Asa Lovechild

Asa Lovechild:Could Black Women Be Fueling Their Own Objectification In Entertainment?



I have watched blog after blog, including my own, report on Rick Ross and his outlandish lyrics and in every case, we have all attacked the former security guard/rapper for being so disrespectful to women. The rapper may have sparked a much needed revolution within the entertainment industry. Where are the Sister Souljahs and the Queen Latifahs when you need them?

But before women get high and mighty about telling men off, take a look in the mirror, if only for a moment. We must ask ourselves are we contributing to the behavior that we despise so much? As entertainers, we tend to say that it is all in good fun, everyone has a right to explore their creativity and their s**y and just be free. But, what about the audience that is naturally gravitating toward you that is comprised of those 21 years and under?

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