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Farrakhan to Gang Members: Stop Behaving as ‘Savages’, Choose to Serve as Protectors Instead

Nation of Islam Minister Louis Farrakhan spoke out about economic empowerment and gun related violence in the black farrakhan founders daycommunity during his Saviours’ Day convention. He called on black people to rein in excessive spending and begin pooling their resources to invest in land.

Farrakhan, 79, used his speech to lay out an action plan to “control means of production” and to produce food and clothing. He also cautioned blacks against believing that Obama’s election would somehow resolve problems in the black community.

“Even though one of our own has reached the highest pinnacle of the American political system, his presence has not, cannot and will not solve our problems,” Farrakhan told the crowd.

Min. Farrakhan also said his plan to curb gun violence included reaching out to gang members and encouraging them to become protectors of their people. Farrakhan said gang bangers are  “natural soldiers” and could be taught “the science of war” to become protectors of the Nation of Islam’s assets in the future.

“The Second Amendment has no relevance to the black community in this sense,” he said. “All your weapons are illegal and you’re using them like a savage people.”

Saviours’ Day commemorates the founding of the Nation of Islam. Approximately 10,000 people attended the convention at the University of Illinois at Chicago.


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