America The Great? Homeless Man Gets 15 Years for Stealing $100, CEO Gets 3 Years for Stealing $3 Billion

Roy Brown robbed the Capital One bank in Shreveport, LA in Dec. 2007. Brown pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 15 years in prison. Paul Allen, former CEO of Taylor Bean & Whitaker, stole 3 billion dollars and got three years in prison.
Roy Brown

by Maria Lloyd

One must question the awkward silence coming from Black America regarding the case of Roy Brown. In December 2007, Brown robbed a Capital One Bank in Shreveport, LA. He walked up to the teller with one  hand under his jacket and said it was a “stickup.” The teller handed Brown three stacks of bills. Brown took a single $100 bill, told her he was homeless and left, police said.

Guilt overcame Brown and he surrendered himself to police the next day, telling them his mother didn’t raise him that way. Police allowed him to sober up and interviewed him two days later. Police said Brown told them he robbed the bank because he needed money to stay in a downtown detox center, had nowhere to stay and was hungry. Brown was sentenced to 15 years in prison for first-degree robbery. He’s currently serving his time at the Madison Parish Detention Center (registration number 94441).

In 2011, a Caucasian man named Paul R. Allen was sentenced to three years in prison for his role in a $3 billion security fraud that left at least 2,000 people unemployed. Allen was serving as CEO of the nation’s largest privately held mortgage lenders, Ocala, FL-based Taylor Bean & Whitaker, at the time of the company’s demise. Allen pleaded guilty to conspiring to mislead investors in Ocala Funding and providing false statements to federal regulators. Allen and his five subordinates received credit on their sentences for cooperating with investigators and testifying at company chairman and lead conspirator Lee Farkas’ trial.

A recent report from the U.S. Sentencing Commission, discovered that African-American men are, on average, given longer prison sentences than white men. The report reveals that black men found guilty between December 2007 and September 2011 received sentences that were a whopping 19.5 percent longer than white men found guilty for similar crimes. Why do we, as a people, sit back and read data that proves the injustice imposed upon our community? If this were occurring in any other community, there would be marches on Capitol Hill and extensive outcry in the media until the nation addressed the matter.

Why do you believe African-Americans remain silent on matters regarding injustice within the judicial system?

Maria Lloyd (@WritingsByMaria) is the Business Manager for the Your Black World Network. She is a graduate of Clark Atlanta University and an advocate of dismantling the prison industrial complex, increasing entrepreneurship, reforming education, and eradicating poverty.

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  1. Esperons que vous avez d autre article de cette trempe sous le coude !

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  3. Frill Neck Lizard

    It seems the American Judicial system is systemic with inappropriate Profiling, Prejudice & Judgement. Perhaps a ‘Madiba Mandela’ is required!? Sad, Sad story.

  4. Stealing is stealing sentencing shouldn’t be any different a major part of it is because the man is black

  5. Here is a more apt example of the disparity in sentencing for a crime that is similar to the white CEO:

    Michael Winans Jr. Speaks Out Before Serving 14-Year Prison ……/39398-michael-winans-jr-speaks-out-before-ser...
    May 9, 2013 – Michael Winans Jr. was sentenced in February to nearly 14 years in prison for an $8 million Ponzi scheme carried out in Christian churches.

    3 years for 3 Billion vs. 14 years for $8 Million….Michael Winans is the son of Michael Winans Sr., one of the famous brothers in the Gospel group, “The Winans.” Also his uncle & aunt are BeBe & CeCe Winans!

    So much for the argument that this is just based on rich vs. poor!

  6. Really people? Do you HONESTLY think he got 15 years because he was black?! He got 15 years because HE ROBBED A FUCKING BANK. I feel awful for this poor man that he was in that situation where he felt he needed to steal. But he robbed a bank. That is a serious, serious crime. The other guy most definitely should have went to prison for more than 3 years. But it wasn’t because he is white. It’s because he’s rich and has top notch lawyers.

  7. Only in AmeriKKKa. I hate this racist ass country and the bigots who stole it.

  8. It's called institutionalized racism and we are continuing to expose it now. Let that man out of jail!


    • I assume that you’ve never been to jail or prison.

      I’ve been to jail and this is very true of the percentile factor and the race issue because; if this were in another country, the rules would be different.

      Overall, this article makes no sense because it’s the same one that can be found on BlackMediaScoop, and other black sites.

  10. So tell us things that we can! Do!

  11. Woops, incorrect info. at Naturally, Moi you are able to Email articles, at BlackBlueDog, you need Linked In.
    Does anyone know how to get in touch with Black World
    to receive email or are Emails forever flowing in space? If you are there Your Black World, contact me.

  12. To: Your Black World, Why do you not make it possible to Email/share articles? You may click on Black News, World TV, Men, Women, Health, Politics, Entertainment, You can Advertise. You can click on Black News, Black Life. Black World. But no place can you click on Email. Yet at BlueBlackDog you are afforded that service, you may email articles. The only way to email an article is to mail the complete package, I then have to tell receiver to scroll down to (name the article) I do not read all your articles, some are sheer nonsense and a waste of time. That is why I wish I could email the articles that are worth reading and sharing, which this one is.

  13. If it was a black man that stole millions, he would be given the death penalty. Either way blacks lose.

  14. The homeless man’s biggest mistake was putting his hand under his shirt to make the teller believe he had a weapon. That is why he was given such a long sentence. The white man’s weapon was his tongue and using it to tell lies in order to steal his millions and billions. Big difference.

  15. Dumb article and makes no sense at all. If ur white u will always get away b.s., and most blacks *judges and lawyers)* support it.

  16. Miss Lloyd: Stop accusing black people of not being concerned with issues like this. Black people have been worrying about, praying over and trying to find the strength to deal with just being black in America. You sound as if these injustices are new. They aren’t. We have our plates full with injustices. Which cause gets priority: poor education, poor healthcare, homelessness, unemployment, the criminal complex, or total discrimination? Pick one! Then, you prioritize them and let me know which one takes priority!

    • It’s is also odd to me how some people think if people get a welfare check they got it too good, when the reality is no matter how many w/f checks you get, even those who beat the system will never pose any threat to the economy nor the so call hard working American’s who never complain when the rich and the greedy politicians steal millions of tax’s payers dollars all in the name of the law. In other words loop holes, tax shelters, sending jobs over sea’s……… Now that being said I do believe in success but I don’t believe in hypocrisy!The poor and the middle class seem most of he time get’s the short end of the stick or beat over the head with the long end of the stick!

  17. Activist are upset over JZ & B’s trip to Cuba. I say we have other issues on the table that should be looked at.

  18. Activist are upset over JZ & B’s trip to Cuba. I say we have other issues on the table.

  19. Lesson:If you have to steal and go to jail, take millions, your time will be shorter and you can come out and spend the money afterwards.more money less time.Small money, plain old theft, big money embezzlement. That is the difference.