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Ivy League Reject Lashes Out In Open Letter, Some Call It Borderline Racist, Homophobic

suzie leeBy Staff Blogger

Getting rejected from college can bring out the worst in anyone, but in some cases perhaps the worst was already on the surface. Suzy Lee Weiss’ frustration was hardly different from anyone else’s when it comes to getting into a good school, however Weiss’ public reaction potentially exposes her as racist, entitled and a poor sport.

Discounting what could be perceived as the racist and self-indulgent undertones of her piece, Weiss is nothing short of a smart girl. She earned a 4.5 GPA and a 2120 on her SATs. On top of that her resume even includes work experience with the U.S. Senate, but still Weiss did not get accepted to the University of Pennsylvania, Princeton, Yale or even Vanderbilt. This Pittsburg teen’s open letter to all of the colleges that rejected her gives insight into some of the darker and more offensive sides of her personality.

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