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Guess Who May Replace Tyler Perry to Play the Role of Madea?

Orland Jones is slated to replace Tyler Perry as Madea


Ever since its conception, the role of Madea has always been played by Tyler Perry. Many fans worried when the entertainment mogul announced that he’d be retiring his role as the unapologetic, untamed elderly grandmother.

It is with mixed emotion that I announce that I will be unable to portray Madea in the next chapter in her journey,” Perry said in the statement. “The character has been such a gift and it was my hope and intention to play this role again in the upcoming film. But due to my commitments to the exciting new venture I am launching with OWN and Discovery Communications, I must now put all my energy into our new slate of shows that will launch on the network later this year.” The next statement Perry makes is shocking and leaves people wondering if he’s jesting or telling the truth.

In my opinion, Orlando is the perfect choice to take over this role. He is extraordinarily talented and will make one terrific Madea! I have given him my blessing and I urge everyone to go out and see [A Madea Christmas] and support Orlando’s participation,” Perry said. So is Orlando Jones playing the role of Madea now?

Orlando Jones


The news that Jones will possibly replace Perry as Madea was met with an overwhelming majority of criticism. Many people believe Perry is the only actor who is “worthy” of playing the role. Others are stating that aren’t fans of Jones and will not support any Madea films if Jones is playing in the role.


How do you feel about Orlando Jones replacing Tyler Perry as Madea?


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