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Min. Louis Farrakhan: America is Going to War With Iran If Hagel Not Confirmed as Sec. of Defense

At the  Saviours’ Day convention, Minister Louis Farrakhan spent the majority of his time at the podium encouraging blacks tosavioiur's day economically empower themselves. Farrakhan stated that blacks should tamp down excess spending and opt instead to use that money for investments.

But Farrakhan did take a moment to speak about current affairs, even going so far as to express support for former Sen. Chuck Hagel, President Obama’s nominee for Sec. of Defense. Farrakhan said Hagel’s nomination is actually a weather vein which should be viewed as an indicator for whether America will go to war with Iran.

America has been part of a continuous tap dance with Iran, as the country fights economic sanctions and is suspected of secretly developing a nuclear program.  If it were left up to Israel, the attacks would have begun long ago.  But the Obama Administration is holding back on the possibility of going to war.  Hagel’s nomination would be a strike against Israeli aggression against Iran.

Here is what Min. Farrakhan reportedly said:

Now look, Senator Hagel is hated by the Jews because he wrote in his book that the United States Senate, quote, is an institution that does not inherently bring out a great deal of courage. Most of the time members play it safe and adopt an ‘I’ll support Israel’ attitude. AIPAC comes knocking with a pro-Israel letter and then you’ll get 80 to 90 senators signing on it. I don’t think I’ve ever signed one of the letters. Hagel said, if he’s ever asked why, he would respond, ‘I didn’t sign the letter because it was a stupid letter. The Jewish lobby intimidates a lot of people up here, but I’m a United States Senator, I’m not an Israeli senator.’

“Now wait. He said this to Aaron David Miller in the book The Much-Too-Promised Land. And guess what? I said the same thing 30 years ago at the National Press Club in Washington, and they have not left me alone since. Special interests along with Zionist AIPAC are robbing America of the principle of democracy and representative government. The record is there. Now, 30 years later, after beating the heck out of me for all those years, they’re finally getting up enough courage to tell it like it is.

“Senator Hagel is in trouble. But America needs a man in Congress like that, who’s not a rubber stamp for others. You need a man like Senator Hagel as your secretary of defense because a man with a mind like that will keep you out of fighting somebody else’s wars. You need a man in government that has another opinion that is not controlled, and if the Senate does not confirm him as defense secretary because of his opinion on Israel, that only proves that the Senate in the U.S. Congress is controlled by the Israeli lobby. And it also sentences America to war with Iran for the state of Israel.”

What do you think? If Hagel loses his nomination fight, does that signal a coming war with Iran?


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