Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s Daughter Indicted for Money Laundering, Perjury

Rev. Jeremiah Wright's daughter, Jeri L. Wright, was indicted on Wednesday on charges of money laundering and lying to federal authorities.
Jeri L. Wright

by Malcolm Morrow

Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s daughter, Jeri L. Wright, was indicted on Wednesday on charges of money laundering and lying to federal authorities, a U.S. Department spokeswoman said. Jeri, 47, was accused of participating in a fraud scheme led by former suburban police chief Regina Evans and her husband Ronald Evans, Jr. that involved a $1.25 million state grant, according to the U.S. Attorney’s office for the Central District of Illinois in Springfield.

The state grant was for the Evans’ owned not-for-profit work and education program called We Are Our Brother’s Keeper. According to the indictment, Jeri, a close friend of the couple, received three checks in 2009 with the approximate worth of $28,000, intended for work related to the grant. Approximately $20,000 of that money was deposited back into bank accounts controlled by the couple.

Jeri was charged with two counts of money laundering, two counts of making false statements to federal officers, and seven counts of giving false testimony to a grand jury. Jeri is looking at the possibility of serving serious prison time if found guilty of all charges. The money laundering count she faces carries a maximum penalty of up to 20 years in prison, while the other charges carry penalties of up to five years in prison. Evans and her husband are accused of siphoning money from the grant to pay friends and relatives and cover the mortgage on their landmark New Regal Theater on Chicago’s South Side — a venue they said they were trying to restore to its former glory as a cultural center for the struggling area. Regina Evans, through an attorney, has said she didn’t do anything wrong.

Dr. Boyce Watkins, a Finance Professor and activist who often works in the city of Chicago, says that this indictment is not an automatic indication of guilt.

“The city of Chicago is as corrupt as they come, and it seems that nearly anyone can be indicted for anything,” says Dr. Watkins, who held a forum in Chicago with Min. Louis Farrakhan last month and recently started a campaign with Russell Simmons to stop the effects of mass incarceration.  “When it comes to dealing with federal money and political enemies, it’s very easy for an innocent person to be brought down.  But as African Americans, we are often led to mistrust one another, leading us to instantly assume that because you broke the law, you should go to prison.  But we forget that thousands of others often break the law and have those same offenses overlooked.”

Dr. Watkins claims that the indictment of Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. and that of  radio show host Warren Ballentine might be examples of the arbitrary application of justice.   He says that even though these individuals may have technically broken the law, there are hundreds of politicians and business people in Chicago who often break the law but are never charged for anything.  He considers the indictment of Wright’s daughter to be consistent with a trend where African Americans are often subject to a different form of scrutiny than others, particularly when it comes to the handling federal money.

“We must confess that the way laws are applied to black Chicago are not always the same as those of non-black Chicago,” says Dr. Watkins, author of the book, “Black American Money.”  “The indictment of Jesse Jr., for example, doesn’t mean that he’s entirely innocent.  But the truth is that he is probably not the only guilty Democrat who worked with the Obama campaign.  Much of it often comes down to having the wrong enemies or friends who refuse to support you.”

Dr. Watkins recommends that anyone handling money from the federal government be extremely careful about how those resources are allocated.  He says that the government’s response to the misuse of federal funds is more drastic than its response to murder.  He also says that the public should not be quick to judge Pastor Wright’s daughter or anyone else without understanding the context of the political environment.


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  6. Their u go again hating white people and saying no justice is being done, so Black people can get off because white’s u say do not get the same justice. your COMMENTS ARE PREJUDICE this is why we are so divided you think your still being persecuted because of your skin color. So these people can get off because others do the same and do not get caught. The morals of this great country have fallen because of this kind of attitude. OJ s. was guilty and he got off because they used his color, open your eyes people read your Bible and live it.

  7. it is subtle….but observant individuals ..know of the differences…on reporting…a positive story..and a negative story…az it refers to black ..folks…and white folks..or hispanics…and other ethnic…groups….respectively…guess who..gets the s–t end of the stick…in mostly all of the stories..whether they be postive ..or negative…that why we need to tell our own story..and why the black press must be ever vigilant…..the central park five….which was ..on public broadcast tv..last nite is/was a perfect example…..will they ever get paid…for their unjust imprisonment….it is up 2 us…to ensure this……wake the f–k up black people!

  8. Dr. Watkins’ statements are a throwback to previous generations, and serve only to get people worked up. The problem as I see it is that two Americas exist. Mainstream America is composed of every race, color, creed, ethnicity, etc. and is based on fundamental (not Constitutional) western concepts. Sub-Culture America is mainly composed of Mormons, Amish, Blacks, Hispanics, Orthodox Jews, Lower Class Whites, and now some recent arrivals from other countries, who live in culture that is “different” than mainstream. Living in a sub-culture is perfectly fine, provided you don’t bother anyone. Orthodox Jews, Amish, and some Mormons have some unusual customs. These groups seem to be peaceful and go about living their non-mainstream lives. Almost all other sub-culture people expect the world to embrace their non-mainstream mindsets, behaviors, etc. Where has that gotten us? Nowhere! Why? It has kept us marginalized because we always bring race into the conversation. Most white people do not concern themselves with race, they live in mainstream. The Obamas even live in mainstream. Start believing in your God given talents and not continually thinking that a Messiah of Color is going to save you. Almost 95% of Blacks voted for Obama. It was not because of his credentials; it was because he is Black. No matter what opponent he would have had, he was voted in based on color. That makes us look race-based in our political judgment. Civil Rights had its day. Today, mainstream avoids Civil Rights issues like the plague. Nobody keeps you down because of race but you. It is time to stop blaming the rich, the white, the powerful, etc. and becoming individuals who embrace sound, sane, and spiritual family values, and abandoning mob mentality and sub-culture values. If this venue was called “Your White World Coalition,” Blacks would be calling it racial. Dig? Go With God…MBB

    • Well said Martin!
      You do understand the (I call it) the black box syndrome, the so called black leaders have tricked most blacks into thinking they can do nothing on their own, they can not succeed at all without the government intervening.

      They still scoff at education, they still blame the white man for any thing that is perceived as being wrong in their lives!

      They condemn and ridicule any other black person who dare to function out side of the black box. It’s sad 9 out of 10 think that way and the other 2 can’t speak out for fear of being beat down or ostracized! Thanks for making it plain!

  9. @Kerri
    Two very different scenarios! There is no doubt that Zimmermon killed Trayvon. The question there is under what circumstances.
    The question in Jen’s case is if there is a crime at all.
    As I said, two very different cases.

    • @Gwen, right, there is no doubt that Zimmerman shot Trayvon. However, for months after that incident almost 100% of the posters on this web site had Zimmerman tried, convicted, and sentenced to death. I can pull the posts from these same posters if you want me to. But you know that what I’m saying is the truth. Either everyone is innocent until proven guilty or no one is. If you want to call Zimmerman guilty of murder, then I get to call this woman guilty of whatever she’s been accused of before her trial.

  10. I understand and agree with Dr. Watson’s comments. Penal laws are not generally applied equally between Blacks and others. Blacks at all socioeconomic levels receive more scrutiny and harsher judgments and sentences.

    Black folk cannot afford to do the same stupid things that White folk do. The penalties for Blacks are far more severe.

    Jeri Wright may have been tossed into the same boat that Congresswoman Maxine Waters recently climbed out of.

  11. All you butt holes that responded to this need to tend to your own business. It takes six months to mind your business and six months to leave other people’s business alone. All of us have opinions just like we have butt holes, so why is it so important to respond to any article just because you can. Pray and ask God to keep you and your family safe from Satan and his imps.

  12. @Rev. George Brooks. How would this forum have reacted if I had said Blacks were too dumb to commit such crimes?

  13. How interesting that you say Jeri is innocent until proven guilty but have already tried and convicted Zimmerman for Trayvon’s death. Which is it? Innocent until proven guilty or only Black people are innocent until proven guilty? Because very few of you would say the same thing about Zimmerman.

  14. I would think with the scrutiny going on, anyone
    in office would be very careful about taking money
    for their own personal use.The question would be
    is what happened to the $8000.00?

  15. Blks r sooooo incredibly gullible & naive to jump on the bandwagon to convict Jeri Wright before she’s even been tried for anything based on the rpts of the racist white corporate controlled media who always target blks for criminality & have consistenly targeted Rev. Wright & his entire family since Obama’s run for president. As far as I’m concerned this is jes another nefarious attempt by the same corrupt forces to go after Rev. Wright again. Ever since Obama’s presidency its been OUTRIGHT war on the blk community. The only persons who r targeted, tried & convicted of any crimes n this UNJUST corrupt system r blks, w. whites @ the highest levels walking away w. no reprimands at all or only slaps on the wrist after committing egregious crime after egregious crime. Those who r so quick to judge others harshly & readily lock others away w/o any evidence to prove wrongdoing, oughta get wise to the fact that none of us r safe n this evil system. Its a system thats designed for our subjugation, exploitation & extermination. Its Rev. Wright & his family today & yours & mine tomorrow!

  16. Jeri is innocent until proven guilty! Nuff said!

  17. On the face of it, this case seems ridiculous. She got $ 28,000 and gave $ 20,000 of it back to them and it’s money laundering and fraud? Someone is on a mission here plain and simple.

    Anymore the laws are so byzantine for the regular person that you can break them without thinking, yet those up high can steal billions. Didn’t HSBC just get caught money laundering billions for the Mexican drug cartels? The drug cartels were actually taking boxes of cash up to the teller window at their branch in Mexico. They were taking up so much cash that they had to design special boxes to take it up to the teller window. That’s my idea of money laundering. Do you know what Attorney General Eric Holder had to say about that? He said prosecuting them might ruin the economy, so they fined them instead and yet someone wants to go after this woman for money laundering because she gave back $ 20,000? Yeah, someone is on a mission. I wouldn’t say that about Jesse Jackson Jr., but that’s definitely the case here.

    Black folks need to get out of the business of taking public funding for anything as this stuff is frequently under scrutiny anyway.

  18. One has to wonder whether or not such indictments are pursued for their political value in order to achieve specific outcomes, and/or leveraged against people who may be perceived as some kind of social threat by the “avowed” ruling classes. These indictments tend to rest upon a pick-n-choose criteria wherein who represents the biggest threat (which often crosses various color lines) are pursed with a vengeance. This could be the result of the whole system being corrupt, from all sides.

    John (alias leafBuilder)

    • Excellent point John. Definitively a case of selective prosecution and I’ll go one further and suggest that this is a “shot across the bow” of anyone thinking of getting too active and causing a problem. Even if the charges are beaten, the economic fallout (i.e. lawyer’s fees, job loss, disruption of your life and etc.) makes it still a losing proposition for the accused. So even if she wins, she loses and that is a message that won’t be missed by most observers—and that is intended.

  19. Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time….Pointing fingers does not make you innocent!!!!!There are three pointing back at you…….

  20. This is not money laundering. Fraud, maybe. Money laundering, no.

  21. Rev. George Brooks

    When will black folks learn that WE BLACKS DO NOT KNOW ENOUGH TO BE CROOKS. It’s as simple as that. We (myself included) are too dumb to even try to do ANY of the tricks that these whites and Jews, who are the masters of crookedness and evil, are off into. So we should NEVER even give a moment of thought of breaking any laws of any kind. We should, on the other hand, be the shining example of righteousness and truth. Especially, since we are all mostly a bunch of supposedly goody-goody religious nuts, in addition to being too dumb to know how to pull off any illegal tricks to begin with. But if Jen Wright does get off for this, it will most likely prove that Obama’s Jew bosses did indeed give Rev. Jeremiah Wright $150,000 to stop talking about Obama back during the first campaign. And they don’t want the rev. to speak to that issue, just in case he thinks that they are going to now inprison his daughter. — Rev. George Brooks

    • Amen Brother, some of those crooks been together since kindergarten and know how to put together a crime family. So, I’ve alwayas felt we have’t been in the mix long enough, thus they issue out enough rope for a brother to hang himself. All money isn’t good money.

  22. This is war against Black people pure and simple. Stop trying to justify why a white supremacist system and all of their fork tongued, double-standard laws don’t give you justice when the truth is “All is fair in Love and War.” The only rule in war is “By Any Means Necessary!” During the 1960’s white radicals robbed banks to finance their cause. Remember Patty Hearst? Did she do any time? We are still prisoners in America. That’s the only thing you have to remember. Free your mind and your body will do the rest.

  23. If found to have done the crime, do the time. Ignorance is no defense.

    • It seems as though she may have benefited from taking a mere $8K for herself, while giving the rest to her friends.

      If she was going to do the crime, she should have made sure the TIME she will do was worth it.

      As one of the posters stated: ‘We Blacks don’t know how to be crooks.’

    • First of all, Jeri Wright was ACCUSED of a crime, she was not CONVICTED of anything! Furthermore, u r pretty ignorant urself if u think that this charge against Rev. Wright’s daughter is that “cut & dried”! Rev. Wright has been targeted since Obama’s presidential run & unfortunately he will cont to b a target n this criminal enterprise of a country for the rest of his days. There is much much more to this “charge” against his daughter than meets the eye.

  24. The free money game of POLITICS is off limits to Black (AA) politicians. There are rules to that game, and if your not in the wasp circle; you are azz out. To many Black Folk (AA) fail to realize power starts from the top – change is created at the bottom. May they be innocent or not, to handle those government funds as they did put them in a position to be ridiculed and investigated. As far a Chicago being a hot bed for dirty politicians– doesn’t justify nor warrent an excuse for one to be as dirty as the filth whom they tried to copy off of. Monkey see and Monkey do– is how Black Folk (AA) been conducting ourselves since the time we were enslaved in America– wanting what Mr. Charlie got– drinking from the same water fountains- all the killings, hate of one and other, and the corrupt behavior of the Black politicians can be contributed to using white folk as a yardstick to measure what’s right or wrong, good or bad. We need to raise the bar in our Black (AA) communities, and get our minds right.


    • Your Hypothesis would only be correct if we knew how to play the game! We don’t, that’s the reason we keep getting caught.

      It’s Irrational, to play before you know the rules. Then again they are from Chicago.

      The only one to get over has been the President, he has yet to be tested on anything of a serious nature.

  25. This is what happens when you want to be like, act like, and do like the “PERVERTED CATHOLIC”…

  26. There we go again . . . Headlining something that does not fit. Jeri Wright is a grown woman and responsible for her own actions. I did not see the need to cast her with Reverend Jeremiah Wright in the same vain I did not see them casting Jessie Jackson Jr. with Reverend Jessie Jackson. Come on Media.

  27. i thinks we should all left the story play out! The WHITE media is ALWAYS trying to get us! Why are they showing a picture of Rev Right on TV but talking about his daughter/ Shouldnt they be showing her? Also, Rev Wright hasnt been in the pulput for awhile, WHY are they still showing pictures of him there?

    In EVERY walk of like situations, BLACK are ALWAYS treated differently and HISTORY has proved and supported that fact. We don’t get the slap on the hand, we get the WORST of whatever. Here’s a good example for you… If there were 2 managers, one black and one white and they BOTH were’nt preforming at their jobs… here is what would happen to each… The white one would be MOVED to another positon while the black one would be TERMINATED. Yet, both weren’t performing their jobs. Do you see the injustice now??? This is what happens EVERYDAY to black people. Don’t think you’ve arrived because you have a white girlfriend, wife. Remember what happened to Tiger, Colby? They found out they are REALLY BLACK no matter how much money they have, (HAD).

  28. She is not a child, she is a grown crook. This is not about politics or race, its about criminal activity. I don’t understand why black people always want to use race to give criminals a pasS, sometimes people do things that are just WRONG!!!

    • So she’s indicted for illegally receiving what amounted to a very small amount of the stupid $1.25 million rip-off scheme. YET..that man in the White House supported the illegal invasion of Libya by NATO(w/o the supposedly required approval of Congress)..using US taxpayer’s $$$ at the rate of $12 MILLION A DAY for 2 months…and got reelected. Only Dennis Kucinich, Ralph Nader and Ron Paul were among the few public figures who spoke out against this obscenity. Jesse Jackson, Jr. spoke out months later when he finally read the Wall Street Journal about the ethnic cleansing of Black Libyans and African immigrants that had occurred as a result of this…Jackson said he would call for an investigation..and look what happened to him!

    • “This is not about politics or race, its about criminal activity.”

      If that were the case most of Obama’s cabinet would b imprisoned b/c most r war criminals & Wall Street crooks. Its always about race & politics! Anyone who thinks different is a fool!

    • It may be because the crime in our community is so much more of a serious nature, when we see or hear of something like this our mind says it’s petty why bother, leave her along!

      We don’t understand a crime is a crime regardless of how large or small it is. That’s why we believe the prisons are full of innocent people, they didn’t do anything it’s the racist system that put them in their for no reason at all.

  29. This doesn’t sound right. I smell a rat.

  30. Did anyone say if there is a record of the mission of the non profit and if they performed the mission, did they help their "brothers and sistas "?!. Where is that info. That would tell us a lot because you have to keep records of your work as a non profit and show results to continue to get the grants! !! Were they their "brother's and sistas keeper "?

  31. Praises to Dr. Watkins for pointing that out… Let us not forget that white people get stop as often as we do for motor traffic offenses, however, most of us end up in court and/or have to pay fins while they do not even get ticketed… The system works that way for them from the little offenses to the biggest offenses they walk free and we go to prison or forced to pay money that we do not have!

    • we can stop that more black people becoming policeman. Think of
      all of those physically well black men and women in prison if they
      had decided to be police officers instead. Beats prison and there
      is a paycheck to go with it.

    • we can stop that more black people becoming policeman. Think of
      all of those physically well black men and women in prison if they
      had decided to be police officers instead. Beats prison and there
      is a paycheck to go with it.

  32. Down thru History the law has ALWAYS been applied to blackfolks to humble them. Much more so than whites.

  33. Pardon my ass. Rev. Wright is a snake (remember he wouldn’t shut his mouth during the campaign) and his daughter is a thief. Obama is not giving her a pardon. Her ass going to jail. Maybe, Dr. Watkins can cry racism and beg to get he out.

    • If you knew Rev. Wright you’d know he’s not a snake. He has been a political voice since the day he was born and the media mashing up different sermons together didn’t change the outcome of Obama becoming president. Smart people realized what the media was doing, especially the ones who were at those different sermons. Jeri is 47 and her father doesn’t have to have anything to do with her actions. Do your parents have anything to do with yours? Get serious and talk about what you know to be truth and not somebody else’s lies.

      • It has always amazed me how we are soooo very quick to think the worst of any and everyone. She is INNOCENT until PROVEN guilty. PERIOD!!! Those who consider her father a “snake” and Jeri a “thief” are clearly people who DO NOT KNOW THEM and are willing to allow the media to spoon feed them all the poop they can stomach. Let us remember, this country has a very extensive history of wrongfully convicting and lynching people literally and in the media, only to find out years later those people were innocent. Instead of judging WITHOUT all of the details, allow Ms. Wright to have her day in court, allow the attorneys to do their job, and let us see what we will see. Pray that God’s will be done, and pray that none of us are ever “accused” of something and judged the way Ms. Wright has been judged.

    • “Rev. Wright is a snake (remember he wouldn’t shut his mouth during the campaign)” I think you are referring to the fact that Reverend Wright and President Obama strategized long before he ran for office that he would have to viciously distance himself from Wright in order to become President.
      This is how you throw someone under the bus, run them over, put the vehicle in reverse and repeat,

      “”The person that I saw yesterday was not the person that I met 20 years ago,” he said. “His comments were not only divisive and destructive, but I believe that they end up giving comfort to those who prey on hate, and I believe that they do not portray accurately the perspective of the black church. They certainly don’t portray accurately my values and beliefs… If Reverend Wright thinks that’s political posturing, as he put it, then he doesn’t know me very well and based on his remarks yesterday, I may not know him as well as I thought either.”

      Also, Wright knew he had to martyr himself on a false cross of old age and rambling rhetoric to assist Senator Obamas, presidential run.
      You see; the big boys are playing political chess while you are playing checkers.

      “His daughter is a thief” It is always prudent to wait to ALL the facts come out before jumping to conclusions. Wait and see.

      “Obama is not giving her a pardon” I never said Obama would give the pardon. That’s too far up the food chain I’m thinking Governmental pardon if for some very remote reason this makes past the prosecutorial stage.

    • Snake??? Rev Wright has always been a man of great honor and integrity. Corporate media and the Republican Party disparaged him in conjunction with mean spirited and racist presidential politics. He is a man who has done all the things for his community that folks on this blog regularly complain that we don’t do and he has spent most of his life doing so. So if you’re trying to imply that Rev Wright engages in shady, unethical or criminal behavior you are engaging in pure slander and ought to be ashamed.
      If anyone is the snake it might be your beloved President. Look at his track record and then compare it with the true life’s work of Rev. Wright.

  34. Pardon time?

  35. Once upon a time children were off limits in the game of political payback.

  36. This indictment is bogus, a joke.Our American justice system continues to be as unjust, spiteful, and vengeful as it ever was. Think OJ for killing Nicole.These charges are a very thinly disguised attempt to get back at the POTUS for his affiliation with the Rev. Wright, sad, small and petty. Once again, shame on you America.

  37. This women is grown..47 years old to be exact. Leave Rev. Wright out of it…he is not responsible for her actions.

  38. it doesn't take us long to drive the knife into the backs of our brothers does it….You hardly ever hear white folk using the back butcher knife like we so gallantly love too at our brother expense…….Sambo's rise up and quickly say "I TOLD YOU SO"….Oh Sambo, Oh Sambo, Oh Sambo…….

    • Call me a Sambo if you like, bro. But there is a difference between Black public figures who do no break the law and those that do. What? It makes it right just because white folk do it and get away with it only a daily bases? Uh uh…. We either want justice or we don't, and it is indivisible. In my eyes you are the Sambo, because you want to sell your bro on the auction block and justify it by saying white folk do it! SAMBO!

    • Mr. Ecks, can we not just make a comment without name calling?

  39. Chicken coming home to roost .