Chuck D. to CNN: ‘Since Reagan and Bush, There’s Been Nothing But Drugs and Guns in the Black Community’

Rapper Chuck D. of Public Enemy joined CNN host Carol Costello for a CNN discussion on the impact of the Trayvon Martin murder onImage chuck-d-no-otis-redding-150x150.jpg the anniversary of the teen’s death.

Chuck D. said that when he was a kid, there were no guns on the streets, but after the Reagan/ Bush era, “there’s been nothing but guns and drugs in the black community.”

When Costello asked Chuck D. about his thoughts on the Martin murder, he said, “One man had a gun and one didn’t, and we’re going on a story that this man is telling everybody.”

“The bottom line is this: back when I was growing up, you couldn’t find a gun on anybody,” he added. “Since 1980, the beginning of R&B, Reagan and Bush, there’s been nothing but guns and drugs in the black community for the last 30-some-odd years.”

Chuck D. also noted that it was during this time period that America saw a dramatic rise in the number of black males being incarcerated. “And nobody seems to give a clear answer,” he continued. “Race is America’s folly.”

Costello somehow thought it appropriate to interject the O.J. Simpson trial into the discussion, observing that “everybody, like, knows, pretty much, that O.J. Simpson is guilty of that, but that trial didn’t prove much.”

Chuck D. quickly challenged her, asking “Everybody?”



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  1. Tell ’em Chuck D! Fugging whites polluting your people. Oh wait. Guess he forgot to watch A&E education channel. Frank Lucas and Bumpy Johnson were trafficking heroin and killing every black man in their way in the late 60s and 70s. Hell one of “Your Black World” contributors has a daddy in prison who was one of the largest drug dealers in Chicago until he got busted. Now its the mean ol judge’s fault this drug dealing killer has to spend time in jail. BooHoo.

    Anyways, Chuck D – Fug the whites & they politicians anyways.

  2. All the drugs and guns flowed into the US purposely into the black and brown communities in a executive and legislative joint effort to dessimate the lives in these communities. All collaterral damage was fine in their minds as long as it was primarily in the black/brown urban streets than the white suburban streets. Only when to many whiteys die from guns or drugs does it become a concern politically, the record speaks for itself.

    • Yeah! Cuz that’s really what white America wants. Armed, druggies running around robbin and killing everyone. The white man’s dream.

      OneSilverbac – you should teach the fools on this site. Tell to open their eyes and see what is really going on and to stop getting their info from out-of-touch athletes, actors and singers.

  3. onesiverbac, Very good point .

  4. @OneSnakeSliversBac
    Stop sayin “we” cracker like u r blk! All should know by now that u r a stinkin white PLANT & r only on this site to spread bs propaganda & more discord amongst blks. Ur kind never ever ceases its wicked nefarious ways!

    Jes like Chuck D stated, the blk communnity was targeted by the govt n Reagan’s War On Drugs/War on The Blk Community w. an influx of guns & drugs to destroy, control & mass incarcerate blks. It first outsourced all the decent manufacturing jobs that had allowed blks to gainfully support their families. Take away employment fr a community then replace it w. guns & drugs, then start locking up ONLY blks & browns to the tune now of 2 mil + for nonviolent drug chargse, & u have a recipe for genocide & disaster, & that is what we r witnessing now. I have no doubt that 30 yrs fr now we will b learning that all of this current gun hysteria/violence is no different fr the crack hysteria of the 80’s that was created by The Reagan Admin; all instituted by this govt & fueled by the white corporate controlled media to contain, control & destroy the blk community.

  5. Everyone, everyone knows what drugs will do to you, but we still do them, maybe we don’t or can’t deal with the realities of the real world.

    Cowards, and imbeciles who don’t want to cope! If you are dumb down by drugs you don’t have to be responsible for anything, someone else feeds you and wipes your behind for you!

    It’s not the gun, it’s the fool who has it in hand who has no moral compass.

    It’s that person who thinks if they have been disrespected in some way believes you are deserving of being capped.

    It’s that person with the gun in hand who believes the movies and T V programs, the video games are the way real people interact.

    The person with the gun in hand who has no fear, because the cops can’t catch him and the citizens are afraid of him so he has the run of the city!

    It’s not the fault of any President, we don’t really want it to stop! We act like we are being picked on if the law comes into our community to try and stop the crimes, the first thing out of our mouth is they are racist for picking on our young people. Who do you think is committing the crimes in our community?

    Murder and crime is down 85% in NYC because of “stop and frisk”, the complaint now is that it’s mostly done in our community so that’s being racist. Now think a little deeper on this, if the murders and crime is down 85% who then was committing the crimes? We all know, but won’t admit it!