CPAC Attendee Says Blacks Got Free ‘Food and Shelter’ From Slavery, Should Go Vote in Africa

Republicans say they don’t have a race problem, but if your idea of minority outreach is to tell blacks that slavery was actually goodCPAC racist for them, then you might have a problem.

During a panel on minority outreach at the Conservative Political Action Committee on Friday afternoon, 30 year old Scott Terry asked whether Republicans should endorse remaining separate but equal.  The presenter, K. Carl Smith, answered by referencing a letter by Frederick Douglass forgiving his former master, then the audience member shot back asking,   “For what? For feeding him and housing him?”

After the back and forth, Terry wondered out loud, “why can’t we just have segregation?”

ThinkProgress spoke  to Terry, who says he believes that whites, not blacks, have been disenfranchised by the government. He also said that African-Americans “should be allowed to vote in Africa” and that he’d be happy with a society where blacks were permanently subservient to whites.

When a woman attempted to challenge Terry’s racist views during the panel, he said, “I didn’t know the legacy of the Republican Party included women correcting men in public.”

After the event, K. Carl Smith released a statement blaming a journalist, not the racist man in the crowd, for asking a provocative question:

I was invited by the Tea Party Patriots to conduct a breakout session entitled: “Trump The Race Card” and share the Frederick Douglass Republican Message. In the middle of my delivery, while discussing the 1848 “Women’s Rights Convention,” I was rudely interrupted by a woman working for the Voice of Russia. She abruptly asked me: “How many black women were there?” This question was intentionally disruptive and coercive with no way of creating a positive dialogue.

Watch video of the exchange here.

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  1. He should listen to King Sermon about why he was agaist the Vietnam war.He touched on the welfare system.The initial money is for Mother and her fist child. 50$ is giving for other babies. Its still the same way today. Caucasians is still the majority on welfare still. We’ve built this country on our back from blood sweat and tears.

  2. Very stupid!

    Don’t waste any time on this, you can’t change him any more than he could change you or I.

    Think of a way to make some $$! Legally!

  3. Don’t you just love those racist Rednecks?? Yea, when donkeys fly!

  4. It’s apparently not just people of a different hue that this lobotomized troll despises, it’s people of a different sex as well (I didn’t know the legacy of the Republican Party includes a woman correcting a man in public)!
    It’s precisely due to people like him that the GOP needs to be put out to pasture. Until the party can rid itself of such bigotted, apparently mindless (something to do with the lobotomy presumably) dinosaurs, it does not deserve, nor can surely aspire, to govern.
    Such blatantly misplaced and unjustifiable arrogance has no place in someone with serious ambitions of political service. It is an eminent reason to ensure he does not receive a single vote in any kind of election, other than one for the position of “Premium Buffoon”.
    Anyoone expressing such views should be immediately disqualified from seeking any kind of influential office.
    Whilst free speech has to be preserved, it needs to carry a modicum of consequence. The consequence of such twaddle has to be “goodbye Mr. Scott”.

  5. Hate is not DNA orientated,it is parents who teach children to hate. There are many whites who believe in the human race, not in separation by color. What many do not seem to understand that the world has always been beset by warring nations and the enslavement and the inclusion of the losing nation into the winning. There are no pure races, we are all mixed. What this racist idiot seems to forget is that no African came over to America as a tourist, but were transplanted against their will. To say that slavery was good because Africans got free food and shelter is an unbelievably stupid argument. Since when is being given food and shelter for 24/7 work and being controlled 100% be considered free?

  6. Another pilgrim immigrant making a good point…I think the word segregation is out of date in this present global evaluation of black and white, which by artistic standards are not colors at all, simply Hues. I prefer to say people of color outnumber the pale skins who always express their fears by laughable statements by CPAC and other herds they belong to. Its time African-Americans and other colored majority people stopped fighting each other and come together making their own future within a colored only community development plan, economic business’s, educational, medical, financial and other institutions as needed for a beneficial foundation eliminating the pale skin’s completely. Our colored community would be a better place without them anyway; We the people have the power and menu to sit together and serve ourselves especially for our children’s future. No need to vote for empty promises, just come together as family and build a solid foundation and strong house to shelter all.

  7. You can’t fix stupid, which is what this guy clearly is.

    Stupid people say stupid things, regardless of skin color.

    Let’s keep moving forward and ignore the haters. They do not speak for the majority of any group or party, but now that we have the Internet every moron gets his / her views in front of a lot more people than has ever before been possible.

    • Actually, this man speaks for the majority. He is saying what some whites are afraid to say.

      The original welfare program was created by the Indians when the Pilgrims came to Plymouth Rock.

  8. Unfortunately, like the Devil, the majority of whites like their racists ancestors, will never change inside their true hearts for it’s like DNA, their dislike or hate of blacks flows from generation to generation, like in the Bible referred to as a Generational Curse, I truly believe the average white man is cursed with this sin, that going to send so many of them to a fiery Eternal Hell. That don’t mean us blacks have to follow them with the same sin or any sin that is against God’s Holy Word, remember any sin will send you to Hell, regardless of who you are, rich or poor white or black etc, for we All have choices.