North Carolina Imposes Background Checks For Welfare and Food Stamp Applicants

Republican state legislators may be passing out tax cuts to businesses like candy, but they’re putting road blocks in place for people background-checkwho want to take advantage of welfare benefits.

North Carolina legislators approved a bill that will institute mandatory background checks for benefit recipients.

The measure, passed by a 106-6 margin, requires all social services employees to perform background checks to screen welfare and food stamp applicants with outstanding arrest warrants and other active violations.

Republican Dean Arp sponsored the bill, which will now move to the state senate for approval.

Federal law already prohibits those with felonies from receiving public benefits.

Democratic legislators expressed reservations about how the added work would impact already overburdened social work employees. There’s also the issue of added shame applicants may feel while applying for benefits. The measure is being viewed by many as an effort to frighten people so that they won’t bother applying for public assistance.

Of course, Republicans in North Carolina oppose universal background checks for gun buyers. And corporation owners aren’t required to undergo background checks in order to receive federal subsidies.

North Carolina is not the only state implementing barriers to public assistance. Earlier this week, the Texas Senate passed a bill that will force drug tests on welfare recipients who are provided with money for food, housing, and other basic needs.






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  1. I met a gentleman and his wife living in Washington state. This man had a job I would have died for and it’t pay. I was on assistance and going to school. Through the course of our friendship the company put him in rehab at least 5 times before giving him his pink slip. My point is making an addict go cold turkey and no support still asking what about the babies? I finished my schooling and has been working for as long as anyone else.I did what I had to and was glad to get off the system. It should have alway been a temp.thing. I was told not to rush to work my children was small and I could get good money and stamps. That comment caused me to remove myself from the system. We have taxpayers dollars going places we will never know about. I’m glad mine can help feed someone.

  2. There is nothing wrong with this. But when they are cut off and on drugs, who will be there to protect the babies? If they can do this why are there so little social workers visiting these homes. Some of these people do need help, if this will help. The people out there who are being honest might not mind. There are children going to bed without food and these parents need control. Lets not stop there get them on programs and assist with help into the workforce. You do this and more children will be I n the news. May God please watch over the babies.

  3. If somebody needs help that’s one thing but to be on drugs living off my tax dollars f’em. There’s better things we can spend our money on than subsidizing some trailer trash’s crack and meth habit.

  4. We need a background check on buying a gun not food stamp aide to the poor that crazy more way 4 the republican to politicians to use money not neede.


    • racist shit and what is funny, it is more rural whites who are going to be affected by this, not the blacks that they are targeting. Such a waste of funds and time

  6. Why would anyone complain about their VOTE?

    Your VOTE, repub or dem, they are one and the same, is doing this to you…

    Have you thought about voting for none of the above?

  7. Oh so it's ok to back ground check people needing aide from their country but not if they want to buy a gun? C'mon! This is one stupid law. I don't understand this war on the poor. Food stamps didn't bring down the economy. The uber rich and banks did. Sooo you give up your personal freedom asking for help from your own country? But you can go silly nilly and buy a weapon to kill others and complain if people want a back ground check? Does that make any sense at all?

  8. I say fine…and then make the law applies to politicians when auditing their tax returns…

  9. TaxPayerFor20Years, I love your post.

  10. The problem with America today is that people want to eliminate the consequences of bad behavior. Too bad, so sad. If I have to undergo a background check and drug test to be employed and pay taxes into the system, then the recipients of public assistance ought to have to undergo background checks and drug testing to receive those benefits. Don’t commit crimes and you won’t have to worry about a background check. Don’t do drugs and you won’t have to worry about a drug test. These are called CONSEQUENCES.

  11. Please research and read the bill:


    Media.. PLEASE, PLEASE when reporting your news, do so effectively and accurately. What you are headlining is a bit different than what the bill states. Nevertheless, worth reporting.

  12. TaxPayerFor20Years

    I am SO sick and tired of classist, elitist, pricks treating those who NEED assistance as though they are nothing.

    I personally HAD to get food stamps after having been out of work since 2008. Prior to that, I’d been gainfully employed for over 20 years.

    By the way, I have to RE-QUALIFY every six months, which includes showing PROOF of my non-stop job search!

    Contrary to stereo-typical beliefs, not everyone WANTS to lie on their @sses all day and get ‘free money’.


    So yeah, excuse ME if according to the Federal Government, should I qualify, I can get help for FOOD!

    Never married, no children…therefore taxed more than others who had ‘claims’ to add to their returns. That is money that I will never get back.

    I had perfect credit when I was employed. I did not ‘run up’ thousands of dollars in credit card bills, and then not pay. I didn’t even ever HAVE credit cards!

    I did have savings, but that was depleted when I was laid off, after my unemployment insurance ran out!

    With prospective employers now ‘running your credit’ as a means to determine if you are a ‘good hire’ or not, I’m often turned away….some job postings even SAY “No need to apply if not CURRENTLY employed”!!!!

    WHAT!!? O_o

    My heart goes out to anyone who is honestly struggling….when the odds are stacked against you, the way these legislators operate, HOW CAN YOU RECOVER!?

    Anyone that has their nose in the air when it comes to those who have fallen on hard times?

    I hope it’s ALL GONE by the time YOU need it!

    And trust me….YOU WILL.

    • The system has always and will always be prejudiced. Big government is, and always will be, a scam.

    • You are telling me that you have been continuously unemployed for over 4 years? Maybe even 5 years, depending on when in 2008 you lost your job? Sorry, but something doesn’t fit. There is no way that an able-bodied, mentally-functional person with a good work history could suddenly become permanently unemployed. I’ve turned down jobs, and even quit one job, during that time period. And for five months in 2010, I was totally disabled (car wreck, couldn’t even sit up in a chair for to do a desk job for a while there). But I’m working now. I’m telling you about my situation just to illustrate that people really can get jobs (if they want one, and aren’t being too overly picky about what sort of job it is). No, I don’t have a $100,000 a year job, nor am I doing a job that I particularly like. But I did get a job. If the place I work closed down today, there are three places I know that I could get a job tomorrow (Dollar General Store, Domino’s Pizza, Advance Financial — a sucky payday loan place).

      SO CAN YOU. Stop being picky, and be willing to move to where the jobs are if you are currently living in a dead town (like Detroit) or on a hillside in Appalachia.

  13. When you consider what felonies consist of, this law could qualify as cruel and unusual punishment. Felons are already punished when they try to get a job having such a record. Now, they won’t even be allowed to eat or be housed. What are they to do?