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During Howard Univ. Speech, GOP Sen. Rand Paul Lies and Says He Always Supported Civil Rights Act

by Yvette Carnell

During an episode of The Rachel Maddow show, Sen. Rand Paul made it clear that he didn’t fully support the Civil Rights Act, but now that Paul’s rand pauldecided to run for president, he’s forgotten all about that, and he thinks you should too.

Here’s what Sen. Rand Paul said at Howard University on Wednesday:

It’s a mischaracterization of my position. I’ve never been against the Civil Rights Act, ever, and I continue to be for the Civil Rights Act as well as the Voting Rights Act. There was a long, one interview that had a long, extended conversation about the ramifications beyond race, and I have been concerned about the ramifications of certain portions of the Civil Rights Act beyond race, as they are now being applied to smoking, menus, listing calories and things on menus, and guns. And so I do question some of the ramifications and the extensions but I never questioned the Civil Rights Act and never came out in opposition to the Civil Rights Act or ever introduced anything to alter the Civil Rights Act.

In a separate interview, which you can view here, Paul said he is in favor of banning discrimination in the public sphere, but not in private businesses. So in essence, Sen. Paul never fully supported the Civil Rights Act, only the portion which dealt with the public space, so it’s a lie to say he’s “never been against the Civil Rights Act” when he has positioned himself against portions of the bill.

MSNBC host Rachel Maddow had this to say of Paul:

“I remember [the interview] because it’s the last time [Paul] ever spoke to me………..Rand Paul saying at Howard University today that he never questioned the Civil Rights Act is not true. And it’s not true on tape … It’s one thing to have a sketchy record on racial discrimination you don’t want to defend, it’s another to think you can get away with flat-out lying about it. If you’re a U.S. senator, you’re Googleable! And people are going to google you so they will know it when you lie to their faces.”

Sen. Rand Paul disagrees with outlawing discrimination in the private arena. Fine. That’s not even a deal breaker for me. But Sen. Paul should’ve been bold enough explain himself and move onto areas where he shares common ground with African-Americans, like mass incarceration. Lying is never a smart move. Hopefully, one day politicians will get that.

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