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Texas Police Warn That a Group of Young Black Men Are Attacking Hispanics

Plano, Texas police are out in force in Hispanic neighborhoods, warning residents and shop owners that a group of young black men are attacking and crime scenerobbing Hispanics. There have been five attacks targeting Hispanic men since October, two of which were in the last week.

Business owners in Hispanic areas have been posting flyers to warn residents of the danger, while police officers in the area have been reaching out to the Hispanic community as well.

CBS DFW reports:

Detective Daniel Caballero and Sergeant Lindy Privett went to Plano markets and bazaars carrying a warning in Spanish….that Hispanic men walking alone have been targeted and violently robbed. …

In the last robbery, the violence escalated. A mentally challenged man—Isais Vasquez, whose story aired on CBS 11 News earlier this week, was beaten with a shovel or ax handle.

Due to the increased viciousness of the last attack, many people are happy to help police find the robbers. The increased level of violence is troubling to local police as well.

“It started off not as violent,” said police spokesman Officer David Tilley. “And it seems like the level of violence is starting to rise, and that concerns us very much because where are they going to go from here?”

The men are believed to have been targeted because in Hispanic culture, many people carry a lot of cash.

“I carry cash also, so if I’m walking down the street I’m going to be worried. And plus, Hispanic people are scared to call the cops because of status…immigration status” said Joe Lopez, a resident in the area.


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