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Family That Claimed Alex Cross Movie WasToo Violent Is Taken Off Of Plane

alex49A Baltimore man, who shall remain nameless and his family were allegedly the cause of a United airline flight being diverted to Chicago’s O’Hare airport. The father complained that the inflight movie choice of , Alex Cross, was too disturbing for his children, 4 and 8,  to watch. The incident occurred on Feb. 2nd. The flight was headed to Denver from Baltimore when the movie started playing.

Alex Cross, which stars Tyler Perry, is rated PG-13 and is summarized by the Internet Movie Database as being about, “A homicide detective is pushed to the brink of his moral and physical limits as he tangles with a ferociously skilled serial killer who specializes in torture and pain.”

The opening scenes of the movie proved to be too much for the passenger who claims that he asked two flight attendants to turn the movie off, on account of his children being too young. According to the father of two, he was told by the attendants that they were not authorized to do so. After no help from the attendants or the captain, the flight was diverted to Chicago. The family was then questioned about the incident and booked on the next flight to Baltimore.

The incident was not brought to light until now, as the father decided to write a letter to The Atlantic, about his frustration with the airline. The man said, “United’s decision to inflict upon minors grossly inappropriate cinematic content, without parents or guardians having the ability to opt out.”He adds,  “Had this been in a cinema or a restaurant, we would have simply left if the content were too violent, or too sexual, for a preschooler and a 2nd grader. Cruising at 30,000 feet, leaving was not an option. ”

 United spokeswoman, Jennifer Dohm responded in a statement to NBC News saying, “The flight landed without incident and the customers were removed from the aircraft.”

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