Retired NYC Fire Dispatcher Starts Blog to Share Hatred of “Mooslims, Negroes, and F@gs”

Most people want to retire so they can kick back and relax, but it looks like former NYC fire dispatcher  Edmund Schneider retired so hate-crime-300that he could espouse hate full time.

The former city fire dispatcher writes a blog at that blazes with hatred of “Negroes,” “Mooslims” and “f@gs.”

Here’s a bit of what he has to say:

“If you ACT like a n—–, you’re gonna be CALLED a n—–!” he ranted in a February post that included a picture of a black woman with watermelon rinds.

He continued:  “Negroes commit by FAR the bulk of the violent crime in the United States,” wrote Schneider. “But why? Simple, really, it’ something called a ‘FAMILY,’ — which is foreign to the average Negro, who lives in a household run by a ‘mammy h*’ who pumps out kids like a bunny for welfare checks.”

He then goes on to attack minorities who worked with him during his time at a FDNY dispatcher.

“Politically correct imbeciles decided to grant the ‘mostly female Negro’ 911 dispatchers virtually lateral access to the ‘mostly white male’ FDNY dispatch force. And they destroyed it!”

Of Michelle Obama, the former dispatcher says, “The Mooch sure as h*ll has a big, fat azz! And it’s black, too.”

Then he goes off on the Clintons, calling Hillary Clinton a “lessie”, and accuses the Clintons of supporting “fruitcake marriage.”

And in so far as advice goes, Schneider says,  “Don’t Trust a Single D@mned Muslim!”

Maybe the hatred of minorities was always there below the surface, but it certainly seems like President Obama’s election has put it on full display.


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  1. What most people don’t know is the white race have murdered more people including themselves. Why are there so many true crime cases with this race killing kin people such as mothers, fathers, grands, siblings, husbands, wives, friends you name it they “do it”. Take time out to check the I.D. TV station.

  2. You have to remember people when white people kill more than 1 person, they say he’s mentally unstable but if a black person kill more than 1 person they give them 25 to life, Why is that? This person comes from the same cloth that our highest authorities come from. So as long as Black people are here whites are going to hate us. It’s sad that they cannot and will not except us as human beings. What white people do not what to understand is God made us from the same cloth. We all bleed the same color blood and we all are the same color in the inside. The only thing that’s difference us is the outside the color. Think about it. When the recession hit, blacks did not commit suicide or shoot up their families then themselves. Why? because we are used to having it hard, used to struggling, used to eating beans and rice for a week in order to stay alive. We are used to dealing with hard times and racism. We are used to not having money, every penny counts to us. White people are not. See we as blacks feel this pressure every day we wake up. A lot of us lost our homes and have been through hell and back did we go to schools and kill kids, did we take others’ lives, NO we just kept it moving. Where whites jumped off bridges and shoot up banks and financial institutes, commit suicide and took their families with them. Whites could not handle what we have been handling all our lives. We just kept it moving and it makes us stronger. See we had to fight extra hard to buy a house and anything else we wanted this includes jobs too. For whites now they are feeling what we have felt sense slavery. We as blacks will always make it because this is how we were taught growing up by our families. We are strong and that’s why we are hated so much. Now this fool that was a NYC Dispatcher, I say it’s no help for him and should he come up floating in the water or somewhere else I say well another bites the dust. Blacks are here to stay. So one day whites will get use to it, in the mean time lets all pray for them.

  3. Sad that he really hates himself more than he hates others. Mentally ill? Nope – just an evil, unhappy person.

  4. Not news or newsworthy. Only gives other uneducated and illiterate idiots incentive to espouse their moronic viewpoints online. And to "Maybe the hatred of minorities was always there below the surface, but it certainly seems like President Obama’s election has put it on full display," I ask, why the editorializing at the very end of this "news" piece? The illustrates bias and thus reduces the whole piece to an opinion.

  5. The world is full of racist fools. Why give this one air time?

  6. He has the nerve to say “the mostly white male FDNY dispatch’ – isn’t the name “Schneider” among those that Hitler was searching out back in the day? Just asking.

  7. this is actually funny and I was laughing while reading this, I am not upset at all because I have enough common sense to know most white people feel like this and say even worst things.for those Black people who are shocked you need your asses kicked because you continue to be in denial which farther enhances white supremacy in all area's. this guy is being honest and let's face it the Black family is in trouble and most of those families do lack a father figure. I hate racism , but at the same time truth is truth even if it sound's bad….

  8. WizardZ I totally agree! This fool has brain damage, I am 65 years old and still cannot figure out how you can hate people that you don’t know.

  9. People seem quick to dismiss this mentally ill person while probably forgetting that there has been mass murders recently by people (psychopaths) who think and say the same types of things! You might not want to be in the wrong place at the wrong time when this man completely implodes and explodes!

  10. I cannot, for the life of me, figure out why you think this is necessary as news.