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American Idol Contestant Talks Influence of Music Industry on Black Males, New Album Collaborations, & More (Video)

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  • 00:00 min. — The American Idol experience
  • 07:00 min. — New school vs. old school music
  • 12:40 min. — The influence of the music industry on young African-American males
  • 14:50 min. — Words of wisdom for young African-American males
  • 15:20 min. — Reaching back to help youth across cultures
  • 20:00 min. — The inside scoop on Cortez’s new album and collaborations


“This is the beginning of a long journey — a big long journey,” said 2013 American Idol contestant Cortez Shaw during an exclusive candid interview with Your Black World. After talking with this ambitious, quickly rising R&B/Pop artist about his American Idol journey and where his bright future is already leading him, one can have no reservations in believing just that. Simultaneously exuding both humility and charm during the course of the interview, Shaw makes it clear that his career is not only focused on music but also on inspiring and helping others.

Take a look at the interview footage to hear what this smart, culturally savvy artist has to say on: taking the initiative to educate himself on the business side of his passion, the influence of the music industry on young African-American males, reaching back to encourage youth, and being  a positive role model within a sometimes controversial music industry. No matter what your age or what your passion, there is a lot to be learned from the once shy but now shining Cortez Shaw.

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