Guess Who May Replace Tyler Perry to Play the Role of Madea?

Orland Jones is slated to replace Tyler Perry as Madea

Ever since its conception, the role of Madea has always been played by Tyler Perry. Many fans worried when the entertainment mogul announced that he’d be retiring his role as the unapologetic, untamed elderly grandmother.

It is with mixed emotion that I announce that I will be unable to portray Madea in the next chapter in her journey,” Perry said in the statement. “The character has been such a gift and it was my hope and intention to play this role again in the upcoming film. But due to my commitments to the exciting new venture I am launching with OWN and Discovery Communications, I must now put all my energy into our new slate of shows that will launch on the network later this year.” The next statement Perry makes is shocking and leaves people wondering if he’s jesting or telling the truth.

In my opinion, Orlando is the perfect choice to take over this role. He is extraordinarily talented and will make one terrific Madea! I have given him my blessing and I urge everyone to go out and see [A Madea Christmas] and support Orlando’s participation,” Perry said. So is Orlando Jones playing the role of Madea now?

Orlando Jones

The news that Jones will possibly replace Perry as Madea was met with an overwhelming majority of criticism. Many people believe Perry is the only actor who is “worthy” of playing the role. Others are stating that aren’t fans of Jones and will not support any Madea films if Jones is playing in the role.


How do you feel about Orlando Jones replacing Tyler Perry as Madea?


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  2. Certainly NOT the right move. I believe Jones will be capable of producing another version of “Madea” that may, in time, grow to be well-respected and loved by Perry’s fans, but its risky. I mean: odds are people will not respond well to this change as they have already “lowered their heads” at the announcement of sustaining the appearance of the character. Now, a vast majority of the fans dismiss the idea of another actor playing the character of “Madea;” I don’t believe it has anything to do with Jones, himself, but it has everything to do with the affection that Tyler Perry’s fans have given him over the years in exchange for his masterpiece, “Madea,” and how they refuse to be receptive of anyone else portraying the character, more less accepting the idea of “Madea” no longer appearing on stage or in film.
    The underlying and surfacing risk is that while Perry is attempting to present Jones for the continuation of “Madea,” chances are people will not respond accordingly. Those who are bias to Perry may not view the production(s), those who are neutral, and are willing to give Jones a chance may not be satisfied – in turn, no longer patronizing any “Madea” productions, and those who are confident that Jones will get the job done, they may be proven wrong.

    Nevertheless, I am a HUGE Tyler Perry fan, I believe he has the skills and experience to make decision we can trust and I also believe his leadership and management in the industry is a reliable one. The aforementioned statements are merely general ideas that do not reflect my personal opinions regarding the matter or the involved persons.

    • Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo no noon no no no no this movie is just not going to be the same I love the Madea moves 18000 choke that hoe but this is not going to be the same.i hope this is just a joke because all my friends love Madea played by Tyler perry not some guy named Orlando I am going to tell all my friends to boycot Tyler perry moves and tv show that include the new and old moves and tv shows

  3. Orlando Jones is certainly talented as a comedic actor, but I believe playing Madea is beneath him. His performances in movies like Drumline, Biker Boyz, and others is proof that he is worthy of juicier roles. Outside of MAD TV style sketch comedy, Jones is way too talented to be contributing to the ‘dressing black men as women for laughs’ trend. (With mad respect to Eddie Murphy and Martin Lawrence)

    • I beg to differ!! That youngman can not touch Tyler Perry!!! When you take in all the Madea brings to the table Mr. Perry is the best at it and that man should aspire to reach that level!!!!!

  4. William H Leonard

    I will give him a chance to do his thing. It's may be hard for him to do wha Madea does but who until you try.

  5. I’m Personally DisturbEd With This, My QuestionIs Why Nit Just Retire Madea All Together Than Thus Fangle Decision Of Getting Orlando jones To Fill Such Big Shoes, Do I Sound Prejudice Yes I Do, Im Pro Perry And Anti Jones. Call Me A BigEtt If Must But Im NotDown For This Im HurT By This And Wanted To Tell My Testimony, Pray My StrengthIn The Lord.
    Ps. Isn’t This The PeoplE Choice Awards, So Dont We Get To Choose Our Madea?????? Hmm, Huh???

  6. I see this as an evolution. All the best to mr. Jones, it's an honor to see you in the roll.

  7. Only Tyler Perry can play Madea. I will not watch any money with Orlando or Kim K.

    • Juanita, you are 100 percent correct. Only Tyler Perry can play Madea. I like Orlando but he can NEVER play Madea in the vein Tyler has.

  8. Tyler is a smart man. If he believes this is a good move,then let the chips fall where they may !! God got his back, everything he does will be blessed.Even the ones that say they wont watch it will end up watching anyway, cuz they need something to complain about!! Madea could be history and Tyler wouldnt lose money or sleep,Tyler is just being a blessing to other people right now by giving them opportunities to make money!!! Thats how it works, God blesses people so they can be blessingS to others!! He’s good, he’s doing bigger and better things right now. He’s making that Oprah money. But i agree to the idea of letting a woman do it!! Let sweet brown be the new madea!! I wish I could be in one of his movies!! Keep up the good work tyler.

    • That is true there will never be another Madea but that goes for everything, there will never be another Michael Jordan but we still watch basketball. There will never be another Michael Jackson or Whitney Houston but we still listen to great singers. The originals can never be replaced but the show goes on!!!

  9. Tyler Perry is Madea! If he wants to stop playing the role so be it, but no one can replace the person everyone fell in love with. Madea is not just a name SHE IS Tyler Perry.

    RIP Madea!

  10. Why does it have to be a man? Why do our MEN do shit like this? They got our Men so fucked up in the head.

  11. What about Joe? They normally play in scenes together.

  12. What about Joe? These two characters are normally together in some of T. Perry’s movies.

  13. I have always been a huge Orlando Jones fan. He is a much better actor than Tyler, and he is funny playing many different characters. I think everyone will be surprised at how he breathes new life into Massachusetts. I look forward to watching. O, and I know change is hard to accept, but stop hating! Lol

  14. Isn’t it time to let Madea RIP. Move on from her.

  15. I think Orlando would make a great Madea, he is also funny, please give the man a chance.

  16. Simply put. No!


  18. Kelley Yvette Fanci

    I think everyone should be given the opportunity to show what they were put here to do & mainly if he was chosen by the character himself… So if Tyler believes in Orlando then who r we to complain. Just sit back & enjoy and c what he does:)

  19. Maybe as a young Madea, but not as old Madea. Tyler should write a movie or play about who is Madea, what kind of person is she, and if she’ll find the man who fathered Cora. I enjoyed a lot of his movies, but I hope that he’ll make one last movie with Madea and Martin Lawrence’s “Big Momma”. I bet it’ll be a big hit and the greatest movie of the century.

    • Where have you been? You are advocating that mystery of Cora’s father be revealed? It was revealed in the play “Madea’s Class Reunion.”

  20. i don’t think any one can play madea but tyler. I think if Tyler can’t do it anymore then need to retire her and maybe someday Tyler will come back or he can create some other person as funny. But I hope it doesn’t come to loseing MADEA. Come on Tyler you created the monster madea now you have to keep her up. YOU KNOW NO ONE CAN DO HER LIKE YOU. YOU ARE THE ONLY ONE THAT HAS THAT MADEA STYLE.

  21. I think that whatever God has blessed that it will succeed in everything that it's set out to do. I believe that God blessed Tyler Perry to come this far and He will not leave him. Blessings to you Mr. Perry and I hope that your replacement will be as good of a character as you were playing the role of Madea. My sister is your number one fan Ora Richman. I am writing a musical myself and pray that God touches my life and let my work be successful also. May God continue to bless you and keep you safe.

  22. If anyone is going to replace Madea played as Tyler Perry I think it should be a strong Black woman like Monique' or Queen latifah!!! :) I know either one of them could play the part well…they both funny as hell in movies!!!!

  23. I am not happy about this. I think that Tyler should let Madea rest until he has time to fit her in. do not give Madea away! Make up another character for Jones. Madea belongs to Tyler!!

  24. There is only one Madea. And one can play her like Tyler, But I am willing to see how Mr. Jones dose. I will love Tyler no matter if he is Madea or not. He is good no matter what he is doing.

  25. Tyler, there is no one like Madea. Ordando is great but not as Madea. Have Madea go on vacation and have Orlando come in as her sister.

  26. I will watch anything Tyler Perry make.

  27. I just don't feel like anyone could do it like Tyler. Orlando might do an excellent job, but he won't be THE Madea! Just my opinion of course. 😉

  28. Hollywood has nothing to do with this. Madea was created and shot in Atlanta. By Tyler, using black people. He avoids and doesn't need Hollywood…3,000 miles away from H.W. How is H.W emasculating black men. Denzel, Morgan and The Rock all play strong black men. Just Eddie Murphy and Martin do the lady thing. Their just trying to work. Let Orlando do the same. Amos and Andy were considered bad, because there weren't any other black shows on TV except their buffonery. Now we have black doing other rolls.. Different time and not relevent now.

  29. Jones will do fine….. very talented/extremely funny…..;:^}

  30. I love Orlando jones,BUT to play madea i dont no about that.Madea is hard to handle and take no MESS she’ll play grit ball with u,but i no what ever u put your mine on it WILL be GREAT.


  32. Tyler, the obvious person to play Madea is a black woman. I know the perfect person. You need a big girl , there are plenty of us out here. Try Monique. If I was you I will certainly give her a chance.

  33. I don’t think he very good as a comedian, he is very good with drama. Madea will never be the same if she will replace.

  34. I love Tyler, no one else

  35. I'm a real Tyler Perry fan and I did not think anyone can play Madea better than Tyler Perry. I will look at it one time and wish him well but he is not Tyler Perry.

  36. i watch all his moveies

  37. No Tyler Perry No Madea, will not go see the movie without Tyler…..

  38. U just need to retire Madea period. Point blank. No one can replace Madea. Just let her go in peace. Don't funk up our sweet memories of Madea. Let her go in peace !!!! Please

  39. There is no one that can ever replace Tyler Perry as Media! He made this character come alive, & nobody else can do it but him! Who will replace his Dad? Didn't he play that part to! There are just certain movies that a character plays in that no one else can replace that person! No offense to this other gentleman, but he will not be able to replace Tyler Perry! HE IS MEDIA! That would be like changing characters, say for example, of The Twilight Saga. Changing the character of Edward or Bella! It would not work! SORRY, BUT IT JUST WON'T WORK IN MY OPINION! A LOT OF FANS WILL BE SO DISAPPOINTED, MYSELF FOR ONE! HAVING SAID THAT I WISH HIM LUCK ON HIS OTHER ENDEAVORS , BUT HE WILL ALWAYS BE MEDIA!

  40. Let's give Orlando a chance first before we judge him, everyone deserves a chance.

  41. no can replace tp playing madea, he does a good job, I always look forward for a new madea movie,

  42. If Mr. Tyler Perry no longer wishes to play the part of Madea, then my wish is for him not to replace Madea.

    There is no other actor/actress that I know of that could pull the role off better than Mr. Perry.

    I say why not just write her role out of your plays.movies titled “Madea is on Vacation”

  43. I believe Jones should come on board as Madea's Sister. Tyler Perry is in fact irreplaceable

  44. You mean they can’t find a real woman to play this role? Aren’t there enough black women actresses looking forwork? Precious could play the part of maybe even Stacy Dash if they prefer a light-skinned actress.

  45. I'm going to wait and see..why judge or complain until we actually see him as Madea…if Tyler picked him, he must be capable, but we should just not judge anything until we see it.

  46. Sooooooooo blessed to have enjoyed as many Madea movies WITH Tyler Perry. They are & will continue to be my FAVORITES. Good luck Tyler with all your future endeavors. <3 ya

  47. I have two words to say to that GROW UP!! Orlando Jones is a polish and season actor. Don’t express out of ignorance but out of knowledge!!!!

  48. I have two words to say to that. GROW UP!!!!!!!!

  49. NOBODY, but NOBODY can replace Tyler Perry as Madea. I would rather see the character retired than an imitation .

  50. Once I have seen Orlando Jones’s performance, I’ll have an opinion. I don’t comment on things about which I know nothing. There are other ways to get exercize besides leaping to conclusions.

  51. I don’t know what the fuss is all about. More than one person can play a role. Isn’t that what acting is all about. Can only one actor play the role of James Bond?

  52. Madea is Tyler Perry but I will support his decison on replacement. we need to at least give Orlando a chance, I trust Tyler Perry!

  53. I do not care for Orlando Jones. Never have never will.

  54. Goodbye Madea..Tyler Perry is the best for Madea and will always be Madea. I do not think there is anyone that can replace Tyler Perry for his role as Madea. I do understand you have to do what you have to do,but the true fans of Tyler Perry as Madea don’t have to like it. I own every movie and play that contains Tyler Perry that is on the market at this time. God Bless You Mr. Perry.

  55. Wow!! folks are really crazy!!…I totally agree with “TRUTHBELIEVER” This is comedy!!, Nothing more, nothing less. So many men have PLAYED women..however, that does NOT mean that they aren’t men!..Get over it, already!!..Find a SERIOUS cause to bitch about!!…If Tyler’s choice to play Madea, comes in the form of Orlando, I will give him a chance!!, After all, Tyler isn’t going to suggest someone that he doesn’t have faith in, nor someone who doesn’t have talent. I admire Tyler to the utmost, I will check out the movie, if I don’t like it, oh well, it won’t be the first movie that I didn’t like!!..AND…NONE of you “haters” got the money that Tyler has anyway, and you NEVER will…So, what he’s ALREADY made off of these movies, YOU can’t take back, or make him broke, by non-support!!!…Chuck it up!!!


  57. I personally feel that Madea is one of a kind personality that can only be portrayed by Tyler if he wants her to stay a popular icon. I think the new character should come in as a sister to Madea with the similar traits and every once in a while when Tyler is not busy, he could allow Madea to appear if only briefly.

    • K. Shannon Gatewood

      I agree, Debra….I think Orlando should play a different role other than Madea; a sister would be great. Only Tyler Perry can play the role with authenticity and humor. Anyone else will be an imitation of the popular character. Tyler Perry IS Madea.

  58. Amazing! If something serious is written, few comments are written. Madea´s disapearance or change seems life-threatening. Goes to show how many negroes live their lives based on entertainers and entertainment. No wonder anybody can make it. All the competition is watching.

  59. To all the ultra-serious , culturally heightened and social conscientious, it’s comedy. If you don’t like it, no need to see it. For some of us, Madea is an icon and we’ve enjoyed Mr. Perry for years. Love live Madea!

  60. I don’t know if my comment went through so I will make this short, Tyler why not your aunt to play “Madea” did you say she was the original one, you just brought the character out. Hummm! Think about it. But I know that you done what was best for your shows.

    Your fan

  61. Heather Badenock-Legall

    Tyler, if you can no longer play the character of Madea, I think you should put her in storage until you can once more put on your fat suit and your dress. That character is nothing without you. I would suggest that you consider giving a very small parts in your productions until better can be done.


  62. I haven’t been able to watch Tyler Perry’s latest shows or movies, but I love the characters that he has placed to make his shows and movies. It sad to hear that he is giving his part to someone else, but he knows what is best for him. I hope that the new replacement will do a good job, by Tyler Perry choosing Orlando Jones, which I don’t really know who he is, but he must trust him to do it. I maybe he should have given his part to his aunt that I believe he said that his aunt is the original “Madea”. Hummmmmm! Tyler, why not your aunt?

    Your fan

  63. I have seen every Madea movie there is. I will see how this Jones fellow pans out. If I don’t think he lives up to the fans expectations then I will just not watch anymore. Plain and simple.

  64. Madea is what made Tyler Perry famous, I can not believe he is giving her up. He needs to remember who he was before Madea.

  65. Tanya Wilson Williams

    Let's Give Orlando a chance, you never know.

  66. He’ll be back when the sales drop.

  67. I love Madea(T.P)! I understand that Mr Perry would like explore other avenues but there is only one Madea. Maybe Madea has a sister that she didn’t know about. They both come together to discuss their relations but Madea isn’t satisfied so she goes away to research this new relative background.

  68. I say give him a chance. Tyler must see something in Orlando if he’s passing his cash cow to him. Trust, the fans will let him know if he’s any good.

  69. There’s not but one Madea and that is Tyler Perry!

  70. i love t.perry and i know me jones is a good actor,but it wont be the same,u will be c.c from chicago.

  71. Will not be watching. No way…….No one could ever take Tyler’s place playing Madea.

  72. Why not a real Woman???.. Too many black men's want to be women's now a days til it just ridiculous, I like T P but enough is enough of this man dressing up as a woman crap..

  73. i will miss Perry, he feels like family and his Madea movies touch so many parts of my life.

  74. i will miss perry, he feels like family. and his movies touches every part in my life…….

  75. you CANT leave the role of Madea, you ARE madea!!!! It’s Madea that put you where you are today!!!! I don’t see ONE funny thing about Orlando Jones!!!!

    • Who cares? I surely don’t. Everything else including the former gov running for congress in south Carolina is more important than who plays Madea. Let oprah play he.

      • LOL…Its funny that YOU say you dont care but YOU took the time to read the article and leave a comment. lOL negative people are funny lol. If you dont care then done comment. Find something to do, find a friend if you can.

      • Loving Tyler Perry

        Obviously YOU do!

  76. Really? Who give a damn. Either you see the movie or you don’t. It is not that deep. We have other more important issues to deal with slaves.

  77. I’m sure future productions will be good, as Tyler Perry’s always are. I am a long time fan of his and of Madea. The truth is, it will just not be the same.. The birth of a new character would be just as entertaining and wonderful, but I don’t think anyone else could ever play Madea effectively. We will always be comparing them in many ways. Madea is just too well known. She is a household name in America.

  78. we have all these comments about a fag situation??? and no coments about the Atlanta Center Colleges rallying against criminal injustice, you people surely have your priorities in the wrong place.

  79. Why have a man at all playing a woman, why not have a BLACK WOMAN play the part, I personally am sick to death of the powers that be(y’kow who I’m talking about) attempts at sissifying the black man.

    • I agree. Why have a man play the role at all.Tyler says that madea is a combination of women who have affected his life so to me its an insult to have a man play the role and what is this fascination with black men dressing as women? What message is that to our young men?

  80. Lawd Tyler, what um gone do? I loves you and Madea and I just can’t bear to think about “another Madea”. Of course, I’ll stand by you and pray for the best, but not before I have a nervous breakdown. I’m in tears now.

  81. There is no one worthy of playing Madea but Mr.Tyler.Perry

  82. All this discussion for a cross dressing asshole. you people have no dignity and no self-respect.

  83. I think MICHAEL STRAHAN. currently on LIVE WITH KELLY AND MICHAEL show would be a dead ringer for the part.

  84. I think Orlando would be great As Madea, however…not quite as good as Rick Smiley!!!

  85. I think he’d be great at playing Madea…not as good as Rick Smiley, though!!!

  86. What? I don't think so, but I'll give him a chance.

  87. Orlando playing the role will be hard to swallow, but he may surprise us, so I wait to see. I may just give him one chance, and if he is not convincing, it will be goodbye to the Madea movies.

  88. This would be terrible. I would not support any Tyler Perry movies or plays. He is the only person that can bring Medea to life.

  89. If Tyler want to work with OWN and focus on that, then I support him in his decision to expand his horizons, but then Madea should have a proper funeral, because nobody is ever going to do that character justice. People love Madea, because Madea is Tyler and Tyler is Madea.
    Sure, she is a tough, no apologies, rough around the edges sort of character, but what warms people to her is that Tyler’s sense of love, respect and good values shines through the character. It is your soul that makes Madea Tyler, not the image of the character, not just any other person under the wig, but YOU. People are souls not bodies and nobody can play Tyler Perry. I love you for you.

  90. I think this is a bad idea. Tyler IS Madea! What about all the off-the cuff comments that comes from Madea at the spur of the moment, that’s Tyler. No one else knows Madea, like Tyler and that’s because their one in the same.

    Madea will never be the same.

  91. Spence MissiontomakeMillions Clark

    Orlando jones is truly a FOOL & will be welcomed by me!… Ive been wondering why he stopped comedy in the first place. Him or rickey smileys church lady should be the next film!… Madeas long lost sister!… #classic comedy!

  92. Nooooo! Orlando Jones lacks seasoning. Tyler Perry just can’t be replaced as Madea. You’ll someone loud with that “I don’t give a damn” attitude. Someone like Steve Harvey. Too bad he’s busy!

  93. There is no Medea like a tyler Medea. This will be a wrong move Tyler.

  94. Just retire Madea while she is on Top… nobody can replace her…. You said it yourself.. you have other things that need to be done… so just like everybody else 65 & over… retire… I believe Madea is at retirement age!

  95. Not sure how I feel it to replay someone.

  96. If Tyler believes in him I am willing to give him a chance!

  97. I support Tyler's judgement to run his business the way he see's fit and I won't know how I feel about Orlando playing Meedea until I see it but it's still written by the same person or people so the quality of the story line will be the same.

  98. Diane Van Veghel Hopkins

    There is only one Madea in the world, and it's not this Orlando Jones!

  99. I think Madea should be retired completely. The idea of putting men in dresses is starting to rub me the wrong way. Tyler Perry is unique. No one can replace him or Madea. Let's just stop while we're ahead.

  100. KeTurah Firstlady Scurles

    That is going to be HILLARIUS! I think Orlando Jones will do a phenomenal job. You all just have to get a little used to him, that's all.

  101. we need to give Orlando the shot and it was tyler perrys decision to have him do it. so tyler has my full support.

  102. I feel he desert a change…cause you never know how it will be like if you go and see the show….and I wish him all the luck in his success..Tyler Perry I will miss you..good luck in your success also…. love

  103. me myself would prefer Tyler Perry himself, but lets just see how this works out.I still love Tyler Perry and this new guy has to be good if this is who he himself picked to play Madea part.I cant wait to laugh even more.

  104. Get Sweet Brown out of Oklahoma City, she's special enuff. She will tell you that "she ain't got time for that".

  105. I want Orlando Jones playing a man. I want Tyler Perry playing a man. I am sure you can find a woman that can play Madea.

  106. I don't think that Mr.Jones has the right built for Madea. If Mr. Perry is writing the story it will be funny. The question is can Mr. Jones pull it off, I guess we all will have to wait and see. Who know maybe we will all surprise GOOD LUCK TO BOTH OF YOU AND GOD BLESS.

  107. Madea needs to either become comatose or hospitalized (with limited lines/participation throughout the movie). This then becomes the reason that her cousin Betty Jean, who is very much like her(cause they were raised together in the south by maternal grandparents)comes from Alabama to keep the family in check. This premise allows several things. 1. Perry can step away to handle other obligations 2. Jones can make this character all his own without the expectation of being Madea 3. Perry can always reprise his role of Madea if it turns out the moviegoers are not receptive to Jones. In my opinion, this allows for a win-win for all stakeholders (Perry/Madea, Jones and fans/moviegoers).

    • Very good idea!!

    • Great scenario!

    • I agree with Tiffany. Orlando Jones is a good actor but, I can’t visualize him as Madea. There is only one Madea, and Tyler Perry is Madea. His off the cuff, spur of the moment comments make her who she is. He is her soul. Orlando could be a sister, cousin, whatever but, I don’t think he can pull off Madea. Tyler chose him so I’m giving him the benefit of doubt, but please Orlando, do your very,very,very best. Is you can’t stand the heat, please feel free to get out of the kitchen!!

  108. Of course the character of Madea won’t be the same, but her character is still a good one. I think any talented actor would take a character and make it his own and Mr. Jones would do well not to try and be Tyler Perry in that role, but to let that character shine. I personally love it when Madea makes valid points in not so appropriate ways, “Pants on the ground” will always be on of my favorites, pops in my head when I see our young folks displaying their underclothing…lol.

  109. Once a "character" is established on TV or the movies, it's very difficult to have another person take their place. There is so much love & enjoyment for Tyler Perry's movies, I don't think anyone could take the place of Madea. Tyler Perry is a brilliant comedienne. And for those criticizing him for playing a woman's part, it's called acting, & very few have his kind of talent. Think of all the people he employs! He's a treasure!

  110. when Mel Blanc died Elmer, Yosimite, Bugs, Sylvester and the rest of the characters' voices were never the same and I lost interest and only enjoyed watching those cartoons with Mels voice. I love Tyler as Madea and I love Orlando when he was on MAD TV. New fans of Madea (played by Orlando) may not notice or know of the change but they will, I'm sure, still enjoy and laugh till it hurts. Tylers' gotta do what hes' gotta do. God bless

  111. It is my opinion that there is only one original Madea and no recipic can ever improve her! However, if Mr. Perry is willingly to step aside with confidence then as fans and admirers of his gift, lets support him. Trust his choosing of whomever. It will not be an easy transformation BUT hopefully it will only be temporary yet still successful.

  112. Not to take anything away from Orlandoo Jones because I don’t know his work, my feeling is that if you Tyler Perry cannot play as Madea, then Madea needs to cease to exist. Please don’t destroy all of our memories of her by changing her appearance and her character. No one can replace you in that role. This is not a good idea. Msy Madea rest in peace.

  113. Brenda Barrett Love

    While I agree Tyler Perry is the life blood of Madea's essence, I also trust his knowledge as well as his vision. The contribution of Madea role to his empire is not one I'm sure he does not take his choice lightly, and therefore he would choose wisely. I don't know this actor, but Tyler deems him his replacement. Trust Tyler!

  114. I don't think that anyone can do Madea like Tyler Perry does Madea. He created her and only he can potray her in a way to do her justice.

  115. NO Tyler has to play Madea. It just won't be the same. That to me is like saying any kids can be MY son or daughter some things are just irreplaceable.

  116. Of course Tyler is irreplaceable, but if it is unavoidable, why not consider a woman for the role–there are plenty great actresses!

  117. It sounds to me that the only real criteria needed to play the role of Madea is an innate rationalization of “Step & Fetch” mentalities and garbage can full of “Cooning”. So forget Orlando Jones, let’s put a real coon, I mean a REAL embarrassment to the black race in there like “Ricky Ross” or “Weezy” ?

  118. I understand that everything must change; nothing stays the same. I understand Mr. Perry need to grow. I am not familiar with Mr. Jones, but Floyd could play Madea. Just my opinion.

  119. Nah see that’s just wrong. No one, absolutely no one can do just to the Madea character…except Tyler Perry. That’s just like Halle Barry trying to play the part of Big Momma in Big Momma’s House…Madea is irreplaceable.

  120. Janice FootsoldierforChrist Murphy

    Tyler, please "KNOCK IT OFF!" If you are too busy to play Madea, then wait until you're not. This is like asking someone to play you in your life…doesn't make any since. I believe that you're setting this man up for failure. "Y.O.U are the "only" person who can play Madea!

  121. It just won’t be the same. Madea played by anyone else is not Madea. Just like the mom on Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Vivian. When she was replaced, it just wasn’t the same. Like Mucully Culkin who played Home Alone and Home Alone 2, and then they did a Home Alone 3, without him. They had to get a whole different family for that to work. This just won’t be the same and I think it is not a good move. But, Tyler is very busy, so I understand why he has to make this decision. But I think it is gonna be a sad change that I am not looking forward to watching.

  122. The role is only a Tyler Perry role and Aunt Madea should move away or something to retire this role! There should be a written storyline putting Aunt Madea to rest! No one else should play the role!

  123. Madea wont be the same if Tyler Perry is replace



  126. NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Tyler Perry is the best Madea.I won’t watch anyone else……………TYLER PERRY ALWAYS…….


    Another man in a dress…it’s all wrong.

  128. Orlando Jones will be a great Medea, Tyler owns her and he can do what ever he pleases. I for one want more of Medea’s wisdom and heart, so I can learn from her.

  129. Mr Perry should be the only one playing Madea. won't wstch any movies without thr "real" Madea.

  130. If Tyler Perry is truly not going to be able to play Madea then Madea has offically retired. No one else can but Tyler Perry play Madea.Best wishes to Tyler with his new projects, looking forward to seeing him more on the big screen or TV.

  131. I agree about the Bob Barker/Drew Carey replacement. I haven’t watched The Price is Right since Drew took over. I suggested Katt Williams because I think he could actually pull it off AND it should keep him out of trouble and he would be steadily employed and doing comedy and he could add a little more spice to Madea’s personality. (I hope you’re reading this Katt. I’m on your side) He is a fast talker just like Madea and he loves guns (like Madea). I know he can do it.

  132. Peter D. Slaughter

    I mean a % of black’s on this site are actually having a serious discussion about the next black person who will dress up in a wig and dress to play this coonish type role.
    This is some type of insanity to me overall.
    In the 21st century and like now has it come down to this,where black people are more than willing to accept other black’s playing these safe,non-threatening type roles for ole slave massa in hollyweird.

    • are u white because u talking like it because all black African American know that all black will go see his movies not with Orlando Jones but with Tyler Perry. But lets see if Orlando jones can play as an actor like tyler perry…

  133. Peter D. Slaughter

    So which black person is so exciting to play this off the wall role.
    I won’t be watching regardless who replaces him with the wig and dress running around crazy and excited.
    It’s interesting how in the 21st century a vast % of black’s are just unable to let go of this amos and andy,step and fetchit type stuff as some type of hip and cool entertainment.

    • K. Shannon Gatewood

      Peter..We are talking about entertainment; not world peace or social injustice. There is a time and place for those serious social issues; but this is not it. We cannot take outselves too seriously all the time; there should be a balance. The reference to “cooning” and “Step and Fletcher” seems like overkill; and out of context. Tyler Perry and Madea are entertainment; the lighter side of life. Tyler Perry is very socially conscience; each one of his movies brings a social issue to light. What does Tyler Perry dressing like a woman and playing a role have to do with the social injustices of the black race?

  134. I am willing to give Mr. Jones a chance as I am a big fan. I have seen him play the part of a woman and he does it quite well. I would’ve suggested Katt Williams if he was taller. He has the smart mouth but not the height. Anyway, I will surely miss Tyler as Madea. OR…slap a wig on Tamala Mann and have her play 2 parts.

  135. Ok, so Tyler should retire his role. He has done amazing things and deserves a change. However I could think of so many others that would make a better choice. Wesley Snipes did aa great job in “To Wong Foo”, but it should be a comedian and believable choice.

    Please rethink the idea…

  136. think Orlando Jones is a fantastic actor, I can’t see him as Madea however I’ll see 1 movie with him in the role, if I like it great if not I’m done. Also make her Madea’s sister/cousin or something not Madea herself only Tyler can play her for real

  137. Horrible, I will never see a Madea movie again….

  138. It is over. NO ONE can replace him. Period. Not the same… :(

  139. Tyler Perry is blessed. Now it's his time to move on and SHINE, elsewhere! God Bless you Tyler. Good Luck to Orlando Jones. The "torch" of talent must be passed on. Thank you for your "Great" talent Mr. Tyler Perry (alias Madea).

  140. It won’t be the same not seeing him play Madea.He should’ve pick someone like Martin Lawrence or Eddie Murphy.They’ll make a perfect Madea!!!!

  141. Honey no one can fill those shoes !!!!! Madea should have a nervous breakdown or get lost at sea or something and drop out of sight for now until Tyler decides what he wants to do.It just won’t be the same with someone else playing her so that way he could always bring her back later.

  142. Wayne Brady would probably make a good replacement .Will be praying for you Tyler Perry and hope for the best.

  143. Good luck to Tyler and anyone who want to grow in new ventures, He has prove he can do movies by not being Meade, To drop it totally I guess he gave it long thought. Oprah need him he don’t need her, he is humble in helping some that is down in there craft. As long as he don’t let her drag him into that cult rod hubard, like Will and Jadet don’t belive in God, people that say they was bless by Jesus when they get real rich they no longer no him or what he gave them as a gift to share and gain finacially.Kudos to all

  144. I think its a good thing for him to step down. I mean we all ove him in the role he made so famous, but when he did Alex Cross, people didnt relly turn out like they would have had it been someone else. Hollywood tends to type cast actors, and if he continues to play that role peole may never take him as a serious actor. And as far as Orlando Jones goes…. I”ll have to wait and see. He has some big shoes to fill but I think if we give him a try he can do it!!

  145. It’s like when Drew Carey replaced Bob Barker on
    The Price Is Right. Everyone felt some kinda way. Personally I believe Tyler Perry’s Madea can’t be replaced. But I guess we’ll see when the change happens.

  146. I agree with the majority. There is only one Madea played by Tyler Perry. Let Orlando Jones be a sister or cousin of Madea. I would even like to see Sinbad or another christian actor, John Gray, play a relative of Madea. But Madea is and should remain Tyler Perry.

  147. Who cares? Why not have a woman play a woman's character?

  148. lisa bertelsmeyer

    although i can’t imagine anyone else playing Madea other than Tyler…at least give the person he picks a Orlando Jones or whoever..Tyler is a smart man and we should trust his judgement in picking the new Madea..

  149. Madea is your trade mark… it is not a acting part… that is a talent ONLY you were giving from GOD!!! Your mother told you before she passed… NEVER STOP DOING MADEA!!! It was a reason for that…this is what made you who you are TODAY! JUST AS IT WOULD WORK IN THE CILIR PURPLE…ANOTHER SOPHIA, OR WE CAN'T CHANGE WHO OUR PARENTS OR GRAND PARENTS ARE! WHY THE HELL WOULD YOU SUBSTITUTE MADEA??? This has to be a JOKE! NECER GET TI BIG THAT YOU FORGET WHAT GOT YOU THERE! MADEA IS WHAT KEEPS A LOT OF PEOPLE LAYGHING AND SANE!!! I WATCH THOSE MOVIES AND PLAYS, OVER AND OVER AGAIN!!! That will be a TRADGEDY!!!

  150. My first thought is disappointment, then maybe it is not fair to the new comer. Madea is like an Icon and Tyler Perry created this and played the part exceptionally well. I feel it is like Elvis a king in his own right but now many have tried to imitate and no one has even come close….This is how i feel about Tyler Perry playing Madea..but they will never come close to portraying her the way he did. Tyler needs to move on and excel but does he really need to leave Madea behind? A Die Hard Fan of Madea!

  151. Tyler IS Medea, but, if he has other commitments, then at least his stand-in needs to be someone who’s exceptionally talented, which is definitely NOT Orlando Jones (although it could’ve been worse — it could be Chris Rock!!). My nomination would have to be for Wayne Brady.

  152. You can’t replace Madea!….She will eventually loose her followers…slowly people will drift…I guarentee this!!…Some people you just do not replace!….You’re better off killing the character…(not that I want that too happen)…There’s no reason why Madea Perry cannot continue to exist… NO REASON AT ALL!…You don’t have the time?…Find the time!!!

  153. I agree with one of the responders, why not just get a woman. If Madea is based on Tyler Perry’s aunt why not honor her with a real woman.
    If he did that he would also help his image. Too many people are questining his sexuality and also saying he is disrespecting Black manhood, so he owuld really get a boost in the public eye with African American boys and men.


  155. Truth told and no offense to Orlando but Madea is Tyler and Tyler is Madea. Ya can’t slice it any other way. Off the record I am still dissappointed that For Better For Worse did not come back and left us viewers hanging. Love ya anyway Tyler!

  156. Nobody can take Madea’s place except Tyler Perry, NOBODY! It won’t be “Madea” anymore! I am not in favor with the change! I’m going back to “Big Mama!”

  157. Unfortunately, there is no one that will EVER be able to play the role of Madea…she is just as much a part of you as your daily character…Tyler Perry…LOLOL! Don’t do this to us…the key to success is you will have to juggle your new with what made you you!!! Wink Wink….we love you Tyler Perry aka Madea!!

  158. No way Tyler……..Believe me no one can play Madea but you. If you’re not doing the Madea character I doubt very seriously that it will fly in the movies with Orlando Jones. He’s a fantastic actor but no Tyler Perry aka Madea.

  159. Tyler should not be following Oprah. Oprah should be following Tyler.

    • I’ve never heard of Orlando Jones, but I do know emphatically there is no one on this earth who can portray Madea the way Tyler Perry can! If Tyler isn’t playing Madea, its not worth my time or money!! Tyler please never stop playing Madea or any of your other characters! You, sir, are NOT replaceable!!!

    • I don’t believe anyone should follow another person and I don’t think Tyler Perry is following Oprah…. They are working together because they believe in one another…. Besides Oprah does very well so if Tyler Perry did follow Oprah he would still do well…..

    • I agree with you 100%, Denise!

  160. It’s a man in a dress, who gives a shit? many people were criticizing him, now they care that he’s leaving. I just cannot wait to see what Spike says about Orlando, lol.

  161. Debbie Deal McGee

    Tyler, retire Madea. YOU are Madea-there is NO ONE that could ever replace you. You are born to play that role-I understand if you are busy and can’t find the time to invest in Madea. I am hoping you will just retire her-she is such a fantastic success….I believe with all my heart, she will be a total failure if anyone else tries to take her over. I don’t have the heart to watch her being played with anyone else.

  162. no one plz, I just love Tyler Perry as Madea…want to see more movies with Madea..

  163. Edna Richardson-Bell

    Why not? Sure, give him a try.

  164. J.r. Burns Reynolds

    Tyler is a man of God, and if God is leading him in another direction, then I would watch no matter what. I love him in the part, and his shoes are going to be hard to fill, but everyone deserves a chance.

  165. AIN’T NO WAY!

    Madea is Madea and nobody does Madea except Tyler Perry.

    Ain’t having it, don’t wanna hear it.

    And screw Alex Cross, too. Bring Madea back!

  166. The Madea character should die. She is a man in a dress and reinforces racist stereotypes.Racists love Madea because the character attacks the warrior black male image and re-inforces negative thinking.

    The Madea character says its okay to label and view black males in a cartoon-like and anti-male perspective. It re-inforces a belief system that nurtures racism.

    For example, Alex Cross did not do well because a black male Tyler Perry hero was undermined by the Madea persona.

    Racists look for reasons to denigrate Black people, to label us as funny and to classify us as sub-human. When we give them something to justify their reasons, they just use it against us. Then we ask why do they think that way?

    Black people should always present themselves in the best light possible to avoid reinforcing what racists believe because what is put into the mind will be reflected in behavior.

    Television and movies are powerful socialization mediums. They teach people what to think

  167. In all respect to the character Madea and Mr Tyler Perry, it is with out question that we(I) have grown accustomed to Mr. Perry playing Madea; Mr. Perry Made the character Madea the success that she became. Her mannerisms and witty colloquialisms that I have grown fun of will no longer carry the exact visual in my mind; however, Mr. Orlando Jones deserves in my opinion the opportunity by Madea’s fans to see if he can rise to the high standard that Mr. Tyler Perry has set for performing as Madea. Think of it like this, if our favorite team in sports number one player no longer played for our team we would not abandoned the team. We would hope the team could effectively replace our player with someone with equally outstanding abilities; and we would all wait as fans to see his effectiveness as an all around player. I vote as a fan of the team to give Mr. Orlando Jones the opportunity to perform his talents; then make a judgment afterwards.


  169. Simply NO !!! thats all

  170. Folks need to stop and think. Tyler has blown up over the past few years and is only one person, he is doing all he can and giving all he can to us the general public. So try to be a bit more understanding, if he is unable to play Madea…he could either put her to rest and we not see her any more or we can give someone else a chance to foot the bill.
    Yes I am sorry that Tyler cannot play the part, and admit that it will be difficult at first to see someone else playing the role. However, try to be more understanding.

  171. I love Tyler Perry as Madea, but if he gives Orlando his blessing I say I will at least see his performance before passing judgement!

  172. Mr. Orlando Jones is a great actor. I am willing to see if he can pull this off. We must give in time. Madea wasn’t made in a day and this one won’t be either. Great choice Tyler, we have faith in you.



  175. Pat Lavielle Hoffman

    Anyone other than Tyler Perry as Madea is unthinkable!

  176. No one will beable to play Madea like Tyler Perry and it won’t be the same. I know he has other revenues that he has taken on but Mr.Perry there will never be another Madea like you. Good luck with your new success and God be with you and I hope you will come to play Madea. I hate you have to give up the Madea role but only you can be Madea no one else. I will give the new guy a chance to see how he will work out.

  177. He sucks, I rather see Madea retire for good than to see this white in a black outfit play's her no no no he is fake not funny at all who choose him Opera. God please don't let him play Madea.

  178. Yvette German Allen

    who is this Orlando Jones , Don't think I know him, what Movies do he play in if a play in any.

  179. I love Orlando, but this is not the role for him, he could maybe be the long lost sister or somewhat but Madea, never, if tyler cant commit to the role then don't do the movie, it will not be the same.So tyler put this project on hold until you and only you can play Madea..with love as always……….

  180. There is only ONE Madea. Have Madea and Joe leave the country or something and have Mr, Jones play Madea’s long lost sister. So if he wants to come back he can. Just a idea!

  181. are you fucking kidding me! he sucks!

  182. They should go in a different direction and introduce him as Madea's baby sister

  183. No one can take Tyler's place… won't be the same

  184. Genevieve Milhoan

    In my opinion, Tyler Perry will always be Madea, no one can play the role as good as he does, but if Orlando is willing to step into the role, we have to give the man a chance! hopefully we will see Tyler Perry come back to the Madea role, there is no other Madea for sure! I love all Tyler Perry movies, I am always laughing! What a talent!

  185. I will still love Madea. As long as Orlando can make us laugh, that’s all that matters. If the character stays the same it should be interesting. Guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

    • no no no no no no I am an older woman who loves Madea, wishes I could be like her – she is so strong in her committments. No one can replace her. Say it ain’t so. I won’t be able to watch her replacement. no no no


  187. Well, I will be done with Tyler Perry if this is the case. I have nothing further to say. It is what it is.

  188. There are lot of people who don't like change. But in life we at some point have to make them. I think Orlando will do a great job in playing Madea. I want be the same, but I think it will still good. Orlando is a great actor and he can be funny in his own way.

  189. Ok say it’s not true. There is only one MADEA, we know Mr. Perry has to move on but maybe Orlando needs to play Madea’s sister. Mr. Perry we love you and wish you well, but if you want someone to take over as MADEA, I am telling you Mr. Perry you need to find that man that was on the Apollo I forgot his name. That will be the person to get, he sounds like MADEA my eyes were close when he did a little bit of MADEA T.P you need to find him fast.

  190. Why do it have to be a man to replace Madea.. why can't it be a woman? Nothing against Orlando.. Just asking

  191. i wont enjoy seeing madea leave n wont b watching anything jones is n

  192. I can wait…How long is it going to take you (TYLER) to write these shows for OWN…Hopefully not forever, cuz, there is only “ONE MADEA”

  193. Orlando Jones will be just terrific…..We all must adapt to change. If you are a supporter and fan of Tyler Perry, Support Him…..and Support Orlando in his possible new role.

  194. I could accept the new character’s role better if she was a long lost cousin or something of Madea’s. That way when (if) you ever get time…you can return as Madea. ijs

  195. Although I know that Perry can’t play Madea forever, I don’t want (nor desire) to see Madea played by anyone else other than Tyler Perry. I’d rather retire Madea then to allow someon else to replace him. There is only ONE Madea. Maybe they can introduce this new guy Orlando as Madea’s sister BUT NOT as Madea. I’m juss saying…..


  197. Lizzette-Elizabeth Bryant

    I have the feeling that Orlando Jones, will play his role and then some. I will miss the original player, T.P he felt ur was time to past the torch. I’m there. Orlando Jones is a funny brother, with those eyes, he’s gona kill it. You go boi!

  198. Bonny Stockman Morris

    That will bring an end to his movies. No one can replace Tyler.

  199. I think Mr. Orlando Jones will not make as Madea. I can do a better job than he can!!!!!!!!!!! We understanding Tyler is tired and need to concentrate on his new role in Alex Cross sequels too as well his prior committments. Well miss him but be glad to see him in more challenge role on the Big Screen. Wish him well and know that he is still love by us!!!!!!!!!!

  200. Debbie Westbrooks

    Nobody can play Madea BUT Tyler Perry. But we all have to change and grow. I will miss Madea dearly.

  201. I say just retire the role there will never be another madea.

  202. Vanesse I'mhealed Hall

    It want be the same. But I understand where Mr Perry is doing. Sometime change is good. So lets just support the both of them and see where it goes. Faithful Fan Vanesse Hall

  203. Why not find a women to replace you that can be just as funny ?

    • Thank you Robin. I KNOW Tyler Perry can find a WOOMAN :) to play Madea. I think a real woman will do the next chapter of Madea REAL justice! I hope Tyler Perry considers his fans opinion. When I think of how funny Lucille Ball was, I know there is a real woman out there that will bring us great laughter for years to come! I have enjoyed all Tyler Perry's movies. As long as Tyler Perry is doing the writing I know Madea's Christmas will be a great hit! God bless Tyler Perry as he launches out in new territory! All exciting and good!

    • Naw that would slow down the emasculation of the black man by Hollywood

    • Gary Radar Ridgley How true! While doing a bang up job of emasculating black men and killing two birds with one stone, I think Tyler Perry is doing a 'wonderful' job in creating an Aunt Jamina spend to Hattie McDaniel portrayal of a black woman.

      And the NAACP worked so hard to get Amos 'N' Andy off of television. I guess it's a matter of water seeking its own level, and that point Carter G. Woodson was making on miseducated blacks "finding that back door if one is not presented to them (blacks) will find one. Ha!

    • Gary Radar Ridgley How true! While doing a bang up job of emasculating black men and killing two birds with one stone, I think Tyler Perry is doing a 'wonderful' job in creating an Aunt Jamina spend to Hattie McDaniel portrayal of a black woman.

      And the NAACP worked so hard to get Amos 'N' Andy off of television. I guess it's a matter of water seeking its own level, and that point Carter G. Woodson was making on miseducated blacks "finding that back door if one is not presented to them (blacks) will find one. Ha!

    • YEAH, like Wendy Williams, she's tall enough and has enough attitude to fill the role of Madea.

    • Gary Radar Ridgley Black men need to stop emasculating themselves!

  204. If Tyler Perry feel that he can handle the role then I will give him a chance BUT there is only One Madea and you can't replace an original.

  205. Ann Johnson Robinson

    Seeing is Believing .. Tyler Perry Is's not just another Character .. IJS

  206. I will not any madea movies if tyler perry does not portray her, he is the only madea………..

  207. Who is Orlando Jones?

  208. I think TYLER PERRY is the best person to play the role can't no body do it better then him.

  209. I think TYLER PERRY is the best person to play the role can't no body do it better then him.

  210. Tyler Should see me!! I'm truly a real life Madea!! Only I don't carry a gun

  211. no one can ever replace tyler perry as madea no one could ever do madea justice as I trust tyler I just don't see it I hope to be proved wrong.

  212. Tyler Perry is Madea no matter what. He makes the Madea character what it is. No one can replace him.

  213. tyler you said that as long we want to see meadea you would play her in you play you comment on that.

  214. Tyler developed Madea.. I my self can not see another person playing the part.

  215. Putting another black actor in a dress is all I see…smh

  216. He should just send her on vacation or something

  217. If it isn't Tyler Perry, it isn't Madea, retire her character. I hate when I see someone playing a role started and played by someone else. It will never work. Sorry.

  218. Well…. NO! I say give him the part, a one time shot at it and let audience's reaction take you to the next level. I'd rather see Eddie Griffin, or Chris Tucker both who probably won't take the part because of their beliefs. Orlando Jones… I don't think he can be as funny. Sometime you just have to let a character go, Madea can't be replaced. Good Luck

  219. Tomasita Tejada Davis

    No one will ever replace Tyler Perry as Madear. I rather he retire Madear all together than watch anyone else in that role!

  220. No.

  221. No.

  222. I won`t be watching no more madea thx mr perry if it isn't TP playing madea than madea error has finish.

  223. I won`t be watching no more madea thx mr perry if it isn't TP playing madea than madea error has finish.

  224. I don't think I would go and see any madeas movie if tyler not in it.

  225. Who gives a shit

  226. no people love madea like I do.

  227. It just will not be the same w/ Orlando playing Madea instead of Tyler..Mr. Perry just puts that spice into the character for that added spice. I have been "hooked" on Madea and Tyler Perry's work for a very long time, the first show I watched was the Movie," Diary of a mad Black woman" all his work has a meaningful msg.

  228. Oh hell no there can only be one madea that's like trying to replace Santa clause with the Easter bunny just ain't right …. I LOVE you madea all ways and forever

  229. No one can play madea better than Tyler

  230. I think it is wonderful that Mr. Perry has reminded some and introduced to others the no nonsense character of Madea… But at this point I wonder, if he can't play the character, why not have a woman play it? It's not very high on my scale of entertainment choices either way, but it makes me wonder.

  231. Idk i will check him out but i just cant see it being anywhere near as funny

  232. How about just retiring the character? She's played out. And cooned out.

  233. Why pass judgment before seeing the finished project??? It just might be a perfect! I trust Tyler's choice.


  235. Tyler Perry as Madea is simply irreplacable however im a Tyler Perry fan so i'll give Orlando a chance afterall YOU NEVER KNOW he just might exceed no Crictic do your thing Goodluck

  236. Though I'll miss Tyler Perry's portrayal of Madea, let's give Orlando Jones a chance.

  237. Wow it just wont be the same with out Tyler Perry