Kansas GOP Official Apologizes For “N!gger Rigging” Comment

A Republican county commissioner says he won’t resign over racist remarks he made during a public meeting last week.jim gile kansas

Saline County Commissioner Jim Gile (R) used the term “n!gger rigging” when discussing hiring an architect to work on a local building. Although Gile has apologized, he refuses to leave his position.

From the Salina Journal:

In a recording made by County Clerk Don Merriman of the study session, Gile, who is white, can be heard to say the county needed to hire an architect to design the improvements rather than “n!gger-rigging it.”

His comment brought laughter from others in the room. Salinan Ray Hruska, who attends most commission meetings and study sessions, asked Gile what he said.

“Afro-Americanized,” Gile replied.

“He’s like that congressman from Alaska,” Commission Chairman Randy Duncan can be heard to say of Gile’s comment.

Gile says that he made a mistake when he used the term and intended to say “jury-rigged”, which makes even less sense because “jury rigged” has a totally different meaning than “n!gger rigged.”

“I am not a prejudiced person,” Gile told the Salina Journal. “I have built Habitat homes for colored people.”

Gile apologized for his comment prior to a Tuesday commission meeting. Understandably, Democrats in the area are questioning on whether Gile should resign from office.

Kansas Democratic Party spokesman Dakota Loomis thinks that Gile may not be fit to serve. .

“It’s shocking in this day and age that he would use this type of language and find it to be such a non-issue,” Loomis said. “He needs to take a real hard look at how he represents the people in Saline County. This demonstrates a complete and utter lack of awareness. It calls into question his fitness to serve.”




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  1. White people know us better than we know ourselves. Most of the history that we have learned belong to Africa. Not to Europeans. There is no white history. The only history that they have of themselves was living on caves in europe. They have stolen your history and your minds. Their jobs now is to keep you off balance. You are never to know that you are superior. They are people who needed a past. If they steal yours, and not tell you then you will thnk that they are your superiors and you will always worship them instead of yourselves. Learn your history. It is all over the place.

  2. Liz Briscoe Wilson

    Mr Giles should resign because he is living in the past when it was acceptable to say and use this terminology, before the Civil Rights movement. He can not represent the property owners in Salina, and I am one of them because he still sees us as inferior. He thinks we, African Americans are inferior and sees “nigger” & African American as the same. Would he vote to hire an African American engineer, architect, contractor or owner of any African American business? I don’t think so. He is living in the past and can’t function in the 21st century because of his outdated thinking. He is prehistoric. Mr. Robert Caldwell, an African American served as an educator and public official. His name is on a plaque outside the room, Mr. Giles was sitting in when he made this remark. Mr. Giles is a disgrace and a relic of the past. He should resign, all the people can be represented, “colored” as he refers to them pay taxes too. I do and I am an African American who grew up in Salina.

  3. Write to Editor "Salina Journal" to express your concern for Mr. Giles
    And his fitness to represent all of "colored" people in Salina. Write Saline County Commission, Salina Municipal Bldg ash/ninth st Salina, Kansas 67401

  4. Commissioner Jim Gile does not need to be on the public payroll – not because he made a racial slur, but because he’s lying and trying to cover it up!
    We all say dunce-like things and make stupid mistakes. But when we commence to tell one bad lie after another to hide our wrongdoing, that’s bad character!
    Even the Lord accepts repentance accompanied by confession. But if there is no repentance, them He nor we are obliged to forgive.

  5. In most racist white strata social circles, “nigger-rigging” is totally acceptable!!!!!!

  6. White people are so common. You don't have to have people to come out and say "I hate negros." They says it with every breath in their bodies. You need to hear the black people come out and say "I hate niggars". Because they act show it with every breath in their bodies. Start with us. We do need help in reeducating our people. For so many generations being taught to hate themselves through slavery, won't go away over night, it is too deeply embeded. And many don't believe that they are haters of themselves. White people will not take the responsibility of undoing what they did to you. We must reeducate our own. The republican Gile said that he built houses for the colored. That is like saying " I have a dog, I built a house for him out side. He did not build houses for people to live together. Yours are seperated, Which means it will never be as good as the houses that he will build for his own people. We have our own rich people who can build houses for us and teach us to keep it up with tough laws, they can make the money from these houses. But we don't believe we can do it.

  7. Racism is ingrained in this country. Whites learned in slavery to think themselves above and better than blacks and they never forgot–never! In slavery white Christians had to justify enslaving blacks and to keep poorer whites from joining with blacks against rich white planters oppression. That important to remember.

    As archaic as it sounds we (blacks) lend ourselves to the perpetuation of racism everyday. The word ni**er flows from our mouths as if it is a badge of honor. No other races who have had degrading names, call themselves by those negative names assigned to them by racists. Yes, the Irish, Chinese, Japanese, Mexicans, and others had negative names assigned to them by racist as well. But they had enough dignity to let them die! But we seem to love the word and what it means–and please don't try to fool ourselves that it is a term of endearment. That is insane!

    Our genre of comedy speaks to us as been a lesser people, our music has demeaned our women and images of our men. Yet, we laugh–loud!
    We are who we say we are, but lately it sees as if we believe ourselves to be purveyors of senseless buffoonery, clowns, engaging in coonery and doing anything to be seen. All of this tie into the commissioner's slip of the tongue or habit.
    Those words he spoke are used everyday by many whites. They poke fun at us because we have had to make do, because many times without the money to buy the 'parts' for things, we had to 'rig' for further use. In their jokes they do not consider the reason for the rigging. There is genius in the rigging or should I say 'make do'. Many other peoples would have given up long ago trying to endure the African sojourn in America.

    The lack of money to buy new or parts can be explained by the opportunities they denied us. Working for years on low paying jobs (even those with degrees) many do not receive living wages –now or then. Our missed opportunities to be productive and own stores like Sears, Penny's General Motors, etc. were manifested in laws denying us the right to compete against whites before and after slavery. Many whites nor blacks know how the government and majority citizens disenfranchised blacks. It is time we were taught of those disfranchisement. We must learn of the "road we trodded".

    It's a shame that they find it amusing we had and still have to rig some things without considering those facts. Blacks have been used in this country to define what constitute whiteness. We accent what is America's most precious cultural commodity and that is a negation defined in terms of what one is not: black.

    Make them put your history in the public schools–NOW!

    • Thelma, I don't like being lumped in with such a large group as "Whites", and I don't believe racism is very high in educated people, regardless of their color. It is the ignorant people, unaware of the power in working together, that feed their racist crap to others and they do it simply because they are afraid and wish company.

  8. Could have been worse he could have said “jew me” Wonder why more black folks don’t vote GOP?

  9. William H Leonard

    People think they can say what they want at any time they see fit and always say they didn't mean it but deep down inside they mean it.

  10. Of course, County Commissioner Jim Gile is “not a racist.” All racists say that. Listen to his words. He uses “nigger-rigging” and “colored” when referring to African Americans. Clearly he is behind the times and definitely should resign. His words were not accidental, nor were they said in the context of a joke;he wanted to get those words out there. And notice, HE DID NOT APOLOGIZE.

    • Ruby, I think you are being a bit unfair. Looking at the man’s picture, I can tell he grew up in the 1950’s and probably graduated high school in the early 1960’s When I was a little kid in the 1960’s, the “politically correct” term for a person of predominately negroid genetic makeup was “colored” (the term “black” started to gain preference in the early 1970’s). It had been that way for a while — hence the name National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. If it is considered acceptable for those with negroid genetic makeup who actually run the NAACP to refer to themselves as “colored” to this very day, then it is horribly disingenuous for “colored” folks to dis on some old white dude for using that term — the term he was taught was proper when he was growing up in the 1950’s.

      As for the nigger-rigged comment; be honest people — the term “nigger-rigged” has been used for a LONG LONG time, and most often used in a manner and way such that few people actually think of it as a prejoritive term, despite the fact that the term contains the word nigger. It’s sort of like when we say “that sucks.” If you stop and think of that term, its origin goes back to a particular sex act commonly performed by heterosexual women and homosexual men; but the term has been used so much in so many applications and settings, that the use of the term is NOT generally associated with the sex act and virtually nobody takes offense when “that sucks” is said in polite company (though substituting the s with an f is still considered improper in most social circles).

      I get it. You, and most colored, black, negro, and African-American people enjoy making Mr. Whitey dance when he fails to use the latest and greatest PC term to refer to people with prominent negroid genetic characteristics; heck, you enjoy watching Mr. Whitey dance no matter why he is on the hot seat. Mighty two-faced of you, given that a lot of black folks use the n-word on a regular basis, and they are actually using the n-word in its original context — to refer to a person of predominantly negroid genetics. It is time to let the petty stuff go, clean up your own houses, then focus on REAL cases of racism and prejudice out there. Getting all up in white people’s faces every time some technical and clearly unintentional foul is committed is rediculous, and only serves to cause Mr. Whitey to have a lesser overall opinion of colored people, while accomplishing nothing of real benefit.

    • Ruby of NJ, I agree with you 100%!Ijust want to add that Negro/Colored/Black/African American people need to stop using a double standard with the “N”word.”I am a “Black”woman who sometimes uses the term “nigger rigging”when talking with close black friends,when refering to something that is done hapharzardly. No doubt,Jim Gile used the term within the same context as I do. His only “crime” is that he is a white public official, using a term that has the ‘N’ word in it. The truth of the matter is,had he use those same words,within the same context, nothing would’ve been said or done about it, if he was black. If we(Black folk) are NOT Ni–ers,why must we let the “N” word upset us? Furthermore,I think it’s down right,hypercitical of black people to speak out against the use of the “N” word by non-black people, but remain silent when we call ourselves the “ni–ers. More than anything, we need to fight against the double-standard.


    jim.gile@saline.org Phone (785) 309-5825 Cell (785) 827-7356

  12. it's call the niger empire.. not the nig$er empire and every niger need to understand the history of them self's… we are from the niger empire…the white man or the white women add that g in there and you get?

  13. it's call the niger empirer.. not the nig$er empirer and every niger need to understand the history of them self's… we are from the niger empirer…add that g in there and you get?

  14. As things change….Things remain the same………..VOTE 2014…

  15. This guy is a liar and a conniver. He is going to say nigger rigging and then clarify it by saying Afro-American and then attempt to say that he was saying something else with rigging. He should not be allowed to maintain his position where he represents the same niggers that he does not want to have the rigging job. He is prejudiced and calls for discrimination in job selection. Get him out of there as soon as possible and by any means necessary.

  16. What about when Black people were not calling each other the “N” word back in the day. Racist white people would call us that no matter what, even if we didn’t call each other that! I read a few people up here saying maybe if we stop calling each other the “N” word it would fade, that is completely untrue, and stupid!! And besides we can call each other that, not some outside racist white person. When it comes down to a racist white person, they will call us that no matter what, no doubt!!

  17. Why should he resign? As long as our young Brothers and Sisters continue to use the term, NIGGER, why can’t the rest of none blacks use it private or publically even socially? what Up My Nigga?! Most all of the rappers use it in concert or during interviews without any reservation. so, when this white republican use it, don’t become upset and cry foul! We as a Black Folk, need to address our own issues before we point and say that non blacks cannot use the term Nigga or NIGGER! Stop complaining about the “N” word. Pull up our pants and clean our own kitchen first!

    • I’m in my 60’s and when I was young and someone called you the “N” word, those were fighting words, the old white guy sees’s no wrong because that’s the way they talk when we or anyone with a social concience isn’t in the room, that the real him


  18. I am as disturbed by the the use of “colored people”. Were they Indian, Asian, Iranian, White etc..?

  19. The term “nigger rig” actually has nothing to
    do with a racial slut. It is derived from the
    term niggardly, meaning cheap or poorly constructed. The A hole intentionally said
    what he meant to say by clarifying the use of
    Afro Americanize. He should be fired! and his
    ass kicked on the way out!

  20. “I am not a prejudiced person,” Gile told the Salina Journal. “I have built Habitat homes for colored people.”

    No Kidding.

    America built a whole institution of Slavery for colored people.

    No you don’t be prejudiced Mister Giles.

    You tell ’em buddy!

  21. LOL… Backhander apologies are popular these days… How many “homes for COLOREDS” was that again?.. Slip of the tongue like that makes you wonder about the county commissions money management…

  22. This is what's called a Cracker Nigga, don't mind him its this trailer trashes up bringing, you know Red State!

  23. Big papa, rappers also use words such as " fuck" It'd be an awesome idea to allow it in d next state of the nation address, what do u think?

  24. These inbred bastards really believe they can say what they want and then say Im’m sorry and that will make it OK. I remember when Rick “Santitorium” said the N word in LaCrosse, Wis. and denied saying it, when he was caught on tape. He thought he was far enough North that his comment wouldn’t be noticed. But he forgot, WE ARE EVERYWHERE. So he’s saying he’s sorry don’t cut it. He knew what he said and it wasn’t a mistake.

  25. Typical Kansas redneck. I will not apologize for calling this idiot a redneck.

  26. Jim Giles’ knowledge of history must be very limited. Has he forgotten that African-American slaves built the initial buildings in this nation at a time when the labor was MANUEL and FREE? Also the initial wealth of this nation was the results of SLAVE labor of which they benefitted and the slaves were left with only the clothing on their backs and they were RAGS. We will continue hear these comments with apologies until we form a joint effort to file For REPARATIONS. They have paid and are paying everyone but the people who made this nation what it is today. Arnetta

  27. So do we charge him with a hate crime! Do we accept the fact that it is people like you who forces the coloreds to need habitat for humanity. I guess we should thank you.

  28. And the “HATE” continues. It’s the American way. Unfortunately a day of reckoning is coming and right soon.

  29. Maybe when we stop calling ourselves that word it will fade from the language.

  30. White Klansman Democrat Sen. Byrd said “white n*gger” and not one democrate Black or white said a thing!

    • Do you think Black people are really that simple minded to fall for this poor excuse of an excuse for racism. #deflection #takepersonalresponsibilityforyouractions

  31. Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks…….yall strain at a gnat and swallow a camel, not that complex, when your heart is full of malice it overflows right out of your mouth….he needs to be excused to volunteer some where the NEGUS community assistance( NEGUS sounds like the word he used but it MEANs, KING). just a little history for those who want to grow out of being haters confused thru misunderstanding, n choose enlightenment respect, love, understanding and honor for humanity…..mmmmm

  32. It truly does not surprise me due to the fact that most old White men in office today are racist. You just might say they are “Old red-neck” schooled! It is too late for them to change their spots but those with a lot more brains should vote his butt out, as a matter of fact, he should step down. Until these old farts die, certain words will always be around. But we as Black people can start by dropping that word from our own vocabulary it tears me up each time I hear it in music, or hear a young black woman/man saying it. our forefathers paid the dues for us so we would not have to hear that word and our dumb young people and the rappers are clueless!

  33. He said something out loud that he always wanted to say. I think he feels better now. He meant just what he said. But, they are allowed to get away with this kind of stuff. IGNRANT FOLK THEY ARE. JUST IGNORANT.

  34. I let know-one and I mean know-one call me a nigger Black or White family friend or foe. I’m a Black man African by ancestry American by Heritage. I AIN’T NO NIGGER.

  35. Someone NEEDS to tell Dr. Carson, as he supports the GOP/TEA BAGS. This guy here is the poster Boy for Hate & Racism. Kansas is still a horrible place to live, as it is filled with these Bigots.I hate seeing people like Dr. Carson on Sean Hannity praising this GARBAGE, RACIST, PARTY

  36. My people are so full of crap. Always complaining about be called the n word, but call each other the n word all the time. If we had respect for each other others would not disrespect us. Stop the crying and stop saying repubs do not like black people which is a lie dreamed us by the dems to keep many black people in the dark as to what they are doing to us. We have 14% unemployment with a black president white people would not accept that but we do.

  37. A woman on facebook called him “uneducated” on my wall! My response:

    “Quite the OPPOSITE, Madame! It was YOU that called him merely “uneducated”.

    I am calling him a racist, on his face. And, Quite OBVIOUSLY, we do NOT ” all know how to act and what to say.” If that WERE the case, He WOULDN’T have done it… like it was OKAY!

    Well I do know to act, AND, what to say!! And an educated black man is the, ABSOLUTE, living NIGHTMARE of people with antiquated feelings of entitlement, and ownership. He is a BIGOT.

    Evidently… a BIGOT, without a calendar (Lincoln FREED the Slaves!), nor an internet connection (El Presidente es Un NEGRO, SUCKER! Get over it!)

    Times are passing him, and a large portion of his generation, THANKFULLY, by.

    Pathetic, despicable relic of times gone by! No matter HOW long a person WANTS to hold on to the MILK (!!!!!), it’s STILL going to SPOIL! Things change from how they once were! Throw out the milk, Bro!”

  38. I am constantly amazed at the stupidity that is coming out of the mouths of elected officials! Are these people elected to represent ALL the people or just a particular race,( WHITE ). We are all HUMAN BEINGS, an deserve to be treated as such. The advantage of slavery has caused some of these people in GOVERMENT positions to have the positions that they are in today. They had the advantage of having monies from that era to further their education, but unfortunately they have brought those RACIST beliefs along with them. There is an ending to this madness, an it should begin with these type of people being voted out of these positions that they have, an not doing anything to benefit the citizens that they vowed to support. Believe me the day is fast approaching when WHITE SUPREMACY will be extinct like the dinosaur.

  39. He meant exactly what he said and should be fired!

  40. My BEAUTIFUL BLACK PEOPLE can you not see it is just a continue mind game two term BLACK president that’s deemed black even having a white mother a black father. Even having white blood running threw him. his skin is still black. so the point is even him being the head man in charge. White wants you to not forget you are still a N. And you will always be. so never let them forget that (Blacks). They will always know their place. NO MORE BRAIN WASHING. NO MORE BRAIN WASHING!!!!! Like you can measure the amount of blood running thru a person body and determine whether he’s more black or more white. So Intelligent……. so glad God will prevail one day and say : Get it together …. You’ll all in the same boat.,,,,

    lack father

  41. If he still says ‘out-loud’ the N word in from of many people who were shocked. He needs to pack up his bags and head home.

  42. This is so pitiful! It is blatantly obvious that County Commissioner Jim Giles routinely uses this kind of language in his interactions with his white colleagues. This public show of racism seems to have been just a “slip of his racist tongue,” and even when he tried to wiggle out of the tightly-secured barbed wire, he simply made matters worse–“Afro-Americanized,” he still arrogantly inserted. I guess we can’t blame white people for the systemic programming they have internalized. These bigoted idiots will just have to be left behind and kicked to the curb as the the rest of the informed and civilized world proceeds beyond them. Racist ignorance is a terrible malady; it is a mental dysfunction that society can no longer tolerate; and being insensitive, nonchalant and embarrassingly incognizant of one’s outrageously reprehensible behavior is even worse. There’s simply no room in today’s progressive and enlightened world for the idiotic Jim Giles’s among us.

  43. My birth certificate states that I am “colored”. So you can pretty much come close to guessing my age. Anyway, I agree with the gentleman on FB. We need to stop calling ourselves N1ggers, n!gga, etc.

    Off topic: Why would anyone post a picture of themself or (grandmother??) in the middle of a cornfield with a rusty old barn/house in the background?? She just “us” back 100 years. Not cute.

  44. He need to keep his job and keep on doing what he's doing..
    only thing he said was wrong is he's not (Prejudice)

  45. OK. He built homes for “Colored” people. That’s like a slave owner saying I’m not a bigot because I gave my slaves jobs and provided room and board for them.

  46. I’m tired of Blacks asking the Perverted Catholic to apologize…

    There is nothing with these child molester showing who they really are in this world…


  47. There is always an election

  48. As foolish and hateful as the Saline County Commissioners words are, we have more pressing matters to focus on at the state and national level. Let the county residents vote him out of office.

  49. Codrington C. Dapp

    Damn–is every white person in the U.S racist? It’s like the racism is in their DNA…

  50. I think the people who vote these kind of people in office, or select them for positions are also at fault. I think we need to start petitioning, campaigning and doing whatever it takes to get these kind of people out of office. Tell your friends, family, coworkers, neighbors and all that you meet to help vote this person out….it works…we did it for Obama and if we maintain focus and solidarity we can get this man and others like him out of office.

  51. This guy should be fired. He is disgusting, and looks like an old racist. I have heard from a friend of mine that Kansas is really a bad place as there are a lot of bigots there, and still the KKK. There are not many places where you can get away with saying something like this. Hopefully there will be a big enough out cry so he loses his job.

  52. We have slept thur these very important years and now we are complainting about what they are saying about us.

    We give the NAACP,Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton a free pass
    and the media have allow them to speak for all black people.

    When are we going to stand up for our self. There will never be a change without a conflict.

  53. If here are ppl of color as he say in his community he needs to step down from his position. He is bias….

  54. Did he turned red in the face when he got caught?
    That just goes to show who the colored people are.We stay black and never change to any other color.

  55. Robert Monroe, Jr.

    Black people in the GOP are like the women who listen to raps about “bitches” & “ho’s” and think the song isn’t referring to them.

  56. If he’s not going to resign then why apologize?

  57. The people of Kansas need to get Jim Gile out of office IMMEDIATELY! They are becoming “too” comfortable using such words thinking they can get away with it. NOONE should stand for that type of language. Also, where has he been? Colored isnt used. That too shows he said what he said.

    GET HIM OUT OF OFFICE, AND LETS SHOW HIM we will NOT tolerate such verbal abuse…………..

  58. what does anyone expect from those asshole cave people?

  59. The old big red drink and bologna sandwick apology.

  60. its the same ole sh*t every other day with these politicians…

    they are really showing how generally incompetent and unfit they are to serve the public.

    Especially the old white guys with the racist & sexist comments. They are finding out the hard way that the good ole boy days are over and this stuff isnt funny or acceptable.

    The public needs to start throwing these clowns out of office and then they will straighten up their acts really fast.

    the apologies dont cut it anymore.. you gotta pack your bags and get out of office.

    we need to also do this with the politicians who ignore the will of the public on other matters..

    start kicking them out and voting for people (regardless of race or political affiliation) who have policies that benefit the public, and are not bought by corporations and rich lobbies.

    People need to become more educated about who these guys are..

    Like I say “you get the government you deserve” and we deserve better government than we are currently getting.

  61. any1 who beleives that sorry line ur azz dumb azz i thought u was! he’s going (like Minne Riperton line – Back down memory Lane) the days when the old ____ got away w/it! nothing has changed GET REAL BLACK PEOPLE! THEY NOT UR FRIENDS WHAT’S THAT OTHER LINE – SMILING FACES TELL LIES (o’JAY’S) DON’T NO1 SEND ME SOME PROFF B——T MY BEST FRIEND IS BLACK IT’S ALL WELL u ALL HERE ME! THAT OLD MAN SAID JUST WHAT HE WANTED 2 SAY AND U2!

    • I am sick and tired of hearing these racist people apologize for saying what they really feel when they get caught. They are using those words on a regular basis, it’s a part of their everyday vocabulary. That’s why it’s so easy for it to come out of their mouths. It’s not a slip of the tongue, it’s like the ole saying, “A drunk man’s thoughts is a sober man’s thoughts”. They think it, and they speak it!!!

  62. Gile should resign. He’s a complete disgrace to public office. even his use of the word colored people reflects his white supremicist mentality

  63. Just another day and another reason to feel embarrassed at being white. Yes, I am embarrassed. Constantly embarrassed.

  64. I really can't understand why we only highlight Republicans using this word while Democrats use it too! We constantly trying to make Republicans racist but ignore the racism from white Democrats or reverse racism from black people as a whole on both sides of the aisle. We are really silly with this.

    • Believe me, black people need to get on with what you are thinking, and go further; because the whole world is watching in raw real time, what black people do for the world.

    • When… where, Devin Robinson. I can bet dollars to doughtnuts that there WAS some blowback from a Democrat using it.

      Apparently you have some right wing tendencies, otherwise you wouldn't have said that, nor would you have pulled out the mythical "reverse racism" card, which implies racism is okay in the other direction. Racism is racism. However, where do you see Black people with the power to collude, consciously or unconsciously to impede the social, economic or political empowerment or ascension of white folks? You don't see it. So please, stop with the garbage about reverse racism.. that is the silliness!


  66. Spence MissiontomakeMillions Clark

    I think this is a non-issue!!

    We all know what nigga/ nigger rigged means, so who cares that he said this. We need to get over the past and worry about our future. Only then can we move forward and progress… Stop being so sensitive people!!

    • That's is a good way to begin. The next step is to begin building autonomous segregated communities dedicated to enhancing the lives of black people. Black culture is only going to mature when it learns what it takes to build a government it can trust.

    • Spence MissiontomakeMillions Clark

      i see my friends emails but i am not seein gyour posts right now Travon Ward, but if someone said that to my face it would be like disrespepcting me to my face (i'd be in jail). saying nigger rigged is not disrespectful unless you're hypersensitive to "non-blacks" using the word. like i said everyone either uses the term or knows what it means.

      to rig something up half assed so that it works well enough, but doesn't work the way it is supposed to.
      I had to nigger rig up my cd player in my car.

      Something improperly fixed, often mechanical or electronic. It is a derogatory term derived from "jerry-rigged" which came into use from the confusion of "jury-rigged," a nautical term for a makeshift replacement of rig that has been damaged or lost overboard, and "Gerry-built," which referred to the low quality of German manufactures in the latter part of the 19th century. Also known euphemistically as "Afro-Engineering" or "Colored Engineering"
      all black people in the world, no matter where from, have always nigger-rigged their cars

      To build or fashion something in such a way that it works well enough, but is lacking in nice touches of desgin, or complex function. Usually built or rigged rather quickly with whatever materials and tools are at hand. Sometimes built or rigged without the intention that it last for a long time. Built to serve the needs of the moment. Built using common sense, rather than detailed instructions or diagrams. Often as a result of a very limited budget.

      A term not now approved for use in polite society. If not, would you then say "N-word-rigged"? A close and acceptable synonym might be "jury-rigged".

      ***blacks use the terms hillbilly and poor white trash, and you don't see whites getting their panties in an uproar about us using that term…why because they use it too and they know what it means.

    • I appreciate the bacjround info on the term Spence I really do. However there are instances where a word couls be substituted to express a point and this was it. To me this was an instance where this man found an occassion to use the word nigger in publec and he did. Because regardless of what the term means it does not make it any less offensive. And to be truth I am not hypersensitive about non-whites using the word. I would like it for all to use the word. There are too many words in the english language to continue to use a word that a large group of people find offensive.

  67. Jacquie Mylove-holman

    May the truth set him free of his employment.

  68. Dawn old idiot.

  69. This racism runs all the way down to the marrow in their bones.His ass needs to be removed because his fake apology doesn't mean shit. Start petitions in every state and demand his removal.Bombard him with them.

    • Niggas can't run a candy store, and you think they can organize a political revolution to rid the government of white racists will avoid the problems that are going to eventually devastate the black Ameircans???

      It should not be that difficult for the people who were taught that the United States was founded by unjust slave owners, that a just constitution needs to be written.

  70. Soooooooooo the fact that you built houses for "colored" folks makes it ok? What? Really? The fact that you changed it to" Afro-Americanize" tells me that you associate sub-standard work with African-Americans. I wonder what kind of outrage you would have received had you also suggested that the commission "jew 'em down" too….(meaning the architecture firm that you suggested hiring)…. who would NOT "nigger rig" or"Afro-Americanize" the project. But who knows, perhaps there was no need to get them to come down off the price since they would most assuredly produce only quality work. You ought to be fired for not only being a flagrant racist but a dumb one at that!

    • lemme guess…his wife is black and she reads Essences.. :O

    • yep and she encouraged him to refuse to quit!

    • When black ppl STOP calling each other Ni@@er 24/7/365 that's when I'll believe it is hurtfu to theml. Black ppl treat the N_Word like a joke, that is, until some random white guy or WHITE politician says it. You know I'm right.

    • You're comparing apples to Klingons with that one. One ethnicity internalizing an epithet into a term of reference or endearment is not the same as giving the originators of the epithet carte blanche to hurl it around with impunity. Yes there is a double standard. When any other CAUCASIAN ethnicity does it (Acadians, Italians, Irish, Sicilians, etc.) do it, it's a sociological phenomenon, but when Black folk do it, it's always either 'an unfair double-standard,' or 'must not be that offensive' because we use it amongst ourselves but still take offense when it's used in its original context.

    • You should understand Wills when we call each other the "N" word its done more with passion. Yes we say the word a lot among ourselves. And many time its done due to tradition and passion.
      A white person says it to demean Black's and will never be awarded the opportunity to make the statement to Blacks with out proper responses.
      The white man has not and never will earn the right to say this word to us the way we say it among ourselves.
      Furthermore the word "N**ger came from the African country of
      Niger, where many slaves originated. Through the years the white man
      has belittled the word to represent ugly, the same way he has done other things for the same purpose. He has a way of bringing some one down below their level so they can rise above instead of rising above a person due to skills and intelligence. Be aware that he did this to all of Africa and other people of color.

    • Please understand this! It has nothing to do with ignorant Blacks who use the N word! It still does not justify any white person using this word and believing that it s acceptable!

    • Bianca,

      Good to see one of my homies from Leon county calling this racist out for what he really is. Several weeks ago, we had the ignorant lawmaker from the state of Alaska, referring to Mexicans as wetbacks, and now, this neanderthal raises his ugly head up from the dark ages to make these ridiculous remarks. His explanation was totally asinine to say the least, personally, I would prefer if you are a bigot, have the courage, conviction to stand by that belief, and not hide behind your phony apologies!!!

    • Woodie Wills, you don't seem to get what the real issue is with this bigot. using that type of inflammatory language in a office of power, Let see, do you think there is a slight chance that he has discrimminated against people of color who were may be seeking employment opportunities in his department? Racism, is ugly in all forms, and it should not be tolerated by any of us, regardless of our race, ethnicity, culture, or gender….

    • Yeah, I'll bet those houses were built by black people, and they have turned out to be substandard for blacks to live in.

      How much, you want to bet, that that is what is at the end of this situation?

    • Woodie Wills are you dumb? Do you call other people of African descent that word? I tell you what, I sure don't.

      So, there seems to be some controversy surrounding it. If I don't call people that word, and you don't, then what gives anyone the right to say that anyone can use it because SOME people do?

      Any half wit KNOWS there is controversy over the word and should treat it like the obscenity that it is and NOT use it… at least not use it during a government meeting!

    • Woodie Wills You need to more to that county. You will fix in well

    • Woodie Wills Your logic makes not sense!

    • Just because black people use the "n" word does NOT make it okay for white folks and others to use it. Many other races call each other derogatory names to but I don't hear white folks or others using it openly like they like to insult us with it. I HATE the "n" word. I am constantly telling my ex (who uses it all the time) that I AM NOT A "N" period.

  71. what's even more sad is that we all knew exactly what he meant….. we need to all do better.

    • Black people have their work cut out for them. Because of the tremendous global communications system, the whole world is getting a better understanding of the social abilities of Africans, and African-Americans – and it is not looking too good. Haiti is a prime example – why don't African-Americans fix Haiti???

      Before the Internet, the rest of the world only heard that blacks were oppressed by White America, now they are realizing that blacks do not offer any ideas for bettering society. They know you are not being oppressed anymore; for example, there are plenty of black politicians, who are so well adjusted to the system, that they are getting caught in political scandals. If white Americans were so racist, blacks would not have such opportunity. The white people around the world are not impressed. Blacks may be the worlds greatest entertainers, but when it come to organizing tranquil community – you aint got it.

  72. Total idiot. Look at him. Sad part, is he is one of many.

    • And you are one of many black people who believe that America is controlled by white people, but you insist on staying instead of going to a more trust worthy country – why??? Why are their so many non-whites migrating to America – to be with cool black folks??? Are black Americans giving them jobs?

  73. That is one of the reasons not to many of us vote for them! They just do not understand or pretend not to get it……

    • What don't we understand, that you don't like to be called, "nigger???"

      What are you talking about, pops?

      It is kind of silly for anyone to believe that they would vote for a dishonest candidate, but that is what black people inevitably do – have you ever noticed that? The mayor of Washington – what's his name? How about Charlie Rangle, up in Harlem – he got caught with his hand in the cookie jar, just like them white politicians, but old Charlie he got re-elected, because black people don't know no better – word.

  74. Diahrea of the mouth and dysentery in the brain…Typical of the GOP Tea partiers who are so full of themselves and keeping their lily white ways that they are blind to the fact that they are killing the world through hatred and dehumanized legislation.

    • Our "lily white ways" are what your people are jealous of, otherwise you would organize a country that would attract black people to live in.

      You ain't got nothing. No blacks are leaving to another country because it is more fair to black people – we tried that with South Africa. And as you know the smart Latinos are moving in and taking the jobs that blacks won't do.

  75. Reginald Duane Thurman

    I just want a real republican to come out and say, "I hate negros". Just to get it out of the way. I think all the republican cabinate members and supporters even black republicans should just come on out and say it.

    • Wait for it!! Racists like him get so "offended" when they are called out. They will never admit it – they hide behind their sheets.

    • At least Thurman we will know who they are and then we can work
      on them.

    • I'll come straight out to your face – I am not impressed with what blacks have to offer society.

      There is no reason to believe that black people are oppressed by whites. Dumb people are justly oppressed, by smart people. You do that, don't you? Don't you avoid stupid people, and gravitate toward smart people??? Or, are you a dumb person who is avoided by smart people?

    • It is not that we hate Negroes – it is just that we are not impressed with what Negroes have to offer society. It seems to be that blacks make great entertainers, but when it comes to organizing people to do things, the Civil Rights campaign was all you could do.

      Don't think Oprah, Magic, and Obama, did things with an all black organization. And you do realize that white people can organize without black help.

      Haiti is prime example – the whole world is wondering why black Americans do not fix Haiti. It is your chance to shine, but you are squandering it.

    • It is not that we hate Negroes, it is just that we are not impressed with the culture's contribution to society. You make great entertainers, but when ti comes to organizing society, you need whities help – always.

    • What about Dr. Carson who was on Sean Hannity many times, talking about cutting the very programs that helped him to get where he is today. A brilliant surgeon, but a complete fool in politics.

    • Sharona Denise Just looking at this piece of garbage racist, I bet he is "proud" of how he feels, the old fool. He is totally disgusting & I hope they fire him.

    • Carol Parks and Carson is a fool in life

    • Sounds like a good replacement for Clarence Thomas on the supreme court !!At least he says something !!