Report: Jesse Jackson Jr. Writing Memoir to Set the Record Straight

Former Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr., who resigned from Congress in November, is writing a memoir to clear up his legacy, Jesse Jackson Jraccording to the Chicago Tribune. Jackson has pleaded guilty to misusing $750,000 in campaign funds and will be sentenced on June 28th.

A source reportedly told the Tribune that Jackson is trying to “clear up” his legacy and is in the process of writing a memoir because he “has nothing else to do right now” and is “desperately trying to change the narrative of his life story.”

Although Jackson is a published writer, the literary agent who spoke with the Tribune, Gail Ross,  said Jackson might have a hard time finding a publisher now.

“To get big money you’d need a publisher who is really, really interested in his story,” Ross said. “Most people I work with don’t want to line the pockets of a crook.

“Maybe someday he’ll write the redemption story, but he can’t write the redemption story until he’s redeemed,” Ross added. “Redemption has to be beyond the magnitude of the crimes.”

Jackson wrote a financial book with his father called “It’s About the Money” in 1999,  and  another book in 2001 called “A More Perfect Union”, which proposed new constitutional amendments.

Although a publisher might be hard to find now, it may become easier for Jackson after some time has passed and his plea deal is no longer in the news.


Jackson faces up to five years in jail for his misuse of campaign funds.

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  1. How can he set the record straight about lying and stealing? PLEASE!!! He knew exactly what he was doing. I’m not giving another dime to a politician or preacher.

  2. It is sooo not like Pat Fitzgerald to bring someone to the carpet for no reason. Why don’t Jr. talk to us about the $40,000.00 watch he bought his white HOstess from D.C or maybe the calf’s head in his living room or even the 2 million dollar or so home that he and Miss Sandy has that isn’t remotely close in appearance as their humble home on the Southeast side? I have a better suggestion, why don’t Jesse Jr just shut up?! After all, didn’t talking too much get Blago the max?

  3. Women, be careful who you put over your head, and even then, have a mind of your own. Otherwise you will follow your husband into a jail cell. Sad.

  4. Who would want to read it, let the criminal go serve his time and forget he ever existed.The whole Jackson clans should be put in jail and throw away the keys.They are nothing but dirt bags and criminals.

    • Edward your right– send that scum bag to jail. He and his father aren’t as sharp as they should have been-down there in Chicago with Minister Farrakhan- the Jacksons should have teamed up with Farrakhan and made change in that city of killings and unemployment–No they’re to busy trying to emulate white people corruption– trying to act like they’re the Daley family–idiots- that Jackson boy forgot he is Black– now he wants to write a book– hey right– he need to read a book– like– the mis- education of the Black man– those modern day wannna be black folk are so darn embarrassing- educated fools they are–