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Black Conservatives Go on Fox to Play the Victim Card, Complain About How They’re Treated by Liberals

by Yvette Carnell

Conservatives seem to have finally realized that they have a race problem, and they’re  dealing with it by showcasing black black conservativesconservatives and allowing them to air out their grievances on prime time television.

On Monday night’s Hannity, a room full of black conservatives participated in something akin to a live broadcast of a group therapy session.

The show began with Sean Hannity asking Dr. Ben Carson what type of insults he’d been subjected to as a black conservative:

Some of the words cannot be used. It’s really kind of sad. I feel more sorrowful for the people who do that, than I feel angry for them. I represent something that they just can’t quite get their heads around: ‘How can you be black and not march lock-step behind the [airquote] leaders?’ ‘How can you think for yourself?’ ‘And how can you actually have some ideals that actually make sense that don’t agree with their leaders?’ I am very hopeful that this a trend that will be broken. I’m going to continue to speak out. Of course, there is an old trick that you ostracize, you ridicule, you isolate, and you keep repeating…. I’m not sure it’s going to work quite frankly because I don’t plan on going anywhere.

Every conservative in the room raised their hand when asked if they too had been the victim of vicious liberal slurs.

Project 21’s Reginald Jones also spoke about liberals’ “ownership” of black America, adding: “What Dr. Carson and everybody in here represents is a threat to their sense of ownership. Liberals, in total, believe that they own black America….”

The irony here is that conservatives regularly malign liberals for playing the victim, but this Hannity special was nothing if not a pity party.

Although no serious person should support name-calling in politics, it is just as true that political debates unearth a degree of emotion not found in run of the mill water cooler discussions. Unserious people on both the left and the right are quick to use playground antics to make their point, which is exactly what Dr. Carson does when he accuses liberals of being stuck on a “plantation”.

Of course, Hannity loves this format, and has already announced that he’ll be holding more townhalls like this one, which is understandable considering Fox viewers surely love the idea of the much maligned black conservative.

All these race discussion on the right are doubly disturbing when you consider that the GOP steadfastly presents itself as colorblind. Guess pretending to be colorblind only gets you so far, so instead of standing on that principle, the GOP is out to prove that what Ann Coulter said is true: “Our blacks” are better than their blacks. Nice to know.

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