The Black Family Is Worse Off Today Than In the 1960’s, Report Shows

A new report released by the Urban Institute finds that the African-American family has declined across almost every measure since the 1960's.

According to a report released by the Urban Institute, the state of the African-American family is worse today than it was in the 1960’s. Before you become offended and charge, “What about the White family?!” The report also discloses that families of all ethnicities are showing a decline; however, the African-American household has suffered the worst decline.  Plus, offers you news specifically about the state of Black America, so, our focus will be on the state of the African-American family.

In 1950, 17 percent of African-American children lived in a home with their mother but not their father. By 2010 that had increased to 50 percent. In 1965, only eight percent of childbirths in the Black community occurred out-of-wedlock. In 2010 that figure was 41 percent; and today, the out-of-wedlock childbirth in the Black community sits at an astonishing 72 percent. The number of African-American women married and living with their spouse was recorded as 53 percent in 1950. By 2010, it had dropped to 25 percent.

The original report titled “The Negro Family: The Case for National Action,” was released in 1965 by the late New York Sen. Daniel Moynihan. Moynihan, who was the assistant labor secretary at the time of the report’s release, laid out a series of statistics on the African-American family. Moynihan, in his report’s conclusion declared, “at the heart of the deterioration of the fabric of Negro society is the deterioration of the Negro family. It is the fundamental source of the weakness of the Negro community at the present time.” Sadly, the outlook of the African-American family is more bleak than when Moynihan wrote his conclusion. 

An analysis of national data indicates that little progress has been made on the key issues Moynihan identified,” wrote Gregory Acs, of the Urban Institute, in a statement released with the report. “Further, many of the issues he identified for Black families are now prevalent among other families.” The Urban Institute’s report also added to the original scope of the Moynihan report to include the rate of incarceration, employment, and educational attainment in the African-American community. Since the Moynihan report was released, another major social trend has put further strains on Black families — the mass incarceration of Black men,” Acs said. “By 2010, about one out of every six Black men had spent some time in prison, compared with about 1 out of 33 white men.”

A demographic breakdown by race was not available for the 1965 report, but numbers beginning in 1974 showed disproportionate numbers of African-American men being sent to prison. In 1974, it was nine percent of Black men compared to one percent of white men. By 2010, that had risen to 16 percent of Black men and three percent of white men. The report did note that number has started to decline slightly among Black men.

Unemployment for African-American men remains more than twice as high as among white men. For white men in 1954, unemployment was zero. For African-American men in 1954, it was about 4 percent. By 2010 it was 16.7 percent for African-American men and 7.7 percent for white men. In 1954, 79 percent of African-American men were employed. By 2011 that had decreased to 57 percent. For Black women the numbers rose. In 1954, 43 percent of African-American women had jobs. By 2011 that had risen to 54 percent. The trend among African Americans was mirrored among whites, but in both cases white men and women fared better in terms of employment. Although the earnings gap between African-Americans and their white peers has narrowed, it still persists with Black men earning about 70 percent what white men do. In 1960, Black men earned about 60 percent what white men did.

There is one area of improvement: High school graduation. In 1964, fewer than half of African-American students finished high school. That compared to roughly 70 percent of white students. That has since risen to about 85 percent for both Blacks and whites. But, the number of Black students that repeat grades or were suspended was higher than for whites. Half of Black male students have been suspended, compared to 21 percent of whites.

The report was released in December 2012, but a video presentation including a roundtable with various experts was unveiled this week.

How do you feel about this report? Join the Honorable Min. Louis Farrakhan and Dr. Boyce Watkins in Chicago on Saturday, March 30, to redefine the Black community. Click here for details.

Maria Lloyd (@WritingsByMaria) is the Business Manager for the Your Black World Network and Dr. Boyce Watkins. She is a graduate of Clark Atlanta University and an advocate of dismantling the prison industrial complex, increasing entrepreneurship, reforming education, and eradicating poverty. 


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  3. Self motivation is the only answer. No person of any ethnic group is going to get anywhere in life unless they are MOTIVATED to get off their butt and start paying the price to get ahead. If that sounds heartless it is reality. Nobody, but nobody can guarantee you a decent life-style unless you are motivated to get it yourself. Only self starters succeed. Everybody else ends up in the streets. COLD, HARD, TRUTH. IGNORE AT YOUR PERIL. PS LAST PIECE OF ADVICE. YOU’D BETTER GET MOTIVATED IN YOUR VERY EARLY TEENS OR YOU WILL DEFINITELY MISS THE BOAT. There’s a lot of competition out there and if you want a paycheck no employer will keep you for more than a week, most if you ain’t cutting it. Too many others to pick from if you know what I mean

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  9. @me112233 hits the nail on the head regarding welfare and the negative affects on African-American men. When that program came into effect the black family suddenly didn’t need a man to work and support them. They got money from the gov’t which took the burden off the black man. The unfortunate backlash was that black men, lacking responsibility for their families basic needs, were suddenly free to do whatever they wanted. The gov’t took away the black mans power by taking away his responsibility to his family.

    The answer to these problems is far above my head, but something has got to be done to allow black men to regain their power and their status. There are so many men with so much potential; smart, strong, awesome men, but they are wasting their lives hanging out on street corners with no real purpose. They need purpose, they need to regain their dignity, they need women and families who actually NEED them for support. The only way to make that happen is to reduce all the gov’t aid and give these men back their power.

  10. black impress me are lazy, blood sucker, depending on other hard working people,no family value and produce murders, rapists and illegal drug users, cancer to this society

    • You’ve got be be kidding…the most lynchings, rapist, serial killers, mass murders, shooting up schools, elementary kids, bombing buildings with day cares, mother’s drowning their own kids in the name of depression all comes from the caucasian race, and you can’t even spell.

    • Its like you learn my mind! You appear to understand a lot approximately this, like you wrote the e-book in it or
      something. I think that you just can do with some p.c. to force the message home a little bit, but other than that,
      this is fantastic blog. A great read. I’ll certainly be back.

  11. Sin. Thats why. Black men must be crazy to think they deserve to be treated with any kind of respect. They wont even care for their own families. Shame.

    • I think your comment that black men don’t support theirs families is without merit. I’m 16yrs into a great marriage with children. I have a number of black friends who are also in lasting marriages. Unfortunately for you, your comment don’t have any factual support, however, the fact that white women have now surpassed black women in being single parents is a FACT! Do some research before making yourself look silly, but we forgive you anyway….

  12. It is true that we have a responsibility to improve our condition but people who make this argument fail to assess history: every attempt Black people have made to uplift themselves the American power structure went out of it’s way to destroy it. Marcus Garvey, Malcolm X, Dr. King, The Panthers. America works tirelessly to maintain the oppression and marginalization of The African American nation. Dr. King said himself that the civil rights movement aided only the Black middle class. If these new age Negros men and women would put more effort into mentoring and educating Black children instead of laying up and marring white men and women it would make a profound impact on our community.

  13. We can no longer blame any one for the position we are in today. If we ever decided to pull our Resources together , we as a race of people can turn our problems around and move forward. The 60’s was sold out by a few who didn’t respect the movement and the effort . So, today we suffer due to a few sambo’s . The house nigger who HATED himself and anyone who looked like him. That still exist today. If u look in the community they are the following, dope users, dope sellers, gang bangers(Fighting over street signs and property they don’t even own), just to name a few. We can no longer blame anyone but US.

    • I’d rather be back in the 1960’s than here today as an African-American. We had love for one another then….now, nothing but hatred.

  14. If you haven’t read Bill Cosby’s book “Come On People” that was released a few years ago, it offers similar insight into the terrible overall situation affecting the black community in the United States. It goes into detail about how many young black men grow up with no father or father figure…and how many black men are in or have been in jail or are on probation…why there is such a huge unemployment problem.

    Mr. Cosby speaks to a lot of factual information which may be difficult for some to digest – but essential to break through the barriers.

    Not to oversimplify, but breakdown of family is the core of the major problems (resulting in these types of statistics).

  15. This was an awesome report. It is sad to see these types of statistics. However, I feel that we were lulled to sleep after experiencing several successes in the 60’s and 70’s. We did not realize that a global economy would emerge with our students needing to compete with people all over the world and not just around the corner. We did not prepare for the fact that technology and outsourcing to other countries would take many of the jobs that we relied on. While others have been preparing, we kicked back and kept it real. Black leadership kept us preoccupied with things that we have no control over instead of keeping us focused on things that we could change. I am glad to see that so many have woke up to these facts and are moving in a diifferent direction. We serve a God of second chances. There is no hole so deep that he cannot handle.

  16. TThe stats are compelling and the numbers are most likely accurate, however; let look st the positives. The Black incarceration rates are declining, drug use among our children is significantly higher than that of whites. Graduation rates in HS are increasing and there are more of us earning six figure salaries than at any other time. This is not to say things are great but it says there are things to be optimistic about, the glass is half full and not half empty. As for unemployment those of us who are retiring soon can start small businesses to employ some of the brothers who are returning from incarceration, especially for non violent offenses. That money can be used to create a muliplier effect by recirculating it in our own communities thus creating wealth. We also have to pay attention to local politics, politicians on the local level control contracts and jobs which can be used to enrich our own communities by hiring local folks who look like us. When selling your house, lets endeavor to sell to our own instead of allowing others to gentrify what used to be our neighborhoods and pricing our own people out of competition to live in the same communities they were born and raised in. Lets stop focusing on the problems, we all know what they are, they haven’changed in a long time; our focus should be on solutions created by us to work for us.

  17. The entire Afro/American culture went down the drain when teenage pregnancy became acceptable. These young ladies cannot adequately raise their children and give up trying when the kids become adolescence. These kids drift into crime, unemployment and welfare recipients. The ranks continue to increase.

  18. “The Black Family Is Worse Off Today Than In the 1960′s,”
    The short answer is the “Vietnam War and the end of the Military Draft.
    During the years of 1964 – 1972, 275,000 African-Americans served in Vietnam. 7,300 were killed and an undetermined number wounded and disabled, drug addicted and mentally challenged. These were the cream of the crop of young black men because at the time they hand no other choice but to serve because the military draft was not ended until the end of the war in March of 1973. The war had an up-side and a down-side. The up-side was that although it took the cream of the crop of black men, it also took some of the undesirables off the streets but it left the most undesirables straight and gay since an openly gay man couldn’t serve. The down-side was that many black children were left without fathers and women without husbands. The African-American family and the African-American Community began a downward spiral specifically because of the effects of this war. Returning servicemen couldn’t find jobs, some were drug addicted, some mentally ill and disabled. The American economy has been a victim to war after war created by greedy and egotistical politicians who were more interested in creating individual wealth than doing what’s right for the economy and the country; couple that with the Wall Street greed and racial discrimination of every kind and it’s easy to see why the African-American has been the one’s most negatively affected, and to make matters even worse, there hasn’t been a credible leader in the African-American Community worthy of any recognition as such since Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and consequently since his death we have been on-our-own.

    • Don’t show your stupidity. Discrimination was far worse in 1950 than now. Also, both black men and white men (and a handful of white women) were lost in the illegitimate Vietnam “war.’ Roughly 58,000 US military were killed in action in Vietnam. Using your figure of 7,300 black men killed in action, that means that black men were killed in roughly the same proportion blacks make up the US population — 13%. Put another way, the ills and fallout of Vietnam was felt evenly across all ethnic groups.

      Now, the Civil Rights Act of 1964 helped the plight of black Americans (it was passed despited democrat senators who tried to filibuster it). So did Affirmative Action. But all the gains of those two significant changes in American law were totally offset (and then some) by Lydon Johnson’s “Great Society,” commony called welfare. Food stamps, housing assistance, and SSI led to the degredation of the black man in the home. Granted, the black people of our nation had to agree to it, but none the less, that is what happened.

      Can you imagine? 4% black unemployment in a day and time where Jim Crow was the law of the land? A time when half the black people didn’t finish high school? A time when discrimination was openly and proudly practiced by not only individuals in the community, but also by government itself? A time when being in the KKK was still considered an OK thing? Perhaps we need to go back to those days, so the black family can be healed.

      • @me112233, “Don’t show your stupidity”. It’s you that showing stupidity you idiot. The article was about African-Americans. I really don’t give a damn how other ethnic groups or whites were affected since the 1960’s. The other thing is that the statistics I cited were pertaining only to African-Americans but your ignorant ass (as white as it) was more interested in pointing out s**t that I wasn’t even addressing. You may want to educate youself in the area of “cause and effect” if you want to respond to substantive issues in the future.

  19. Why are so many blacks simple minded? I make over $150,000 a yr. how on earth is this possible.. And many blacks own businesses and make rediculous amounts of money….

    • Mia asks ” why are so many Blacks simple minded ? ” cause she makes $150,000 a year and many Blacks own businesses .

      Guess you must be talking about yourself Mia because the study and question was about Blacks as a group not whether a black person can earn $150 K , or own a business .

  20. we should have realized when we were fighting for so-called equality (integration) if the grass was not greener on our side, it sure wasn’t greener on the other side—Grass is Grass—–but we still haven’t learned—–a price comes with every forced change—-change happens in it’s own time—We think change is new food chains, new clothing lines etc.but real change is changing all the time but, we can’t see it because we get to far ahead of ourselves,—without thinking of how to pass the Baton,and come out the best in our own lane.FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT BUT KNOW THAT THERE’S ARE OTHERS FIGHTING FOR THEIR LANE— We fear the other lane, because they set the rules for the race–which makes the race in their control, but thank goodness for those who crossed over into our lane and stood up for HUMANITY. —-and so on,and so on,….and round and round we go…..PEACE!!!

    • I read the other day that the grass is greener on the other side because it’s fertilized with bullshit 😉

  21. One of the many reasons why the ‘Anglo elite’ faked out the US with placing an ‘Obama’ into our faces and “glamoring” us with the fakeness of every contrived machination we are insanely believing, is to hurt us in more broader ways! But he doesn’t represent the elite just to hurt us! His position allows the sociopathic elite and their cohorts to further devistate and gut the African diaspora and everywhere ‘people of color’ exists! But not only is he the surrogate of these psychopathic “insane” (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder)wealth and powermongers, he knows (like most politicians know)that the position he holds is a conduit to greater wealth and power and as long as he ‘does what he is told’ he is guaranteed greater wellbeing! We are too inundated with fiction,lies, deception, fantasy, dark-ages beliefs, etc., etc., to see that we are being conned in the greatest con-game mankind has ‘never known’! They incarcerate and murder blacks and other people of color at will! They continue to rob Africa and experiment with our bodies and lives as we continue to assimilate and follow their diabolical travesties with glee and beliefs, and hopes for greater position and wealth amongst them! This madness that our whole nation (black or white) is subjected to would be laughable if it were not so insanely inhumane and brutal!

  22. 1Blackmansopinion

    It’s cold how we can blame broke people for being broke. Blame the black man because he can’t force a company to hire him or Banks to loan him the funds to start his own business even thou he has applied and has the experience or the desire to learn a new job or trade. Black men were replaced first by black women now he’s replaced by Mexicans. Black Women or Next, Mexican women have the complexion and the straight hair that Whites look for, not a different weave everyday… They want to look like us. From the tan’s to the big lips, big butt and all. DAMN we look kinda stupid as a people, because we fight each-other before we fight our known worst enemy. Next they’ll vote to see if blacks should be Slaves again. What if

    • @1Blackmansopinion. You have a point about the ‘Anglo-elite’s’ choices for hire etc. Sure there are some of us who are too brilliant and educated to ignore, but the masses of our people, (who’s families were kept in a bad way for centuries) will never be as fortunate! What’s worse, these vile ‘elite’ culprits and their cohorts have been using slave-labor here and abroad for decades now, and the job market here is so scarce that “whites” had to eliminate the fairness of ‘Affirmative Action’! They (the Anglo-elite ‘cabal’), have always been the most devious and vile sociopaths to walk the planet and their insane ‘Obsessive Compulsive Disorder’to accumulate wealth and power is so overwhelming that human life, animal, and planet conditions are unimportant to them! They are experts in ‘psychological conditioning’ as the multitude of commercials, etc. should suggest, but our minds were never prepared for the things they have found they can use against us. They have turned whole nations of people against each other all over the world! Now imagine for just an instance what they are doing to us! We shouldn’t need to imagine, but some of us are so mentally blocked by religious “God” beliefs, etc., that we are unable to comprehend ‘complete’ reality as it actually is! We unable to see everything that is happening to us and the reason why therefore this will continue until there is no hint of sanity in the world and probably no more world worth living in!


    It was probably not intended but Flight is an accurate and haunting metaphor for Black America. Black America is in full flight from facing the truth of our reality. On Tuesday February 26 the Washington Post on the third page of the A section reported that Institute of Assets and Social Policy at Brandeis University was about to release a report on the black – white wealth gap. The stunning nature of the report can be seen in the first few paragraphs.

  24. I agree, we are worse off but it is our own fault. We have more opportunities today but are too stupid to take advantage of them. Today we have too many babies having babies, therefore not taking advantage of the educational opportunities that are out there, the same with young Black men, having babies, not taking care of them, not getting educated, young women and men doing drugs.

    • Ann, not only are you right, but whenever someone (black or white) makes such an assertion, it is attacked with denial or catcalls of “You don’t understand.” I’m a history/political science double major, I’m older, and was raised during the time of “Big Mamma” (the 1970s). I understand more than anyone. Our values as a community have eroded, and most of the results are a matter of choice, not as much as racism anymore. We try to explain away our condition by way of history, various sociological phenomena, etc. But sagging pants, the lack of emphasis/appreciation for education as an uplift, black women objectifying themselves sexually, the negative imagery of our warped music are all self-imposed choices. We have the tools to improve ourselves…we just refuse to pick them up and use them!

      “Black People Are Out of Control”

    • @Ann G. Your world-views are iminating from a faulty, improper perspective. There is too much material information to be imbibed for you to see our condition from such a self-hating type of perspective! You blame the victims instead of the racist, plundering, genocide inducing, slavers! I could offer you a multitude of books and videos to help you see the whole picture, but I’ve learned from my studies that some of our minds are much to fractured to be able to comprehend the full reality of our futile conditions in this very ‘Viking-like’ environment! An environment where we raise our children to believe, and copy the only social-structure we know, which is that of our ancestor’s captors! Too much information for you to digest and not enough free-mind-space to comprehend it all indeed! Alas we all suffer this anomally to one degree or another!

  25. Maybe we can give some of the thanks for this “eviiiiiil” state of affairs in the black community to that house negro in the whitehouse. What was it he said? Oh yes “a rising tide lifts all boats.”

  26. @vinbrown, You are wise and insightful. Being a product of that period, it is true that I am doing far worse than my parents were financially, at the same age coupled with the fact that the price of living as increased 4X to 5X since but salaries have remained flat-lined. It may take the “Extinction of the African American” to reboot our prospective within This Nation because it does not appear to be getting any better.

  27. We must take the responsibility for ourselves, and developing a New Mindset of becoming Employer’s instead of Employee’s is something new too us. We must take baby steps, and we need the support of all of us Black folks to make it work for us.
    Look up the Maryland Doctrine of exclusion 1638/1968. Not all black folks are trained for entrepreneurship, but we can’t stop supporting them. Each one teach one.

    We are so far behind acquiring only 1/2 of 1% of the nations wealth is a damm shame, because we make all other ethnic groups rich, no matter what kind of services they provide, good or bad, we still support them with our dollars, which is the key.

    Example: We Black folks spend $3.3 billion a year on tobacco, we spend $3.5 billion a year on alcohol, we spend $ 29.3 billion a year on clothes, $ 19 billion on cell phones a year and 54% on smart phones.
    With all of that wealth coming out of the Black Community, we can and must keep those billions at home, but We Own Nothing, we comsume.
    Think about this ???, if white america tomorrow gave those of you that are working, your pink slip, and stated that your services are no longer needed, What would you do ???. Believe it or not, we Blacks folks are in the same conditions as we were back in 1638 -1968. When are we going to learn that we must pull ourselves out of these conditions. We must start supporting each other and start Being Black, Buying Black, Developing opportunities for ourselves,
    Because your future depends on our success.

    We are one, our cause are one, and together, we must help each other if we are going to succeed.

  28. We must take the responsibility for ourselves, and developing a New Mindset of becoming Employer’s instead of Employee’s is something new too us. We must take baby steps, and we need the support of all of us Black folks to make it work for us.
    Look up the Maryland Doctrine of exclusion 1638/1968. Not all black folks are trained for entrepreneurship, but we can’t stop supporting them. Each one teach one.

    We are so far behind acquiring only 1/2 of 1% of the nations wealth is a damm shame, because we make all other ethnic groups rich, no matter what kind of services they provide, good or bad, we still support them with our dollars, which is the key.

    Example: We Black folks spend $3.3 billion a year on tobacco, we spend $3.5 billion a year on alcohol, we spend $ 29.3 billion a year on clothes, $ 19 billion on cell phones a year and 54% on smart phones.
    With all of that wealth coming out of the Black Community, we can and must keep those billions at home, but We Own Nothing, we comsume.
    Think about this ???, if white america tomorrow gave those of you that are working, your pink slip, and stated that your services are no longer needed, What would you do ???. Believe it or not, we Blacks folks are in the same conditions as we were back in 1638 -1968. When are we going to learn that we must pull ourselves out of these conditions. We must start supporting each other and start Being Black, Buying Black, Developing opportunities for ourselves,
    Because your future depends on our success.

    We are one, our cause are one, and together, we must help each other if we are going to succeed.

  29. We don’t need a study to tell us that for the first time in our history except perhaps Reconstruction our Community can be considered failing as a group instead of making gains .

    I don’t agree that our High School Graduation rate is that high and the same as Whites, but it is not these static measurements like Employment that one needs to base their conclusions on as it is the obvious things that have hurt me deeply to conclude that we are in deep trouble as a race of people .

    When I “do the math” I add up :

    – the job losses to Illegal Aliens
    – the acceptance of Spanish Language
    – the uncaring Conservative mood of the Country that makes concern for others ( Liberal )a bad word .
    – The massive influx of foreigners who are Hispanic, Asian ,Indian and Arab who only hire , and do business with people from their home land and demand part of a ” pie ” that is shrinking and not growing .
    -Incarceration rates for Black Males
    -Gun violence and homicide rates among young blacks .
    -As I noted earlier Government dollars transferred to things like English translators in Schools , health care costs for Aliens , and other service costs for people who are not paying any taxes , and sending money out of the Country lessen the amount available to address the needs of Americans .
    -The outsourcing of jobs to low wage Countries .

    -Massive Job Discrimination ( that no one is talking about ) against all Americans in Areas that have large foreign born populations as even large Employers like Hospitals and Insurance Companies hire and give preference to people who speak Spanish , or Chinese .

    -the negative influence of Rap Music which not only promotes sex ,violence , and disrespect for women ,the law and our own community , but has done great harm by disconnecting the cherished , rich and important legacy that has been African American Music and replaces it with this simple , corrupt and talent less form that anybody can produce and steals air time from talented Artists .
    -Teenage and out of wedlock pregnancies and the growth of households without two parents .


    -the replacement of token blacks used in advertising and other media with people who look Hispanic , Asian, or Indian which is an indication that the Market is no longer concerned with us as a Group .

    -Other Problems .

    I had to stop not because there are not other ills ( sadly ) , but because I simply must go .

    Sadly I can see a day where our Community ceases to exist .

    • @vinbrown…..You seem like a kind and insightful man. Your post is void of anger and lays the facts out in an understandable and polite way. The realization that we are each in charge of our own destiny is sadly losing ground to the victim mentality. Rap music needs to go. I fail to understand why parents would allow their children to listen to it in the first place, or be proud of a child who rose to the top by singing it. My son wrote an essay one time about how he learned to gamble and, trust me, I wasn’t proud of it. He got into big trouble.

      • Thanks Kerri as someone who became an Adult during the “Golden Age ” the 1970″s after the Civil Rights Movement when Black Pride was at it’s height and the Country felt an obligation to right some of the wrongs I think Malcolm and Martin would be shocked as to where we stand today as a group . ( Having a Black President does not mean we no longer face massive discrimination ) .

        People who advocate we need to take responsibility for our plight are only half right and people who point out the affects of discrimination and racism are also only half right .

        By that I mean both things are true in that individuals can and will continue to achieve and exceed the average person , yet discrimination and racism continues to harm African Americans as individuals and as a group .

        For example financial discrimination ( Red Lining ) among Banks and other Lenders is real and harmful , and job discrimination is so widespread that its’ affects probably can’t even be measured ( for example the subtle discrimination that is rampant for example as employers favor Asians in the belief that they are smarter , or the indirect discrimination that exists when firms give hiring preferences to people who speak Spanish and Chinese .

        Furthermore , it is a big mistake when people ignore the fundamental deficits that Blacks have that have been caused by the theft of capital during slavery ,the break up of the black family caused by slavery, and hundreds of years of all kinds of discrimination , and the fact that racism is widespread in our Country ( all one has to do is read some of daily hate filled comments on the Internet since Obama was elected ). All of these things have a lot to do with where we are today as a group as in a Capitalist Economy he who has less capital is at a big disadvantage to he who has more and the problem that this has caused for our community has grown not shrunk . So people give in to racists when they act like these things do not matter and the harms and barriers to our success ended with the Emancipation Proclamation . Not true ! the affects of all of these things are still.present today .

        On the other hand none of that absolves us from the things that we have done and continue to do to harm ourselves .

        Rap Music is surely not the biggest of our problems ,nevertheless one can see that it touches upon and is an example of some of the major problems .
        For example the rampant sexual images and words have to be an influence as to why our young are probably having having sex much earlier .

        We all know that this genre has idolized being a gangster , or thug , as it has promoted treating black women as HO’s in the lyrics and of course in the images of half naked women bumping and grinding and looking easy to bed , but Hip Hop has also done this by rarely showing dark skinned African like woman who look like most of us and instead has been a genre that has promoted white like ,or Hispanic looking women who certainly don’t look black .

        Add to that it’s glorification of guns and drugs , and shooting somebody for disrespect and you can look at the growth of this genre and it’s influence as an example of the powerlessness and a visible sign of our community in decline .

        • Why this editing program won’t let me write a three letter word that begins with s and ends with x and has an e in the middle surely must be a flaw.

        • @vinbrown. What most of us fail to realize is that we are constantly set upon by the same group of people who plundered Africa long before they began bringing our ancestors here! We fail to understand the type of people who left Europe to plunder and murder and take this and other countries from its indigenous people! We fail to see that the lies, murders, incarceration, drug usage, etc., were all plotted against us! We fail to understand that our ancestors fought for a vote only to have the vote manipulated, stolen, and faked in order to have us (the whole nation) believe we were making progress! Even now some of the tokens don’t realize that they would not be there if the ‘Anglo-elite’ were not using them to some further ruthlessness! We long to study in their universities while never realizing we are furhter assimilating ourselves by studying the education of a “white” oriented dominant social-structure which has been psychologically programmed to hate and belittle us as we learn from them to do it to ourselves! The ‘elite’ are surely insane, and they have driven everyone almost as insane! We believe in religions (God) which the native Americans were murdered for refusing, yet we insanely believe wholeheartedly despite this history, or fake history given to us! The madness of our lives is personified by our inability to find our way out of this maze of lies, deceit, secrets, plunder, slavery, genocide, and fantasy, to say the least! We are now taught to blame ourselves for issues, conditions, and situations that we never created, but are victimized into, and constant ‘quiet’ abuses we have no ability to understand or focus reality to. Everything this country suffers, comes from a base of plunder, deception, and murder! No true good can come from such inhumane madness regardless of how people try to create the illusions, rationalize, and justify it all in their terribly distorted minds! We African American “blacks” have no insight on what next horror coming from the think tanks of our white counterparts!

          • WizardG you have hit the nail on the head . The European Oppressor has done a good job of subjugating , and brain washing people of color all over the World not just here .

            As for African Americans a lot of us swear that discrimination no longer exists and we are the cause of all that ills us totally unaware of how wrong and brainwashed they are .

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    • Everything you say is spot on truth. Interestingly you mention integration as one of the issues. It does not surprise me that in most lists regarding what’s wrong with Africa America integration is not even considered when I think that is really when our communities began to lose itself, in favor of what they believed was greener grass.

  30. Kids are now getting suspended so much (all races) because the teachers aren’t allowed to spank. When I was a kid, every teacher had a wooden paddle on the chalk board. If you acted up, you got whipped in front of the class. If you did something REALLY bad, the principal whipped you. The hands of the teachers and the administrators are tied. They can do nothing except suspend. Thank about it.

    • @Kerri. “Kids are now getting suspended so much (all races) because the teachers aren’t allowed to spank. When I was a kid, every teacher had a wooden paddle on the chalk board. If you acted up, you got whipped in front of the class. If you did something REALLY bad, the principal whipped you. The hands of the teachers and the administrators are tied. They can do nothing except suspend. Thank about it.”

      Violence against children is not the best way to raise the next society! This is a society created and stolen using violence! African cultures were introduced to this type of violence against children. Some children who’s parents use violence against them will go on to join the military and police, etc., and consciously or unconsciously look for justified ways of committing violence on others! The problems we “blacks” face are mostly due to the violence we were subjected to as children as were our ancestors from this very racist, domineering, violent, and discriminatory “white” society! Remember what they did to you our ancestors, and think about the overwhelming numbers we represent in illness, joblessness, and in the prisons, etc. This environment we live in as blacks, has never been conducive to our general well being, but some of us can adjust to it better than others and some of us are just plain lucky, while many of us are terribly unlucky. Meanwhile the Anglo-elites continue to gut (and commit genocide), in the country we were supposed to own family land rights to (Africa)! As it appears we have no where to run or hide because the same people who plunder our lands continue to conspire and abuse us as we continue to not have a clue!

  31. We Black are known to “address the problems”. And seemingly we keep looking to others to solve our problems. That won’t happen!
    It is way past time for us to stop talking about our problems, get to the root of them, and start reversing the negative and counterproductive trends that got us stuck in the social, educational, and economic mire.
    What can WE do to curb out-of-wedlock births? What can we do to decrease school drop-out rates and to foster a love for knowledge? What haven’t we done to stifle Black crime? Why aren’t we opening and supporting Black-owned businesses in our communities? We are supporting others who open businesses in OUR communities, yet we would not be welcomed to open one in theirs!
    The biggest problem in the Black community is the Black church! We gave the baton of leadership to the pulpit in the 60’s. But the Black pulpits in general are not leading Black folk anymore. They [the first families of the church, first ladies, etc.] are mostly for themselves! They are no longer leading us Blacks -not even to heaven! Many Black churches are cancers on the Black community! Anything and anybody goes, as long as the money flows in one direction – from the pews to the pulpits.
    When the churches in the Black community are also mechanisms for progress “so that none will suffer lack” (Acts 4:32-34), then we will see a whole new movement toward Black prosperity. But since that appears to be unlikely, Black folk just need to look inwardly individually and join forces with others of like mind.

  32. To be Black in America now is such a different thing than to have been Black in America in the 1960s. No one can seriously think progress has not been made – but much progress remains ahead of us.

    But why do we see 71% of Black children born out of wedlock? If so many of the biological fathers of these children were captive in the prison industrial complex, how did these women get pregnant in the first place?

    And why have half of all male Black students been suspended when only 21% of White male students have done the same? (I was in an integrated high school in Florida in the early 1970s and getting suspended was an extraordinary thing for students of any gender or race. In fact, I didn’t have any White or Black friends or acquaintances who were suspended during my three years in high school.)

    American society has changed in these past 50 years and not necessarily for the better – more children are now born out of wedlock, more families now have single women as head of household, etc. But why have these problems hit the Black community so much harder than society as a whole?

    It’s time for a new generation of Black leaders to find the hard answers and say them out loud. (The broad Black community won’t want to hear any criticisms or answers from any White leader.) From the current President on down, hard truths have been avoided and solutions have been simplistic and ineffectivve. Simply throwing money at problems doesn’t lead to long-term solutions. The War On Poverty has probably been one of our least cost effective wars of all.

  33. @ vjsim4

    Very refreshing post and I love your “grab a bull by the horns” attitude.

  34. @ vjsim4

    Very refreshing post and I love your “grab a bull by the horns” attitude.

  35. We need to stop blaming other people for our problems. We are always trying to find somebody else to blame than ourselves. We put black people in key positions and most of them abuse the system and their privileges. Look at Jesse, Jr (Chicago), Kwame Kilpatrick (Detroit), Ron Dellums and Debra Edgerly (Oakland) just to name a few. We’re not going to talk about many non-profits headed by blacks that don’t really help the community but are only “fronts” to lure charitable donations. We as blacks could’ve been so much further along. Now, no one can be trusted. Black people’s biggest supporters are black women yet, we are constantly neglected and disrespected by our men (whole different topic). Until black men take responsibility globally, nothing will change. (my opinion and won’t apologize for it) smooches.

    • Many of the problems that face the Black Community are a function of things that have been happening for hundreds of years and are beyond our control .

      To ignore them is either ignorant , or racist , or both . Not all of them , but some of them are deep psychological things that we may not even be conscious of . The lack of capital for example because our working capital was stolen during slavery is also a big deficit that has major ramifications ( disadvantages ) in a Capitalist System .

      There are other structural things that can also account for where we are as a group and again to ignore them is what racists and ignorant people do .

      Everything you see outside of your window did not start yesterday .

      • My last comment at 4:30 was directed at vjsim4 and other posts which ignore many important things .

  36. All those figures maybe true and are disturbing. Also, due to the social and psychological impact, there has been less lynchings, racial beatings and murders. As sad as this part of American history is, it still existed. I live in the South and I am not subject to direct Jim Crow laws; but the environments and attitudes are evident. This report is revealing in one sense but there are more contributing factors than mentioned.