KKK Rally Cost City $175,585

Many state and local governments are strapped for cash due to the recession, so one would think government officials would do klan memphiswhatever is necessary to restrain spending. Regrettably, that’s not always the case, as evidenced by the whopping $175, 585 that was reportedly spent on a recent KKK rally.

The City of Memphis and Shelby County reportedly spent $175, 585 to maintain public safety during a KKK rally that took place on Easter weekend. The cost includes overtime for police and fire personnel as well as the cost for fencing, portable toilets, and buses. All of this for a small group of less than 75 members of a once powerful domestic terror group.

“I commend the public safety officials and officers for their commitment to maintaining order under tough conditions, long hours standing in rainy cold weather and listening to the hateful rants of our out-of-town visitors,” Memphis Police Director Toney Armstrong said. “The participation of other law enforcement agencies helped create a show of force that sends a strong message, ‘We will do what’s necessary to maintain order and keep the peace in Memphis.’ Their professionalism, patience, and dedication are much appreciated.”

During the rally, the Klan called on members from across the county to Memphis to protest the council’s decision to rename parks which were racially offensive to black residents.

Prior to the renaming, the names of the parks were Confederate Park; Jefferson Davis Park, named for the Confederacy’s president; and Nathan Bedford Forrest Park, named for a Confederate lieutenant general and the Klan’s first grand wizard. The new names are Memphis Park, Mississippi River Park and Health Sciences Park, but the council may still change those names.



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  1. Don’t mess with history and don’t mess with humanity. Any kind of hate groups shouldn’t be allowed to parade by anyways and anywhere in the world after having been instructed of the conséquences of the Madness of humans. Slavery and the institutional destruction of Black people, WWII and the holocaust, 9/11 and the religious extremism are all stances by which hatred patterns express themselves and destruct. The right to peacefully assemble (piece of the 1st Amendment to the constitution of the US) doesn’t mean the right to project hatred thought and behaviors on other groups of people. There’s a drastic difference to make while interpreting the law. When people consider something is truth, that thing will be truth in their conséquences. So, by admitting the KKK has the right to express their beliefs, you, ipso facto, admit they have the right to lynching Black people because the lynching is a big part amongst their diverse modus operandi. Not serious at all.

  2. Douglas Winston

    It’s called the 1st amendment to the constitution of the US states of America. I will protect even these groups 1st amendment rights to assemble peaceably. We cannot pick and chose based on our sensibly which groups we are going allow to assemble. We must hold fast to free speech because some day it could be your speech the government wants to censor.

  3. Why are these kind of hate groups allowed to exist ? They are a terrorist group. So why in 2013 are they allowed to flaunt their hate?

  4. America…home of the Nwo using old tactics to anger people to focus on distraction rather than seek the truth. Albert Pike who was a mason and also belonged to the kkk. Conflict of interest or plot to undermine America. Do your research on who the masons and the kkk really serve. The Truth will set us free… Do some research

  5. …And still, they urge black people to forget the terror-laden past that our people endured.

    • Well said!!!! In this pay-to-play environment., It. Makes you wonder “who’s on that Memphis city council “….

  6. It’s a SHAME!

    An organization with history of hate crimes, torching homes,churches and indiscriminate killing is not only allowed to operate but take out rallies, in a country that champion’s itself of human rights and high moral ground.

    American’s where is your conscious?

  7. Municipalities have been doing this for, at least, thirty years. The municipality charges the KKK for the costs, and since the KKK cannot repay they are not allowed to rally again in that municipality.

    Black people can be thankful that municipalities do not charge black organizations, because the white people in the municipal councils feel sorry for black people.