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Dr. Ben Carson: Pres. Obama Has Worsened the “Abominable” Black Unemployment Rate

ben-carsonDr. Ben Carson, a famous neurosurgeon, has risen as a hero to some for taking a stance against the policies of the Democratic Party, and also speaking up against those policies at an event that featured President Barack Obama.  Dr. Carson, who grew up with a single mother to become one of the most highly-respected doctors in history, has continued to ride the wave of momentum from his last speech by speaking out on the economic policies of the Obama Administration, stating that they’ve been harmful to black Americans.

“If President Obama wants to be a hero in the African American community, he should do something to alleviate the “abominable” black unemployment rate in America,” says Dr. Carson.

Dr. Carson is currently the head of pediatric neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland.   He recently told the Christian Post that the Obama Administration has played a role in worsening black unemployment.   According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, black unemployment is 13.8 percent, which is more than double the rate for whites, which stands a 6.6 percent.

The Obama Administration hasn’t spoken to the racial disparity, claiming that broad economic policies should also help the black community.  The evidence says that this policy has not yet shown itself to be effective.  Over the last year, black unemployment has dropped just .4 percent, while white unemployment has dropped by rate that was three times higher.

“I think the best thing that he (President Obama) can possibly do that will help minorities is to enact policies that allow for growth of the economy,” said Carson. “Because when you look at the employment rate for instance in the African American community, it’s abominable. And the policies that have been enacted have only made it worse. They have not made it better. So if he really wanted to be a hero in that community, let’s start doing some things that make sense economically and get the money flowing.”


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