During Howard Univ. Speech, GOP Sen. Rand Paul Lies and Says He Always Supported Civil Rights Act

by Yvette Carnell

During an episode of The Rachel Maddow show, Sen. Rand Paul made it clear that he didn’t fully support the Civil Rights Act, but now that Paul’s rand pauldecided to run for president, he’s forgotten all about that, and he thinks you should too.

Here’s what Sen. Rand Paul said at Howard University on Wednesday:

It’s a mischaracterization of my position. I’ve never been against the Civil Rights Act, ever, and I continue to be for the Civil Rights Act as well as the Voting Rights Act. There was a long, one interview that had a long, extended conversation about the ramifications beyond race, and I have been concerned about the ramifications of certain portions of the Civil Rights Act beyond race, as they are now being applied to smoking, menus, listing calories and things on menus, and guns. And so I do question some of the ramifications and the extensions but I never questioned the Civil Rights Act and never came out in opposition to the Civil Rights Act or ever introduced anything to alter the Civil Rights Act.

In a separate interview, which you can view here, Paul said he is in favor of banning discrimination in the public sphere, but not in private businesses. So in essence, Sen. Paul never fully supported the Civil Rights Act, only the portion which dealt with the public space, so it’s a lie to say he’s “never been against the Civil Rights Act” when he has positioned himself against portions of the bill.

MSNBC host Rachel Maddow had this to say of Paul:

“I remember [the interview] because it’s the last time [Paul] ever spoke to me………..Rand Paul saying at Howard University today that he never questioned the Civil Rights Act is not true. And it’s not true on tape … It’s one thing to have a sketchy record on racial discrimination you don’t want to defend, it’s another to think you can get away with flat-out lying about it. If you’re a U.S. senator, you’re Googleable! And people are going to google you so they will know it when you lie to their faces.”

Sen. Rand Paul disagrees with outlawing discrimination in the private arena. Fine. That’s not even a deal breaker for me. But Sen. Paul should’ve been bold enough explain himself and move onto areas where he shares common ground with African-Americans, like mass incarceration. Lying is never a smart move. Hopefully, one day politicians will get that.

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  3. they always change their positions….only when it can be contrued….as a potential benefit to them politically/personally……that is the m.o. of a politican……!

  4. Liar! Liar!! Pants on fire!

  5. Rand Paul’s lying is no surprise. Every day I read or hear the news of some lie that some Republicans have told. They seem to have faulty memories and need to be reminded by having their taped statements played. The statements show that what they are saying today is the opposite of what they said last week or last month.

  6. Kris Nelson Ingram

    @ Yvette. The point Rand Paul was making is that there are aspects of the Civil Rights Act that he supports but he goes on to amplify his answer to the student’s question at Howard as well as in the one-on-one interview with the reporter in the link you provided. Where is the lie?

    In fact, if you watch the entire speech at Howard, Paul goes on to explain and gives an example of why he likes the Civil Rights Act. He even defends the follower of Min. Farrakhan when the other people in the audience were hissing him.

    This sort of analysis is exactly why black people need to reexamine it’s thinkers, writers and leadership. This is intellectual
    short-sightedness at best.

    Instead of reporting on how Rand Paul agrees with aspects of Min Farrakhan’s program, or his agreement with the arcane drug laws, of which your boss, Boyce Watkins, has an interest and current campaign, you highlight something that is wholly complicated and attempt to reduce an explanation into a lie, where non exists.

    You choose to write a piece that attacks instead of one which seeks points which could advance the community.

    Clearly the democratic party has this negro writer in tow.

    • You need to stop that sh*t….

      Im a fan of his daddy Ron Paul… But any honest person would have to admit that Rand tried to sell these people at Howard some BS.

      Nobody cares if he spoke up for Farrakhan (which I didnt see, but Im taking your word for it)…

      He definitely had some issues with the civil rights law, and he tried to play those folks for dummies.

      Yvette is right on point in that he would have been received better if he didnt try to deceive the people at the event…

      stop that lying and just be honest. He acted like black folks don’t know black history..

      He came with that tired @ss talking point about Republicans being the party of civil rights as if Blacks folks (especially students at howard) ont know how that situation played out…

      He got caught and looked like the typical politician..

      I’ll give him credit for even showing up (because its more than most republicans have the courage to do) but he tried to play the audience and he ended up looking bad..

      Stop that sh*t…. stop the lies and be honest and you’ll get further with the public..

  7. To be fair, Rand Paul is a better republican than most. He is splitting hairs and stretching the truth when he speaks about civil rights and his views.

    I believe him when he says he isnt against civil rights (the main concept of it)… But the fact is that he is follows a certain libertarian philosophy that puts free market freedom above all other concepts (including basic ideas that the constitution is supposed to protect ALL citizens regardless of race creed or sex)..

    He basically thinks that businesses should be allowed the freedom to allow or disallow whomever they choose and the government shouldnt be able to force them to do anything.

    The problem with his logic is that is crashes against the idea that this is supposed to be a republic in the way that some rights are inherent and protected in any situation. This idea keeps democracy from running amok.

    Democracy is majority rule.. So in theory, a majority could vote slavery back into existence in a democracy if a measure gets enough votes to do so. The constitution gives people inalienable rights that cannot be voted on in a democracy.. So we use democratic principles, but all people supposedly come to the table with basic rights that are not up for debate.

    Rand Paul’s ideas crash into each other in reality on this issue, and he wont be able to have both absolutes at the same time.

    Also he is making a mistake (that alot of republicans seem to be making recently) when he says republicans are the party of civil rights..

    That may be technically true from a historic standpoint, but it is kind of a ridiculous thing to say when you put it into perspective and look at that comment through the lens of modern politics and what the republicans have become… That statement ignores the modern GOP and their southern strategy and the way they have become the enemies of civil rights. He is making a huge mistake by saying that to a black audience.

    the big problem with libertarian ideas is that they work in theory, but they clash with alot of other aspects of REALITY when you try to put them into practice.

    You cannot view government as EVIL. Government is only as EVIL as the people running it. Government is a tool just like anything else, and if we use it properly it can serve the public very well and be a positive institution for the betterment of people and a more free society.

    Libertarians love free market ideals, but they seem to always forget to factor in the idea of GREED. It is GREED that makes corporations and politicians rig the system to their benefit.. GREED influences people to cheat and lie to the public for the gain of a select few. We need regulations and laws of some sort to protect the public from GREED and undue influence that the powerful elite potentially could wield over our government and our people

    there is no way to get around that need for order (especially in a society run by money)

  8. Can you name a politician who has not lied to the populous? the all say what they think you want to hear, The President does it too, quite often in fact.

    For those of you who think the Senator should not be allow on the campus of a HBCU, what would you say if the President couldn’t speak at Harvard or to cancel his commencement speech at The Ohio State University?

    We want to be treated with respect, then most often refuse to give respect in kind. We can’t have it both ways.

    You do know the Republicans were the ones who passed the civil rights act and the voting rights act over the the blocking and a filibuster by the Democrats. We are supposed to be playing them to get what we want and need. Instead we are being played by both sides! Why do we just give our vote to the Democrats? We get nothing in return for 50 years all we have gotten is promise’s.

    • You can google for this information the house D 153 -91 R 136 35 Senate D 46- 21 R 27- 6 It was Northern demo and Northern repub. No southerner then or now, by the way that were the repud have chosen to build there party we had nothing to do with that. Could you PLEASE tell me what is it that the right wing republican offer that you can support.

  9. I am surprised that the president of HOWARD University would even allow Rand Paul to stand on the grounds of the university. It is well noted that he is against all forms of civil rights. As a Kentuckian myself, I can read between the lines of another Kentuckian especially when he is not telling the truth. Rand Paul is a lier and the truth is not in him. If he had his way we would still be using the back doors of white business establishments. He should be voted out of the Senate.

    • reading between the lines!
      should not be allowed to stand on the grounds of Howard!

      If this is the way we are to become equal citizens of this nation I suspect it’s going to take more time then we all have!

  10. I don’t expect anything from a krakker and politician but lies and death. what’s wrong with these negroids inviting that asshole and paying to hear that shit.

  11. Beware of people who talk out of both sides of their mouth. Senator Paul is an example of many so-called Conservative closet bigots who are in elected office.

  12. Elizabeth, I am with you I need an explanation why was he speaking at HBCU!

  13. Most of the GOPs think that they can say anything to us at anytime and at anytime the can say the opposite to us and we would believe them… Rand Paul's visit to Howard was his way to say sometime down the road that he has always been reaching out to us and is not only in support of the Civil Rights Act but he is also in favor of all other federal programs that were put in place to help us, including affirmative action…..

  14. So he changed his mind. Ultimately, what black people are afraid of, as evident by this article, is that white people are oppressive racists, and will lie, or change their words to appease black people – right?

    Too bad black people do not have a country, or government, that they can describe as being more fair and just to black people than the United States – WORD.

    You can take your educations, and your fancy rhetoric, to any black country and the spear chuckers are not going to understand what you are talking about. You have no idea how lucky you American black people have it, here.

  15. Why was he speaking at a HBCU?

    • I was there. Paul came to Howard to pretty much sway the African American youth to support the Republican Party. This article focused primarily on Paul lying about his position on the Civil Rights Act, but if you follow the coverage and check multiple outlets like critical thinker you are, you will find that Sen. Paul attempted to give us a history lesson on African Americans' support of the Republican Party.

      Then he tried to argue that the Republican Party that supported Civil Rights during the early and mid 20th century is the same Republican Party as now. That's why he spoke at an HBCU. But that's a very question that leads to my next question. Is he going to go into the communities (read "hood") and speak?