Teen Intern on Gosnell Abort!on Clinic: Babies Were “Screeching”, Looked Like Regular Babies

A teenager who was thinking of becoming a doctor and  interned for the Gosnell abort!on clinic got more than she bargained for while there. According to the intern, who was 15 at the time, the Gosnell clinic was more like a house of horrors than a doctor’s office.

Tina Baldwin, mother of Ashley Baldwin.
Tina Baldwin, mother of Ashley Baldwin.

Ashley Baldwin, now 22, says she was paid during her time at the West Philadelphia clinic and before long, she was administering intravenous medicine and assisting with abort!ons.

On Thursday, Baldwin  testified against Gosnell, who is charged with murder, before the Philadelphia Common Pleas Court jury.

Baldwin told the jury that she saw at least five of the aborted babies moving, breathing, and in one case, “screeching.”

“They looked just like regular babies,” Baldwin said.

Baldwin said one baby was so big that Gosnell joked that “this baby is going to walk me home.”

She said the joke bothered her so much that she discussed it with her mother, Tina Baldwin, also a Gosnell employee.

Abort!ions are legal in Pennsylvania up to 24 weeks of pregnancy.

She also testified that the doctor used scissors to snip the necks of newborn babies who were still moving after the abort!on procedure was over.

Gosnell, 72, is charged with seven counts of first-degree murder in the deaths of seven infants born alive during abort!ons and killed by cutting their spinal cords with scissors.

Testimony resumes Monday.



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  1. Cant have it Both ways, You’re supporting an administration that supports late term Abortion- Its ugly, its inhumane..period!

    • But he’s black. All black people have to support Obama (and all his democrat henchmen) because they just have to. Black people are too damn dumb to think for themselves, so just vote for the black man (unless he is a Republican) and shut up. You are not permitted to leave the reservation. You must stay and work for massa (you do realize that 98% of slave owners were democrats?). It doesn’t matter how much massa abuses you, you must stay and support massa.

  2. Sorry for typo…I meant Utopian….society.

  3. BigZ and Brenda Tapia, I can relate to your messages. I agree also that this is a heinous crime but it is an old crime. We sit on our judgement seats and many of us are also jumping on the “end welfare” bandwagon. I hate that these babies are being murdered, so how do we offer a solution to these mothers who need help regardless of how they got pregnant? Remember the baby needs love and resources no matter how the behaviors of their parents. Many young women also have suffered from years (generations) of abuse, molestation, learned promiscuity due to these negative situations, how do we address and prevent these types of occurences? Remember, we are also going against planned parenthood. When we get that etopian society, what are we going to do withe ones who can’t or won’t conform and their offspring? By the way, what rights are we going to take away or give up to get these perfect people? In the meantime, the murderings and molestations go on. Do we need to reinvent planned parenthood? Provide more resources for young or unwed mothers?

  4. This is a heinous and hideous crime, Its all a result of a lack of discipline by people, trying to have the pleasure of s*x without the responsibility that comes with it, should they produce a child. How wicked.

  5. That was and is Murder. I do not believe in abortion at all. Only in the case of Incest or rape, that should be that woman’s choice. There are some brave women that will have the baby from rape. Some women cannot carry that burden.

  6. The MONSTERS are human beings, not animals in the forests, or devils fallen from hell.

  7. Poor babies. The doctor knew he/she was killing a baby for money.

  8. Just sick! The law should be changed! I believe all those in favor of killing babies are the same people wanting to take guns away!

    They are both legal!

    If it’s ok for you to kill a baby it has to be ok for me to have a gun to protect my self!

    What people don’t seem to understand, if one right is taken away all of them can be taken!

    Oh; you think they won’t take others away!
    You’re fooling your selves, and of course black people will be the very last to realize something has changed. Were into Jay Z in Cuba rather than something of substance, we as a whole live in a world where very little information is exchanged. Tom Joyner might be the only information program you hear for months on end. So your basis of knowledge is small. We likely formulate opinions based upon inadequate information.

    One of the reasons blacks are for the most part ignored, we know very little about the things which effect us! “Low Information ” is your enemy!

  9. Don’t see too many comments on this one, perhaps some are afraid of being bashed by a barrage of opposing views (whichever they may be). It’s really not about what she heard and saw it’s about what was done.Yes, the laws allows one to kill babies but that doesn’t make it right. Life should be respected when it’s in the power of ones own hand to do so.

  10. A lot of people no longer believe abortions should be legal because of incidents like this. I believe abortions should be legal but with restrictions. Unless the mother’s life is endangered by the birth or the fetus is so seriously or hideously malformed that there’s no hope of survival outside the womb, abortions should be illegal.

    In the past many women used abortion as a means of birth control instead of using the pill or some other method. This practice is just wrong, in my opinion.

    In this case, I blame the mothers as well as the doctor for the deaths of those innocent babies.

  11. This brought tears to my eyes… My god my god, how on earth could you do this even once and not be traumatized? These people did it over and over again, some of those infants would have been premature had they been born by emergency c-section, or vaginal delivery. They would have been given all the technology available to keep them alive. How very gruesome and barbaric these people and the mothers were. How could one hear babies screeching and see them moving then cut their spines? There really is no more sanctity for life. Cats, dogs, rats,skunks care for their babies, humans are the ones killing theirs on a regular basis as a form of birth control. Such heinous crimes committed against the helpless. So so sad, no natural affection, pure animalistic behavior.

  12. Abortions are legal in Pennsylvania up to 24 weeks of pregnancy. What did she expect to see? Of course, a baby is formed and growing if the mother is 6 months along. Don’t go after the doctors; go after the law. I’m sure the intern knew what to expect and HR asked about her beliefs before she was hired. Even her mother works there. We are great at complaining but not great at solutions.

  13. “An eye for an eye”…..

  14. This is an important subject, and story. Not like a lot of the frivolous & entertainment stories that everyone comments on. More people should be voicing their opinion here. Especially since 24 week, ( 6 month) babies can be legally aborted anywhere in this country right now. It should not be allowed after 12 weeks.

  15. OMG! Just Horrible. To me this is murder. Those poor babies. I wonder if this is happening anywhere else. God help us all, evil is just taking over people.

  16. Gauranteed there won’t be more than 5 comments about this important story. On the other hand had it involved Rihanna, interracial dating, light vs dark skin, weave vs natural hair or rappers doing something stupid there would be 100’s of comments. You know I’m right.

  17. Judge not, least yes be judged. Jesus the Christ said Love one another. In that Love, I share with you that for three years prior to seminary, I was employed by a Women's Speciality Hospital in Atlanta, Ga. One of only 4 places in the entire USA where you could abort a baby up to 24 weeks. This was 1978-1981. We need to accept only God gives Life and ONLY God has the right to take Life. Scholars and doctors vary on when Life begins, does not matter, God knows and God is All that there is. For those women who choose to have abortions, it is between them and their God. And they should know that God loves them Unconditionally. If they feel what they chose to do is a sin, they should forgive themselves and ask God's forgiveness, knowing that they like each of us, our sin was forgiven when Jesus the Christ died on the Cross. The sin we have committed, are committing, and will commit, and know that is not "cheap grace." God allowed us to come here to learn and experience that which we can not in"Heaven."

  18. This is a heinous and hideous crime, Its all a result of a lack of discipline by people, trying to have the pleasure of sex without the responsibility that comes with it, should they produce a child. How wicked.

    • @God Mind, I agree entirely with you! However, I’m at a loss for why this doctor is being “tagged” with such a henious abortion procedure that was in effect and quite popular back when I was a young person. Twenty-four weeks is exactly six months along, which IS a rather fully-formed (and functioning),human being. The act to cut through the neck at the spine was infamously “standardized” long ago by doctors who stressed the “delivery” of only part of the infant, before killing it with the scissors. I guess this would prevent any suggestion that this being was indeed alive,well, and very able to sense severe pain. It’s a horrendous media spin on this Doctor, who should have never placed himself into this work at all!

  19. What makes one believe that everyone listens to Tom Joyner or that black people are the only ones commenting on this site and on such issues? What makes one believe that black people are uninformed? Many Caucasians, Asians and any one of any race have a few that are misinformed or have a lack of information on certain issues. This is not about black people it is about life. Yes, rights can be taken away at any moment no matter how informed or uninformed people may be. If you honest to god truly believe you can control your government you are very sadly mistaken. Real life can be a scary place to live. Just ask those babies.

  20. Tiffany-Lynch SugarFree SoyLatte'

    MY God! Having a choice is one thing, murder is another. 24 weeks…that is viable life…I was born at about 26 weeks and I am 40 today. My God!

    • Tiffany-Lynch, it's unbelievable. I always believed if you have to have an abortion, as in the case of rape or incest, it should be no later then 10 to 12 weeks. At 6 months they are full, living babies that can survive birth. This is murder.

  21. This is barbaric!

  22. My GOD! What has this world become? This is absolutely cruelty at its worst. These were living babies who did not ask to be born, who were killed because their fast behind mothers didn't take the necessary precautions to avoid having to commit murder. The person who killed these babies is WRONG but the mothers who knew their stage of pregnancy are just as wrong. They are all murderers and should all pay the price. There are mature, good decent women who would love the opportunity to have a child and you have these inconsiderate murderers walking around here taking babies lives as if it is a game. May GOD have mercy on the souls of those innocent babies and may just punishment come to those responsible for taking thier lives.

    • Bridget, I agree with every word you are saying. Those poor babies were murdered. People are becoming depraved.

  23. Reginald Duane Thurman

    She has got to answer to GOD.