Chicago to Pay 55k to Woman Tasered by Cops While Pregnant

The city of Chicago reportedly plans to pay a $55,000 settlement to a woman who was tasered by police in front of her two chicago cops taser pregnant womanyoung children while she was pregnant.

Tiffany Rent, 31, sued the city after Officer Reginald Pippen used a taser on her while she was eight months pregnant, according to the Chicago Sun Times.

Rent says the trouble began when she pulled into a handicapped parking spot in the Walgreen’s parking lot while her fiance ran into the store to pick up a few things. She says she had just gotten out of her car to reseat her three year old when a police officer pulled up and began writing her a parking ticket.

According to police, Rent tore up the ticket and threw it at the cop, then refused to provide identification when asked. The officer said he tasered Rent when she tried to get in her car and drive away.

“I don’t think that it should have went this far,” she said. “It just makes me afraid of the Chicago Police Department because there’s other women that may have went through this or that’s going through this.”

Attorney Keenan Saulter  argued that a parking ticket is not a reason to use a stun gun.

“A parking ticket,” he said. “Not even a moving violation, but a parking ticket should not involve someone pulling out a Taser.”

The cop who tasered Rent is under review.

Police Supt. Garry McCarthy said stun guns should be used when overcoming assault or preventing escape and “you can’t always tell if somebody’s pregnant.”

Rent gave birth in July.


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  1. If she ripped the ticket up. Oh well. She still has to go to court and she still has to pay for the ticket. How was she tased if she was teying to drive away? I do not really understand that. He could have handled that a lot better in my eys. Black or white they werw both wrong. As adults they could have done it all differently. The comments abeove are not necessary at all. Most sound real ignorant.

  2. Ok, this is ridiculous. Yes, the officer used excessive force and she was definitely out of line. She had no business parking inthe handicap spot for her able bodied boyfriend to run into the store. yes, the cop could have gave her a warning and told her to move. No, the heifer should have not have thrown the ticket on the ground after she tore it up, that is littering and I’m sickof seeing damn trash all over the damn place. No, he should not have tased her. No, her dumb ass should not have caught a damn attitude for her being in the wrong. She knew damn well some cops abuse thier power. No he probably didn’t know her fat ass was pregnant, but still no excuse to tase her. And for those that say they would not have done that to a white woman, you don’t watch much tv cause it mightnot happen as much but they get it too. There was an incident where the white woman got a ticket, signed it as she cussed her head off and threw it out the window. the 2nd cop that witnessed it dragged her ass to the back of the car and told the other cop he should lock her ass up for littering and assault on an officer for throwing the ticket while he was standing there because for it almost hit him. Lawd…she ran quick to pick that ticket up and beg to be let off with a warning because her kids were in the car. White chicks get checked too depending on where they live. The black biotch shouldn’t get a dime. They should put it in a trust fund for her 3 children since she obviously doesn’t know how to damn act in front of them.

  3. The people with legitimate disabilities in that town should file a class action lawsuit against this woman for violating the rights of the disabled by illegally parking in that space. Then the jury can snatch that 50 grand from her, and give it to the plaintiffs. People should NOT be rewarded for ignorance, breaking the law, and then trying to cry “brutality” when there are REAL CASES OF BRUTALITY TO BE ADDRESSED

  4. and before people start ripping my previous statement, let me just say that I am a black male, born raised,and living in New York City. So I KNOW WHAT POLICE BRUTALITY IS. I also have a handicapped step mother, and I am disgusted by these negroes who HAVE NO RESPECT FOR ANYTHING OR ANYONE, parking their lazy asses in handicapped parking, when there is clearly not a damn thing wrong with them! Meanwhile my step moms is forced to walk 100 yards on crutches! If ANYONE black or white wants respect from the police, a good place to start, is BY SIMPLY RESPECTING THE LAW, AND OTHER PEOPLE.

  5. look, this chic had an issue complying with a simple regulation. She HAD NO DAMN BUSINESS PARKING IN HANDICAP PARKING. then instead of simply taking the ticket, (OF WHICH WAS JUSTIFIED) she wants to get ghetto, and tear it up? Furthermore, LETS BE HONEST HERE! The cop may NOT have known she was pregnant. The cop may have simply thought the was arrogant civilian with a FAT GUT. but SHE KNEW! So why in the hell are you escalating a situation in which you are clearly wrong, AND YOU ARE PUTTING YOUR UNBORN AT RISK FOR BELLIGERANT NONSENSE? too many black people simply show no damn respect for basic rules, and then want to flip out and claim that law enforcement is reckless becuase the cops refused to kiss your ass when you’re DEAD WRONG? GTFOH! If this hoodrat pulled up to that same space with a handicapped relative, and found it blocked by a non handicapped person, she probably would have been ready to literally fight, pregnant and all, for that space. now if she had CALMLY taken the ticket, and STILL GOT TAZED, then that’s brutality. But you can’t be in the wrong, then START drama with cops, and then cry victim.

    • If this woman (not heifer, not hood rat) gave birth and her newborn was hurt by this incident, the narrative would be very tragic. This cop was ridiculous!!

      • As far as this “woman” is concerned, you only get the privilege of that title IF you carry yourself in a manner that warrants such. There are many BLACK WOMEN WHO ARE ROYAL QUEENS, but this chic DID NOT display actions to qualify for such acknowledgement.

    • I was with you until you said “too many black people simply show no d**n respect for basic rules, and then want to flip out and claim that law enforcement is reckless becuase the cops refused to kiss your a*s when you’re DEAD WRONG?” I would say that too many people have this problem. I don’t know you but I see basic rules disobeyed by people of all ethnicities. She was wrong but this was worse. If your wife, mother, whatever was pregnant irritable, and even in the wrong would use the same language, or appreciate the language you are using in your posts? There are people who do worse who get far less retaliation. Your rants are a little over the top.

      • My rants are coming from the frustration of watching DECADES of needlessly RECKLESS behaviour by black folk that is all too often co-signed by other black folk. As far as what other ethnicities do, THAT IS NOT MY CONCERN, becuase UNLIKE US, they CLEARLY have the full protection of a system that will back them up. We CANNOT continue to make dumb mistakes over and over, and over again, in a hostile ENVIROMENT, that is already seeking to destroy us. And yes, if my mother, or wife were pregnant (or not) and did something that FOOLISH, I WOULD MOST DEFINATLY CHECK THEM ON IT. I JUST THANK GOD THAT THEY BOTH HAVE WAY MORE COMMON SENSE THEN THAT.

  6. I am very familiar with that Walgreen’s. I feel that the police officer went above the call of duty by taking it personal, especially because his effort could have been best utilized with the more serious problems in that area.

    Often you will find that officer’s take certain offense which requires only a ticket,take things personal. I have Chicago police officer’s in my family who often talk about officers who take things personal and not in the realm of their job description and the laws. They also talk about the stupid things that citizens do. When it is all said and done in accordance with law, “Just the Facts”. (smile)

  7. She was out of line for parking in the handicapped spot even if “only for a few minutes.” She was out of line for getting mouthy with the cop. She was out of line for trying to run. He used excessive force but she’s the one who started it and it’s irrelevant that she’s pregnant. She could have endangered lives by attempting to escape. And she littered.

    I guess we just need to stand back and forget that there are laws in place, we’ll just have a free-for-all. Why not?

  8. Cannot believe the comments above! If all these folks possess such foresight enough to realize…’if the lady was white she wouldn’t be tased’, then why oh why didn’t this pregnant lady also possess this kind of insight/foresight/etc? I am intelligent enough NOT to thin the African American humanity ranks and numbers by pulling a stupid stunt…AS IF I were immune to police brutality…or even if I were a white person! SMDH! Time for you guys to start some grassroots developmental protocols for those who may encounter the cops and don’t possess the knowledge you so eloquently profess here.

  9. Queenaqueenqueen

    The police treat us this way because they feel that 80% of us will not sue the city. 90% don’t even file complaints. While 100% of white s sue and 100% of whites file complaints, start doing what this mommy did and watch how this kinda crap all stops

  10. I hope that pregnant woman in Springfield get broke off too for the police tasering her while pregnant. She was just reporting a damn car accident and the police went too damn far!

  11. @ Ed the/her punishment doesn’t fit the crime. What crime?! Ok BOTH could’ve handled the situation better! When does tearing up a ticket constitute getting tasered?! Thank God her baby was delivered alive and well if not, no doubt that money would have been tripled. #westillhavealongwaytogo:/

  12. I dont feel he should have used a taser. But, lets understand. She illegally parked in a handicap space. When given the ticket tore it up and threw it in his face. Total disrespect for the law. So if I get pregnant I can break the laws? He should be reprimanded for tasering her. Lets not act like she was an angel in this…

  13. When you get a ticket you can tear it up if you want to. The cop will have a duplicate anyway so you will still have to go to court, you will be notified. No need to taser.

  14. At eight months you are visibly pregnant. You already gave her the ticket, if she tears it up, that will not change the fact she got the ticket. She decided to drive off but it was not said that she was trying to run him over (in that case she would have been IN the car) so the only reason to taser her was he was pissed she tore up the ticket. A serious case of Police Brutality.

  15. I pulled into a handicap space at the post office and I have a sticker but left it at home. Another patron called the police and reported me and another lady who was sitting in her car in a handicapped space waiting on an elderly lady to transact postal business. He actually blocked the other lady’s car. Someone came in and warned us that the police was outside writing tickets. The other lady and I were polite and said we would accept the ticket. When the officer found out the guy blocked us and called the police he did not write tickets. We moved our cars and carried on with our postal business. Sometimes a calm head and polite attitude will carry you far. The officer was white, we are African-American, it worked out and we all went out separate ways with the angry postal patron trying to insist we get a ticket…Oh Well!

  16. So is tearing up a ticket a tasering infraction? So, she was 8 months pregnant and she moved so fast to get behind the wheel and drive away? What about the fiancé still in the store? She had already gotten the ticket, what was she driving away from: the scene of the “crime”?

    The cop seemed jacked off that she tore up the ticket and then ignored him as she adjusted her kid’s seating.

    He should not have used the taser. He needs to be disciplined. The city need to be glad she didn’t miscarry or the monetary award would have been MUCH more.

  17. To many are using the race
    Card she did the deed so shoul except the punishment being preg. doesnt allow one to break
    the law’

  18. all she had to do was except the ticket and move the car. Seems like she preffered to escalate this

  19. This sort of excessive force is always used against black people. The cop should be fire if this is the solution to a parking violation. Regardless of her bad attitude in tearing up the ticket cops are always going overboard when dealing with black people, law abiding or not. As far as trying to leave the scene it’s his word against hers. This cop will say anything now to cover his azz for tasing a pregnant woman.

  20. Excuse me, but did she she not attempt to drive off? What was the officer supposed to do, let her drive off? She should have taken the ticket and fought it in court, or if the law dictates provide ID when requested. She escalated to situation and then cried foul it did not go her way.

    • her ‘settlement is only because she was pregnant. she had no business tearing up the ticket. I would not have voted to give her a dime.

    • Clearly she was in the wrong, that’s not the issue. The issue was did the reaction fit the action? The answer is no. She was wrong and so was he. If you think a parking ticket is grounds for tasering, something is wrong.

  21. Antonio that'd BS…1st of all she broke NO LAW…Parking issues are NOT LAWS…u need to learn that 1st..and your statement seems like something an idiot would say….