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Grieving Mother Has No Doubt that Teen Shot Her Baby During a Robbery, but Relatives Say He Has an Alibi


A grieving mother in Georgia is absolutely sure that the teen she identified is the one who shot her baby.  But despite her positive ID and other evidence, his relatives are saying he didn’t do it.

“That’s definitely him,” Sherry West said of De’Marquise Elkins. Elkins was arrested along with a 14-year old who was also at the scene of the crime.  Police still aren’t sure which of the two allegedly pulled the trigger.

West described the nightmarish scenario, where she and her baby were approached by two teens demanding money.  When she told them that she didn’t have any, one of the teens shot her and then shot her baby in the head.

“And he kept asking, and I just said, ‘I don’t have it.’ And he said, ‘Do you want me to kill your baby?’ And I said, ‘No, don’t kill my baby!'” she said.

A total of five shots were fired, according to West:  Four at her and another in the face of the one year old.

Katrina Elkins, the aunt of the older boy, says her her nephew was nowhere near the scene of the crime when it occurred.  She says that the boy came by her house on the morning of the shooting and that she cooked for him:   grits, eggs and sausage for breakfast.

She says that he was at the house until 11 am and then went with her and her children to run errands.  She says that at noon, she let him go so he could go to his GED classes.

“He was with us the whole time,” said Freeman. “There is no doubt in my mind that he is innocent.”

Police spokesman Todd Rhodes says that the family is expected to protect the young man from punishment.

“That’s what she’s saying, but the evidence we’re looking at says something else,” Rhodes said. He would not elaborate. He said investigators still can’t say what motivated the shootings.

West has spent her time grieving the loss of her baby in this senseless crime.  She is also determined to see someone punished for what they did to her family.

“My baby will never be back again,” West said, sobbing. “He took an innocent life. I want his life, too.”

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