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Dr. Boyce: President Obama Meets with Black “Leaders”: Of Course Nothing Got Done


by Dr. Boyce Watkins

Some might say that Basketball Wives is the most buffoonish reality show on TV.  But that’s not the case, since a much better reality show could be called, “Black Leaders Meet Obama at the White House.”  Like Basketball Wives, the show would be all flash, and no substance.  While the Basketball Wives want to be seen with Gucci purses and expensive shoes, the White House show would consist of black people who are proud to be seen standing next to the president.   It would be hilarious to watch.

I received yet another one of those White House emails that they send out to “influencers” in the black community.  You know, those people that they think other black people listen to.   The email laid out the talking points of a recent meeting at the White House, and who was in attendance.


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