South African Leaders Remind the World That Margaret Thatcher Supported Apartheid

Margaret Thatcher’s death set off a flurry of tributes from around the world, but none from South Africa. That’s because Thatcher, who margaret-thatcher-photodied on Monday, was a supporter of apartheid, even going to far to call Mandela and those fighting against apartheid “terrorists.”

“Anyone who thinks it is going to run the government in South Africa is living in cloud-cuckoo land,” she once said of the African National Congress.

Even though Thatcher showed profound disregard for South African self-governance, an ANC spokesperson issued a glowing statement.

“Her passing signals the end of a generation of leaders that ruled during a very difficult period characterised by the dynamics of the Cold War,” said ANC spokesman Jackson Mthembu. “She was one of the strong leaders in Britain and Europe, to an extent that some of her policies dominate discourse in the public service structures of the world.”

But other activists and leaders in South African aren’t being nearly as kind.

Pallo Jordan, an ANC leader who was once exiled from his own country, told The Guardian “Good riddance” when asked about Thatcher’s death.

“I’ve just sent a letter of congratulations,” Jordan said. “I say good riddance. She was a staunch supporter of the apartheid regime. She was part of the right wing alliance with Ronald Reagan that led to a lot of avoidable deaths.”

The South African president who governed and upheld apartheid, F.W. de Klerk, offered praise of Thatcher upon hearing of her death.

After hearing of her passing, de Klerk wrote that he was “honoured to have had Margaret Thatcher as a friend.”


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  1. Emily Ero-Phillips

    And you know she and Ronald Reagan were in locked step! Since I can’t anything that’s nice, I’ll just end by offering condolences for her family members and close out!

  2. It is IMPORTANT to have an ACCURATE account of HISTORY and the role of REAGAN and MARGARET THATCHER played.

  3. It is IMPORTANT to have an ACCURATE account of HISTORY and the role of REAGAN and MARGARET THATCHER played.

  4. Sorry but Mandela was a terrorist. He was directly involved in numerous terrorist attacks that took the lives of several innocent people, including a mother and her child.

    • Kieran you are a Facist pig. Mandela was defending his people against the white devils who was brutally killing his people. Remember Europe invaded Africa and RAPE and Ravished the land of the original civilation. Thatcher is just a devil like the rest of them. She will have to answer for her evil doings

  5. How do you define temerity? Temerity, in this regard, is Europeans leaving their abode, and coming to South Africa to live as well as enslave the residents.
    And about Mrs. Thatcher’s death? I really don’t care one way or the other.
    In my Nigerian Igbo parlance it is called “Obiara nwere”

  6. William H Leonard

    I do believe that the CIA is the one that gave Mandelle up.

  7. And she was right. Black people do not know how to run South Africa. If blacks knew how to run a government that was fair to black people, then black people would immigrate there, like how all the Latinos are immigrating to the United States – people do not immigrate to political districts that are going to be oppressive.

  8. The evil that people do live after them.

  9. I wish I could bring her back to life, So I can watch her die again..

  10. It is smellying a little better in here. Another racist down.

  11. Herman Hawkins Jr.

    No kudos of any kind are coming to Thatcher from this reader. She and Ronald Reagan were the buddy buddy twosome from the right and their like minded policies and what has led to the economic mess the world is in today. Good riddance to her, Reagan and all their reactionary ilk.

  12. Just goes to show that many of our people need to have their heads examined for trying to put this modern day witch on a pedestal for the rest of us to praise. So soon they forget, and that is why our cause is not much advanced from where it has been since the 40 Acres and the Mule were promised. Individual glory and accomplishments does not much to lift up a people and a nation.

  13. H. James Roseau, Connecticut

    Obviously, she was not a goddess! Those that worshipped her and her reign of injustice will soon join her company to be judged by the real God, the only God. Then, they will realize that they were only humans, God’s creations.

  14. Many of our shallow-minded people readily forget and forgive her for her sins, even as they are unable to forgive their brothers and sisters of even the smallest infraction.

    • aren't they celebrating the Qeens Jubilee in Jamaica?

    • That would be 'they'…. This is still a great Plantation, and the conditions are laughable for those of us who are able to see and understand the actions of the buffoons and clowns doing their 'jig', shucking and jiving at a moments notice while shedding tears for their oppressors and congenital enemies. We are a danger to ourselves as a people….

    • I agree I find it unbelievable the Jamaican government sent out condolences and respect to margaret thatcher when she died, I still cannot believe it. We are talking about a woman who supported the aparthied regime in south africa politically and economically refusing to implement economic sanctions against the apartheid regime. While also classifying Mandela and the ANC as terrorists. We are talking about a woman who threatened to send back all non white immigrants in England to their respected countries. Yet the jamaican government can only send out praises to the devil, not having a backbone or a whiff of truth and fortitude. When I found out that the slavish minded Jamaican politicians were still "praying " for the queen of england before parliament, I knew Jamaica was never going to go anywhere, and only marginally under the PNP. But there is no other option other than the PNP, unless we want pretty man run corrupt slave masters party labourites. Or the jackasses wake up in Jamaica and shun both colonial white man founded parties, and found a new party with nationalistic ideals, nationalistic slogans and new blood. How can we expect to go anywhere in a country where the baffoons pray for their former slave masters queen before the opening of every parliament. Where our tax dollars pay for a official representative of the queen (governor general) to "ballet" pseudo powers of the queen in Jamaica. If you cannot stand up verbally for what is right domestically or internationally, you are just a professional politician. Professional politicians are only there to dupe the people, enrich themselves and cronies, while implementing strategic developments to appease the masses for their vote. It seems the only people who they have at heart is anything English in culture, blood, and appearance. I am still surprised we have implemented Marcus Garvey teaching in the school system, but as Portia said Jamaicans needed to be emancipated mentally from slavery, which is ripe and well in our society, maybe a little to little to late.

    • Maybe we need to bring faracoon to jamaica, so he can put Master fard Mohamed, seaga and manley in one boat and teach the slavish followers their true origins

    • Michael Manley was an extra-ordinary 'White man'….

    • I remember this well The wicked witch is dead!!!

    • I remember this well The wicked witch is dead!!!

    • Let go brother,

      Black people do not know how to do community, anywhere. Your people are only good for entertainment; and that is what Obama does as president- constant campaign rallying. Like a Sunday morning sermon from Reverend Wright, as soon, as you walk out of the auditorium, you forget all about what you are supposed to do, except complain about white people, because that does not take any effort, and all the other stupid niggers around you will agree with your stupid ass.

  15. AMEN!!good riddance to her and all the other dictators… get rid of them. She was a very racist woman…NEXT TO GO!!!!!!!!

  16. I agree good riddance to her and the rest of her ilk.

  17. She's probably dancing with the devil right now……….

  18. let the dictators perish for thier wrong doings