What is Dennis Rodman Doing in North Korea?

Diplomatic relations between the U.S. and North Korea may be a bit strained right now, but don’t fret, because Dennis Rodman is in North Dennis RodmanKorea.

The group Rodman is travelling with got invited to N. Korea because, apparently, the U.S. and N. Korea  have a shared a love for basketball.

“We got invited and we just came over to have some fun,” Rodman said. “Hopefully, everything will be O.K. and the kids will have a good time with the games.”

From the New York Times:

Dennis Rodman may not come across as the most natural choice for a sports star turned American diplomat, but North Korea apparently begs to differ. Rodman has traveled to Pyongyang along with three Harlem Globetrotters and a documentary film crew for some basketball exhibitions and, the film company hopes, an audience with the North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, who is said to be a devoted basketball fan.

Kim Jong-il was a huge fan of the Chicago Bulls 1990s squad, and the current leader enjoys the sport as well.

Given the love that North Korea’s leader showed toward American basketball, Vice media founder Shane Smith conjured up the idea of taking some Bulls players and Harlem Globetrotters  to the country for an installment of his HBO series “Vice”. He acknowledges that it’s a strange idea, but he hopes to get a bit of good press for his new show.

Rodman quickly took to Twitter to distance himself from any political implications as it relates to his trip.

“I’m not a politician. Kim Jung Un & North Korean people are basketball fans. I love everyone. Period. End of story.”

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  1. Send Dennis back to N. Korea. He seems to be the only on that can communicate with this idiot and may calm his a$$ down.

  2. Dennis Rodman owns the Rebound Crown!

  3. Like a real man American or not, ambassador or not, would take action and a stand. But money is probably being made here and probably won’t rock the boat. While the weak and oppressed have no voice. Amazing what he could do with this opportunity.

  4. I saw him on the Jay Leno Show recently. I hoped the N. Koreans don’t think all blacks act like this mad man. Beyond his athletic abilities this man is an embarrassment. We need a better diplomat than this pure-D-nut. I hope he keeps his mouth shut. True story.

  5. Obviously he hasn’t heard about the drones…

  6. Thttp://m.youtube.com/#/watch?feature=related&v=S9x80MG5nsk

    Would love to see the grand leader allow him to give a basket ball clinic to the children of camp 22. And give them the proceeds made from this trip and publicity so they can have food to eat. The world is made of mice and men. Evil flourishes while good men do nothing. Ambassador or not take action for the weak and opppressed Mr Rodman.

  7. As Mr Rodman is trying to find Mr Gangman style in the wrong country…..Maybe Mr Rodman can become informed and give a clinic to the starving abused children of Camp 22 whose families serve 5 generations of prison sentence. Lets see if he loves the grand leader after seeing their emaciated abused bodies.

  8. Good for Dennis Rodman, he may be strage but he is intellegent, he will carry himself well.
    I wish there was a place in the world that there were no poiltics. Religion and politics have almost destroyed the world.There is always PIMPS AROUND.