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Django Unchained Screenings Stopped In China On Day Of Official Release

django2 Django Unchained was all set for its premiere in China when all of a sudden, the plug was pulled. According to the Associated Press, the film was pulled due to a technical malfunction. The suspension, ordered by the China Film Group Corp was confirmed by movie houses throughout China. Before its big day, weeks of promotion had taken place, so it is very ironic that the plug would be pulled so drastically by censors.

The Chinese entity of Sony Pictures gave no comment as to why the premier was halted. In preparation for the China premier, specific scenes were cut out of the film to meet the regulatory standards of the State Administration of Radio Film and Television.  China has strict censor policies in place to combat content that involves a high degree of violence, s**, and politically edgy subject matter.

The general manager of the Beichen Fortune Center movie theater, Tian Zaixing, described how the pulling of the film at the last minute is a big lose to film houses across the country. He said that the order to pull the film came from China Film Group around 10am that morning.  The general manager said, “We were excited about the film yesterday.” “We had had high expectations for this film’s box office.”

The film did exceptionally well with the North American box offices, grossing over $160 million dollars. Money wise,Tian’s box office stood to make 150,000 yuan ( $24,000) off of the release of the film, which would help him reach his box office goal.  Now Tian is forced to find another film to fill its spot.  According to Tian the excuse of technical issues may only be a smokescreen.  He said, “The censors have sharper eyes than we do. Shouldn’t they have already spotted it?” Another source, who works on the promotional team said that there was no prior warning given about the film being in danger of banishment.

The film which stars Jamie Foxx, as Django, was cut off one minute into the viewing. Photographer Xue Yutao described his shock, when a theater employee interrupted the viewing and said that the film would be postponed without explanation.

 “It was so sudden. I was very shocked. How could this be possible? Something like this has never happened before.”

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