Yvette Carnell: Dr. Ben Carson Says Racist White Liberals Want Him Back on the ‘Plantation’

by Yvette Carnell

During an interview with radio host Mark Levin, Dr. Ben Carson – an acclaimed neurosurgeon – said he believes white liberals “are the dr.-ben-carsonmost racist people there are” and that they are attacking him for having left the ‘plantation’.

Dr. Carson seems convinced that those on the left are coming for him because they’re afraid of a strong conservative black man.

“They want to shut us up completely,” Carson said. “I represent an existential threat to them. They need to shut me up, they need to delegitimize me.”

“And you’re attacked in many respects because of your race. Because you’re not supposed to think like this, and supposed to talk like this. A lot of white liberals just don’t like it, do they?” Levin asked.

“Well, they’re the most racist people there are,” Carson replied. “You know, they put you in a little category, a little box. You have to think this way. How could you dare come off the plantation?”

One wonders how a man as accomplished as Carson could part his lips to say something so profoundly stupid.

Firstly, the idea that black Democrats are somehow stuck on a plantation implies that black people are far less capable of assessing their interests and making political judgments  than whites. The implication here is that, although Carson and the vast majority of white voters make decisions based on their critical interests, blacks who vote for Democrats just don’t know any better and thus, are still stuck on the plantation. The conclusion reached is that blacks who vote for Democrats need to be freed by smarter and more astute Negroes, such as Dr. Carson. (As an aside,  isn’t it curious how the colorblind GOP loves to hurl slavery references?)

How Dr. Carson reaches his conclusion is far more important than the conclusion itself, since his premise assumes that blacks are less capable of making political decisions than their white counterparts, which is, of course, the textbook definition of the type of racism Carson is accusing white liberals of harboring.

The irony here is that Carson embodies all of the core reasons why many blacks recoil at the idea of ever joining the GOP. Whoever thought saying, “Yeah, I know you’re too stupid to know any better, that’s why you’re stuck on the plantation, but come over here and I’ll teach you..” was a winning slogan for black voters?

The idea expressed by Carson, that blacks somehow need saving, as opposed to truth, which is that blacks just don’t see how their interests align with Republican policies, explains why Dr. Carson is destined to be just another in a long line of black conservative failures. If you want to win black votes, you don’t do it that way.

A neurosurgeon should really be capable of making better arguments than that anyway. Dr. Carson may not agree with black Democrats on much, but he’d do well to stop pretending that he’s the only black man in America born with sense enough to come in out of the rain.

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  1. Don’t worry Obama and company will be passing the ball to Hillary and Bill very soon..its a done deal..praise da lard, oh happy day..they gonna save us all ..yeah right!!

  2. We are fools to keep debating which party is the best. I don’t care who agrees with Dr. Ben Carson, he’s a tool. He’s right sometimes and he’s wrong sometimes. But he’s still a tool for the Republicans. Why do you think they keep putting him up there. We also have our tools in the Demoncratic party. Name whoever you choose to name. Most likely its anyone you constantly see before the tube. Blacks know this. They vote their interest and their suvival. It doesn’t matter if its a Democrat or Republican, Americans have always voted for the lesser of the two evils. Americans will tell you that they don’t necessary for FOR somebody and much as they vote AGAINST the other one. I can’t understand how anyone does not understand why blacks would vote democratic. After the Republican party allowed their candidates to continuously make “dog whistle” racial statements, anti gay statements and wanting to not only take away abortion rights, but birth control and, recently sex education. It’s the Republicans that are against back ground checks for purchasing guns, despite massive gun violence in this country. It’s the local Republicans who launched an all out campaign to suppress the vote of minorities. It’s the republicans who are being given money from the Koch Brothers (whose father was a devote white supremist and a friend of Stallin). It’s the Republicans who talk about social welfare but have constantly voted against ending corporate welfare. Yet, the public supports this system with our money. Nevertheless, black republicans talk as if they just can’t fathom why blacks don’t see their party as the lesser of the two evils.

  3. Keep on talking Dr.Carson you are right.

  4. Hmm, so Ms. Carnell got ALL of that out a few sentences by Dr. Carson? I see where she’s going and understand where she’s coming from, but perhaps, he’s telling an ugly, painful truth that needs to be said.

    The Dems haven’t done a THING for blacks since the Civil Rights movement, so why do we stay and give away our votes for free, election after election after election? It IS stupid.

    Another ugly truth is that we are NOT as politically astute and savvy as we should be. If we were, the State of Black America would not be were it is today.

    Neither party is for US, not the GOP or Dems. I’ve been saying for years that we need to reboot (in the RIGHT way) the National Black Political Convention MINUS the Dems influence.