yes, many comments were left by black women about her hair. I don’t think anyone was negative about it being in its natural state, but many commented about it not being combed.
    A black woman’s hair is her crowning glory whether natural (i.e. not chemically treated) or not. And I think the comments should have been expected considering who Blu Ivey is/who her parents are. I don’t think people are saying she should have a perm or straightened hair, but probably expected to see a bow or something showing there was an attempt to do something to it.

  26. Why cant we just let each other be and be free. Free
    to be self expressive. What difference does it really
    make on how that baby (again, baby) hair is. Lets
    turn our focus to stopping the violence in our
    neighborhoods and world peace. Our children
    are dying and their education is being taken away
    slowly but surly. STOP THE MADNESS AND STOP

    Peace and Love Always

    • Blu Ivy, Jay Z, and Beyoncé…In the words of the Late Michael Jackson ” LEAVE ME ALONE!”
      In this nation you are “Damned” if you do and DAMNED if you don’t. Yes, I agree…too many Black women world wide “HATE” their Beautiful Coily locks…and they go to great lengths (pun intended) to hide them…That is the point of the article and I accept that as their choice and I do not judge them. Most Toddlers I know Black, Yellow,and white do not like getting their hair combed. The child appears to be clean,well fed, and well taken care of. When you see media on or about this beautiful Black American Family ; try to see just that! They go on vacation its news, they seek privacy its news, and they are out with their child that’s news. The media help to kill Diana, Micheal, and Whitney, as well as a host of others, and now they are starting in on this family…STOP SUPPORTING THE MEDIA BULLSHIT. When is the last time you got a commission check from any media source!!? JUST LEAVE THEM ALONE!!!! They are Wealthy people doing what wealthy people do…Spend Money!…Just saying!

    • Yes…and well stated.

  27. I really didn’t want to validate this topic with a reply, but I just had to! I am Afro American and I’m confused as hell, so I know white folks have to be holding their stomachs and rolling on the floor! First everyone is ranting about natural hair, afro’s braids, bald heads , etc. Then your asses turn around and bash a 16 year old Gold medal winning Olympian and a 1 yr old baby for having natural hair??? This is called HATING plain and simple! If you understood your own hair you and your daughters wouldn’t be walking around here with bald patches and missing hairlines. Pulling a childs hair into those 50 skin tight pigtails with a half a jar of gel, water, and Murray’s wax to make it look like “good” hair, kills the hair follicle! Then you put a pound and a half of barrettes on the babies head making sure one hangs right smack between the poor child’s eyes! THAT AIN’T CUTE! B’s mother like mine is a hairstylist. Both of her daughters have long hair, just as my daughters and I had. ANY GRADE OF HAIR can grow long and healthy! Pulling a toddler/child’s fine hair is damaging. Cloth headbands are ok IF the child will even keep it on her head! Braiding it loosely and being SURE to take it down at night should suffice. Leaving anything in the hair while sleeping causes breakage when the child turns their head. If I stepped on some toes, good!

  28. The people throwing shade on how a BABY looks are the same damn fools putting weaves in a two year old’s head. We don’t have to worry about white folks dogging us we too busy doing it to ourselves…damn!!

  29. Beyonce’s skin color on the cover of magazines has nothing to do with her or her preference. That needs to be handled with the editors. It’s called Photoshop and they do it to majority, if not all pictures in magazines. They airbrush rolls, blemishes, eye color, curves, etc. The people who pose for the pictures do not have any control over that.

    Now regarding the baby, her hair seems to be curly and once combed/brushed, becomes frizzy throughout the duration of the day. To keep frizz down, hair dressings have to be put on it and they may not want to expose her system to that yet.

  30. Beyonce could’ve at least put a bow in her hair. This child looks like she just rolled out of bed and hopped on an airplane to Paris. NOW, in reference to ALL Black women, If it were not for Madam CJ Walker, most likely we all would be walking around here looking like Harriet Tubman. I am grateful for Black hair care products. Our hair IS difficult to care for. The comb does not glide through our hair with ease. We have to gently comb out tangles (knots, naps, buckshots, etc.) Our hair and scalp must be moisturized or we would be bald. (grease) I, for one do not want my hair to look like Harriet Tubman’s or Soujourner Truth’s, etc. Therefore, any product that I can find to make my hair smooth and silky, I will definitely purchase for myself. My self esteem is just fine.

    Thank you Madam Walker.

    • Corbin56 you are a lost cause and a fool for judging that baby. There’s nothing wrong with wearing your hair as you see fit, but if your black your remarks were ignorant for judging others who chose to wear their hair as they see fit. Stop judging!

    • She probably did roll out of bed and get on a plane. She’s a 1 year old.
      I’m in my 20s, and I know that if I’m getting on a plane for more than 3 hours, I’m wearin sweats and skully cap lookin unkempt as fugg.

  31. Last I checked, google’s definition of unkempt is “Having an untidy or disheveled appearance.” Untidy and disheveled does not imply chemicals or heat required; given certain circumstances, hair in any state curled or straight can be noted as “unkempt”. Clearly, every time I see Lil Ms. Ivy her hair appears as if she just awoke from night of sleeping. This remark is not to be take any further out of context. Her hair could stand to be tamed. For those who like to read in between the line, let me do all the work for you. Please place a barrette, bow and/or ribbon in the baby’s head. Braid or twist it is should you like. NOTE: Nowhere in this post did I recommend changing the beautiful texture of Ivy’s hair nor did I initially gather that thought from commends made when opinions were made known.

    Written by an african american woman who’s daughter’s hair has never been chemically altered nor appeared untidy in public. Nor am I worth any where near a billion dollars (hair barrettes and bows should be in the budget). B knows better and should do better.

  32. Wow!!! People are focusing on a baby’s hair!! It’s rather disgusting to say the least, as if a hair style is going dictate who this child becomes when she gets older. Maybe Beyonce wanted her daughter’s hair to breath, versus loading her hair down with a bunch of grease, pony tails and tight braids at a young age. I see nothing wrong with Blue`s hair.

  33. You people are so fucking full of shit!!!! If it were anyone else’s child the first thing you’d say is wtf is wrong with her hair, but because you’re a bunch of stans you continue to ride the dick. The little girl needs het hair done point blank period… Put a damn ribbon or something in it.




  34. I see nothing wrong suggesting the baby hair be a little more groomed. JL and Shadra are allowed to have their opinions without being attacked, insulted and belittled. If the only way you can disagree is doing so then you have alot of nerve going off on them when you are saying far worst to them than they ever said about the baby’s hair. Silliness.


    • I’m from the Caribbean and I see nothing wrong with baby Blue Ivy’s fro. It just doesn’t look moisturized (perhaps a lil natural oil like coconut, jojoba or castor could be applied). Dry hair doesn’t grow very well or as fast as it should. Bey moisturizes her hair so how come she doesn’t seem to have time to do the same to Blue’s?

  35. Blue Ivy is simply gorgeous with beautiful hair, lovely name and all. She’s got it all. And great parents, too.

  36. Sooooooo, where’s the article’s link to the alleged controversy? Cuz I haven’t seen or heard anything about it. Are we making mountains out of molehills?

  37. I don’t know y’all I guess I just a little old school. I used to seeing baby girls with cute little hair styles. This look is just not becoming for me. She is a little girl, a little princess on her way to becoming a queen. Her hair needs to be combed and her attire need to be befitting of the royal blood she carries. I know B is going through it with this child, cause before she had her every time you saw B she was flawless. Hair combed, a nice dress or skirt suite, heels. Label me a hater if yow want, but B can do better with the child hair and the clothes she dresses her in.

  38. Moorpheus Resurrected

    The baby’s hair IS NOT unkempt. It’s Beautiful! The only REASON self-hating females beLIEve that baby’s hair to Be unkempt IS BEcause it’s not permed and looking like the lace front wigs and imitation fake fur hair-hats they wear on their heads, while they’re attempting to look like european savages. Where IS the self-love and pride in Self? With all the issues Eye have with Beyonce’ and Jay-Z, Eye am joyful to See that at least they have pride for their baby, and ARE not so against their AYE-FREE-CAN Selves, that that little baby has to run around looking like a white savage wannabe, but instead, a BEautiful AYE-FREE-CAN PRINCESS with REAL HAIR and no euro fur.

    AYE-FREE-CAN Womben with BEautiful chocolate skin and NTRL hair ARE without competition, HANDS-DOWN, the most BEautiful Womben on the Earth. Do not buy into the negative stereotypes, and the glorification of the white female savage, who pales (pun intended) in comparison to the ORIGINAL Womban and the first HUE-man to walk the Earth.

  39. Who cares? What difference does it make? Their is real news in the world. Don’t you have anything better to report, than celebrity nonsense.


  41. I would like to know where Ms. Llyod got this so information that is causing a controversay or lack there off I think this is just another one of her dumb article to get reaction and attention.This adorable little girl’s hair is beautiful and I see nothing that would cause anyone to complain about and if Beyonce is not comfortable in her own skin than that is her business.Maria a word of advice to you and Asa find something constructive and not destructive to write about.SMH

  42. It’s not your business at all!

    Did anyone ever tell you how to raise your child?


  44. She’s got those munchable cheeks.
    What a beauty. Take one look at that pretty little face and the hair becomes irrelevant.

    • Self hating sheep. White media has brain washed you. Embrace your blackness.

      • Peter D. Slaughter

        Peace and way to go sister with the comment.
        Myself,I wonder why did so many people actually spend time worrying about this.
        How about this idea?
        Insteading of worrying about the hair of this person.
        How about think and worrying about supporting a black person in business so they can create a job for another black person instead of going on these phony interviews and having to beg for some jive time shoe,shining type job.
        This way some of the money could flip back and forth among black people so many times insteading of giving it to people who will not even hire a black person at all.

  45. Very sad that African American females have the need to glue, sew-in, or use any means to have hair other then what God has given them. There is no other ethnic group rushing to wig stores to purchase hair and attach it to their heads. Nobody is vying to buy African American hair… regardless of whether or not there is a market for it. We need to ask ourselves why we feel so compelled to wear hair other then our own???? And why is it that we spend ridiculous amount of money on items that don’t really improve our quality of life??!! We need major mental re-adjustments and learn to love ourselves.
    We’ve been made to feel ashamed of our bodies, i.e. lips, noses, hair, hips, backsides, bosom,skin color, the list is endless.
    Ironically, those very same body parts have been envied and are now the very things ppl pay tanning salons and plastic surgeons to give them.
    Wake up African American Queens!! You don’t need Korean hair to obtain beauty!! Your already beautiful!! Sad you have yet to realize it!!!!

  46. I think we have far more important things we need to be worrying about. How about the rate of incarceration of african american males and females in the U.S. or, the murder rate of our young people. Blue is a baby…her hair is just starting to grow and change texture…I think she looks like she is suppose to look….like a cute innocent baby. Back in the day, Mothers didnt think about style…they thought about what would be healthy for their baby…by rights, you really shouldnt touch a infants hair until they are at least 4 or 5 yrs of age( remember babys have “soft spots.) Mothers now a days are so quick to straighten…perm or weave up a kids hair without counting the cost of what the child will go thru once they are adult age…fibroid tumors…fibromyalgia and other auto immunes are a result of wanting to look good…Blue is wearing what God blessed her with and I give props to Bey for being a level-headed mtoher and NOT going for fashion….let the childs hair grow and her soft spot close up before you do anything…even braiding …nothing wrong with letting a child be a child…remember her parents are in the spotlight…not Blue!!

  47. Black Buddha,
    You are right on point!!! Word to the wise from the wise.

  48. I say let the parents do what they want with their child and everyone else do what they want with their children. Blue Ivy’s parents can afford to do anything they desire with her hair. I have worn my hair natural for the last 15 years and I love it. Got tired of puting junk in my hair that was destroying the texture of it. I know Black professors and teachers that wear theirs natural, and don’t we have a Rep in the White House that wears a short natural. It is up to the individual and absolutely no one else!

  49. Sad you all are sad and don’t have ish to do……..Blue is beautiful with her hair just like that!

  50. IDJITS! As the daughter of an African-American hairdresser, little girls of color often suffer traction alopecia because of braiding, rubber bands etc. It is best to lightly oil the baby’s hair and leave it loose to breath and grow.

    The baby is healthy, loved and adorable, I applaud BeYonce and Jay Z on this hairstyle for their little girl. She will thank them in the future and I really seriously believe women of color made comments…it’s a media thing.

  51. Hardly anyone wants to touch the black woman’s obsession with weaves huh?

  52. Sorry, but I think we tend to give more attention to the negative. Of course, not all black women are comfortable with the natural. It took hundreds of years to get to this point. And, no, not all will ever like it, but you will NEVER get all women to agree on everything and you should not expect it. Keep the positive comments about self acceptance in the media. it’s not as bad, out there as you’d think. But as blacks, we seem to love to jump on the negative. Didn’t the DVD Hoodwinked expose why negativity about blacks is always in the forefront? Yet, Your Black World has tons of negative useless articles. I know women who are so successful selling natural hair products and African jewelry, that soon they intend to quit their day jobs. PRINT THE POSITIVE! and stop constantly exposing people who have low self esteem.
    Note: I heard that the Gabby “hair” incident was started by a white woman blogger, just to cause a stir. When will we stop taking the bait?

  53. JL you and Shara are stupid why would you two so worried about BLUE IVY,hair,she’s a baby what makes you think that Bey gives a f###k what dumb &dumber say.Fools alway wants to tell someone what’s wrong with thier lives,when they can’t fix what’s wrong in their own to are out of the trash can it’s calling you two.

  54. Peter D. Slaughter

    Guess What ? Guess What ? Chicken Butt,that’s what.
    The Koreans don’t care,long as black women keep running to their businesses to get their hair hating chemical fixed monthly.
    The Koreans and any other group will keep on counting their $$$ while making money off the self hate and massive division of black people and afrikans world wide.

  55. People don’t have anything else to talk about. B and Jay are also have relaxation days too. Just because they are rich doesn’t nean everytime they are seen they have to b dressed their worth all the time. Lighten up black ignorant people. I know all of ur children hair is not perfect ALL the time.

  56. What is wrong with an afro? If BI had whip straight hair that was just hanging, I can guarantee half you color-struck negros wouldn’t have a thing to say about that. Just the idea that a black person has to have their hair did or “combed” or fixed or whatever is a testament to a Eurocentric slave mentality many of us continue to be trapped in. Black hair is not European hair. It does not need to be tamed or reigned in like it’s a wild animal. Up to a certain length, it doesn’t necessarily have to be combed and nor should it be constantly manipulated in that way.

  57. There is nothing wrong with this child hair ignorant bastards. People please get a life and worry things that are actually important. Why was this article even written WTF. We as a people are doom, if we keep focusing on such dumb sh&t. WAKE UP.

    • @Black Buddha….We as a people are also doomed if we keep skipping grammar class…..Whew!

      • Black bubba we got your message—Grammar is something for the work place but on a site like this RELAX and just COMMUNICATE!!!!! it’s different all around the WORLD.

  58. What a beautiful child! That’s saying a lot considering that I don’t like either of her parents.

  59. The most disgusting thing in this world is self hate and black on black racism. I’m so sorry to say that “some” of the comment I’ve read are from hateful back racist people. Seems to be a bit of envy as well. How about some of you horrible hateful people (women),stop the attacks and start dealing with your own deep seeded self hatred. Let’s play a game called tend to your own back yard, sweep around you own front door, and after you all are done go sit down somewhere and try to think of the reasons why you are so hateful and hurtful to yourselves and others. Apologize to yourselves for hating the way you look. Any time you take issue with a child’s hair in such a hateful judgmental manner you are truly one self hating ignorant fool. Figures yourself out please.

    • Could not agree more. People like this are why I wish all weave and relaxer and pressing combs would disappear off the Earth forever so black women would learn how to deal with and love their natural hair texture. For this very reason. Sad thing is, I bet whenever the wake-up comes, the Asians will be right there to make money off us.

  60. Some of u need to get a grip!! Blue ivy is NOT ur child if this is how her parents choose to let her hair be who r we to say anything about it. Worry about u and yours!! So sick if this hair issue if u don’t wear it a certain way ur not black enough if u perm it or put extensions in your trying to be somebody ur not!! Get over it! The way one wears their hair should NOT define who They are as a person! There are far more things to be concerned about than this garage here that some of you call news!

  61. Quiet as it is kept thats what called post traumatic slave syndrome.All the so called beautiful hair standards are European and many African people do not see themselves beautiful except that they follow this brainwashed want to be like Eoropean hair standards.African American stars once used to conk their hair to be like European men.They have really done a good job on us. Stop pressing and perming you beautiful hair and making in denial excuses.Change you name thank God that the African living in the so called white house is not named Willie Jones.Wear something African every day.Alway refer to yourself as African in America not African American,like American African. They donot say Indian American, they say American Indian.Even the name African sounds beautiful.African forever.

  62. The “hair obsession” controversy with black people does not exist in a vacuum. There is historical context for this recurring vexation just as there is for our other obsessions surrounding so-called other black “hated” physical traits like skin color, nose and lip shapes.

    Let’s face it, there is a lot of subterfuge and downright prevaricating going on when the black race denies that colorism still prevails even in the 21st century. There still seems to be a preference for light skin and long hair in silky or “soft-curly” textures.

    Many of our men salivate over the so-called “exotic” looking women from the Carribean, Latin and South America and then have the audacity to ridicule and even reject black women who try to re-create these looks with skin bleach, weaves/wigs/hair pieces/hair color and even cosmetic surgery!!

    And, it is not just our men. Many of our mothers, grandmothers, other family members and even, our teachers, have inculcated the “bad feelings” that we have with our hair by subjecting us to harsh hair critiques of “nappy”, “course” “hard to comb/grow” or “hot mess hair” that we have had a “steady intellectual diet” of since early childhood!!!

    Conversely, they have also heaped compliments of beauty and praise on those girls and women who (in their view) have hit the “genetic lottery” or escaped the worst “genetic footprint from the really “African” part of the Motherland” because they have “long, flowing, good and fluffy” stuff growing from their scalps!!

    When your own mother cannot even appreciate “your special beauty”, then, how in the world can one expect anything better from someone else? After years and years of this indoctrination from their own culture and the mainstream culture, we feign amnesia and act surprised when the the chickens have now come home to roost big time!!!

    When will we learn as a culture, that many times we mirror or emulate directly what we take in. It is the ultimate hypocrisy and is so telling about how much some of us have been complicit in the destruction of black women’s (and, men’s) self-confidence and self-worth through our own collective self-loathing and DENIAL that not only did this problem exist from our introduction to these shores but that it STILL PERSIST today because we have not done the real collective introspection which involves HONEST ASSESSMENT that we are the leading PURVEYORS OF PSYCHOLOGICAL DAMAGE to our own people!!!

    As long as we still have a “love affair” (even if not honestly acknowledged) with “white beauty standards” and anything in close approximation to those standards, we will still be talking about these issues to the end of time and black women (and other women in “countries of color and non-European phenotypes”) will still be contorting themselves into any representation of the “white beauty standard” in order to “feel” more beautiful, attract men, start and maintain a career in the corporate/entertainment industries and to use that “beauty capital” in any way that will benefit them and separate them from their other “genetically inferior” counterparts!!

    The recently updated book, “The Color Complex: The Politics of Skin Color in a New Milennium” elucidates these issues on a global scale.

    • Anja, so on point!
      Recently, something went around facebook, from a male obviously, saying “If you have fake hair, fake nails, fake eye color, etc., don’t expect a man to be real with you!” But every little black girl remembers traipsing up and down the street with her little crew of girlfriends. It was obvious who got all the attention. So of course, girls couldn’t wait to grow up and “fix” themselves so they could get some attention too.

      I swear, dudes never can make the connection between their behavior and the effect it creates. The whole community has a problem.

  63. There is the answer to your question. Is Black people racist. Yes some are.

  64. JL is stupid and a self hater. That baby is gorgeous. If that baby was white with its hair in its natural state (straight, wavy or curly) she would consider her cute. She does’nt know Beonyce or Michelle Obama. How does she know if they are lazy? i remember when Black became beautiful and the Howard University Homecoming queen wore an Afro. I became so happy at that time. It’s so sad that some of our children have lapsed into that sick situation that my generation found itself in during the 40’s, 50’s and most of the 60’s. I thought this generation had so much self confidence in their beauty and intellingence that they could wear their hair ANY way they deemed fit.
    Be strong! Be beautiful! Be smart!

  65. This is her baby and she can do whatever she feel like or not feel like to do. If she put the baby clothes on without washing her butt that is her business. There are times when people have not wipe their butt, comb their hair or anything. The baby hair is not bothering anybody, and if the parent wanted to pay thousands to put a pony tail in her hair, or anything that is their choice. Just comb your children hair. dang!!!

  66. I guess the media has ran out of things to say about the parents so now it’s time to attack a child.Who in my eyes is adorable her hair looks fine.

  67. There is nothing wrong with this child’s hair. She is very adorable. “Leave this child Alone!” The hair issues with Black people is just ridiculous, we have other important issues like violence, Aids, lack of education as well as a misguided thoughts on beauty. If only Black people would just love and accept who they are.

  68. People, people, people!!! Get some real business instead of worrying about the state of Blue Ivy’s hair. she has no image to uphold. She is simply a beautiful child with loving parents that live in the lime light. Let them live their lives with out your negative verbage. They are going to anyway.. because what you have to say about their lives doesn’t matter. Stupid atricle any way. grown people judging a baby and the parents.. Get a life or catch fire..

  69. Really, so what? She is their baby, so they can comb her hair, if they FEEL like it….

  70. As a people we have a great number of haters… Some of us rather see/wear horse/other peoples hair than our own….

  71. B.I is adorable. I guess there was nothing important to write about. This beautiful baby is 1 year old. Her hair looks thick and proably hurts when combed, maybe it was combed and looked like it had maybe a pony tail and she somehow pulles the bow or ribbon off, Maybe, Maybe, Maybe. WHO CARES. One thing for sure she is rich and when she grows up she can buy hair or do whatever she wants with her hair.

  72. I’m sure this article was written in response to all of the comments on the photos published last week of Bey, Jay and Blue Ivy. They were in Paris, France for Bey’s tour. While in a restaurant someone took several photos of the three of them and the baby’s hair was messy (as a baby’s hair usually gets). There were several insulting comments under the photos from people complaining about Bey and Blue Ivy’s “unkept” hair. So the writer of this article is just responding to the comments and “controvery” from those photos and the comments that were made about them. As for me, like a lot of others here have said, people really, really need to get a LIFE!! Complaining and commenting on a child’s hair – a one year old – REALLY!! You can do you best to comb their hair, put in bows and ribbons, slick their hair back and make it look as pretty as you think it will look – and 5 minutes later it’s a mess – because she is a one year old and she’s going to get messy and her hair is going to get messy. She’s being picked up by Bey, Jay, her momma, his momma. And before you know it, a ribbon is missing, a plait has unplaited itself and she starts to look like a child that is loved and cherished and no one gives a damn about how her hair looks. And some of us shouldn’t either.

    • The article written by the author was not to evaluate
      and criticize Blue Ivy’s hair, but he was talking about Black Women’s love for other folks’ hair.
      Please thoroughly read the article before criticizing
      the author.

      The author is correct about African Americans’ love
      for straight, blonde or red hair that does not depict
      the hair God gave them. This all has to do with
      lack of self esteem and self love. I see it every day
      in many of our Black Women’s attitude, and body language. I don’t have to know their names and can still see and feel it.

  73. omg shes just a baby, people please there is more serious things going on in this crazy world then to be worried bout the baby’s hair , give me a break,

    • Renee u are right and in today world u can fix your baby’s hair any way u choose,and in this world today u can wear any style u want, people get a life.

  74. Her hair reminds me of her aunt Solange. Its a kid people calm down. Children pulled ponytails out. They pull bows out. Let it go.

  75. Blue Ivy’s hair is combed. The baby has a headful of beautiful naturally curly hair. She is sporting an Afro with a pulled back Afro Puff on the top. And the problem is????

  76. First of all the baby has Obviously curly hair! Second.. any black person with naturally coarse hair knows that you can comb your hair thoroughly, having it look well groomed.. and 15min later it will start to coil and show indentation as if it were never combed at all….NO one ever mentions that fact.. EVER! when criticizing African hair… so have a fukN seaT all haTers!

  77. find something interesting to read about,the baby blue Ivy is going thru the stage where you can’t do much of anything with the baby’s hair people get a life please and leave bey and jay alone please

  78. Beautiful baby and she is rocking her “natural”. Bey wasn’t having a great hair day either. Btw, I don’t shop in Asian stores for ANYTHING. I’ve had negative experiences in their stores – following me around the store. What’s up with that. I’m no thief.

    • I don’t shop at their stores for ANYTHING either, and any black woman that does is brainwashed.

  79. Ridiculous Article…Shameful to even use the ink & paper.


    • And I wish ALL yall JIM CROW Oppressed NIGGAhzz wud sTop already!!! Ur stupid asses perpetuate the white hate with your dumb ass comments! Read my first comment and think! You agree Im sure! So stop! Deprogram your lil brainwashed mind! SuffahCate da jIm Crow Spirit already! Bunch ah low brow idioTs…Blu Ivy will have more love then you will everrr have…groomed or noT! y u Mad..

  80. I don’t kmow what to say, I was thinking maybe Black people don’t have any problems because they are sure into everybody else’s. this is where misery ones loves company. I rest my case. such B.S.

  81. Unfortunately, I have seen some negative comments regarding the baby’s hair not being done. This is their baby to do with her hair, anything they feel fit to do. I agree with you Pat. There could be a multiple reasons as to why they didn’t comb the baby’s hair. But at the end of the day, its their kid to do with her hair what they want.

  82. Get a grip folks! The baby is beautiful. Whether her hair is (done) or not, she is beautiful. Whether she looks like a boy to some people or not, she is beautiful and she is one of us. Your comments should address her parents only. If the child is cared for in terms of health, (eg. clean clothes, physical hygiene, well-fed, etc…), the parents are doing a fine job. All parents have a right to raise their children how they see fit to raise them. Those who are so critical about other folks hair really need to get a grip on reality. The style of our hair is just part of the creativity “we” have and represents the ability for expression of our moods. Just a quick thought. it’s not that serious folks! How about look at the bright side of things vs. always jabbing at ourselves. Take care beautiful people.

  83. Why is this even an issue? This is a BABY. I do not care of a BABY’S hair is not combed properly prior to coming into a store or a play area. As adults, I believe we ALL have more to worry about than the bad hair day of an INFANT.

    Please Black America, we have to do MUCH better than this. Let’s focus on something else.

    Besides, I love messy hair on a baby.

  84. this a bullcrap article; written for controversy sake

  85. This article was just written to start crap! Where are the statements that people are making about this child? I see no quotes.
    Black People starting controversy over a baby. That’s a damn shame. Whomever wrote this article should be flogged.

  86. it’s bad enough to deal with all the negatives in the world towards us and have to face it from our own. Maybe that’s the problem, they are not our own..

  87. Like President Obama stated at the Conference “I have 99 other problems and Jay Z is one of them for going to Cuba” NOW!!! We have ALL have 99 probles and one of the is Blue Ivy? People come on now . . . don’t we have other things to worry about . . . Leave Blue Ivy along! Thank you very much!

  88. I feel so sad reading all of the negativity directed towards this baby and her parents!!!!!!!Black people please get it together and LOVE all of who you are. This little baby is adorable and I LOVE her hair which is very BEAUTIFUL!!!!!

    Kinky hair in all of its variety is exceptional, sexy,fun,resilient,strong which by the way are some adjectives that describe the black race!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  89. People have issues. This is a baby for goodness sake. In fact we should just say that anyone under the age of 18 should be off limits for discussing the state of their hair. Yes, I am well aware that our kids know all about their hair by the time they are 6 years old, but let’s leave the criticism of whether it should be nappy or straight for when they are officially adults when they can join in the debate or argument.

  90. Blue’s hair was a mess, but was it worth writing an article? I see baby’s all the time with unkept hair. Maybe Bey hadn’t had a chance to comb it. Good grief! The media makes a mountain out of everything!!!! She is cute, but she looks like a boy(to me).

  91. We r talking about a baby not a run way model maybe she don’t want to pull her hair out with hair pieces and things that can pull it out. She is beautiful. Now saying she is unkept is crazy stupid people get on ny nerves. The Obama girls are beautiful get a life.

  92. I don’t care how people try to spin it, Blue Ivy’s hair looks a mess. Beyonce just seems very spoiled and lazy and just not that into her daughter’s image like she is into her own image. Blue’s hair “controvery” cannot be compared to Gabby since Gabby was participating in a high intensity sports in the Olympics and there was nothing wrong with her hair. Christina Millian keeps her daughter Violet looking so clean, neat, and girly. Blue looks like an unkempt little boy and that is not cool. Just like it was not cool when Michelle Obama’s lazy behind brought out Natasha and Malia with unkempt hair during President Obama’s initial campaign trail. Plus, Michelle’s hair looked a hot mess. Beyonce needs to realize that Little Boy Blue is a public figure and that she needs to be more presentable when she comes out in the public. To me, this just reeks of laziness and proves how self-absorbed Beyonce is with her own looks and success.

    • What is so amazing about these hair obsessed

    • Ok now this a one year old baby, maybe she does not like he hair combs, might be tender headed, and by Be being a new mom, she might not want to hear her cry and fighting. You people kill me with that “she is in the public eye” so dam what they are human being like us, only different is they have money and they are stars. Our people are so into hair is pitiful. Like my mom use to say ” hair ain’t going to pay your bill, but food on the table, or get you in heaven”. Black people love long hair, like whites, we are starting to bleach ourselves to be lighter, like whites. And the whites, they are baking themselves to be darker like us, some wear dreads like us, what going on! My motto ” LOVE THE SKIN YOU ARE IN, BE PROUD OF WHAT GOD GAVE YOU”.

      • Girl/Boy bye! It is not called being hair obssessed. Rather, it is about personal hygeine and grooming. Unkempt hair on a child with high-profile parents is not acceptable. If Raynisha from the projects daughter walked around clean with unkempt hair, she would be dubbed a bad parent. Yet this illiterate narcissist gets a get out of jail free pass? GTFOHWTBS! No matter how you try to slice it, Blue looks a mess and her appearance indicates parents who are not very attentive. There is no way that we should assume that Blue Ivy is so blessed, well-adjusted, and better off than the rest of us because of her parent’s socio-economic status. I wonder why drug addiction is so high in private schools and elite universities? If money and status was so important, then why are so many children with wealthy parents unable to shield their children from the perils of life? I hope for the best for Blue. But just understand that Matthew and Tina were very rich and wealthy and Solange still ended up a teenage mother just like Rayniqua in the projects. Don’t get it twisted.

        • I agree JL. No excuses. Hair is part of hygiene and with that you’re teaching your child a valuable lesson. Blu’s curly hair is adorable, and it should be celebrated…by combing it. It’s part of learning about you and loving yourself. If she wasn’t a celebrity baby we’d be wondering if she had bad parents because her hair was un-kept. Yet we say,”Oh Bey was busy…yadi ya ya”. But the single momma working two jobs running in the grocery store “should’ve done her daughter’s hair”. Double standard. I’m a Jay and Bey fan…but I’m also a mom and a Black woman.

          • Thanks, Shadra! Results count…excuses don’t.

            ‘Blu’s curly hair is adorable, and it should be celebrated…BY COMBING IT. It’s part of learning about you and loving yourself.’
            You hit the nail on the head! They have that little girl walking around looking and dressing like a boy ALONG WITH unkempt hair to boot. Seems to me that Jay-Z is spending more time with Blue than Beyonce (especially since Beyonce always carry her around like a sack of potatos and Jay-Z ALWAYS appears to carry her around in an affectionate and attentive manner).

          • Shadra, with your ugly and probably smelly chemically doused hair, you too are a slave.

        • JL, you are a slave.

    • JL u r very ignorant Blue Ivy is a baby she is beautiful. Beyonce and JayZ r great parents if they had nannies then it would be “oh they got everybody keeping that baby”. Leave them and their beautiful baby the hell alone.