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Chuck D. to CNN: ‘Since Reagan and Bush, There’s Been Nothing But Drugs and Guns in the Black Community’

Rapper Chuck D. of Public Enemy joined CNN host Carol Costello for a CNN discussion on the impact of the Trayvon Martin murder onImage chuck-d-no-otis-redding-150x150.jpg the anniversary of the teen’s death.

Chuck D. said that when he was a kid, there were no guns on the streets, but after the Reagan/ Bush era, “there’s been nothing but guns and drugs in the black community.”

When Costello asked Chuck D. about his thoughts on the Martin murder, he said, “One man had a gun and one didn’t, and we’re going on a story that this man is telling everybody.”

“The bottom line is this: back when I was growing up, you couldn’t find a gun on anybody,” he added. “Since 1980, the beginning of R&B, Reagan and Bush, there’s been nothing but guns and drugs in the black community for the last 30-some-odd years.”

Chuck D. also noted that it was during this time period that America saw a dramatic rise in the number of black males being incarcerated. “And nobody seems to give a clear answer,” he continued. “Race is America’s folly.”

Costello somehow thought it appropriate to interject the O.J. Simpson trial into the discussion, observing that “everybody, like, knows, pretty much, that O.J. Simpson is guilty of that, but that trial didn’t prove much.”

Chuck D. quickly challenged her, asking “Everybody?”



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