Wesley Snipes Gets Released From Prison

Last year movie director Spike Lee called on Wesley Snipes fans to visit him in prison, but it now looks like Snipes fans can put down wesley-snipestheir pens and stamps because the actor has reportedly been released from prison.

TMZ is reporting that Snipes has been released from  Federal Correctional Institution in Pennsylvania where he has been serving hard time since 2010 for failing to file tax returns.

When Spike Lee went to visit Snipes in March of last year, he said the actor was in Blade shape, referencing one of Snipe’s movie roles.

Snipes was released on April 2 and will be under house arrest until July 19.

Wesley Snipes conducted an interview in 2010 with Larry King on CNN during which he seemed upset that the wheels of justice weren’t turning for him.

“I think any man would be nervous if his liberty is at stake,” Snipes said. “I’m disappointed that the system seems not to be working for me in this situation.”

Prosecutors claimed that Snipes earned $40 million since 1999 but had filed no returns and had been involved in a tax resisters group.

Snipes disagreed with that assessment and maintained that his failure to file returns was his adviser’s fault.

“This is another thing that has been misreported: It has been framed that I was a conspirator and that I was an architect in a scheme by an organization that has been characterized as tax protesters,” Snipes said. “The press hasn’t reported that I was a client of people who I trusted (who) had knowledge and expertise in the areas of tax law that would protect my interests.”


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  1. Welcome back.

  2. wesly snipe is the man of all seasons so what they did is not fear 4 da blackamerican guy so let us prey 4 him to get better on da scene cuz we all enjoy his film

  3. I have no where near the money Wesley has, but you best believe I damn sure would make sure my Taxes are paid because during my 56 years on this Earth, and an avid Newspaper Reader, I know that if you don’t pay your Taxes, these people will let you go Hog-wild, and then BAM, bang you over the head, but in most cases, they didn’t send people to Jail, unless you refused to pay up, and in a lot of cases, they took your assets to make up for your shortfall. The most egregious case of this is Joe Louis, a man who supported his Country by Fighting, and giving his Million Dollar purses to the United States Government, only to have them come after him for not paying Taxes, seizing all of his assets, resulting in him being broke, working as a Greeter at Ceasar’s Palace in Las Vegas in order to survive. The man was in a Wheelchair, and I forget the name of the Celebrity, but that person paid for his elaborate Funeral because they felt bad for him. How the hell do you hit a man for Tax evasion when he gave his money to YOU. Secondly, you have Sammy Davis, Red Foxx, and others. They did not go to Jail, because the IRS seized their assets, to pay for what they owed, so it sounds like someone in the U.S. Justice Dept., and the I.R.S. had a hard-on for Wesley.

  4. All the view points, highlight the ignorance and inepetitude which many Afrikans in the USA display.
    Wesley Snipes, pimps such as Jay Z Snoop Doog, Russell Simmons and many of these so called ‘blacks’ do very little for our community, (you thing that only money and gifts matter- ?? thing again,,, actions speaks louder than words..

    There are thousands of others of similar ilk who when times are good believe their shit do not stink, we only learn about their problems/issues when things are bad, they suddenly realise that they are ‘Afrikans’. I do not have any time for these people.. Jessie Jackson, characters who get blood money from Monsanto, planned parenthood these charalatans are enemies of Afrikans not only in USA but Afrikans worldwide.

    These characters like many so called Afrikans in the USA are semi-illiterate; question are all of these characters working together in a type of cartel where they put their money and know how together?

    Are people such as Oprah Winfrey etc the head of this cartel , until these Afrikans work in this format then forget about any sense of development, as they are all controlled and owned by non Afrikans, the saddest part i sthey are too small minded to even know this or worse still care about it.. they continue to advertise killer foods such as colas,harmburgers etc. How can you the readers or publishers of so called ‘blackworld’ continue to be hoodwinked.

    Ok- every one have a choice, or is it that god will forgive you.. I can see why Afrikans are in the cesspit of delusion they continue to live in- fantasies are free, stop allowing them to trap you or your family. Time to wake up.

  5. Prison should have made him mentally tougher. Now, back to the movies.

  6. Yes Wesley, happy to know you out of that Hell hole call Prison. Good Luck Wesley in your future.

  7. peter_slaughter@yahoo.com

    I think this is great overall.
    But I also wonder what role ole hollyweird might have ready for him to play.
    I hope it’s not some role of him dressed in some wig or dress or some other shoe shine type role just to prove he is a good negrow for these phony hollyweird types.

  8. I’m glad he’s out. However, I doubt that Wesley Snipes would have served time had he been a white man. I doubt it very much. But you know, those with the power love nothing better than to lock up black men whether they’re guilty or not. It’s their favourite occupation as far as I can see. (And I’m white, by the way)


  10. Glad the brother is out he should not have had to serve time after paying the fine.

  11. Rev. George Brooks

    Only idiots would believe that Wesley Snipes did not have some white boys (Jews no doubt) involved in all of his financial matters, which should have included taking care of his taxes. For all of these black celebrities have whites handling their money. They don’t know how to do it themselves, and don’t trust black accountants. So who were the whites that were supposedly handing this for Snipes? And watch and see that he will NEVER tell on them, because he would then be out of movies and show business forever, because these crooked Jews, and other whites, run it. Spike Lee should have been exposing them, but then he, too, would be put on these white folks “black list” and booted out the door, never to do any more movies either. And he’s already a bit short of movies being produced as it is. Our whole black race is very sad and still too dependent on white folks for EVERYTHING. Which makes us still, in some degree or form, in slavery. Which includes Wesley Snipes. — Rev. George Brooks

    • Rev. George you are racist moron and should strike rev from your name. Crooks come in all colors.

    • You are disturbed….

    • Rev George Brooks, you are entitled to your opinion based on the First Amendment, but as a so-called man of God (Reverend), from what I read, I wouldn’t stand anywhere near you in a Thunderstorm, and am certainly glad I am NOT in your Congregation.Because from your commentary, your flock is truly being underserved, SIR.

  12. Whatever! main thing is, do not make the same mistake again Mr Snipes.

  13. Glad to hear Mr. Snipes is out of jail but it’s time
    he take responsibility and stop blaming others. You know if you didn’t sign any tax forms…then you haven’t filed taxes. Duh! Everything that goes wrong
    with these celebrities is not a ‘setup’!!
    I pray he does well & will keep it real. Hope he picks better movies to do. He’s talented but movie choices
    have been much to be desired. God bless.


  14. Mr. Snipes, you and many others like you, believe that you are above us little minimum wage little people by not paying taxes on your $ millions. And now you know better by having to protect your behind from prison rapists…..Just be a good citizen and pay your taxes and stay out of prison….!!! I have tax issues, but unlike you, I cannot afford to go to prison…LarryJ

  15. I love how you folks call him Brother!!! When in fact he has said some pretty demeaning things about sisters! I don’t give a rats behind about wes just like he don’t give a rats behind about black women! I don’t care who you love, that’s your business but you don’t have to demean black women as an excuse to date outside of your race!

    • cheche; Sorry to say that black women do the same thing. Also these days, women (black included) tend to stand up to men with arrogance and insulting verbiage as they push men towards the edge. If the man doesn’t respond, then he’s branded as less than a man. However if the man pushes back, the woman threatens to call the cops. Better to be free and clear with definition and planning in all relationships.

  16. Mr. Snipes taxes may have been the issue; I’m curious of the reason why he spent time at all. From my understanding ( or lack of information) he paid what he owed. However, he was sentence to prison anyway. I surrender to the belief that Mr. Snipes was being taught a lesson by other people who control the justice system. Let’s keep it real; Wesley ran around with Asian Women, White Women, and a variety of women of his choice; the man was a straight Hollywood Player– Big Strong, Rich, Deep Black skin man– running around out playing the field Better than those other folk– they had to lock his b–utt up – to show him that their in control. Straight haters!!!

  17. File your taxes and fight the system later but from a standpoint of not being lock away! When Brother Wesley is cleared on July 20th, then he is and will be Free! I’m glad you’re no longer in the big house Brother Wesley.

  18. Always file the taxes, they never put anyone in jail whom filed their taxes and did not pay.


  20. I am grateful that “truth” is making a way and that Mr. Snipes has been released from the “powers that be” prison industrial complex scheme!!! Racism was and is man made…. Although I am a Caucasian woman, I grew up in Minneapolis and attended predominately black school systems during the 70’s when integration was a thing people were still fearful of! That experience was one of the best experiences of my life for it helped me to see “life” from another persons perspective and established deep roots within my heart that would one day become a tree that would spring forth and speak out against social injustice of any kind… We as a people have been hijacked and lied to… Together WE can make a difference by recognizing we are one, binding together while exposing these crooks, and liars for who they really are… the “predominate white male hierarchy of society” (not for much longer)….. This is a NEW day and the OLD system is falling apart!! WE are exposing their lies.. Starting with the history books all the way down to their filthy way of convincing the people that their money and federal reserve bank and central banking systems are real! Come away from the shore….. Though the waters are moving fast and it is frightening…. Grasp the hands of the one standing next to you and together begin the celebration of truth and love being restored to it’s rightful place in this world! Much Love!!!

    • We live in a world of duality by the law of cause and effect. Truth always prevails and our choices clearly reveal our truth!

    • We live in a world of duality by the law of cause and effect. Truth always prevails and our choices clearly reveal our truth!

  21. Life lesson # 1647: don’t let anyone convince you you don’t need to file income taxes if you make $40,000,000.

  22. what!! why don't you leave! what kind of recommendation is that!