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Beware of Shady Tax Preparers: Gov’t Moves to Shut Down Mo’ Money Taxes Due to Fraud Allegations

Every year in the run up to the April tax filing deadline, a slew of  tax preparation service companies crop up, all promising to net you thousands mo money taxesof dollars in tax refunds. The only problem is that some of these tax service companies are engaging in fraudulent activities, and now the U.S. government is finally cracking down.

The U.S. government has filed an injunction against one such company,  ‘Mo Money taxes, which allegedly filed fraudulent tax returns for customers. The government accuses the owners of  ‘Mo Money Taxes, a company based in Memphis, Tennessee, of maintaining a business environment that encourages the filing of fraudulent tax returns.

Memphis Congressman Steve Cohen celebrated the government’s injunction against the tax services company.

“People need to be careful in who they ask to so their taxes,” he said.”We’re trying to get a bill passed to require these tax preparers to be regulated someway through the IRS.”

According to the Justice Department’s filing, Mo’ Money Taxes’ employees led their customers to file returns that misrepresented their tax liability.

“The nation’s tax system relies on the integrity of tax preparers,” said Assistant Attorney General for the Justice Department’s Tax Division Kathryn Keneally. “Most tax preparers are honest. We owe it to them and to all American taxpayers to use appropriate law enforcement tools to stop those who prepare fraudulent tax returns or who lure customers with deceptive loan products.”

Mo’ Money taxes is owned by Markey Granberry, Derrick Robinson, and store manager Eumora Reese.


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