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Racial Thugging in Massachusetts and Mississippi: Kinder, Gentler, Still deadly forms of Race-based Domination

By Brenda G. Juarez


Is Massachusetts more racist than Mississippi? Chief Justice Roberts recently raised the issue of racism and the historical U.S. North-South divide to justify his argument against renewing sections of the Voting Act, which requires some jurisdictions with a history of racial discrimination (particularly those of the South) to obtain federal approval before any changes to voting laws are made. Federal approval is no longer needed, so his logic goes, because such progress has been made in the fight against racism in those southern states that Massachusetts is now just as racist, or perhaps more racist than Mississippi, a state known for its White racial violence against African Americans—its bold, brutish, unapologetic forms of racial thugging. In short, according to the Roberts logic, racism is no longer a problem in the America.

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