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9 Year Old Rapper’s Raunchy Music Video Sparks Child Welfare Investigation

The explicit music videos of nine year old rapper Luie Rivera Jr., also known as Lil Poopy, have sparked an investigation by the  Massachusetts child welfare rapper lil poopyauthority.

The young rapper can be seen slapping women on the rear end and flashing cash during his music videos, which are posted on YouTube. At one point, the elementary school aged boy also says “coke is not a bad word.”  Another video shows the 9 year old in a club dancing suggestively with as woman.

A “concerned citizen”  who watched the video on YouTube contacted the Brockton, Massachusetts police department, then the police reached out to the state’s Department of Children and Families. The state agency is brought in when there is suspicion of physical, mental, or emotional abuse of a child, according to Brockton police Lt. Robert Sergio, who confirmed that “an investigation is now open.”

Lil Poopy is from Morocco and part of a group called The Coke Boys. The boy’s father says that the young rapper has “not doing anything wrong,” and that he planned on contacting his lawyer. However,  some people are concerned that the boy’s parents allow him to act out in s*xually suggestive ways while shooting rap videos.

No criminal charges have been filed.


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