Reebok Officially Drops Rick Ross Over Molly R@pe Lyrics

Reebok has been under pressure to drop Rick Ross ever since the U.O.E.N.O was released. Now Reebok has finally rickross-couchresponded to the pressure by dropping Rick Ross as its brand spokesperson.

In the song U.O.E.N.O, Ross raps, “Put Molly [Ecstasy] all in the champagne.  She ain’t even know it.  I took her home and I enjoy that.  She ain’t even know it.” To most listeners, that sounds an awful lot like a celebration of date r@pe.

Pressure to drop Ross increased when women’s rights advocates began calling for Reebok to drop Ross. UtraViolet, a women’s rights organization, released a statement calling for Ross to be dropped by Reebok.

“By holding Rick Ross up as something to aspire to, Reebok is sending the message that r*ping a woman is cool — and that’s a dangerous message to send the boys and young men that Reebok markets to. This is what r*pe culture is,” a petition drafted by UltraViolet states.

On April 4, members of UltraViolet protested outside Reebok’s flagship store in New York City and delivered a petition with 71,763 signatures against Ross.

Reebok finally responded to pressure, informing TMZ,  “Reebok holds our partners to a high standard, and we expect them to live up to the values of our brand.  Unfortunately, Rick Ross has failed to do so.”

Reebok continued: “While we do not believe that Rick Ross condones s*xual assault, we are very disappointed he has yet to display an understanding of the seriousness of this issue or an appropriate level of remorse.”

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  1. I agree with holding this ignorant clown accountable for his hatred. We should also hold him and corporations that support him accountable for selling hatred and violence against black people. How many millions have been made calling black people n_gg_r, celebrating murdering black boys and calling black women b_t_ches.

    But we shouldn’t stop there. We should also hold the white/Jewish hollywood film and TV industry accountable for their racist hate filled propaganda against women and black people as well. IMO they are no better. White/Jewish hollywood producers, writers, directors and executives have been making a profit selling hatred and violence against women and black people for decades before the rappers discovered it. For whatever reason Hollywood has been and continue to be spared from this level of criticism and protest from feminist groups.

    Feminist groups are saying what white actress Naomi Judd said a few years ago. That hip hop was selling a rape culture. But an example of the double standard is how women like Naomi Judd make a living in a hollywood film industry that sells raping, killing and humiliating women as entertainment but won’t publicly criticize that. I can’t help noticing that feminist groups seem more outraged when black men sell hatred against women. I guess by constantly painting a black face on misogyny they will get more attention from a racist media.

    I’m no fan of this profanity and ignorance driven rap crap hip hop stupidity but there should be equal outrage and petitions for all misogyny in the media not just when black men do it.

  2. Correction:

  3. Brother Eric Wright, get the petition going on, Color of Change etc. I will sign and I’m sure thousands of others will be more than glad to also. Great post. Thank you and the other two intelligent people.

  4. Why is this overweight tatted up ignorant fake wanna be ex correction officer, with an ex felon’s stage name news? He is not important. Please who cares..if you are not going after the government agency FCC and then the advertisers that allow these idiots to exist nor the record companies that are releasing these so called musical works then whatever. He is a joke and anyone listening to him is either brain dead or ignorant to real music. He like the wind, will pass

  5. Thank God for conscientiousness!

  6. The Shine Has Worn Off

    Great analysis Eric Wright. I agree with you.

    This commercial rap is filled with genocide, selfishness, boasting, disrepect, and everything possible thing that could destroy people who follow its messages. It’s helping to destroy our young black people and immature old black people too.

    All they talk about is how great they are, how everybody else is a b!tch n!gga, how they can f!ck your ole lady, how they will kill n!ggas, how rich they are, how broke you are, and on and on and on. There is no love and unity in that cr@p!!!!

    They must be insecure because they don’t seem to want to get their own ole lady. They want to f!ck everybody elses ole lady and brag about it.

    They are helping the prison system keep its beds full with black people. Their lyrics are filled with criminal activities. They are also corporate spokespeople because they always say the brand names of material goods. They know their influence is heavy when it comes to marketing corporate goods to the black community.

    Down with these b@stards!!!!

    Marketers of corporate goods and the corporate prison system.

  7. It’s too bad that no one reacts so quickly when talking about killing x amount of black men, and selling x amount of cocaine. Those things, I supposed, aren’t worthy to warrent a boycott of anything. What about these lyrics Reebok and others:

    “Load up the choppers like it’s december thirty first
    Roll up and cock it and hit them niggas where it hurts”

    Are these genocidal lyrics part of Reebok’s core values…Obviously one can understand being taken aback by lyrics suggesting date rape, but all the other shit is just OK according to the non reaction by Reebok and the greater society as a whole. Everyone else’s humanity and well-being is being honored with the exception of black men!!!

  8. he needs to be a spokesman and model for the man bra…..