White People Make Up 42% of the Poor, But Take in Whopping 69% of Government Benefits

by Yvette Carnell

If you pay any attention to right wing media, then you know that folks on the right are obsessed with unraveling the safety net, mostlyfood stamps because they believe that the safety net benefits mostly black and brown people:

  • All of the candidates delighted in calling President Obama the food stamp president during the 2012 campaign.
  • Also during the campaign, Rick Santorum said “I don’t want to make black people’s lives better by giving them other people’s money.”
  • Newt Gingrich famously added, “I will tell black people to demand paychecks instead of food stamps.”


As we edge closer to Obama making some ‘grand bargain’ to cut Social Security and Medicare, it is important to remember that the vast majority of people who receive government benefits are white. In fact, whites receive a disproportionate amount of benefits.

The Economix blog at the New York Times reported the following in February of last year:

Another finding of the study is that the distribution of benefits no longer aligns with the demography of poverty. African-Americans, who make up 22 percent of the poor, receive 14 percent of government benefits, close to their 12 percent population share.

White non-Hispanics, who make up 42 percent of the poor, receive 69 percent of government benefits – again, much closer to their 64 percent population share.

Read that again. It says blacks comprise 22 percent of the poor, but blacks only take in 14 percent of government benefits. Conversely,  whites make up 42 percent of the poor , but take in a disproportionate 69 percent of government benefits. 

If Republicans cut these programs, as part of the sequester or any other backdoor maneuver, their issue will be with their own base, not blacks. Although, I’m not yet convinced that some white right wingers wouldn’t starve themselves if it meant robbing a black or brown person of a spoonful of broth.

Yvette Carnell is a former Capitol Hill and campaign staffer turned writer. She is currently an editor and contributor to Yourblackworld. You can reach Yvette via Twitter @YvetteDC or on Facebook.

 Please subscribe to Your Black World by clicking here.  Also, please join Dr. Boyce Watkins and Min. Louis Farrakhan for a forum on “Wealth, Education, Family and Community” at the Forum Arena at The University of Illinois at Chicago on March 30.  You can get your free reservation to the event by clicking here. 


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  7. Wait a minute, I’m confused. If we’re 10% of the overall population but receiving 14% of the benefits doesn’t that math out to 140% if we were the entire U.S. population? With white people getting 69% while comprising 80% of the population, it’s hard to understand how these numbers reflect positively on us. Obviously, there couldn’t be 140% of anything, so what these numbers suggest is that, by population percentage, we’re looking for more taking care of than white folks. Someone explain this.

  8. Dear black people, the world doesn’t owe you anything, please stop and take responsibility for savage behavior.

    Signed, the civilized world and everyone else sick of your victim complex.

  9. I work pay my own bills and have never had help from any gov program EVER! Who cares about race? My parents taught me to work hard. There is no reason to need any assistance as long as your able to work bottom line! Reading these comments is just sick how people think. Always wanting to blame someone for their problems. JUST GET A JOB! And work hard! I even have a felony on my record and make 80k a year in construction. I will never use help from my gov cause I believe that is just lazy and I have too much pride in myself to take $ from them when their are too many ppl out there that can’t work that actually need it. Ugh I can’t stand you ppl!!!

  10. This is the most ridiculous crap I’ve ever read. There is so much misinformation in this article, it’s crazy. Also — if you’re “government benefits” include student loans….then you’re argument just got even worse. That means more white people are utilizing government loans to get educated. Maybe more blacks should do that as well and then they won’t have to go on welfare or commit crimes! The REAL statistics show that while there are LESS blacks that make up poverty in America, MORE of them are on welfare.

    • The irony of some googly-eyed inbreed like you talking about education when you can’t even spell. You and your brother-fucking kind should commit suicide and stop leeching off of our tax dollars. That’s right whitey, you’re the leech. Now get out of OUR country, you filthy inbreed.

      Nasty pasty cretin, get back to your meth shack and keep squirting out your turdy little white kids.

  11. Anybody with an i.q over 50 would realize that you cant debate rational and math and other science with a bunch of orangutans its amazeing so many can read and almost make a sentence negros always have been a a plague on the human race

  12. Nat turner mix with sitting Bull

    Proud to see educated Africans in my America tell these dumb EUROPEANS that they knew nothing throughout history but how to steal knowledge and skills from all the indigenous people world wide while they was the laziest people in my Americas for over 400 year’s!they sat back and robbed, steal, enslaved and killed their only true contribution,s in my America!!! They must feel really worthless now that the world knows their worth and they are true parasites living at the expense of their host!!! And no one believe,s his-story anymore all lies and deception!!!!!

  13. According to Gingrich and Santorum, all blacks and only blacks are on welfare. :facepalm:

  14. Impensable, je ne connaissait pas ce site, vous voila dans mes favoris !

  15. who is making money off the prisons? we put police in schools to watch our children but they are not going to the office for fighting they are going to jail.who is making money off our children?why do you talk about welfar thats not the big problem but tax loopholes for the rich is?why do rich people got you focus on the poor and not them?just look at your comments, its all about you and the poor, you say nothing about them who is taking your money and keeping you from getting a 10 dollar mim wage.

  16. you guys are doing just what they want you to do, talk about welfar,they dont want you to talk about the tax loopholes cuz then ur talking about the rich and how they are hiding there money and taking yours. so lets talk about that.

  17. I would just like to add a little common sense to this discussion.
    Firstly, with all of the hate speak in these comments, it is clear that extreme racism still abounds in United States. Some of these comments are somewhat factual and some are exaggerated out of racial hatred.

    1. The article speaks about government “benefits”. It does not go into detail about what they are calling “benefits”. Are they including ALL monies paid out by the government including Social Security, Unemployment Ins, Medicare, Medicaid, Business and Education Grants, Farm Subsidies, Welfare and Food Stamps?
    It is clear that if all of these items are included, then the majority population (whites) are receiving the largest percentage of benefits.
    However, since many of you discussed only Food Stamp recipient numbers, those figures are also accurate. Whites are receiving the largest percentage and dollar amount. Population wise, that means about 10% of whites receive Food Stamps. Blacks receive the next largest percentage and dollar amount. Population wise, that means that 38% of blacks receive Food stamps.
    These are just the facts and are backed by the data. It is what it is, regardless of the reasons why or whether there is any moral rationalizing on either side.

    2. On the issue of slavery, there is not a single race on the planet that has not participated in it. Every race, on every continent has raided, robbed, killed or subjugated and enslaved the members of weaker tribes. Unfortunately, greed and violence are human traits that all cultures and races have participated in.
    a) American Indian tribes DID kill, raid, rob and enslave members of other tribes.
    b) Egyptians did it.
    c) Greeks did it.
    d) Romans did it.
    e) Vikings did it.
    f) Africans did it.
    And so did every other tribe, culture and race. No one on the planet has the right to claim the “moral high ground” on this issue. Those that doubt the truth of this statement, need to delve a little further back in the history of their racial ancestry. Does the fact that the whole human race has done it make it right? Of course not. Again, this is just a fact and it is what it is. http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_slavery

    3. The next comment has to do with how and why we all ended up in America. In the beginning, some Europeans like the French, Spanish, English etc., came here to make their fortunes and improve their lives. Some Irish came because of famine and religious freedom. Some of the earliest English came for religious freedom, some English came over as Indentured Slaves, and many where dumped off from prison ships. Some European blacks came as free men, but most were brought in as slaves to work on tobacco/cotton farms. The Chinese were also brought to America as slaves. These statements are just general history and not meant to represent all Americans or how their ancestor came to be here.
    The point I want to make is that regardless of why you are here, quite bitching about it. For everyone on this website that professed to be a superior race because they were black or white or Asian, get over yourselves. While it is fine to be proud of your heritage, there is not a single one of us standing in line to return to our “homeland”.
    The Asians don’t want to return to China, Korea, etc. The Africans don’t want to return to Africa (except the ones that tried to make Liberia work, not!). The Europeans don’t want to return there either. I for one am grateful to my ancestors for suffering whatever they had to endure and am glad to be in America.

    4. The last point I would like to make is this. For everyone here that complained about a particular race taking more than their fair share of “benefits”, whether it was the whites that got the higher dollar amount or the blacks receiving a disproportionate amount compared to their population (both complaints in other comments), so what?
    By that, I mean that sometimes life isn’t fair, but the only person that you have control over is YOU! Blaming others for our (or our ancestors) misfortunes (whether there is some truth to the complaints or not) is futile. Blaming others and feeling entitled to compensation for past wrongs does nothing but promote a “victim” mentality. Please do NOT pass that mindset on to our children.
    I personally was born and grew up poor. Guess what? Being poor sucks. I decided at a young age that I didn’t want to be poor when I grew up. I also knew that the only person that could pull me out of poverty was MYSELF.
    Let others deal with their own situations and the problems they create in their lives; whether the problems are caused by greed, hatred, ignorance, blame, ect. You have no control over them and can not change them. The only person you can change is YOU.

    Thanks for listening. I apologise for rambling on so long.

    • The only comment, to include the article worth reading

    • We need more people in the world that think like common sense. Your article was outstanding.
      The racism on this site from both sides white and black is disgraceful. You should all be ashamed.
      I want the people that can not work to get the assistance they need regardless of color and I want to see all of those that can work to do so and hope that they are successful and do very well in life, yes both black and white and even all of the colors in between.

  18. In another 20 years, white people will become a minority and the majority (nonwhite) will be supporting their social security. There are some poor-ass white people who are so blinded with prejudice that the white politician seek their vote and then forget them because they are in the same boat as some of the less fortunate.

    • 20yrs from now the “Majority(Non-white) wont be paying for my SS. They don’t work now as the minority why would they work when they were the Majority? We will all be standing in bread lines together. 10% of All White of Americans are on SNAP, whiles 38.8% of all Black Americans are on SNAP(food stamps). So go ahead and tell me there is more whites on welfare then blacks and lets see if I believe you.

  19. As far as the welfare recipents go, I’m not condoning it but blacks have a REAL valid reason why so many recieve welfare and its not laziness, blacks were terrorized and murdered by whites when they tried to empower themselves economically in the U.S. In the 1900’s ie. Black Wallstreet,Tulsa OK., and numerous other local businesses(including churches) all over the country, not just in the south. Blacks were intentionally economically stagnated by whites with help from the gov. (local and federal), with double standard policies like women not being able to have a father in the household if they receive gov. assisstance, but farmers that recieve money from the EXACT SAME program are allowed to have a full family unit, which they knew these farmers would more than likely be white since they turned a blind eye to the *** and others MURDERING and running most black land owners off their property, economically alienating blacks, MURDERING black businessmen and burning black owned stores and businesses, when blacks did try and develope an economy for themselves, forcing blacks to shop with white owned businesses and to keep them in the submissive slave role. What’s these white welfare recipients excuse, they’re the dominant community in this country, could they be the REAL lazy ones? I mean they did enslave blacks (including dark skinned Native Americans, and other aboriginal people, not just Africans) to do all their work, and still ship more people here daily to do the same, and are now being surpassed by those people, this is why whites are currently running in droves to hate, disrespect, and kill blacks, not because of any of the invalid delusional issues they claim to hate us for, but so that they can get that good ol’ slavemaster felling back, because these foreigners are academically and economically handing them their behinds, not to mention the academic goals young blacks are achieving they REFUSE to cover in the national media that put their black inferiority myths to rest.I just call it like they wrote it, if you’re a flaming racist and your bloodline is of European ancestry/immigrants there is 90%+ chance your ancestors were Europe’s trash or criminals, or both, they definitely weren’t part of the first colonists. Good Day.

  20. Wrong data
    4.4 % of whites are on public assistance
    13.6 % of african Americans are on public assistance

    • Yah well whats according to your statistics
      13.3% of 12%(african american) of the 300 mil population vs
      4.4% of 68%(white) of the 300300 mil population
      You do the math.

      • I’m rounding on most the numbers, but US Population is 317.6 Million. Whites make up 63.3%201 Million(approx.)Blacks make up 12.3% 39 Million(approx.) 45.8 Million Americans receive SNAP(food stamps) out of that 45.8M 43%(19,700,000) are White, 33%(15,114,000) are Black. So out of the 201 Million Whites in the US only about 9.8% are on SNAP, out of the 39 Million Blacks in the US 38.75%(approx.) are on welfare.

  21. I am amused and alarmed at the same time by these comments. But I am not surprised at the complete ingorance of White Amerikkka. You have been Miseducated by your Criminal, ***** Murdering, Lieing Grandfathers and Grandmothers. Europe and All White Folk on this Planet were Poor ****ting in buckets, famine with plague and Death. Men were sleeping with men and Burning women alive when they feel upon Egypt. Land of the Pure Black if you heard different you have been lied to. White People are the Greatest Criminals and Insults to God on the Planet. Whereever they Go there is Death, Destruction and Murder. Who is the only people to drop the Atomic Bomb Europeans, Who Burned people alibe in the Gas chamber Europeans, Who stole 10 million plus people for Material gain then Lied about God as a justification for Slavery, Murder and stealing a people and their God. EUROPEANS. I could go on for days. Blacks learned all their behaviors and Violence in this country from WHITE PEOPLE. Now you own 100% of all the wealth of course you can now act more Civil. The resources are locked up in your Group/culture. You want to Economically Sodomize the Black Man and were supposed to smile. Crime is caused by Poverty. See how the USA will like it when China tales 95 cents of every dollar for Poor Whites when your congressman send the rest of the jobs over seas. Your day of poverty is coming soon White America. The Black Man is on the Rise *****es!!

  22. All the indians are compensated for there loss here in michigan they get a check for 5 grand. Guess who you see arm n hand whith em where there reservation is young black guys yup conning em selling em drugs leaching off that indian $ see it all the time being half native myself. Africa sold there own people. Traded them for erbs n spices all kimds of ****. N you my black friends woild not exist if ya people would of sold you to are ansesters. Be glad your ass is over here. I went on a hunting safari in 2007. They slaughter eachother like animals. Anytime somethings discovered valuble there millions get slaughtered. Imstance blood diamomds. Be glad your here not there this is paradise compared to poverty there. You blacks are spoiled in amirica .n screaming give me more. Africams even vouge this that amirican *****s are arragant spoiled to pridefull .white folks baby you to dam much.

    • Somebody is a Neanderthal

      The true indigenous people all over the world, including this continent, are Black people. If you are part Native, what is the other part. White? White people cannot be Native anywhere because you are the last people to come into existance and all of the lands on earth already had people (natives) there. As far as the slave trade, I agree that whenever Blacks deal with whites, it turns bad for the Blacks. Remember, whites profitted from the slave trade. They made money from free labor, their shipping industry made money, insurance companies, plantations and all of the trade that came from that profitted whites, not Blacks. White people also enslaved themselves and sold other whites into slavery. Don’t forget that. The term ‘slave’ comes from the word ‘slav’. The check that Native get is a total rip off in comparison to the theft of the land and resources. If you are mixing with Native people or a product of mixing with Native people, then that is a method of getting benefits that should go to a pure blooded Native person to a non-Native person, which is also a rip off. White people make their ‘living’ in this world by committing the crimes of ******** and colonialism (welfare) by living off of lands, labor and resources that they steal from other people, then they pass that criminal ‘inheritance’ to their descendents. They are neanderthal, albino mutated monsters that will do anything for a buck. They are disconnected from Nature and God.

  23. White people always want their point of view to dominate. They are unwilling to accept any other mind-set. Everyone has to assimilate into the White culture, the white mentality and the white lifestyle in order to be tolerated by white people. So if you are not white by color, you have to be white by thought and actions for white people to put up with you. Moreover, do not dare challenge them

  24. Why do blacks love Africa so much there the ones that sold your ass to America to be slaves. If your so mad at America and white people why aren’t you mad at Africa there the ones that profited off you being sold here. They knew why they were selling you to us, they knew that you were being sent here to work for free.

    • You’re wrong, whites colonized and terrorized Africa before the trans Atlantic sleve trade so they weren’t “sold”, they terrorized these Africans countries first to make them submit and would use these colonies as stockpiles for slaves, and would use the “colonized/terrorized” Africans to capture members of opposite tribes in exchange for them not to take their own families and tribe members.Since when do you know of Europeans doing fair trade for anything they can just go in and take, even today?Almost every European country has colonized Africa at one point in time or another, and still do economically for their resources, they just provide them arms and pit them against eachother, its easier than them having to physically colonize them like they use to.

  25. you ******s are funny…give blacks a garden of eden they’ll turn it in to a ghetto..it’ll always be a white man’s world…look at what’s happening you ninnies..Obama’s popularity has sunken..won’t be no black president after Obama so who you are your niglets going to have as idols then??Acorn employees??

  26. I’d appreciate if you would publish my last comment. Thank You.

  27. For the one that said the truth hurts thats why whites are so upset are u damn serious u dumb asses i just looked at the damn percentages n theres more blacks recieven welfare then whites smh so naw yall need to get your facts straight i aint racist at all but i be damn yall gonna sit here n tlk **** about whites like were nothin smdh so if u want facts then u better pull up the right facts cause im sorry to tell u but it aint more whites on welfare then blacks!!!

  28. Really, you clueless lying pieces of ****, if you take the average of whites on welfare of the population its 5.13%, you lying *******s. Blacks are 39.8% of your population, Tell me one place on this planet ran by blacks or democrats that propers, just one fricken place on the planet.this sandn%&^$^ in the w/h is the biggest liar to ever step foot in the w/H. He lied to get on the pres. Ballot to begin with, healthcare, bengazhi, banks, auto, forthood, he is a lying piece of ****! You blacks play the race card every chance you get,when I was a vendor back in the 70’s, blacks were 98% of the problems we had accross the board, I don’t care what stop it was, always lying their asses off, just to get something for FREE! Also for 95% of blacks to revote for s/n in the w/h tells you all you need to know about Black! PERIOD!


      Welfare system was created for white people during the first depression…So they would have some type of income to take care of themselve and their childern….Over the years white people have use the welfare system proudly….but then white people made it shameful to black people..in order to limit black people from using what white people felt was good for the economy ……..this made black people refuse the attempt to be on welfare…..BAMBOOZOLED…… White people wanted to make themselves look good in the eyes of the public…….BUT….at the same time making use of the welfare system/FOOD STAMPS themselves……to take care of their families….

  29. If all you ******s are unhappy then go back to Africa

    • Do your research we all came from africa white people are ***** so watch what u say and pick up a book.If it wasnt fo slavery wouldnt be no america the great.Dumb ass

    • Do your history if u can read and find out where your race came from dumb ass

    • Somebody is a Neanderthal

      Black people are the first people to exist on all continents on this earth. White people are colonizers, which means the reason why you are on this land in the first place is because you murdered the Native population to steal the land and resources. Land and its resources are the foundations of wealth so because you committed crimes (********) to get it, you are the immoral and illegal beneficiaries of these crimes. You live off of the land and resources of other people that you killed to get which makes YOU the people on welfare. White people are neanderthals and lepers (as in leprosy- the disease the bible says is from having white skin). You are mutations from the original Black. You are a diseased state. You are the last people (and I use the term ‘people’ loosely , ‘monster’ is more appropriate) to appear on the earth. With you came population decimation and the destruction of the ecology of the earth. You are poisoning the planet. Your lack of connection to Nature and God is obvious.

      • Well done you’v found us out, everything you say is true, so what you going to do about it? Why don’t you ***** and moan on a web site?’Useless fool.

  30. The author Yvette Carnell left her common sense at the door today.

    Does she realize most of these benefits are paid into by individuals like Social Security and Medicare. You are not given any benefit you pay for the benefit in varying amounts based on your income and receive benefits based on what you have paid in through your life.

    The actual benefits paid out purely out of taxpayer dollars disproportionately go to minorities. Not that this is good or bad it just is.

    White Americans have 22 times the wealth of black Americans and pay significantly more taxes into the system.

    The story is disingenuous or she doesn’t understand the data set.

  31. Liberals post this stuff cuz they know black america will believe it without doing any research. From the 2010 census bureau their are over 228 million white people in this world. Their are just a little over 38 million black people in this world. Seriously Black America, come on. Your blatantly being lied to and the person you thibk is helping you is hurting you. If I’m wrong then why didn’t they say what I just said?

    • You mean in America or better yet The United States Of America right? and just cause there are more white people in the US by % still doesn’t mean that whites receive less welfare than minorities, the fact is the majority of welfare checks go to white families I could care less about the per capita, out of the millions of Americans on welfare the vast majority are white period you can attempt to confuse the facts with per capita percentage based on population and all that so lets keep it simple example 49 million welfare checks approved every month 30 million goes to white Americans and 19 million goes to everyone else, this is not a race thing it’s a poor thing and I have a news flash for white people look up how many jobs were lost in the last few months then look at how many more white families have been forced on welfare, why is it so hard to admit whites get the majority of money paid to welfare every month?

  32. It’s truly sad all this negativity. What it comes down to is that you letting this stress you out and disrespect each other with you harsh words, I am African American and proud of it and from the beginning of time there have been greedy men in power trying no keeping us all at each other throats with race, power and money. I don’t have a degree and it doesn’t take one to know when people are liars and cheaters but we as people get know were beating each other up. Exactly what they want you to do, we all know our races history some more than others but what you should be talking about is how to come together as people to fix this. I’m so tired of each race going hard on each other when in all actuality all races has someone who is lazy and living off public assistance and history tells on itself so if you know about your race and history what are you doing to make it better. We all can point fingers, that’s the easy part

    • It’s apparent that most people on here didn’t read this article past the first few lines. If you’ll bother to look at the article this article is reprinting, on the subject of welfare (checks) specifically, the data HERE shows 38 million white folks and 39 million blacks folks receiving welfare checks. The rest of the data is there to read, but YOU HAVE TO READ! I have given my analysis for those of you too busy to do it yourselves elsewhere in these comments. However, if you don’t care enough to read the article you’re commenting on, why are you commenting?

  33. Blacks get all the subsidized housing. Blacks and mexicans get 99 percent of the subsidized housing compared to whites. Disabled whites get the worst deal. Black able bodied people get housing before disabled whites. It is disgraceful. Never should have put a black man in the presidency. Ever since Obama got in office poor whites have been worse off. All the people getting help are the blacks and mexicans. Section 8 is predominately black. Whites can’t get it.

  34. Well as I sit here and read post after post it is apparent that the black people are getting enough so all they can do is say it’s all the white people getting everything. You people need to get your facts straight. I have stood in line behind more black people pay for lobster and crab legs and spend close to 500 dollars on food stamps and then when they get to the parking lot loading the stuff into the back of a new escalade so before speaking and speaking out your ass know what you are talking about. I have read many of things and it seems
    To me that Evrything I read black people think they are owed something you aren’t owed anything.

    • All I know is that at my job and at most jobs the white people have to carry the load! A black person can work slow and text on there cell phone and the manager won’t say **** but if me or another white worker stops for two ****en seconds management gets on our back!

  35. here are the real stats on welfare. You really need to stop misleading people. It doesn’t do any good. The site below is simple and true and easy to prove. Don’t know were you get your numbers from but they look made up to me.


    • the stats on that website are propaganda. You should go directly to the Census. The numbers on total welfare recipients for the whites was transposed for the blacks. and the breakdown for the states that implies that the welfare pays more money than a job is a complete misleading lie.all I can say to you is STOP SUCKING THE SACK! most blacks who recieve so called welfare, collect it in the form of medicaid! Most people on welfare work but the low paying jobs they have don’t cover the medical nor the food. Most impoverished blacks are not lazy they work hard for the money.The problem is that the paycheck is too small.

    • Really 1% lol the way it is talked about no whites on welfare

  36. Stand in line to d grocery stow. U c who be on food stants.


    • These statistics include social security, medicare, unemployment insurance etc. Now you know why whites get a larger proportion.

      Blacks get a larger proportion of welfare, foodstamps, school lunches, financial aid. etc.

  38. Economic Thoughts

    For those of you that still don’t understand the welfare distribution, let me shed some light for ya……

    You really need to “do the math” yourself. Let me break this down for you in terms that you may be able understand. Im going to use real (or very close) percentage data but instead of real population data I’m going to make it simple (100 as 100%) for you in hopes that you can understand.

    Suppose the USA were comprised of only 100 people (78 white, 13 black, 9 other).
    Suppose there Are $100 welfare dollars to divide amongst this population of 100 people. We will give the dollars out as follows:

    $40 to white population
    $40 to black population
    $20 to other population

    Sounds fair right? Not so fast. Even by your own flawed math it’s not fair. With real math it certainly isn’t.

    Lets distribute our welfare dollars “per person” or “per capita” in each group:

    73 whites receive a total of $40 to distribute amongst themselves =$.51 per person (51 cents)
    13 blacks receive a total of $40 to distribute amongst themselves =$3.07 per person
    09 others receive a total of $20 to distribute amongst themselves =$2.22 per person

    Wow! The 13 blacks each receive $3.07 per person while the whites each receive only 51 cents!!! The black sub-cohorts receive 6 times the welfare dollars per capita than their white counterparts and 72 percent more than the “other” population group! Now….does that sound fair? Are the black welfare recipients 6 times less able to work or find a job than their white counterparts? Are they 6 times less likely to be offered a job even though they are the most qualified for the job? Are they 6 times less likely to be turned down for financial aid in order to get an education even though federally subsidized financial aid approval is based on need? Clearly since this cohort is 6 times more likely to be on welfare, their approval rate for financial aid to continue their education should be 6 times that of their white counterparts in the larger cohort (all welfare recipients regardless of race).

    What’s the reason? You seem to like numbers and statistics, lets talk numbers and statistics but first – let’s do some real math so that we are comparing apples to apples instead of spouting off “statistics” and comparing a grape to a grapefruit.

    Stop making excuses for yourself or your sub-cohort and get some financial aid for college and get yourself off financial assistance because quite frankly the blacks, whites and others that work or go to school to get an education are fed up with your excuses.

    Welfare is a great safety net for good hardworking people (black, white, other) to help get them back on their feet during financial distress. It is not a honey pot that any sub-cohort should be milking which is what “real” math shows is certainly happening. The honey pot WILL dry up and the free ride will be over sooner or later. It will be a sad day for those that actually need it but for those that think their share should be 6 times that of others….I am sure they will find a way to blame it on someone else with “math”.

    And please don’t pull the race card. I’ve dated black, white, and other… My friends and some family members are of dfferent races. I just don’t like lazy people with entitlement issues…it just so happens, the math shows that is currently the welfare recipients in the black cohort….NOT AS A WHOLE. There’s a difference.

    Got any more math you want to discuss?

    • Economic thoughts, you listened well in math class. But you didn’t listen well in Reading class. The article isn’t talking about 100 percent of the population. The article stated that 42% of the poor are white.

      So if 100 people are poor than 42 are white – 22 are African American and 36 would be Other.

      Now you do the math with your $40 allotment. Got it.

    • And NOBODY here believes you dated Black folk or other races.

    • Seriously, you are an idiot and a damn fool. You kkk and skin heads can get together and say this is how it works while drinking and doing meth to fuell your dead brain if you want, but the reality is white steal more money from everyone including the government, and welfare to take away from those in need. I wish it was like that so we can finallly get our 40 acres ad a mule, but it is in fact with the first step you white ppl took on this country, you start stealing, beginning with the land and to date you have not stop stealing. So the fact is, and this coming from a math genius and senior tax accountant, your numbers are simply your own personal idea with no back bone, simular to how you are when you meet a black person one on one. But we will win in the end, believe that!

      • Look with out the bias at your own world, at some point you have to stop blaming everyone else for your own failures. That same old crap about how you all are held back, tricked, and taken advantage of. I guess that is much easier than getting out and working yourself into a better future.

        If you got your 40 acres and a mule you would want some handout to feed it and need the government to come cut the grass for you.

        • Somebody is a Neanderthal

          Your comment means nothing, coming from a people who lives off of the lands, resources and labor that you steal from other people. You are the biggest parasite in the world and a hypocrite.

    • The problem with your math is that government benefits are not split by race/ethnicity. They are looked at as one group of people all of which receive government benefits. So they don’t split the total benefits equally among whites blacks and other ethnicities.

      Its passed out on a case by case basis, but when reviewing the statistics it shows that whites make up 42% of the people in need of benefits but take up 69% of what is available for all people. So in other words after 69% of the benefits are taken by whites that leaves 31% left for all other recipients of government benefits.

      Its funny that you came up with a hypothetical problem in order to prove your point but the article already had all of the math done for you. You just failed to understand what is actually being mentioned. So lets revise your hypothetical problem for something that is more in line with the actual facts.

      100 recipients of a total $100 in government benefits

      42 white
      22 black
      36 other

      If this were a fair distribution everyone would receive $1 a piece.

      100 recipients of a total $100 in government benefits
      42 white = 42 dollars
      22 black = 22 dollars
      36 other = 36 dollars

      The example above would spread the available dollars equally among all people but instead this is what you actually have happening

      100 recipients of a total $100 in government benefits

      42 white = 69 dollars
      ~$1.64 dollars per person

      22 black = 14 dollars
      ~$.63 cents per person

      36 other = 17 dollars
      ~$.47 cents per person

      So all in all whites receive about 27% more benefits than should actually be allowed while blacks and others receive about 8% and 19% less than they should respectively.

    • So by your math, either you or the article is lying. I’m going with the article.,..I’m used to “you people” lying.



    Negro Africanian Americans and Caucasian European Americans are obviously and absolutely the bread and butter of the USA at its primary level. So why debate it? We got pictures, history books and overwhelming proof of this.

    think about this…

    Butter gets old after a while to spoils, and bread gets bland and moldy. We will always need one another as long as we got other people out there to worry about. Im pretty comfortable around blacks & caucasians more so than any other race. Just as my grampa was when he was fightin in ww2 as a paratrooper. he told me those fuckin black people had balls. they volunteered for death based on the fact that they seen the frailty and fears of white men. that they most likely had wives and big families to leave behind compared to their own. that they were capable of inhuman amounts of love to the point that it is godly!

    only poor blacks and poor whites who are afraid of being replaced by more functional people think maliciously racist things cause it all boils down to that.

    poor cuz they dont want HELP. when they NEED it.

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  41. Since we are all on relentless hate rants. Id like to add this one thing…as ignorantly as i possibly can so I dont actually give u anything useful from it.

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  42. Now I feel the need to say this because it is in the first paragraph…. Republicans do NOT just go after welfare recipients because they THINK blacks get it more than whites. (Granted our elected officials and I mean ALL OF THEM, do NOT care about the common man… And I mean MAN, not black man, not white man or even green for that matter) If you believe this than you are living in a fantasy world! Do you really think the republicans don’t look at the welfare recipient spreadsheets? They KNOW that white people are taking in more than blacks in government assistance but the facts remain that government spending is TOO HIGH on assistance in this country. “Give a man a fish, you feed him for a day; TEACH a man to fish, you fed him for life.”

    One more thing before I log off this hate filled website known as yourblackworld.net which is hilarious on the face of it. Since for decades whites tried to keep blacks separated, and now the black community is fighting to go the other direction. The fact that we are not having one long discussion about our government representatives, but instead attacking each other for the simple matter of “You subscribe to this parties main opinions, but this guy from your party said this:….” The fact that there is only 2 parties in this country is making us all crazy. PEOPLE can NOT be put into two neat little boxes, if that were the case then why would SO many people from SO many countries try to get here on a daily basis?

    • @seriously If you want to see real racism check out stormfront, n–ermania and chimpout. The unbalance in your comment is a joke. Black people are on the minds of these d a m n whites all the time.

  43. This is a flawed news.
    White and Black people who fall under same category must receive same amount.
    If one or other receive more, it means some special case people are more for extra-receiving group.

    If I say that man on the currency slightly resembles Gorilla,
    would you call me racist?
    May be because you are offended.

    Well a White friend of mine is also offended because of unfair comments by many black users on this report.

  44. “The Coming Race War In America” by Carl T. Rowan, 1996, chronicled much of the exact subject matter that has been written in this piece, so no big surprise here.


  46. Michael Davidson whites did not ” find” this country, you stole it! Native American were on this land before whites stepped on it. They saw how rich the land and resources were, so they decided to take it. Since they thought they had “book smarts”, they believed they had the advantage and the right to do whatever they wanted. If they did it all by themselves, why did they need the agricultural expertise of the Africans? Why didn’t they leave them I their own country where they were doing well and flourishing on their own. Who do you think the whites learned from? Your ancestors were most likely cared for by a black person because their white momma didn’t have time for them. Their black maid cooked for them because the white wife couldn’t cook. The black man butchered the livestock because the white man didn’t know the ass from the mouth. The black man planted the crops so the white man can eat and make money off the excess… That’s how many white families built their wealth…from the knowledge and hard work of blacks. I know you are racist and have a one tracked mind, but do your research, read a book…there are hundreds on the subject, some are even written by whites…because they know the truth.

    • Hey smarty,
      Thanks for making me laugh 😀

      FYI, Blacks/African are the least intelligent in farming and science.

      You want a proof?
      just check African countries’ agriculture.
      Blacks in America are actually blessed by God who put African Americans to live in a wealthy country which was made by White people.

      I always believe Native Americans deserve more rights.
      However, they themselves were immigrants who came from Siberia.

      Whites and Asians got what they deserve.
      Native Americans deserve much more.
      Filthy Blacks got much more than what they deserve.

      There was just one Black for 10 whites around ~1930’s.
      Fucking N*** bred like rats and now there is one Black for every 4 whites

      P.S: I also know Black maids helped a lot in raising white kids. However, white parents raised too naturally.

      Only two good things Blacks did to America:
      a) Helped raising white children
      b) Plantation work

      Nothing else :)

      • If you really knew your history yo would know that Africans came here a thousand years before Columbus and taught your ancestors.Taught them how to organize, plant and grow food (before then you only ate what you found) and how to read and write. I forgot. Astronomy too.You would also know that you are a mixed race from ancestors that migrated from the north and mixed with the Africans. The difference between us and the “white man is that we came in peace and as teachers with no need to take what you had because we had more. But then you identify yourself as “Indian” so you can’t know that much. Oh yeah…we gave you a concept of God too. That why when Columbus’ brother commented that your ancestors were copper toned and dressed like Moors ( black Muslims).

      • Somebody is a Neanderthal

        The first agriculturalists in the world were Black people. Black people are 100’s of thousands of years old and are the original people on the planet. Obviously, they ate. Ancient Kemet (Egypt) was a Black civilization and is the foundation of the sciences we have today. In fact, the ancient Kemetic people were more advanced because they did things white scientists today still don’t know how they did. As far as the land in some African countries are the agriculture is concerned, when whites colonized Africa (do you know what ‘colonize’ means?) they stole the resources and exhausted the soil for cash crops. If they left the Africans with ruined soil, they didn’t care especially if the Africans were dying as a result. They are a murderous, neanderthal mutated race of monsters. They ruined the soils here in the US also. Learn about the ‘Dust Bowl’. In fact, the soils today are so messed up by these fools that they make GMO (genetically modified organisms) to plant as seeds to withstand the chemicals they dump in the soil. The soil is so depleted of its natural minerals that the foods we eat are depleted and GMO’s are not healthy to eat. All of this is because these neanderthals don’t know how to manage the earth like indigenous people did and they are poisoning the planet. So much for white superiority.

        • Yes blacks are the oldest but they are not a race of humans anyhow when life was evolving blacks were somehow left behind you are more ape than human when rome and other real civilizations exsisted africans were still chunking spears when europeans arrived with modern weapons your monkeys traded their own people for the magic the white man brought which was only modern items of the times and ifwhites or asians had never stepped foot on africa you would be throwing spears still you say blacks are the oldest peoples yet they habe never made any invention beyond crack never had a lasting civilization never been able to govern themselves because blacks got stuck they never evolved your gorillas every major contribution to make our world modern came from whites or non negro races whites are the only true evolved race of humans in africa today they think to cure hiv you sleep with a virgin that should speak of your races intelligence whether it be god or evolution negros were a mistake and nature is correcting itself today by killing millions of africans yearly just with hiv not to mention your mental capacities have bound you to commiting genocide every where you are in the world even in the usa so sir you are the neanderthal


  48. When spending is cut it only effect black people, because white folks,go to their people for hidden benefits. Our blacks folks working for the Gov. Afraid of losing their jobs so no hidden benifits for you but they will help White people…..”CAN I T A WITNESS SOMEBODY!”

  49. When spending is cut it only effect black people, because white folks,go to their people for hidden benefits. Our blacks folks working for the Gov. Afraid of losing their jobs so no hidden benifits for you but they will help White people…..”CAN I T A WITNESS SOMEBODY!”

  50. Remember the first American welfare program was created at Plymouth Rock when the Indians fed the Pilgrims.

  51. I’m so glad somebody finally shed the light on this. Knowledge is power. Whenever some racist makes claims about blacks being takers, we need to be armed with these facts and more. When you let people know you know better, they tend to back off.

  52. Colossians 1:26 Even the mystery which hath been hid from ages and from generations, but now is made manifest to his saints:

  53. The numbers are their, White people just dont want anyone else to know how ENTITLED..AND GREEDY they are and have been for centuries..THEY BLAME OTHERS, TO COVERUP FOR THEIR CORRUPTION AND TRIFFLING BEHAVIOR.

    Blacks comprise 22 percent of the poor, but blacks only take in 14 percent of government benefits. Conversely, whites make up 42 percent of the poor , but take in a disproportionate 69 percent of government benefits.

    If Republicans cut these programs, as part of the sequester or any other backdoor maneuver, their issue will be with their own base, not blacks. Although, I’m not yet convinced that some white right wingers wouldn’t starve themselves if it meant robbing a black or brown person of a spoonful of broth.

    • According to the 2010 census, Whites make up 72.4% of US population and Blacks make up 12.6%.

      If Whites receive 69% of all government benefits and Blacks receive 14% of all government benefits, then the benefit payments are pretty much in line with the population numbers.

      However, if White families or individuals who live in poverty receive substantially more in poverty-related government benefits than Blacks in similar circumstances, then there is a problem. But the article provided no information to support that claim.

      Government poverty reduction programs are intended to be blind to race. If anyone thinks poor people of one race should receive greater benefits than poor people of another race, that sounds like racism to me. And no major party or politician will ever support such a system or policy.

  54. @SILVERBAC, I’m not a low infromation person and I agree with the facts presented here because I have written papers about Taxes, Welfare and otherwise and the facts bear out. I keep telling you, I’m not the average bear< Yogi has nothing on me!! If you want to promote black inferiority and white superiority then take your "lame" azz to another site. I got your numba, Calcified Pineal Gland having creep!! Rand Paul said we give too much "welfare" to all of the other countries around the world, yet I don't hear you complaining about it like he does! 200 billion in aid, every year and do you know why? Think deeply now. Why? I talked to some troops home from the massecre and they told how they were apalled at seeing how much of "our" money is going to help the so-called enemy, new cars, houses, tv's, cell phones,appliances, and not to talk about the infastructure improvements. If we quit trying to conquer the world(imperialism)and trying to buy loyalty and set up puppet governments, then it would be plenty of money here for everybody, no matter what race creed or color. Checkmate!! Hotep

  55. Its no surprise to see white men and women surfacing the black world…..lol….You dont need this article to know this..this is fact….The article was black world take on what they looked up…. PEOPLE ALWAYS KNEW…..that white people always going to get their share by cutting out the middle man…White people dont like the truth….all of them sucks the life out of living…

    USE ANYthing or AnyONE TO TAKE THE HEAT OFF WHAT WHITE PEOPLE DO…Welfare system was created for white people during the first depression…So they would have some type of income to take care of themselve and their childern….Over the years white people have use the welfare system proudly…………but then white people make it shameful to black people….to limit them……..that may attempt to be on welfare……

    But white people uses their numbers system to point out black people being on welfare…to make themselves look good in the eyes of the PUBLIC/NEWSPAPER, MEDIA TV, INTERNET…….BUT….at the same time making use of the welfare system themselves……to take care of their families….

  56. I didn’t give much thought to the article itself, so I don’t have an opinion on it.

    I do, however, have an opinion on name-calling and insults. Really, Olivia? How old are you? If you’re more than 12, where have you been all your life that you never learned to disagree with someone without being rude and crude? Even if you had something worthy to say, it would be lost to your lack of intelligence and temperance. Grow up.

  57. The truth speaks for itself.

  58. I feel that it is very interesting. That some whites blame Barack Obama for almost everything that goes wrong in America. Call him the N-word all over twitter, but you all are the same ones. Trying to get food stamps, and free government phones etc.., But you say that we as African-Americans get free handouts. I have a Bachelors degree in Business Administration. I am going through a hard time because I suffer from seizures, due to diabetes.I am personally waiting to get on disability. I want to work but scared I have a seizure. Hit my head the last time i had a seizure.

  59. They know its really white people receiving the bulk of these benefits. They don’t care, they don’t like poor people. They just know if they put the black face onit, the poor whites will go with them thinking they are hurting us. They don’t realize til its too late they have just hurt themselves. I say sit back , let it happen, watch them lose benefits and go hungry and then chuckle. Nothing changes for us..

  60. the facts are being revealed…

  61. This is nothing new.This was told over twenty years ago. You can break it down whatever way you want to of poverty-related benefits. The bottom line. It was always meant for whites

    • Why are colored folks so illiterate? And why do they believe the white man is always out to get them? Whites took this country by force so it’s ours until someone else can defeat us! I highly doubt blacks will ever run this country. It’s just not gonna happen. Blacks in my opinion are just lazy!! Most anyway. I mean take a drive through any city during the day time and all you see is blacks walking around with no care in the world. Every time in work in the city I have 3 or 4 asking me for $. I just say I don’t give handouts. Go and get a job All blacks aren’t lazy for sure their are some that work and have pride. I think the gov loves that they are like that cause it keeps them at the bottom of the food chain. You will never rule anything! So get over it! My brotha. Ya nah wha I mean yo lol

  62. That’s right Onesilverbac and W Lyons. We better not blindly believe anything that suggests Black people are not the negative we’re made out to believe we are.*rolling eyes* I bet there would be no comments like this if the article bluntly said Black people get a lot more welfare than white people, especially because we’re lazy. Don’t bother fact checking that. It sounds about right. Right?

  63. The truth hurts glad their lies are coming out

  64. According to the Census Bureau Ethnic breakdown of the U.S. poor, 2011, white poor outnumber the black poor considerably, 19 to 7.8 million. White people make up 42 percent of America’s poor, black people about 28 percent.

    • why is it so hard to understand that “the whites receive more aid than blacks” view is flawed due to the amount of white people in this country vs. the amount of black people? How can black people ignore that you only make up 12-13% of the population while whites are around 70% but as of the figures thrown out here blacks receive the same 38-39% of total welfare paid out? Look I have no problem with any race needing help due to falling on bad times but laziness and greed is not acceptable. Does anyone remember the video of the rapper Ol Dirty ******* pulling up in a limo to get his welfare check? That is the mentality that I have a problem with and it is a “human” characteristic not a “race” characteristic. There are sorry and lazy people of all colors. The time for excuses is at an end, when the president is black and the overwhelming mindset in this country is liberal, there is no excuse not to take advantage of the many govt programs to increase your knowledge and do something with your life other than wait for the 1st or 3rd. PERIOD

  65. Take note of the finding, Mitt Romney. Forty-two percent of the white poor get sixty-nine percent of the government aid. What say you now, Mr. Forty-seven percent?

  66. I guess the author was try to make the Blacks think they are not getting their fair share of handouts!

    As usual the “low information” people fell for it!

    Please, stop believing everything you hear or read, you have a computer and access to the internet, check 2 or 3 sources!

    Stop being such a Lemming, following just because, you may be following someones agenda rather than the truth!

    This writer left out a lot, it’s an apple and orange comparison, and is very misleading!

  67. The implication here is that Whites get substantially more of the government benefits intended for the poor than do Blacks, relative to these two races’ incidence of poverty, but that is not what the numbers quoted actually say. If those numbers are correct, they say a very different thing.

    The Times article uses the phrase “government benefits” and specifically mentions Social Security and Medicaid. Social Security and many other government programs are not intended to alleviate poverty in general and the term “government benefits” includes many such non-poverty-related programs.

    Unfortunately, Ms. Carnel does not tell us what proportion of “poverty-related government benefits” Whites and Blacks receive. So it appears she wants us to believe “general government benefits” and “poverty-related government benefits” are one and the same.

    They are not – not by a long shot. As a result, we learn nothing from her “analysis” of the relative receipt of poverty-related government benefits from a Whites vs. Blacks perspective. But maybe she was more interested in working the “Whites vs. Blacks” angle than really worrying about the facts.

    Please do some research on the racial distribution of poverty-related benefits, Ms. Carnel, and come back to us when the facts have some connection to your implications.

    • Actually the numbers are saying that overall looking at all benefits whites receive more government benefits than anyone else. Which is true.

      Also the source article includes a breakdown of the different government programs (not all of which are SS or medicare) and their disbursement amounts and I am sorry to inform you the statistics show the same thing as well just not as much out of proportion as when you look at all benefits collectively.

      Maybe you just don’t know what the programs are so I will list some here that may be of interest that are included in the pdf file in the source article


      Unemployment benefits – (which is not a stat based on poverty but interesting to see the disproportionate amount benefits that whites receive in this area also)