Republican Lawmakers Call for Investigation Into The Carters’ Trip to Cuba

Two Republican lawmakers are asking a government agency to look into a recent trip to Cuba by Beyonce and Jay-Z -- they're suggesting the couple violated restrictions on travel to the communist island.

Jay-Z and Beyoncé are in hot water after video footage and photos of the couple dining and touring in Cuba surfaced on the web. First, the couple was slammed by  Mauricio Claver-Carone, the D.C. director for the US-Cuba Democracy PAC. He revered the couple’s trip to his native country as “insensitive” and “ignorant,” citing all of the issues the country is facing with unwarranted abuse and poverty as examples of why they should not have chosen to visit.

Now Republican lawmakers, Reps. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen and Mario Diaz-Balart, both of Florida, are calling for an investigation into the couple’s trip to the country. “Despite the clear prohibition against tourism in Cuba, numerous press reports described the couple’s trip as tourism, and the Castro regime touted it as such in its propaganda,” Ros-Lehtinen and Diaz-Balart wrote in a letter to the Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Assets Control. “The restrictions on tourism travel are common-sense measures meant to prevent U.S. dollars from supporting a murderous regime that opposes U.S. security interests at every turn and which ruthlessly suppresses the most basic liberties of speech, assembly, and belief,” they wrote. “We support the Cuban people by refusing to sustain their jailers.” The lawmakers also noted that the couple connected with “a community of many who have been deeply and personally harmed by the Castro regime’s atrocities, including former political prisoners and the families of murdered innocents.”

In 2012, the Obama administration lifted some of the restrictions on travel to Cuba, instituting a “people-to-people” travel program that requires a strict itinerary for vacationers. “Each traveler must have a full-time schedule of educational exchange activities that will result in meaningful interaction between the travelers and individuals in Cuba,” U.S. Treasury Department guidelines read. Earlier in the week, Jay-Z announced he’s going into the sports agent business, landing New York Yankee star Robinson Cano as his first client. TMZ speculated he used this as an excuse to get into the country.

Since Jay-Z has often bragged about his friendship with the POTUS, now would be a great time to call up his homie Barack Obama and ask him to clear he and his wife of any potential penalties for their trip to Cuba.

Do you believe the couple should face penalties for their trip to Cuba?

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  1. All the shit thats going on in america and this stupid banana picker wants to make an issue of this

  2. You guys are some really smart & intelligent people. I really enjoyed reading your comments. And I agree with the majority–leave them two ALONE, it's their money.

  3. America is a hypocrite we spend billions of dollars with china helping the economy of a nation that has a history far more human rights violations than Cuba. China executes more people than any other country in the world. China is an allie of North Korea and if the United States were attacked by North Korea China will have to get involved.

  4. fuck the GOP

  5. H. James Roseau, Connecticut

    Since Mr. Carter perceives himself to be a god, as he proudly and ignorantly brags in his rap videos, he should have no difficulty placing a muzzle over the Republicans’ mouths. However, if he finds himself exhausted or powerless during those Republicans’ hounding, he can always bow down before the real God for mercy and compassion.

  6. The Republicans has bigger problems that following jay Z and his wife around and concerning themselves with where they go.
    Hey, Republicans do something about Gun Control, Corporative Tsx, creating Jobs, Debt Ceiling, and etc.

    We the people wants to know what have you done for America and its people lately. NOTHING FOR THE LAST 5 YEARS.
    We will vote you out of OFFICE ASAP.

  7. Jayz has a Sports Agency.He went scouting for baseball players.

  8. Brother Isa Kalal

    Greetings of Peace & Salutations, All Praise Is Due To God Alone, thank you Jay Z & Beyoncé for Keeping It Real and for having a Original thought , We must as a People Determine our Own Destiny!! P.S. By The Way We Love seeing our Beautiful Queens In Our Beautiful Braids Please Take many more pictures In Our Nubian Heritage, this is something our young need to see Independent Thinking True Black Leadership!!

  9. Brother Isa Kalal

    Greetings of Peace & Salutations, All Praise Is Due To God Alone, thank you Jay Z & Beyoncé for Keeping It Real and for having a Original thought , We must as a People Determine our Own Destiny!! P.S. By The Way We Love seeing our Beautiful Queens In Our Beautiful Braids Please Take many more pictures In Our Nubian Heritage, this is something our young need to see Independent Thinking True Black Leadership!!

  10. Did anyone stop to think that Jay-Z just might have intentions of doing business in Cuba or with Cuban businessmen? You need to know the turf before investing tens of thousands of dollars. It doesn’t hurt to schmooze a few people; that is a time-honored way of doing business. It’s preparation. We don’t know whether the Carters have some charitable ideas about Cuba’s poor children. These are the possibilities I speculate about. I don’t need to hate.

  11. America is knee deep in debt with Communist China and has almost half of its Multi billion dollar industries there including Wal-mart and they are worried about a couple’s visit to little Communist Cuba in order to celebrate their 5th anniversary?….damn the Cuban community of Florida, this issue with Castro is theirs to deal with and not ours. The politics of the latter part of the 20th century has changed . If they want to make it uncomfortable for CAstro I suggest they try another Bay of Pigs, if not shut the hell up and let the rest of us live……including Jay-Z and Beyonce

  12. They spend to many tax dollars on B_S, they should be doing an investigation into why we have 6000 federal, nonviolent – 1st time offenders who have been sentenced to LIFE based on confidential informants only, with no gun or drugs involved. Investigate why thw school system of all black administration was indicted but UPS was caught making drug trafficing deliveries and paid a 40 million dollar fine to get out of it….INVESTIGATE THAT! Dr Boyce your work is great.


  13. Herman Hawkins Jr.

    Enough already! Dennis Rodman’s visit to North Korea doesn’t get anywhere near the uproar that the Carter’s trip to Cuba get; then again Rodman is a clown and a buffoon so he is not taken seriously. Yet that trip should be taken far more seriously due to that nation’s nuclear program. Besides, Cuba is nowhere near the adversary it once was. It is not a nuclear threat, unlike North Korea. It seems these congressional representatives are still embarked in the Cold War and won’t let it go. Please, there are bigger fish to fry, like this country’s(not to mention the rest of the world) financial crisis.

  14. Really people this is not the only country oppressed with ignorance and communist behavior. They do not stop people from visiting Haiti or Aficican where this type of behavior has terrorized the society for centuries….IJS

  15. These stupid rightwing cuban congressman are so full of hate you never hear them complain about american artis visiting china, russia and countries in the middle east that do horible things to their people.
    Both of these cuban republican congressmen and women are still living in the past and both are obama hatters.
    I hope jz tells them both that they can anywhere the want

  16. LoL, Talk about a waste of tax dollars …. Someone should be losing jobs behind this mess… poverty and human rights? Not Haitians, Jamaicans,Mexicans or anyone else seeking democracy?…. I’m glad we have globe trotting celebrities because half of what we hear & see is edited B.S… Most of the Caribbeans are decked beaches with people living in poverty in the back… Exactly what are these investigations are suppose to prove.. when corporations can’t even pay taxes on American shores? INVESTIGATIONS????



  18. Good for them. Why should we not like certain countries because the United States bullies were not able to go over there and dictate? They speak of poverty and womanizing, shit we have that here within the Republican party. Anytime black people make an amends with people that the United States bullies(white people) don’t like, it is a problem. Republicans want to investigate something, investigate your tax codes, investigate those idiots that sit around and talk about rape.

  19. I see it like this, if I went to Cuba and this happen would I get penalty, the answer would be yes, so what makes them and different, they got enough money to pay it and they really do not care they no they are just going to get a slap on the hand but if it was me I would be kick under the jail.

    • Laying it all Down on the Table

      @ truth, you know good and darn well that if you went to Cuba tomorrow, no one would give a rat’s arse. You know good and darn well what this is really about.

  20. In all the places in the world to visit, why would they choose over there??? i guess they’ve been everywhere else. It just goes to show you, it doesnt matter how incredibly rich they are and yet they are still ignorant, I guess it doesn’t matter if you’re filthy rich, u can still be ignorant as hell! I cant believe someone in their camp didnt pull their coat tail and say not a good idea. Especially Bey’s family. Smh

  21. Anything the repubs think that Mr. Obama might have had a hand in they will investigate even Beyonce and doesn’t matter they will do anything to cause him shame or embarrasmentor an investigation of him personally.

  22. Gerelyn Reynolds

    You folk are not paying attention. The Cartiers are users and whatever benefits their pocketbooks they do.


    • First of all the president is do a lovely job of humiliating himself by associating with an ex-drug dealer and woman beater.

  24. So Beyance and JayZ went to Cuba so what. Good choice. More aThese things like education and medical atention wremericans should go.If American citizens are really free tell me why they cant go where they want.Education is without cost in that so called poor country and so is medical atention.These are not without exorbitant costs in the great big rich United States.No matter how smart you are if you donot have the money in America you will be sucking wind.Even though I am commenting on this, this is a nothing issue.These important things like medical and education were not with big costs when ganster al capone and he cronies ran the country.

  25. People go to Cuba all the time, stop trying to make a political mess of the people’s vacation.

  26. What would be REALLY FUNNY is if they were detained isdefinitely. (without Blue Ivy)

  27. Allow me a comment or two:
    First, doesn’t this provide Mauricio Claver-Carone, the D.C. director for the US-Cuba Democracy PAC a soap box to stand on? I never heard of him or his organization before this.
    Second, is this “Black couple” the first or the most recent to make the trip? Get over it!

    • They are probably are the most recent couple to visit, but you must already know there is so much jealousy involved here! One of these people are originally from Cuba and the people there may not even like him like that, and that’s why he is hating Bey and Jay for having such a lovely time! LOL! My thing is, I have heard people around the world say that Americans especially white Americans are arrogant and cocky! They have been known to go to other countries and expect these people to know English! WRONG! We should learn a little of their language, but that never happens. It is just sad that black people are scrutinized in every way because we can’t even sneeze without some hateful racist DEMONS getting in our business! If that were Chelsea Clinton and her husband, would have been such a big deal? I think not!

  28. Coro's point tallies with you both. she made the point the in a way our fathers of old did.