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Dr. Michael K. Fauntroy: GOP Minority Outreach is Doomed to Fail


by Prof. Michael Fauntroy

  Much has been made of the Republican Party “autopsy” done in the wake of its poor showing in the 2012 national elections. Some party watchers and activists blamed its nominee, Mitt Romney, for their failure to overcome a beatable President Barack Obama, takeover the Senate, or expand its majority in the House of Representatives. As usual, some beat up on their old standby, the media, charging it with the usual indictment that they have it in for the Republicans. The more conscientious among them see poor minority outreach as at least some of the problem. They believe that the key to the hearts and votes of minorities can be found once the party ramps up its outreach, particularly to Latinos and Latinas. While they are right to be alarmed about their abysmal performance among minority groups, they are missing the point if they think it is about outreach. The Grand Old Party’s fundamental problem is not outreach. It is policy. As long as the GOP is dedicated to being more conservative today than it was yesterday, then its minority outreach is doomed to failure.

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