Students Rally Against Georgia High School’s ‘Whites Only’ Prom and Homecoming Dance

It’s 2013, but you wouldn’t know it if you visited a small rural Georgia town which still hosts a ‘whites only’ dance.  At Wilcox  County segregated promHigh School black students and white students still attend separate proms and homecoming dances, and it’s been that way for decades.

Now students who attend the school are taking a stand against the policy by organizing the first integrated prom in Macon, Georgia school system history.

‘We live in rural south Georgia, where not too many things change,’ senior Mareshia Rucker says. ‘Well, as a group of adamant high school seniors, we want to make a difference in our community.’

‘Change has to start somewhere,’ she adds. ‘So why not with us?’

Rucker is part of a group of students who have been planning an integrated prom of their own, which is currently scheduled for April 27th. Fifty students out of 400 have purchased tickets to the integrated prom so far.
Rucker and her group of friends and supporters are holding fundraisers every week to help pay for the event.
The prom isn’t the only segregated aspect of the school though. Before this year, the school hadn’t allowed for the election of a biracial homecoming king and queen. In past years there were two separate  kings and two separate queens, separated based on skin color.
Technically, the school is not in violation of any segregation laws by hosting separate proms and dances since the events are privately funded and organized.



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  3. Keep it separate. When you integrate, African-American culture loses. Look at what happened to the school system and other organizations. We need to keep our culture, I can now see the importance.

  4. It is not only the rural south where stuff like this goes on. I live in New York City, and about 20 years ago I dated a NYC high school teacher who taught here in the Bronx, NY. The high school she taught at wanted to hold only one prom, but it was the STUDENTS themselves who actually organized and held three different proms! One for the black students, one for the Latino students, and one for the white students. When she told me this, I wanted to slit my wrists! This was the future of society, self-segregating themselves! When are we all going to come together as one already. Maybe I am an idealistic dreamer, but maybe one day it will happen. God help us all. Glenn in the Bronx, NY.