Mother of ‘Twerking’ Teens Calls Police On Father, Father Arrested

Thirty-five-year-old Greg Horn has been charged with child endangerment and corporal punishment after beating his 12- and 14- year-old daughters for posting a twerking video on YouTube.
Greg Horn

The mother of the two teenaged girls who were beaten on-camera by their father for ‘twerking,’ i.e. gyrating in a very suggestive manner, called police and had the man arrested. Thirty-five-year-old Greg Horn has been charged with child endangerment and corporal punishment after he beat his 14- and 12-year-old daughters for posting a ‘twerking’ video on Facebook.

The video of the teens being whooped by their father with cable wire went viral earlier this week. In the video, Horn can be seen walking in on his daughters creating a twerking video to upload onto the Internet. He orders them to stand in a corner and begins to whoop them. The girls are heard screaming as the cable wire hits their skin. The teenagers are saying their father hit them as a punishment for sneaking out of the house. Horn is slated to be arraigned on April 16.

This is not the first time a twerking video has gone viral. Earlier this year, a short video clip of a visibly young boy twerking, surfaced on the Twerkers Gone Wild Facebook fanpage. The video, titled “Wheres This Kid Father?” has acquired 24,800+ comments, 54,500+ shares, and 19,700+ comments. The video sparked the ongoing debate about whether or not there is a hidden agenda to make African-American men effeminate.

While most commenters bashed the child and/or simply stated how shocked they were after watching the video, one commenter, Terese Evans, believes the child is on the right path. “[Y]all just mad cause he moves better than you. Leave the kid alone he actually has some skills. And will probably end up making more than everybody on here bashing him. Not to mention the fact that dancing like that doesn’t make you gay. Either you are or you’re not. If he is there’s nothing his parents can do about it anyway. if he’s not ladies look out. this kids got some crazy hip skills,” she said. Another commenter, Nola Hood, believed people were wrongfully sticking up for the boy. “He seems very young and he is moving as though he is experienced, and by that I mean..not a virgin. I feel sad looking at this. Who knows,what he went through as a child to make him display this behavior. All yall defending him need to shut up, cuz u aint no FB case counselor. Stop trying to be the hero and say something positive when u known DANG well this is not common for a young boy his age,” Hood said.

Do you believe Greg Horn should face prison time for his actions?

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  1. Que dire de ce billet qui ma veritablement subjugez … royale ?

  2. There is a lot more to being a good parent than simply being “present” in your child’s life. Apparently lot of the people in this comment section grew up with single mothers because you ASTONISHINGLY LOW STANDARDS when it comes to what makes a man a good father.

    I do not advocate corporal punishment in any way shape or form, but if (as many of the articles indicate) this man left OPEN WOUNDS on his daughters bodies he has crossed the line.

    This was not a spanking. This was assault. If he’d hit one of them in the face (as he easily could have, he was whipping indiscriminately) one of them could be dead, missing an eye, or otherwise permanently disfigured.

    Why is that it’s wrong to hit women, it’s wrong to hit animals, but it is absolutely fine, to do this to the young, innocent lives that have been placed in your care.

    If a child does not feel safe in their home, than they do not feel safe anywhere. This kind of treatment is what causes young black men to go out and shoot people, what causes young black girls to go out and get pregnant because they want to escape from their families. You devalue your children in the home, and then they devalue themselves in society.

    We all talk about how the “Black Community” needs to change. Where better to start than with our children? Empirical studies show that children who ARE NOT spanked are more intelligent, happier, better behaved and have better relationships with their parents. And societies who have made spanking illegal have shown a steady decline in violent crimes. Half of the countries in the world that have outlawed spanking or domestic corporal punishment of any kind are AFRICAN COUNTRIES. This information is easy to find if you look for it!

    It is not in our nature as black people to cause physical harm to our children! We picked up this destructive behaviour from Europeans during colonization! We need to stop it now before we cause further detriment to our children, and consequently the future of our people!

  3. Fuck all of u who agreed that he did a great job you guys dont open scars n sores n between ur thighs n welts did hear da screams n yells bcyz ut hurt really bad painful dat was a cable cord NOT BELT I HOPE HE ROTS N HELL STUPID ASS SON OF A BITCH ASS DAD

  4. These little girls were tweaking in church with no shame in their game! They thought that it was funny and stated they are going to post it on Facebook! Their father got wind of it and it went down! Their mom I can’t really speak on but I guess she was okay with them twerking in the house of The Lord! Gives take me to the King a whole different meaning! But, the fire of the Holy Spirit was shot up through their bones!

  5. P.S. For the record I would have tailored my language had I know this website censored comments.

    To whom it may concerned my apologies for the language in my previous remarks.

  6. The bigger picture being missed here is the effect the mother is having on the daughters. I’m willing to bet she was a young little dick pleaser when the father met her. Like most men the father likely thought no that he has a fine woman she is going to be exactly what he wants as if he purchased a car. Men don’t think about “two becoming one.” For that matter most people don’t. So he saw her as a trophy in a showcase in his palace as if she had no other effect on what was going on in his life. Now of course when he has daughters he certainly doesn’t want them to be little dick pleasers like the women he has been banging all his life. However, at the very core in the foundation of his daughters home influence there isn’t an example of what his daughter are to become.

    This beating wasn’t brutal, long or in any matter abusive. If I was the mother and those were my daughters I would have been extremely happy to have a father who didn’t turn a blind eye to his daughters “just doing what teens do” when it’s that kind of behavior. But not her. She called to have the father arrested. There is something at the root of that. This woman wants to let her daughters have the freedom to do everything she did, and everything she wasn’t allowed to do. And that is unfortunate for the father, who never thought of that when he was scoring a fine ass all those years ago.

  7. Mr. Horn, you are an honorable father unlike (sadly) many out there. If the program comes through I have been working on for the past four years, I will pay your legal bills. Humbly, respectfully, Red Sea CEO

  8. First of all, most of us are missing the real point of this disturbing incident. Why would the mother record her spouse disciplining the children in a manner she didn’t agree with, instead of stepping in and doing so in a way that was agreeable to both. What was her agenda? In my opion, she has done more wrong than right. In saying that, I mean, what message did she send to her husband, nevertheless of how these girls should treat their man who is being active in the rearing of both of their children. What happens when the husband gets out of jail? Does he just return back home as if nothing happened, though his authority as a parent has been undermined by his wife and being controlled by outside forces and opinions while he must pay for counseling tactics of raising his own children? Should he, at this point, throw his hands up about the incident and just leave the family in the hands of the mother before his situation gets worse (and it will because he is now governed by his wife, daughters and the state). Will the mother then report to the police and go online stating that she now has a deadbeat dad who cares nothing about the rearing of his own children? These are the questions on the mind of the father right now. How will we judge him then?

  9. Supportive Fiance

    I support Greg 100% he is a great, an active father and a damn good man! Sneaking out to be with boys is completely unacceptable, which is why CPS dismissed the case months ago. The state has picked up the case, and his daughters’ mother is still pushing the issue because she’s bitter. I TELL HIM ABOUT ALL OF THESE SITES AND THE COMMENTS, THANKS 4 THE SUPPORT # STANDING BY MY MAN

    • No We need more father around like horn, I would have not put it on FB.So of us got card put on us years ago also. We have forgot them days. And it made most of us better to this day. Look at some of our kids today,( OUT OF CONTROL )

  10. Did yoiu all watch the video before commenting about him beating his daughters like slaves. Using the term slaves is very ironic since this big bottom thing was an attraction of slave masters to slave. The video of him “whooping” his daughters is 31 second long from the moment he caught them to hitting each of them about three times each. Look up Sarah Baartman on google.
    Girls that age should not be twerking and if it is what we are encouragingour females to do then we are not heading far. Persons saying he should goto jail for that will forget they said that when those girls get pregnant in two years.

  11. When are we African American mothers & fathers going to take back rearing our children? If we still maintained control, our young “men” nor “girls” would be twerking! The mother, , not the father, should be jailed!!!

  12. I think he should not go to jail and the mother is wrong for calling the cops, too many times I hear, where are the parents well you have a parent taking an interest in his daughters lives and according to the state it’s abuse, do when they become a statistic then what? No one and I mean NO One can tell me how to raise my child.

    • Thumbs up to you for being a father. Our police (government) has no business as they do now in our homes. The bible says “Spare the rod, spoil the child”. This is one of the reasons why the streets is so bad and uncontrollable to day. The bible also says, what happens in the home eventually spills in the streets. The old way worked. Children were more respectable towards adults ie authority figures because of home dicipline. One we say “In GOD we trust” on the other hand we say we don’t by listening to his word !!! So wonder why crap is so scewed up!!!!!!

  13. This father did the right thing, but it probably won,t do any good, his two girls will need much more than a woopping to get them on the right track.

  14. No! Just community service working with troubled kids. Maybeit will help him understand his girls behavior. The mother should done dome community service as well.

  15. Why do some of us ALWAYS associate spanking children with Slavery? Parents discipline children, and it has nothing to do with race or racism. A better question to ask is where did Dad learn to give that kind of beat down. I bet he learned that from his MOTHER. And, I bet if he beat boys like that instead of girls, nobody would give a damn.

  16. Thats why so many things are goin on with these children this day and age. I would have beat the hell out of mine to sorry im just saying. If we dont stand for something we are gonna stand for nothing.

  17. No I don’t think this dad should go to jail but I don’t believe he should have whipped them like they were slaves either. I would be mad too if my teen daughters posted this sexual suggestive video on Facebook but there are other ways to deal with your kids! Put them on lockdown, school chores,homework,and bed, end of story! That’s like a death sentence to a kid!

  18. Don’t call him when they are on the pole.

  19. I think integration helped, as well as hurt blacks, by turning our thinking process OFF!!!…If these young girls had NO Father in the home, whites would belittle them to no end, for this vile video. However, since there was someone there to discipline them, there is an issue with that, also!!..I do not agree with a Father disciplining girls of that age, but I surely do not feel he should go to jail. Is there ANY BLACK person in America, that HAS NOT been to jail, on some “trumped up” charge?..He is THEIR FATHER!!!, and although the punishment was harsh, he didn’t kill them!!..had they been raped or killed by some perverted white man..who would go to jail then?..I think Blacks need to re-think this NEW lifestyle of acceptance and pervert-ism dealt by the white demons of America..They are sending you and your kids to hell in a hand basket!! YOU can’t discipline YOUR OWN KIDS, but, let them wind up in the hands of the White Man…they will gladly kick their ass, until they are satisfied!!…Can someone say…S-L-A-V-E-R-Y?????

  20. I think everyone understands how the father felt. But, he took it too far. He disciplined out of anger and he went too far, he lost control. These girls didn’t deserve this. It was so brutal. This was more than discipline it was abuse. And for all those who experienced this when they were younger I fell sorry for you. The mother was right to call the police. The father needs counseling not jail time. Once you see the graphic brutality of the video you will agree.

  21. The title of the article says it all! Mother of twerking teens! Horn sounds like u did what the state won’t do! Told girls not to do it, they disobey and consequences served!

  22. So I guess beating the 14 & 12 year old will prevent twerking. Whatever happened to counsel and guidance? U people need GOD and the bible. This dude overreacted to the 10th power.

  23. The father needed to discipline those girls for twerking. The mother should have been upset by their behaviour, too. I remember getting whippings and screaming ten times louder than the actual whipping because that was my strategy to get my moma to stop. Those girls were screaming to make him stop. He wasn’t hitting them that hard because it was through their jeans.
    I bet you they won’t twerk again.

    Secondly, the mother should have never, never, never gotten social services involved in this. Why? Because once they are involved, they will actually make it harder and actually furher ruin the relationship those girls have with their father and her. She essentially taught her kids that it is okay to HO yourself on the world wide web and that the father has no power. Black men need to be the heads of the household and the heads in their daughter’s lives. Black men need to be PRESENT.

    Also, it’s interesting that CORPORAL PUNISHMENT is a crime when schools in most states still have legal corporal punishment at their disposable. Just Google it and you will see how many states ALLOW corporal punishment. School districts just choose not to do it.

  24. did they do it again ? that is the question

  25. He should beat them when he get out. Actually beating them may cause them to escape from their family. This new age of s-.ex and w-.hore dumb is contagious world wide; thanks to the internet as well as today’s hip hop music and videos. For all of us who can call a spade a spade– you know how the Black woman (girls AA) are being portrayed worldwide; remember the black doll dressed like a h-o-e-. By the way those little girls didn’t come out the womb wanting to act like that – it’s a learned behavior- what you see is what you get– so as those gyrating entertainers are looked up to as what a Black woman suppose to dance and look like – as we wow and awe about how much money their making– accept the results of how they influence your daughters. Now put a ring on that!!!!!

    Peace to all the sistas that respect their God giving

  26. You Damned if you Do & Damned if you don’t That Father is a Father! Peer Pressure is a MF! This type of BS is not Cute! I for one am tired of it! You know how to Booty Dance but can’t spell Shyt with 3 tries? Get your Shyt together! Blackmen & Women! It makes us all look like Dumbies

  27. You Damned if you Do & Damned if you don’t That Father is a Father! Peer Pressure is a MF! This type of BS is not Cute! I for one am tired of it! You know how to Booty Dance but can’t spell Shyt with 3 tries? Get your Shyt together! Blackmen & Women! It makes us all look like Dumbies

  28. Man please they better get this family some counseling and leave it at that, this Internet crap has gotten off the chain. Kids think they can do any and everything on Facebook,twitter and so, if he caught them doing something not young lady like so be it. It’s way better than you doing that crap in front of some crazy pervert that not only beats you he rapes you tortures you and then kills you. These young people act like they have to be older than they actually are and they are not showing it brain wise they show it sexually and I’m tired of seeing it.

  29. Mixed emotions, whooping is something the majority of us (People of Color) grew up with and for the most part is did just what it was set out to do. But I believe that things need to be done in moteration, and or with reason. Sneaking out the house draws a red flag for me, which gives me the impression that these girls are a handfull. A lack of consistant supervision and monitoring is missing. All of this go hand and hand in parenting. Free the brother he’s had time to think.

  30. Now that dad has been arrested, I wonder if that will effect his employment status (assuming he is employed)? If so, then who has the burden of financial responsibility for his family? I hope mom can afford to be a single parent should dad lose his job, or decide to walk out on the family, or, worse CPS put the children in foster care (now that’s where some potential for real abuse can take place! Been there). Further more, we have enough black men locked up in jail for petty offenses — why in the world would this woman assist the system in boosting those statistics? Again, like someone mentioned earlier there may be a back story. Whatever the case may be, it’s always a bad idea to bring the “justice” system into your personal affairs unless your life is in danger.

  31. Ridiculous. When they finally show a black taking care of his black babies, as he should, they lock him up. The government sees that man as a threat to its prison-industrial complex and welfare state because it knows that a father’s tough love and guidance will keep blacks out of jail and independent minded enough to avoid relying on welfare with even trying to live without it.

  32. The LA police could engage in the brutal beating of Rodney King that was seen around the world in which they were definitely guilty of police brutality and they got off and have all faired well with promotions, etc. Now that’s who should have gone to jail for a”beating” everyone of those officers and had the man in which they were beating been a Kennedy, Bush, Clinton or any unknown rich/middle-class white man, they would still be behind bars or on death row. This father should not have gone to jail for this and if the mother felt the punishment was too much, they should have discussed other discipline methods but sometimes the a whipping may be warranted but should be used as less as possible. And, because you are a parent who believes in whipping as a form of discipline, doesn’t mean that you are a bad or less loving a parent as persons who don’t believe in it. The mother was just outright wrong for bringing the cops into this and they only should be called by african-americans when it’s just absolutely necessary/life-threatening situations because don’t think for one minute that those cops care anything about the welfare of those girls or any african-americans, as they’ve thrown their father in jail and is anxiously awaiting to throw the mother and the daughters in jail to over some nonsense, as well, if the opportunity presents itself because they (police, judges, prosecutors, etc.) want to keep the jails full but just not with caucasians!!! Truly, black people really need to stop thinking that the police/judicial system cares anything about us and practice just treatment when it comes to us. They do not!!!!

  33. Father was right. No one wants to see their children on facebook in an unflattering video.

  34. The Bible speaks of Spare the Rod and Spoil the Child. Children need discipline instilled in them. I am not advocating abuse, but discipline. This is the reason why this Nation has so many young children, teenagers and young adults currently incarcerated, facing criminal charges or on some sort of probation. The problem started when you have the government telling you how to raise your children. When I was in school, if you were bad the teacher or principal would paddle you and you got a beating when you got home. The same applied if the neighbor saw you somewhere cutting up, they beat you and you got a beating when you got home. Life has consequences, whether they are good or bad and you have to deal with them. I rather beat the kids now then go see them behind bars or at a grave side memorial, because they did not learn right from wrong. If your kid skips school they want to hold the parent responsible, SO LET ME BEAT THAT A-S!!!!!!

  35. He should not go to jail for disciplining his kids although an extension cord is a little excessive I believe that unless you are raising these kids and having to deal with their unruly behavior be mindful of what you say. (keep in mind now, he is NOT BEATING them for twerking he is beating them for sneaking out the house the night before, which tells me these two girls got a FAST BEHIND and a hard behind head) talking was probably already done. But what is funny is when they get PREGNANT I have to PAY FOR IT!!!! Tear that butt up if its gonna save me money in welfare dollars.

  36. No, I don’t agree with sending him to jail. There should be some counseling for the entire family, privately and not in cyberspace social networks. Regardless of what had taken place by the father, those girls need their father in their lives so they will know that first, they are becoming young ladies; second, the father is their protector, provider, sustainer, and teacher; third, mom need to spend more time teaching what is becoming of a lady. The jails are overcrowded and we don’t NEED ANYMORE BLACK MEN GOING TO JAIL FOR SOMEONE ELSE TO PROFIT OFF OF THEM.

  37. While I don’t agree with his methods, I do understand. If the mother disagrees with the father’s methods, then have a discussion about the incident, and come to agreement on how the family will handle discipline for the girls. There is no way that I’d involve the police in my family business. Aren’t there enough Black men in the criminal justice system? And what kind of message is she sending to her daughters? If disagreement occurs, call the police?

  38. I don’t think he wrong for whooping them but wih a cord smh and 12-14yrs old should not be making them kind of videos at all

  39. DIs is destroying black americans… ole skool….i feel for the dad…he dont want his girl so be freaks on da web…

  40. Pauline you hit it on the money…but he should have got a belt instead then grown them for a month…the mother is a fool for that imagine if the father wasn't in the house hold with discipline them girls could have gotten raped killed or lost or pregnant doing something they wasn't supposed to be doing…smh she will regret it what if the father was like its ok girls just ask me when you wanna go out now here is some money go have fun in the mall and twerk there…the mothers jaw would drop!!!!js