Video of Teen Girls Twerking, Giving Lap Dances In Church Sparks Outrage

A video posted on the TonyaTKO Show Facebook fan page shows teenaged girls twerking and giving each other lap dances.

A disturbing video of three teenaged girls twerking and giving one another lap dances at a church surfaced on Facebook Monday night. The disturbing two-minute video, posted on TonyaTkoShow Facebook fanpage, shows the young girls gyrating on the floor, on the pews, and then on one another. The video instantly sparked intense debate among commenters about how the girls should be punished — with many of the commenters calling for the same gruesome whooping that two teens received that landed their father in jail after he punished the girls for making a similar video.

As the video opens, the twerking music is heard in the background with the videographer (having the voice of a young girl) saying, “Y’all twerking at church.” Another  teen is heard asking her peers, “[Are] you putting that on Facebook?” The videographer exclaims, “You should!” As one of the girls gyrates on her peer, the videographer is heard saying, “She [is] a ‘lil nasty girl,” as she chuckles. The videographer then summons Shaneka to the floor and tells her “Go ‘head chic. Go ‘head twerk somethin’ for us.” The girls giggle as Shaneka struggles to twerk. The video clip becomes more disturbing throughout as the teens gyrate on top of each other.

Teens’ obsession with twerking on film for mass distribution online is probably becoming a gold mine for pedophiles, placing the children’s lives in danger. This is not the first time a twerking video has gone viral. Earlier this year, a short video clip of a visibly young boy twerking, surfaced on the Twerkers Gone Wild Facebook fanpage. The video, titled “Wheres This Kid Father?” has acquired 24,800+ comments, 54,500+ shares, and 19,700+ comments. The video sparked the ongoing debate about whether or not there is a hidden agenda to make African-American men effeminate.

While most commenters bashed the child and/or simply stated how shocked they were after watching the video, one commenter, Terese Evans, believes the child is on the right path. “[Y]all just mad cause he moves better than you. Leave the kid alone he actually has some skills. And will probably end up making more than everybody on here bashing him. Not to mention the fact that dancing like that doesn’t make you gay. Either you are or you’re not. If he is there’s nothing his parents can do about it anyway. if he’s not ladies look out. this kids got some crazy hip skills,” she said. Another commenter, Nola Hood, believed people were wrongfully sticking up for the boy. “He seems very young and he is moving as though he is experienced, and by that I mean..not a virgin. I feel sad looking at this. Who knows,what he went through as a child to make him display this behavior. All yall defending him need to shut up, cuz u aint no FB case counselor. Stop trying to be the hero and say something positive when u known DANG well this is not common for a young boy his age,” Hood said.

How do you believe we can stop the “twerking phenomenon”?

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  1. This question is for everyone, who are blaming the parents. If, the parent were present,. do you you think the girls would have twerked in front of them? Haven’t yever done anything your parents would deem inappropriate when they have not been around? Just curious to know,b cause I know im guilty! Too many quick to blame the parent, and not knowing how sum one raised their child/children, and not blame the child! They made the choice to twerk in church, and they knew it was wrong……….What about that theory!

  2. This question is for everyone, who are blaming the parents. If, the parent were present,. do you you think the girls would have twerked in front of them? Haven’t you ever done anything your parents would deem inappropriate when they have not been around? Just curious to know, because I know im guilty! Too many quick to blame the parent, and not knowing how sum one raised their child/children, and not blame the child! They made the choice to twerk in church, and they knew it was wrong……….What about that theory! Kmow it alls………..

  3. they will be dancing in strip clubs soon lol

  4. This is way-y-y-y-y-y outdated.

  5. Someone needs to teach an etiquette class a.s.ap.!

  6. Too bad there is no parenting going on. I bet not one of these disrespect to God’s House children is a valedictorian at any school. How sad for our children. How sad for our ppl. How sad that these young ladies think that shaking yr azz like a stripper whoochie is relevant to dancing – I guess if there was a pole in church – they’d learn to strip right there. No one is teaching them to be young ladies so why should they be. All the music is about whores, bitches, whoochies and the like so why should they act like what they are NOT. Young Ladies what a foreign expression.

  7. Dr. Roosevelt Northern, Jr., Ed.D.

    Please know that the Bible is “GOD-Breathed” (2Timothy3:16).

    FATHER-GOD through HIS only begotten SON-JESUS CHRIST (John 3:16)shares in their HOLY SPIRIT to communicate and to Love us through their letter-the Holy Bible. It requires an individualized and personal study-bible to establish a personal and informed relationship with GOD(John1:1).

    GOD loves you and talks to us through HIS written WORD and HIS Word-know the Bible for yourself. Establish a relationship with FATHER-GOD, SON and HOLY SPIRIT (John 1:1).

    The CHURCH-the ones that GOD cares for are the individual believers/local fellowships: Romans:12:5, 1Corinthians 12:12, 27 & 28, Ephesians 5:30. Establish a personal relationship with our GOD-FATHER, SON and HOLY SPIRIT (John 1:1).

  8. Children are not disposable, so we cannot throw them away. Their parents are not the parents of yesterday. We have many issues that we are dealing with here. Our kids re subjected to many things that they are not mature enough to handle. Who do you blame? The church is not the church it was when I was growing up. Parents are younger and some are dealing with their own issues. Some kids are raising themselves even with a parent in the household. You can’t necessarily whoop kids anymore either. The world has changed and sometimes we end up blaming the victim. I’m just saying…

  9. Monique McKissick

    The church will always be sacred for believers. Our youth are so far gone, & unfortunately with young parents who were not raised with old school values,they seem to be lost. But i will say this, it’s noy always fair to blame parents for things kids do. I grew up in the church with strict parents & still did some bad things. So, unless we know the backgrounds, i think we need to stop always blaming the parents.

  10. Church Smurch. A church? Puleeze, that is no big deal. What the big deal is: Parents are not raising their children properly. Tear those a$$es up. The he.ll with CPs and Social Workers.

    The church ain’t nothing but a building. Look at the Screachas.

    • Dr. Roosevelt Northern, Jr., Ed.D.

      Actually, “HIS CHURCH” as spoken of by GOD is found in Ephesians 5:30, Romans 12:5, 1Corintians 12:12 & 27,28. We are the aggregate Body of members/local fellowships of the Body of CHRIST-not the building-but the “believers”.^-^

      The CHURCH is the combined population of all “believers” in JESUS CHRIST; HIS Deity, Resurrection and Ascention to the right hand of FATHER-GOD (1Timothy2:5). You need to establish your personal relationship in GOD by reading HIS unadulterated Word and knowing the truth from GOD!

      Read and know that GOD is GOD; FATHER, SON and HOLY SPIRIT. (John 1:1). Be armed in the Word of GOD and not the deceptions of satan (Ephesians 6:1-17). HIS LOVE is in one-faith, one-body and one CHURCH! AMEN!

  11. Has anyone on this thread seen or heard of that “rap” video wher the 8yr old little boy (I believe he is 8, or close to it)was “rapping” about getting $$,hustling drugs, going to strip clubs & tipping strippers, sex talk, acting out violently, & much more…all tha while throwing large amounts of $$ in the air, “making it rain” persay,using numerous curse words while smacking grown women on their damn near naked asses??? AND his father is the one who influenced this crap, assisted him in writing & reciting the lyrics, as well as being the one who put the video & scenes together & recorded it himself as well!!! Apparently someone reported the video, the boy & his Dad….so then they publish the fathers statements which wher full of rationalization & the DAd finding absolutely nothing wrong with what he had encouraged & approved of his son doing…his kid, his child, his little boy!!! Not to mention those women who where allowing & obviously enjoying an 8yr old CHILD smacking & rubbing their asses while referring to them as “bitches” & “whores”!!!!!! Point is…when you have these so called “parents” whom condone this type of non sense, making it all look cute & cool(as if we/they dont battle enuf w/ todays society & peer pressure) in the world are we supposed to expect a large majority of children these days to respect themselves & others & to carry themselves with dignity, having morals & becoming upstanding & outstanding teens/adults/citizens???? SAD!!!!

  12. yea those are the girls that got their asses beat by their father……what’s so disturbing by it? I don’t see anything disturbing about it. you have grown women shaking their asses just before they step foot in the church doors. but when teenagers do it, its disturbing? yes ya are right they shouldn’t had did that in church they shouldn’t had been doing it at all but when they have people on the internet like the twerk team doing it and the twerk team consist of grown women twerking and video tapping it and putting it up on youtube or worldstarhiphop of course you going to see these young girls copying them. and yes including the boys…..ya so quick to judge these girls that are twerking in the church but if you go on youtube and look up the boy and his father twerking yes I said it right a father and his son twerking it on the car wearing their yellow tights. and the father didn’t go to jail for beating his daughters its the way he did it….he could had handle that situation a little differently and maybe he wouldn’t had got arrested. I don’t care what my child had done I would never beat my daughter with a cable wire.. he had left open wounds on them and wepts and nobody should be leaving any marks on them. when I saw that video of the father beating them like that I was saying damn that fucked up because what happens if the police arrest his ass for doing that and two days later I see his face underneath the title father charged for beating his daughter because they got caught twerking…like I said he didn’t get arrested because he beat his kids its how he did it and what he used to beat them….yea they deserved to get punished but come on not like that.. he beat them like they were slaves that didn’t obey their master…..

  13. Ayanna Danielle Renee Haulcy

    they don't need phones and laptops and cameras they need time with parents books real education.

  14. Very sad and very disrespectful. Kid today have no morals; AND, once again we are back to what are they being or not being taught in the home. This is really a disturbing video. For those of you that think the church is not sacred anymore must not be going at all or not going to the right one. Besides if you think it’s not sacred anymore then let it start with you make it sacred again… It on takes one person to stand up. God bless you all. Holla!

  15. Everyone got offended because they were twerking in church. Would them twerking outside of church cause this much controversy? The point that these teens were bold enough to do this in church just shows that clergy has to be more upfront about lust, love, and sex beyond just saying that the Bible says flee from fornication. In my opinion, this is an outcry for deliverance and healing. Ethically speaking they were disrespecting the house of the Lord but by the same token what are they viewing inside of their homes and what may not be discussed inside of their homes.

  16. I’m starting to feel sympathy for the Dad that was in the news recently for beating the beak’s off his daughter for twerking.

  17. FYI children Emulate/do what they see the Adults do or what the Adults ALLOW the children to do…Why is everyone so surprised? or disgusted at what these girls/ boys are doing? LOOK FOR YOURSELF the VATICAN DOWNLOADS and is WATCHING PORN, so you wonder WHY girls are ‘Twerking’ in Church when the Church/Priests/Nuns are watching porn ? cause and effect…. — SO IS ANYONE GOING TO CALL THE VATICAN/CATHOLIC CHURCH FOR GETTING CAUGHT DOWNLOADING PORN? NO, the valley of the drybones will say Nothing. Because the VATICAN/HOLY SEE / Catholic Church ARE the Biggest PROMOTER/PIMPS of the very same “sins” they claim they are against.

  18. I have 100% hindsight. I always disliked the fact that my parents would not let my sister and me go to unchaperoned parties or stay out late. They knew who all of our friends were. We led “sheltered” lives. We believed our parents were too strict. No they weren’t. They often quoted the Bible,saying, “Train up a child in the way that he should go, and when he is old, he will not depart from it.” When I became an adult and developed some sense, I realized how wise my parent were. It’s an old story.

  19. They are doing it in the right place. Nothing is real or truly sacred in there.

    • I’m surprised at you Harold. I guess you don’t believe in God based on your comment. However, despite your uninformed comment, young girls “Twerking”????? I don’t even know what that means, I only know that Church is definitely not the place for sensual dancing. And, IT IS a Holy place for those who love and respect the Lord.

    • Amen..

  20. > Blame R.Kelly > These girls are the NEW section 8 Whores for the future <.

    • Who did you imitate growing up? These are children that just need direction as you possibly need sensitivity classes.

    • I agree that this type of behavior for young children (boy or girl) is completely un-acceptable, expecially @ Church however I believe that you are an ignorant,simple minded, stereotyping jerk!!! "Twerking" in NO way, shape, or form means that he/she will be recieving Section 8 in their future!!! Who tha hell are you to assume & pass that sort of judgement on someone…baseing your prediction from a viral video you watched of them "Twerking"??!! WOW! Complete foolishness & flat out disrespectful!!!!!

  21. Doing too much. I hate that it even made it to social media for the world to see.

  22. When you can’t tell the difference between places of world and secular establishments these babies are doomed. Someone sent me video of Fast Eddie I’ll have sex with your teen son Long invited TI for teen activity One of the little girls ran down the aisle Jumped on TI from the front and wrapped her legs around his waist.

  23. lol now this is what you call holly hoes.

  24. Lordy,Lordy, you cant tell the church folks from the street folks.

  25. eh, everyone's mad because it's same sex grinding. adam and eve not alice and eve.

  26. Twerking IS NOT a phenomenon; it’s a teenage right of passage just like the little nasty things we did when we were young. There is no stopping it….give your child a good base EARLY and though they might stray every once in a while, bottom line is: THIS TOO SHALL PASS!

    • What in the hell are you talking about? They were twerking in do you fix your mouth to say, Twerking IS NOT a phenomenon? If it’s not new in the church, I guess I confused twerking with the holy ghost when women caught the spirit and danced in church. SMDH

      • Women didn’t only catch the holy spirit ,they caught the preacher too..I mean his root..

  27. Some kids do what they see others do, and are guided by their peers. Some kids do not like what they see, and are guided by good parents who teach them what is good.

  28. I may first begin by say, those kid learned that from their parents and or parents’ friends… Secondly, church is not a sacred place anymore!!!!!

  29. I say let them enjoy themselves. Either they will mature, and come to the error of their ways, or they won’t, and GOD will drop them into eternal flames. Either way the choice is theirs, and theirs alone.

  30. @James, you are correct. Teens/Kids will be just that. always have been always will be no matter the latest greatest tech that comes along.

    NOW..I will say that kids should be taught there is time a place for everything,, and what may or may not be appropriate in a public space. The fact that some behavior is best when one reach's adulthood etc is being lost to many.
    Since the closing of the " Digital Divide" thing, many have crossed with little or no cyber/computer literacy skills thereby consuming ( yep there is that C word rearing its head in cyber space) with little regard to safety or privacy issues. And these privacy and safety skills should be especially stressed for our little Girls.Facebook does give one the ability to control what's posted among close friends Vs the general public buy many are unaware of this ( computer Illiterate).

    Truth be told "twerking" is nothing new.Its basically an evolution of the "80"'s sexually suggestive " Cheer routines" with all its suugestive grinding etc the little girl of a certain socio-economic background would often do with each other as a pass time,, replacing jump rope. or further back…when sally let her back bone slip and shakes "IT" to the east, west and to the one she loved the best! LOL

    This is when I much prefer to see more emphasis placed on " Little Home/Business Makers and Home/Business Economics" of America…As opposed to " Little Whore Makers and Ho-econnomics" of America.

  31. Now this is really sad! A lost generation!

  32. Parents need to do their job better, that's all.. It's sad.

  33. Become a positive EXAMPLE for them..they only do and say whatever they have been taught!

  34. It might help if some if parents monitored their children’s computer activity on a regular basis. Unrestrained use of and access to technology is forbidden in the workplace but teens have free rein in many households. Violence and seduction is displayed for all to see and we refuse to acknowledge the effects. It’s going to get worse.

    • trust me that won’t help these kids because it is now too late. I understand what you are saying but whats done is done. you take it away in their home you don’t think these kids are smart enough to go to one of their peers house and watch it? technology is something that we had when we was growing up but it wasn’t too advance like today technology is.

  35. You can't stop teens from being teens. We have all done something we were not proud of while a teen. In our best lil of lady voice we just need to say "Baby that is not nice. Don't do that." And let it be.

  36. Reginald Duane Thurman

    Well that shows you that just because you take your kids to church every week don't mean that they are going to be aboit the right. I've always said that church girls are just as bad or even worse then woman that don't go to church on a regular basis.

  37. Reginald Duane Thurman

    Well that shows you that just because you take your kids to church every week don't mean that they are going to be aboit the right. I've always said that church girls are just as bad or even worse then woman that don't go to church on a regular basis.