NAACP Chairman Julian Bond Says Racism Has Increased During Obama’s Tenure

NAACP Chairman Julian Bond appeared on The Colbert Report Wednesday night to discuss the Voting Rights Act and his thoughts on julian bondJustice Scalia’s “racial entitlement” comments.

Colbert began by declaring racial discrimination over, a supposition which was wholly dismissed by Bond, who said that “if anything… racism has increased” during President Obama’s tenure.  “His presence angered many people who accused him of being President while black,” Bond added.

Colbert also asked Bond about Justice Scalia’s comments during last week’s oral arguments on the Voting Rights Act. Scalia said the Voting Rights Act has been reauthorized because of racial entitlement in this country.

“…I don’t think that’s attributable to the fact that it is so much clearer now that we need this,” he said. “I think it is attributable, very likely attributable, to a phenomenon that is called perpetuation of racial entitlement. It’s been written about. Whenever a society adopts racial entitlements, it is very difficult to get out of them through the normal political processes.”

Regarding Justice Scalia’s inflammatory comments, Bond said, “He is the Rush Limbaugh of the Supreme Court. He says inappropriate things over and over again.”

Bond also didn’t have any kind words for Justice Clarence Thomas in answering  Colbert’s question on why he and Thomas view race so differently.

“I think Justice Thomas and I have lived different lives and we’ve drawn different lessons from the lives we’ve lived,” Bond said. “He thinks this way and I think that way, and I’m right.”



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  1. Rev. George Brooks

    Julian Bond didn’t help the situation by pushing for and getting this mulatto fellow elected as president of the NAACP — Ben Jealous. (his father is white) And he’s been trying to change the NAACP to now be for white people, rather than just for COLORED people, as the name of the organization states and has always been for. He even says that the NAACP is for all people. Now, isn’t that sick ? — Rev. George Brooks

  2. LaVerne Hardin, J.D.

    President Obama has faced more direct racism inside the white house and outside than all African Americans. His family has been verbally degraded. He has been betrayed as a Monkey. Lets face it, only God can stop the racism, not man. Hate is a terminal illness, it only goes away with death.

  3. Just because he won back to back elections, does not mean, that no racism exist, it just means that the voting
    public, the ones that were not brain washed by Fox, and the TeaRuplican, knew that President was the better choice. Racism is alway just beneat tne surface, as long as Condi Rice, and Colin Powell, and dumb,stupid Clearance Thomas, were republicans and controled by the Republicans, the white’s with Power loved (tolerated ) them. Colin Powell, is the only one to come to his senses, and vote for President Obama.This kind of mental concitions will always be here until the control is reversed. Long lived Freedom, for ever one that lives.

  4. It’s misleading to say that racism has increased. It has NOT increased. The ACTS of racism has increased. It increased because a lot of whites had to face the reality that blacks are moving and Obama represents that move. Many whites felt comfortable when they felt that blacks were beneath them and were not a threat. Obama as president represents a threat. We don’t apprecate how many poor whites there are in this country. My uncle once went driving, in a southern city and saw an all white neighborhood of shack houses. He kept driving and listening to music. Then it occurred to him that he had been driving for about 15 minutes and he was still in this type of neighborhood. He said there were tons poor whites. We don’t see this view of whites. We only see the ones who are well off. Well, that’s the view whites had of blacks. When Obama came along, they were shocked to see how well blacks have done and were forced to look at their own situation. Resentment build and conservative politicians played off of it. What America is experiencing now has always been here. Racists don’t rear their heads unless they feel a need to. The fact that something lies dormant, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

  5. When you talk about race it looks to me like every time a black person moves up in society they forget where they came from. President has said nothing about black people and 90% of the athletes are black and make over 10 million a year and will not help anyone in the neighborhoods they came from.

  6. I dont understand how people can keep talking about race when the president won back to back elections by a large vote.

  7. Racism hasn’t increased; it’s just that more racists feel free to crawl out of the woodwork.

  8. Argerine Williams

    Yes overt racism has increased during Obama’s Administration. I believe the world has looked at us and called us very hypocritical because we are not practicing what we preach. “Justice for all”.

  9. Racism has not increased, it never decreased! They just tried to disguise it! When President Obama was elected to office, the racism that is in those in elected positions came forth! They had fooled a lot of us into a sense of false security when deep down those same elected officials were scheming to put laws into place, ( with the election of Romney) that would keep Racism alive for another 400yrs! Some of these elected representatives don’t even care about their own RACE, they only want their VOTE to keep them in office! Yes RACISM never left, it just moved from WHITE AGAINST BLACK to RICH AGAINST POOR!

  10. Who didn’t know this was going to happen. Racism never went anywhere! If black people who believe the Civil Rights Act somehow ended racism when it only paved the way to deal with racism in the courts. It didn’t stop people for being racist.

    Instead of demanding the same money white people got to educate their kids, it was demanding that we force them to accept us. At the end of the day, this country is still segregated. The whites who wanted to intergrate did. We became to dependent on what they were willing to give us. Some black people allowed themselves to be used to bring destruction to their own people in order to make it in the white mans world. We forgot about family, community, respect and our responsiblity to each other. Black people are mentally enslaved, we think we are free, but the Civil Rights act did nothing for years of brainwashing. Read the History of Africa. It’s the story of how civilization begun, with African people. It tells you about what they created which is used today. It’s tells you about the Greeks, Romans. It tells you about how easily Africans were manipulated and adopted the mentality, religon of other groups of people. It aint about them, it’s about us. But until we take it upon ourselves to understand our history, we can never fight racism the way it should be fought. We don’t want to hear the thoughts of John Henrik Clark, Malcom X, Amos Wilson, Marcus Garvey, Fred Hampton because we have been brainwashed into believing they are too militant. It ain’t about being militant, it’s real talk. We are at the 50yrs mark of Civil Rights movement. Yes, things are better in some ways, some ways not. Intergration was a total failure, because one, there’s a large population of black people who fell into the dependency trap with welfare, section 8 and link cards. We allowed black music to be hijacked and turn into a destructive device. We have some black people so thirsty to think they are living the american dream because they have all material BS, your mentally enslaved. Wakeup and stop worrying about racism, you can’t change other peoples mentality, but you can change your own. There are a lot of things we need to be talking about but the black politican and other black people who have a voice that can be heard are scared of making white racist uncomfortable and threatened to the point that we ignore what it’s really going to take to change our existance in this country.

  11. It amazes me that so many people think that slavery is over.
    Can’t seem to see that it’s just a new methodology.

  12. I believe it has increased especially since President Obama’s re-election.

  13. Black men who marry white women amaze me in their roles as racism police. Clearly Mr. Bond, Mr. Belafonte and Even Frederick Douglas speak so eloquently in defense of their Blackness and yet reject Black love. Are these great men in the midst of an identity crisis, or have their wives exempt them from being an empathizer vs a sympathizer. Seems to me the shouldn’t have the benefit of having it both ways. Yes…I am a Black queen with a cooked crown.

    • @Melanie You are correct. I get tired of these so-called Black males coming out to complain about racism while they have their White wives in hiding. They are misleading our people. Seems what they are truly fighting for is a White lady and not the progress of Black people. If I’m not mistaken, it was the Black female who was a Slave–not today’s White feminist.

      Remember the KKK saying that: All that a Black man wanted is to have a White woman and be President of the U.S.? Dead on.

      At least the White Man allowed him to have his White lady and get as far as the Supreme Court (Clarence Thomas); so that he could destroy every Civil ights law we ever fought to have enacted.

      Julian Bond needs to take a seat and shut his Coon mouth up.

      • barbara and melanie stop being so simple mean to tell me if a black man slap up a puzzy white,asia,hispanic or any other race than black that means he not black.I GUESS u saying all white people are racist and all black folks born in amerikkka is lazy.NOT SO RIGHT so think before u say bull shytt.Being black in amerikkka is a struggle no matter who you with so stop the blame game.

  14. Not only has it been on the rise it is cloistered,hidden and subverise.We have become {black folks} as happy docile darkies happy to have a few so called White friends ,acouple of biracial grandkids and we overlook the real deep meat issues of racisim.

  15. Peter D. Slaughter

    Hey yall’s
    I’s got a secret and don’t’s the white folks either some of us might get beat on weds or thurdays.
    Some of us would rather’s get’s beat on a sunday’s in church,while praising the lord and jesus.
    Shhh.. racism is back in’s my neighborhood’s the police beat 3 black men for slanging that cracker stuff.
    They’s had it in their’s pocket’s.
    They wanted’s to run’s but the police man would not let them get’s away’s.
    He’s might have shot’s them with his gun’s

  16. Of all the affictions IGNORANCE is the worse. If common sence was so common everyone wopuld have it.Some of these people who sit in high places are schooled but not educated.Rush Limbaugh’s name should be eraced from the minds of men for ever.Dont forget that the US supreme court Justices came from the same racist ignorant US society.

  17. I see SC Court Justice Antonin Scalia has been uncomfortable seeing the President of US has Black blood. Scalia must have been raised to believe he was superior to others for his race. Scalia has not attended any of President Obama State of Union function just to show how angry he has been 2008 and 2012 elections. I am really sorry for him. He cannot be happy in his job and life for the next 4 years. He has to be careful with his anger or else he may have heart attack. I see his face really in worse shape than a year ago. I don’t think that’s good for him. Let me take it back – he may be praying to have heart attack like other racists such as Karl Rove, Sean Hannity, Dick Morris, Rush, Bill O’rielly and Glenn Beck. I really don’t care anymore if they have heart attacks. They called to themselves like George Wallace who died of heart attack.