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Apps Can Be Instrumental to Education for the Learning Impaired

There are a slew of applications that can be instrumental to education for the learning impaired. There are apps that focus on identifying emotions, recognizing word reversals, practicing social and perceptual skills, etc..

Nearly everyone can agree that technology is changing the way we communicate with one another, but the use of technology as a means of educating people, especially the learning impaired, is still somewhat of  new concept. Thankfully, innovative technology professionals are building apps  that help build skills in identifying emotions, communication, practicing social and perceptual skills, recognizing word reversals, etc.

Below is a list of the top/most used/referred apps that are marketed to the learning impaired.


1. Touch and Learn – Emotions

Age recommendation: Best for ages 3+

Cost: Free

Device: iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch

Created by Innovative Mobile Apps, this app is created to assist children who need practice deciphering emotions. Kids play by looking at four photos and then touching the photo of a person showing a specific emotion. You can customize the app by selecting which emotions are shown, adding your own photos and determining whether the requested emotion is spoken as well as displayed in writing.ille

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