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TMZ’s Harvey Levin Believes African-Americans Owe Magic Johnson By Supporting His Gay Son

TMZ's Harvey Levin interviewed Magic Johnson regarding his son's decision to be openly gay.


TMZ’s Harvey Levin has an issue with how the African-American community reveres homosexuality. In a candid interview titled “Magic Johnson On Anti-Gay Haters,” Levin — who’s not seen in the video clip, but heard asking the questions —  asks Magic Johnson “There were some African-American blogs where people were commenting and it was harsh, I mean there were some harsh, even mean comments on these blogs — which I’m sure you know about. What’s your reaction to that?”

Magic attributes the remarks to the African-Americans’ loyalty to religion and told Levin that he doesn’t care who attacks his son. He will still love him and support him. He continued to tell Levin that he told his son, EJ, to expect backlash from people about his decision to be openly gay. Levin cuts off Johnson and sharply asks “Why is that?” Magic responds by reiterating the community’s loyalty to religion.

Levin’s next question alludes to his belief that African-Americans should support Magic’s son as a token of appreciation for all of the contributions Magic has made to the Black community. “You are probably the most active businessman in the African-American community,” Levin says. “You’ve done an unbelievable amount for that community. Does it in any way bother you that they’re not paying it back to you?  By doing this to your son — at least the people who are commenting on these blogs.” Steering away from expecting the community to thank him by supporting his son, Magic explains to Levin that it bothers him that people are discriminating against anyone who is gay.

Judge the awkward interview for yourself by watching the video:

Do you believe the Black community should thank Magic Johnson by supporting his son?


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